My Step Sisters, step-bother and me


It all happened When Me and My Dad moved in with my step-mother. My step-mother had 2 kids A boy and a girl. A the time they were 15 and 14 and me being 15 as well. It was a small house for to live in together so it was pretty cramped.

So When One Day When my Dad and my Step-mother went out all appeared to be normal. I was in my room, My step-brother was on the computer in the living room and my step-sister was on the couch with a blanket over her, watching Tv. So Im in my room playing video games when I needed to go to the bathroom. As I was walking to the bathroom Id have to pass the living room. But On my way I stopped there. On the couch was my step-sister with the covers over her, very noticeably masturbating. I See her hand placed and shifting in between her legs. Just the outline through the blanket, as if she was fooling anyone. The sounds of her fingering herself, and how wet it all seemed. And There was my step-brother on the computer, no more then 5 feet away on the computer chair with a blanket draped over him. He started to speak while looking into the reflection of the computer screen to see his sister. "Do you like the singer from the Jonas brothers? Do you think he's hot?".

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   He spoke as if he were teasing her. She Bit her lip and the movement of her hand grew faster and trying not to moan she said "yes". And continued to make louder wet noises. At this point I realized that under his blanket he was rubbing himself too. Both of them were entranced in their own worlds that neither of them realized i was standing there. My step-sisters body started to shift and move from the excitement. While touching himself my step-brother started to speak again, but this time he was also having a have time to speak and not to moan. Again taunting. "Do you want to kiss him?" And Still trying to hold it back she responded "yes" He spoke again. "Do you want to marry him?" She didn't respond, cause if she did she knew she was going to moan. Her body was squirming around trying to understand the intense feeling she was having. He fingers dug deeper the sounds grew louder. At this point my step-brother was trying not to show what he was doing at this time because he finally realized that I was standing there the whole time. He reluctantly reduced his momentum in fears that id notice he was masturbating. But My step-sister was All by herself focusing on the thing dirty things her brother put into her mind.

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   Suddenly her whole body arched, hand in between her legs working over time. The sound and smell of her pussy came very apparent. Her eyes shut and her head tilted back trying her hardest not moan fearing we would notice what she was doing. But she couldn't control it. Her body ran wild. A sudden stiffness in her body and shortly after a release. she rested, and with it a sigh. After that my Step-sister went back to watching tv and my step-brother went back to the computer.

I couldn't believe what I just saw, I had to have a release. I went to the bathroom, I pulled down my pants and with the most vivid details, I played it all back in my head. I was really going at my cock an it still wanted more. I was just picturing her naked, what she looked like under the blanket. And Soon as the though of her naked came to mind. I let out the most intense orgasm Id ever had. I got up, cleaned up and flushed the toilet.

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   And walked out of the bathroom like nothing had ever happened. And thats how we all acted.

After I got out, my step-brother got of the computer and went to go play video games and my step-sister went to her room. With that leaving the living for me explore. I walk up to the couch where my step-sister laid the blanket was there over the spot near where her but was. I lifted the blanket and underneath was a wet spot where all her juices were left. (the blanket itself was a bit wet too). I decided to seize the moment I smelled the couch's pillow where she left everything, It smell so delicious. The Idea of eating out my step-sister came to mind. Another erection just began to swell in my pants. The whole idea of being where it all took place really turned my on.

And now every now and then Id see a wet spot on the couch and id take the time. To remember that event. .

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