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Topic: 1    Like any other college guy, I'm always horny and always ready to jerk offat the drop of a hat, or anything else for that matter. I still do itsecretly without the knowledge of my roommates because I attend a veryreligious school and although I know that two of my roommates have jerkedoff in their lifetime, the other two are very strongly opposed to it (atleast they say that. ) So I'm always looking for new places to do itbesides the shower or late at night after my roommate has fallen asleep. The other day I found a new place. I had slept through a test last week andspent the rest of the day trying to set up a make-up exam. The day afterthe original test, my professor called and said if I wanted to take thetest right then, I should go to his office. I got there as fast as I couldsince I was trying to not fail this thing and found his office after a fewminutes of searching the building. His office was inside a room. The roomwas a lab, divided into three sections. From the doorway, you can only seethe 2nd and 3rd part. The 1st part of the room was off to the right andbehind a freestanding wall. My prof greeted me and brought me a copy ofthe test. He said the best place to take it would be the desk in the 1sthidden area of the room. The only way to see the desk is to walk into themain room, turn right and go about 10 feet and the turn left and head intothat area. He said I wouldn't be bothered here. He then said to take anhour and fifteen minutes and then put the exam under his door since he wasleaving for a while and might not make it back in time.

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   So he left and Ibegan. Now the whole day I kept getting my usual hard-on at the sight of anyone. As I sat there, halfway done with tons of time, I started fantasizing andslowly my dick grew and was straining for a bit of release. The bathroom,I thought, but realized that I couldn't leave my test just sitting there. So I start rubbing my dick through my khakis. Wearing a button down shirt,I slowly undid each button until I reach my pants. then I say, what thehell. My fingers move to my zipper and slowly pull it down as my bulgetries to push through the opening. Not being one for underwear, my dickeasily finds it's way into the open air outside my pants. I was hornierthan hell. There I was, stroking my cock, thinking that my prof couldreturn at any moment. Then the door opens. I freeze and wait. It's some guys working in theother half of the room. They talk while beginning their work and I getback to mine.

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   The thought of other people just on the other side of aflimsy wall while I was stroking my meat was too much. I decided that if Iwas gonna do it I would finish it and getting more into it I push my pantsto my ankles, leaving me bare-assed on the chair, dick in hand and testhalf done in front of me. Speaking of in front of me, there was a window that ran the length of theroom. It was about a foot high and at eye level when seated. I could seeout, but all the students passing by could at least see my face and theexpression on it. I'm sure they could figure it out if they wanted too. My stroking increased as I began thrusting my hips back and forth. Ipeeled the shirt off and threw it off somewhere. I was sweating now andstifling the moans inside me that were growing with each stroke of myhand. I felt the surge building in my cock and knew it was now or never. I spun my chair around so that I was facing the room and not the desk andclosed my eyes, enjoying the moment. The Pope could have walked in and Iwouldn't have stopped. Then I felt the wave of orgasm as the spasms runthrough me, my jism shooting from my cock for what seemed like hours. Whenit subsided, I sighed heavily and opened my eyes. My load was the biggestI'd ever squirted and lay there on the floor of my prof's lab in testimonyto my efforts.

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   I quickly dressed and found some paper towels to clean upwith. Twenty minutes later I slipped a finished test under his door, smiled atthe now clean floor, and walked back to my dorm, where I locked the door torelive what just happened in the science building. That is one test I'llnever forget and the only one I ever enjoyed taking. I still don't knowwhat grade I got on it, but does it matter?.

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