My sympathetic aunt


Topic: My sympathetic aunt My sympathetic aunt.
 It starts here.
 "I bet he can" - "Do you really think he could at his age?" - "Would you think I was a dirty bitch if I tried to find out if he can?" - "You wouldn't would you? You'd have to find a way too,he might not let you" . . . This was a conversation they clearly were not expecting to be overheard,especially as it turned out, - by me,their son and was a conversation between my mother and her sister,my maternal aunt. This had been a while before and I failed to relate it to myself and just assumed it was to do with some bloke,possibly an old guy and their dirty minds were as usual seeking a smutty turn on. I knew they tended to go private sometimes and I also knew some stuff they got up to together. But that's not for here now. I always recognised these moments by the filthy laughing that ensued,almost a cackle sometimes. Pair of old witches I'd think and push off to do my own thing.
 This of course included much masterbation in my pubertic years. So that's where I'll was not pleased on this day a few months later. I had had a fall and felt a right idiot entering my aunt's house having returned from hospital with my right arm stuck out in an 'L' shaped plaster cast held up with a steel support rod. Shit I ached from head to toe and felt like I'd been under a road roller. I hadn't,I had come tumbling off my bike and fell over a small cliff.

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   What an idiot? My wanking arm out of action for god knows how long and having used my left arm to wank at times I knew it didn't work. What a shit situation,all for being a smart ass.
 My aunt wasn't one of those 'OO my poor baby' types. No - more the 'up to no good' type,which suited me fine. I got on just swell with her and spent many happy wanks thinking what I could do to her if she had the good sense to get naked with me on her bed. Yeah,I'd had some eyefull's of that gorgeous mature body and yes,she needed me fucking her. Trouble is,I'm the only one that realise's it. Not the slightest hint from her when she did catch me looking at her naked tits once.
 So having told my happening to her,she responded just fine. "Buggered that nice shirt up by slitting the sleeve like that. You'll ache even more in the morning. What you need is a good soak in a hot bath with Radox,I got some if you feel like taking one" - I did and I would. - So I'm off to the bathroom with aunt ahead,she drew off the water,added the radow,swirlled it around and went to leave me to it. "Aunt,I ain't goin to be able to do this without help you know" - "Easy" - she took a pair of scissors from the cabinet and sliced the rest of my shirt away. "There see,that was easy,okay?" - "Well not really,my left arms useless" - "Its your right arm not your left!" - NO aunt,I mean I can't use my left for hardly anything,I'm very much right handed"
 At this time I was being totally sincere I tell you.

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   But now she looked at me a bit weird,or more like suspiciously. "You wouldn't want me to undress you completely like when you were a kid. Would you?" - The emphasis on 'would' was not lost on me,but still in innocence I added,I'm not going to be able too,its the only way I'm going to get in unless I get in with my clothes on" - "Come here,that would be daft,you can't soak properly dressed,can you" By now my shorts and boxers were on their way to the floor as she gently tugged them off me.
 Her eyes took in my package and with a wry smile touching her lips, "Bigger than when I last soaped that thing up,making sure it was washed properly" Now she stood unashamedly watching as I awkwardly entered the bath,making a slight slip as balanced between being in and being out,she clutched at me,pressing my good shoulder and arm hard against her bossom's. "This is going to be harder for you than I thought,what with trying to keep that plaster from getting wet and trying to soap yourself,I can see you turning turtle and drowning,then where will we all be?"
 I hated myself in that moment,because her sincere thoughts were overruled by my knob as her tits pressed at my back. That beast of mine cheated by shifting up a gear and was now trying to enlarge itself sticking out prominently forward of my belly as I consciously tried to stop it from doing so. I knew I'd gone red and aunt like a true hero made light of it saying, - "That water must be a bit hot for you,want some more cold in it?" Relieved about my embarrassment I nodded and she added some cold,but would you believe it,in so doing she inadvertantly bent forward to the taps and showed me a lot of upper thigh as I stood perched waiting for help to sit down.
 Help was there as well as two very sexy tits hanging from the front of my aunt and exposed to my eyes through her loose top as she gripped me like a nurse to immerse me downwards to a sitting position. "I'm not leaving you in this condition,you wont mind me staying to help you I reckon" - "Good,just lay back and I'll soap you up a bit. I never thought I'd be doing this again,like when you were young,remember?" - I did and I remembered how as she rolled my foreskin back while telling me to always remember to wash under this bit,its important,adding 'Oh my god,that's so tight and look how red your penis is under the skin' - I remembered alright and I also remembered she would rub and wash it a long time and although I didn't recognise it,she had me hard even then.
 Now I'm laying back as she soaps me across shoulder's and chest while my useless arm is hanging over the side well away from the water. A movement from her to reach across me to soap under my armpit changes her position and focuses my mind. The fingers on my plastered arm is touching something warm,twitching slightly just my finger tips,I know what it is,its aunts warm inner thigh. She carries on not noticing as I feel the tension in my nether region. I dare not feel her but I equally have no intention of moving away from her sexy warm skin.

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 There's a give away though,my cock has responded and now stands at a fully hard erection. I slowly move the only hand I got over as much as I can hide of my hardon. "Relax,its only natural for a man to react if a woman's washing him,go on relax,I'll sort it,you'll see" - I'm all aflame now,as she took hold of this traitor of mine, "See,it just wants me to wash it like I used to all that time ago" My foreskin was peeling back because of my throbbing hard on and now she peeled it right back. "See,I hope you remembered what I said all those years ago about washing under this" - She yanked my skin forward and back as my ass cheeks squeezed together to try and control my feelings,I knew much of this and I'd shoot off there and then in front of aunty's face.
 Thank goodness she let it go and splashed some hot bath water over it. "Oh,look how these have grown" - She had my soft sac in her hand as it tried to float just under the waters surface.
Now,juggling my balls in the palm of her hand she played with them unmercifully as she watched my reactions, "I bet you'll find it hard to,you know,you do I expect,being without your right hand will be a disaster for you at night" - She now moved slightly as she squat against my hand. "I know I would,oh yes,you're not alone you know,pity the hand down there isn't more active at the moment" I just couldn't stop myself,I twitched my fingers against the warm flesh of her thigh. "God you dirty little bugger,you would wouldn't you,given half the chance. Makes me wonder just how advanced you are you little sod?"
 I grinned,now with a new found confidence, "I do and I will miss all my moments for longer than I dare think of" - I realised that with this talk,my aunt's hand was back at my cock,both hands in fact,soaping and rubbing and bringing an orgasm which I was trying to hide like hell fearing she'd stop if she realised I was going to cum. She looked at my face,then my hardon. "I'll do it just once for you" and promptly started to wank me like fury. I lifted my stomach up from the water as my belly stiffened in orgasm,she knew because her hand stroked at my cock like a piston and was gripping it so tight the head was as purple and fat as a victoria plum.
 I felt the pressure and I reckon she did as well as just as my cum shot skywards she relaxed the pressure just about right. The shock of my cum hitting her eyebrow and dangling to her nose clearly shocked her,grinning now, "You little bugger,I didn't realise you could shoot already, - stating the obvious, - that's sticking to my eyebrow and there's me thinking you couldn't shoot off yet" I,on coming down to earth also realised my fingers were up against aunt's knickers,a very wet pair of knickers at that.

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   Looking at her hand still gripping my hardon,my after spurts lay all over her fingers as they still made a circle round my cock. It looked like liquid shampoo floating just below the surface as she sunk her hand below the water letting my sperm float away from those fingers.
 "We've soaked you enough I reckon for now,come on lets get you up and wiped,then I need to lay down on my bed for a while if you get my meaning!" I did,she needed to masterbate and my legs were working ok,I intended to watch her doing it,who knows,when I'm up and running again,she may let me help her as she helped me.
 As I got better I heard another snippet of conversation. - "I tell you he can and it shot so hard it stuck to my eyebrow. I reckon we could both use his,its a pretty large one for his age,what do you reckon,now I've found out,shall we let him?" . . . I'd never thought of that but with my hand back in use I wanked first about my aunt,then about fucking mum and again about fucking both of them together. I wonder what their plan is regarding me!