A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 14

Mind Control

It was perhaps inevitable that it would happen sometime, but Yvonneand Ryoko both got their periods Friday, though neither of them hadparticularly heavy flows, fortunately. Also, the first majorrainstorm of the fall rolled in and so they spent the weekendlaying in bed and that was about it. Monday, Evan bought some newcondoms and went over to Aolani's and had sex with her. Then she gother period Tuesday. Hers were signified by intense cramping and shewent home when they started coming on during school.

A week later, after all three girls were feeling a lot better, Evantook them to dinner at an Italian chain restaurant and then back tohis house. Ryoko and Aolani then decided that they wanted someprivate time together and went into what was supposed to be Ryoko'sbedroom, got comfy under the blanket and then removed one another'sclothes and it was on from there. They kissed passionately for awhile before Ryoko went down on Aolani to taste her succulent juicesfor the first time in what Ryoko believed was too long beforeabusing Aolani's clit to four orgasms. They then got into a scissorsposition and rubbed their clits against the other's pussy to anotherorgasm. Feeling flushed and happy, they cuddled and fell asleep.

An hour later, after Evan had finished boinking Yvonne for thesecond time that night, he woke Aolani up and took her home. Ryokowas cuddling a sleeping Yvonne when Evan returned from Aolani's, sohe slipped in behind her, shoved his penis into her pussy and thenheld her hips as he fucked her while Ryoko attempted to keep quietenough so as to not wake Evan's twin. After both he and Ryoko hadsatisfying orgasms, Evan turned the light off and they faded offinto restful oblivion.

Wednesday of that same week, Aolani finally got her birth controlpill prescription and now the one month countdown began before Evancould bareback her. She missed school because of the doctor'sappointment, but was home by the time Evan, Ryoko and Yvonne lefttheir campus to go see her. The weather was quite overcast andbrisk.

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   Nonetheless, Evan took everybody to a park not too far from Aolani'sresidence and they hung out in the back of the van under the blanketto enjoy what natural light was left in the day. "So are you guys acouple or not?" Evan aimed at Ryoko in referring to her relationshipwith Aolani. "I guess we are," Ryoko rejoindered, smiling. "I don'tknow. Are we a couple Aolani?" "If you want, baby," Aolani approved. "I guess we are!" Ryoko echoed. "So since Aolani is your girlfriend,Ryoko, do you want to break up with me?" "Oh God no, Evan! Aolani'smy girlfriend, but she's my sister, too, like Yvonne is yourgirlfriend and sister. And since Yvonne is also my sister, you'restill my boyfriend," Ryoko, in a somewhat tortured bit of logic,propounded. "Cool!" Evan judged.

"Aolani, how many kids do you want when you get married?" "I don'twant any, Evan. My parents want grandchildren, too, but I don'tthink I'm the motherly type. Also, I don't like what it would do tomy body. " "That's cool, Aolani. I still want you anyway and hope thefour of us will be together for the next 50 years. " "Me too, Evan.

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   Ifeel like there's a more stable and supportive emotional foundationamong us than with my other friends. For instance, I feel like thisvan is OUR space and not our parents', so even though your bed isreally comfortable, there is kind of a peace I feel inside when I'mwith everybody here. " "I totally feel the same way," Evan assented. "It's nice to  have a space that's our own. "

"By the way, Aolani, do you want to come to Japan with us nextsummer and spend two months there?" "I would, Evan, but my familycan't afford that. " "Actually, Aolani, I can take you, but your momor dad is going to have to come along since you're still a minor. . Both Yvonne and I will be 18 and Ryoko is a Japanese citizen, so itisn't an issue for us even though I'm bringing my parents anyway,but for you it is. " "God, taking my mom? That doesn't sound veryfun. " "I'll talk to her for you Aolani and see if we can worksomething out. " "That would be great Evan! Thank you honey!" "Noprob, babe. It should be really fun. Japanese guys' eyes are goingto be exploding out of their sockets when they see you!" "ThanksEvan. That's sweet of you to say that. "

A little after six, Evan took Aolani home and went into her bedroomwith her.

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   Evan told her to wait there and he went out to thelivingroom to speak with her mother. Evan shined his flashlight intoher eyes and Mrs. Tsurukawa blanked out. "You will go to Japan withAolani and her friends and you will allow Aolani to do anything shewants while she's there. You won't tell your husband about anythingshe does that would make him mad," he commanded. When Mrs. Tsurukawareconnected with her senses, Evan sat down next to her. "Mrs. Tsurukawa, next summer, I'm taking my sister, a Japanese friend ofours and Aolani for a two month trip to Japan. We need you toaccompany Aolani since she'll still be a minor. Will you join us?""Wow Evan! But I can't afford that!" Don't worry about that, Mrs. Tsurukawa. I'm paying for everything, so you won't be out of pocketone cent. " "Well if it's free then yes! That should be fun!" "Great!I'll let you know what we're going to do as soon as I talk to Ryokoand get everything finalized," Evan said. "Thank you, honey! Thiswill be really good for Aolani to get in touch with part of herancestry.

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Evan went back to Aolani. "Okay babe, it's all set; she'll dial backthe discipline while we're in Japan so you can enjoy the trip. Butkeep in mind that we'll be in a foreign country without theprotections we have here in the U. S. , so don't go too nuts," hegrinned. Aolani giggled and thanked him for the intervention.

When Thanksgiving came, Aolani's family did it like all otherAmericans, with turkey, sweet potatoes and green beans, among otherthings. Evan, Ryoko and Yvonne all went over to say hi and then wentback to Evan's and ate with his family. "This is Ryoko's firstproper Thanksgiving," Evan revealed to his folks. "Yeah, in Japan,this is just another day, so we never celebrated it, including whenI was still living here with my family," she elaborated. "WeJapanese also aren't big turkey eaters anyway," she instructed.

The weather during the holiday was terrible, though, as anothermajor storm system moved in. It would prove to be a relatively wetDecember for Southern California and so they didn't do much otherthan hang out together in Evan's room and fuck every now and again. Evan spent thousands of dollars on Christmas presents, includinggiving Ryoko, Yvonne and Aolani more up to date laptops. He alsobought one for himself.



Three weeks into January,  finals for the fall semester were takenand now Yvonne and Evan had one more term left before theygraduated. They were also only a couple of months away from turning18. Evan and Yvonne took only four classes that semester becausethey only needed two to have enough credits to graduate. The othertwo were just in case they got REALLY lazy.

When it got into February,  Evan began getting itchy for another bigscore and he needed to do it before daylight savings time kicked in. So the first Monday of that month, he pulled up to the guardhouse of agated community in an area well known for having lots of wealthyfolks and shined the penlight in the guard's eyes, freezing him. "You will give me a permanent pass and let me in whenever you seeme. You will not write down my license plate number," he intoned. Aminute later, Evan had his pass and was waved through with a smile. He headed for a park that was part of the community, betting that hecould run into some plutocrats that were walking their dogs orjogging or whatever, especially since a lot of seven figure execsprobably got home after six or seven. The pocket park had a runningtrack, which made it attractive for amateur runners.

Evan guessed right. He was dressed in running shorts, a t-shirt andrunning shoes in order to look as if he belonged there. While takinga leisurely lap, he passed up a 50 something guy and nailed him withhis flashlight beam. "You will obey my orders and you will not evertell anyone that you met me," he manipulated.

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   The guy came out ofhis trance. "Tell me how much you're worth," Evan inquired. "$150million," He asserted. Evan then directed him to bring $250,000 in$100 bills to his favorite spot behind the rightfield fence at hislocal park at 8 a. m. Saturday. and to just come by himself. Also, hewas to say it was going to be for cash bonuses for employees at hiscompany if the teller asks about the purpose of the withdrawal. "Youmay finish your run," Evan allowed before jogging back to his van.

Evan collected the cash that Saturday. , hefted it into his van, wenthome and hid as much of it as he could behind his book cases anddresser, but the rest, just as with the last big score he realized,had to go into a box that he piled old clothes on top of to hide therest of the loot. "Well, this year is taken care of," he laughed tohimself.

He also began planning the Japan trip. Because it had to be done insuch a way as to not attract attention from the IRS, customs orimmigration or even his parents' credit card companies, the bookingsall had to be on the cheap, including flying economy class andstaying at the lowest priced hotels they could find. His mom and dadwould each take $6,000 in yen, Mrs.

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   Tsurukawa $3,000 and each of thekids $1,000. They would also get train passes for the Japan Raillines and pay cash as much as possible while foregoing expensiverestaurants. Evan's parents would go home after two weeks and turnthe remainder of their cash over to Evan, Yvonne and Ryoko.

The biggest problem, though, was getting his penlight past the TSAagents. He couldn't hide it on him or the others because the metaldetectors would pick it up immediately. , even if he put it up hisass. He was afraid of it being thieved or destroyed by baggagemonkeys and those charged with searching luggage. However, hedefinitely wanted to boff some Japanese girls while he was there ifthey spoke enough English to make his orders intelligible to them. He made a note to have Ryoko teach him the Japanese equivalents ofcommands he wanted to give them. The device was now something of asecurity blanket for him, so he desperately wanted to take it withhim. At the end of the day, he decided to hide it in plain sight;that is, he would clip it to a book he had and if they asked aboutit he would demonstrate that he was going to use it to read in thedark on the flight to and from Japan. He would offer to lose thebatteries if that was their concern. If they still wanted to seizeit, he would destroy it himself in feigned anger. He wasn't going totry to hide it on Yvonne or the other girls because the TSA peopledidn't care if they groped the private parts of women of any age. Ifsomeone was going to get hassled over the penlight it would be him.

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  They weren't prohibited, so he hoped they would just give it acursory look and leave it alone.

A couple of days later,  Evan wrote out a series of commands on apiece of paper and had Ryoko translate them:

"Suck my cock" (Chinko wo namete)
"Let me touch you on your genitals" (Sawarasete)
"Spread your legs" (Ashi wo hiraite)
"Swallow my cum" (Ore no zamen wo nominasai)
"Get on your knees" (hizamazuite)
"Stroke my cock" (shigoite)
"You will obey my orders" (Kimi ha ore no meirei ni shitagaimasu)
"Take your clothes off" (yofuku wo nuginasai)
"Take all of your clothes off" (zenbu nuginasai)
"Lay on your back" (aomuki ni natte)
"Get on all fours" (yotsumbai ni natte)
"Stick your ass out (oshiri wo tsukidashite)
"Lay on your stomach" (utsubusenasai)
"Do you want me to fuck you?" (irete hoshii?)
"I'm cumming!" (Iku!)
"I'm going to cum" (Ikisou!)
"Pussy" (omanko, omeko)
"Don't tell anyone about this" (naisho ni shinasai)
"Does that feel good?" (kimochii ii?")
"It hurts" (itai!)
"Hug me" (dakishimete)
"Kiss me" (kissu shite)
"Come with me" (ore ni tsuitekoi)
"Come here" (kite)
"We're done here" (owari)
"Do you like being spanked?" (supanku sarete kimochi ii?)
"Can I cum inside you?" (Naka dashite ii?)
"Stop it!" (dame!, yamete!)
"Let's take a shower together" (futari de shower ni hairimashou!)
"Fuck me hard!" (hasgeshiku tsuite!)
"Faster!" (hayaku shite!)
"Tits" (oppai)
"Nipples" (chikubi)
"Doggy style" (back)
"Woman on top" (kijoi)
"Missionary position" (seijoi)
"Delicious" (oishii)
"We're going to fuck" (echi wo suru zo!)
"Do you like to fuck?" (echi suki?)
"Do you wanna fuck?" (echi shiyou ka)
"Yes" (hai)
"No" (yada, dame, iie, chigau)
"Take me to a love hotel" (rabuho ni tsureteitte)

He also had Ryoko teach him the proper pronunciation of thesephrases and he practiced them every day so that they would becomesecond nature.

Having only four periods was really convenient for Evan and Yvonne. They could just hangout in the van doing their homework whilewaiting for Ryoko to get done with the rest of her classes for theday, nap or make out. Or they would go home and then return forRyoko when school was letting out.

In the end, Evan and Yvonne's final semester of high school passed morewith a whimper than a bang. They turned 18, Evan was finally able tofuck Aolani bareback and they were admitted to college. Following theirgraduation ceremony, Evan, Yvonne and Ryoko spent a week together in SanFrancisco together and then, two days after returning home, they, thetwins' parents, Aolani and her mother all departed for Japan.