A Boy and His Flashlight Chapter 19

Mind Control

Because he was looking at law school, Evan had to really kick asshis senior year. He and Yvonne practically lived in the school's libraryand supplemented that with either going to other libraries or doingonline research. Sex between he and the girls declined to half of whatit had been over the summer. It was no picnic for Yvonne, either, as shehad two men to keep happy and still keep up with her studies. Thus, itwas a huge relief when they finally finished the fall term and now onlyhad four more months of undergraduate life to contend with.

In February, the spring semester commenced. Six weeks later, withouttelling Robert, Yvonne went off of the pill. The Monday morning shedidn't take her dose of contraceptive, she was both giddy andapprehensive. She was happy that she was going to eventually havechildren for Evan, but contemplating the changes to her body, thehormonal fluctuations, the pain of the birthing process, it wasn't goingto be all happy fun time. When she saw Robert that afternoon after theyfinished their classes, she was extra loving toward him. That wasn'tbecause of any calculation. It was just her mood. "Hey Robert, I'mfeeling a little lonely. Could you please come home with me tonight?"Robert, being a red blooded young male, knew what this meant and hiscock stiffened as soon as she finished the question. "Poor baby," hesympathized. "I'm totally there for you Yvonne," he grinned.


   She huggedhim and they walked into the library to join Evan, Ryoko and Aolani.

It was hard for her to concentrate, though. Her pussy was wet and achingfor cock the whole time she was scouring books and articles for thedocumentary material she needed. Naturally, Evan knew that this wasD-Day for his beloved twin, so when she asked if they could all knockoff early and go home, he quickly consented. They packed their laptopsin their bags and headed out to the parking lot. Yvonne was all overRobert in the back as the minivan made its way toward their home in veryfitful traffic. Robert, in fact, was rubbing her clit while he kissedher and brought her to an orgasm that she endeavored to not be too loudabout. "Robert, when we get home, I want you to fuck me right away," shewhispered in his ear. "No problem, Yvonne," he assented. That demandmade him just that much harder. She could have done him right there, butshe didn't want her child possibly conceived on the freeway.

When they pulled into the garage, Yvonne grabbed Robert's hand and theyran upstairs to the bedroom she used when Robert was there. She hastilydisrobed and leapt into bed. He followed seconds later and shoved hiscock right into her. "Oh fuck, Robert, I've so been wanting you allday," she rasped with lust in her voice.

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   He pulled his cock back towardher entrance and then slipped it back in to the hilt as she surroundedhis upper back with her legs. Her ardor flew upward at an almostvertical slope. His cock was already pretty sensitive since his semenhad been boiling in his balls for hours. "Oh fuck Robert, oh God, ohfuck!" she whimpered as she felt his spear jabbing her sex repeatedly. Instinctually, she wanted as much cum from him as she could ingest intoher womb. She held him as tightly in her arms as she could as hecontinued to vigorously pork her. She wanted him as deep within her aspossible and hoped that she could feel the moment his sperm fused withone of her eggs as he continued his campaign into her inner space. Shewas about to climax when he had attained apogee himself and theyorgasmed together in a verbal gumbo of profanities and ecstasy, his dickjetting his hot sperm sauce against her cervix and, she hoped, into awomb that was no longer protected by the pills.

Her passion was burning like napalm and as soon as he rolled off of her,she had her mouth on his penis, tasting the flecks of semen that dottedit as she orally strove to revive his hard on. 15 minutes later, hissoldier was at attention once more and she sunk her cunt on it. Sheleaned forward and braced her hands on his chest as her hips rocked andcircled to stir his cock against her vaginal walls. The heat within herrose again and Robert could see how red her face and chest were nowwhile her pubic muscles put the squeeze on his pole in order to extractmore juice out of him. "Oh shit, oh God," she panted, the emotions andsensations conspiring to drive the intensity of her hip shaking. Herbody jerked with another orgasm  while he enjoyed the friction from hertwat clenching down on his prick.

She smiled as she looked forward to the happy moment when the pregnancytest would read positive, her ass bouncing up and down, up and down, upand down, leaving a trail of her natural lube on his schlong.

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   She feltthe heat peaking inside of her again and her breathing lurched andpuffed and then the muscles in her groin contracted hard when she cameyet again. She was becoming exhausted now and pulled off of him. She goton all fours. He kneeled behind her and restored his weapon to itsrightful place in her pink cavern, grabbing handfuls of her hips andjackhammering his spike into it over and over, inspiring her to orgasmagain before he injected more cream into her jellyroll.

Knowing what was going on with Yvonne and Robert made Evan horny andenvious. He bored his cock into Ryoko's snatch and looked forward to theday when he could impregnate his wife. He cored her up a treat,pounding it into her hard before she went off, her musical pantingenhancing the pleasure of the moment before he dumped his ball freightinto her pink house.

Yvonne's cunt was on fire for the first few days after she tossed herpills out She gave Robert a good workout doing the humpty dancerepeatedly with him. She wouldn't let him cum anywhere but inside ofher. It was like she was seeking to get pregnant in world record time. The first week of April passed, as did the second. Two days later, herperiod was due. Three days into the third week of the month, it stillhadn't come. Two more days after that, she got up hurriedly to throw upin the middle of the night and stayed home from school because she feltlike shit, telling Robert she probably had the flu. Evan bought her apregnancy test when he, Ryoko and Aolani returned home and her handspractically quivered when she took it with her into the bathroom.

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   Shedid as the instructions directed and then had to wait. It was only a fewminutes, but it seemed like forever. It came up positive and Yvonnesquealed. "Oh my God you guys, I'm going to have a baby!" she rejoiced,practically jumping into Evan's arms. She started crying and Evan andhis spouse comforted her.

Evan had to be sure, though, and he had Yvonne make a doctor'sappointment, which would be two weeks and change hence. She kept Robertaround in case the test was a false positive. A couple of days beforethe appointment, Evan called Robert out into the darkened hallway of thesecond floor of his house and splashed the Taiwan native's face withhis penlight. "If Yvonne tries to break up with you, you will understandher point of view and accept it amicably," Evan instructed.

The doctor confirmed that Yvonne was with child and was at approximatelyfour weeks. The physician added, "I'd like to see you in another monthto confirm a suspicion I have about your pregnancy. " "Is somethingwrong?" Yvonne fretted. "That depends on your attitude. Don't quote meon this yet, but I think you might be having twins," he smiled. "No way!Yvonne reacted and then squealed again in celebration.

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   She went backout into the waiting room, where Evan, Ryoko and Aolani sat. "So what'sthe verdict, babe?" Evan asked. "I might be having twins!" sheexclaimed, her face lighting up. "No way!" Evan blurted. Fuck yeah!" hespluttered, doing a fist pump.

Evan decided to take everybody out to eat to mark the blessed occasion. "So what are you going to tell Robert?" Evan interrogated. "I'll givehim the 'I feel like I'm growing apart from you and I need to exploremore of life and not be tied down' speech," Yvonne disclosed. "I feelguilty about it because he's a great guy and I'm glad I was with him,but my home is ultimately with you, Evan," she resolved. "Ryoko and Iwill give you all the support you need," Evan vowed. "I know you willhoney," she smiled.

The next time she saw Robert, she took him aside and told him it wasover. He understood where she was coming from thanks to Evan'ssuggestion. They hugged on it and said goodbye. Yvonne still cried .

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   Herand Robert had been together for the better part of four years and itwouldn't have lasted that long if there wasn't something there to keepit going.

What lightened her mood afterward, though, was the thought of presentingEvan with twins. She prayed that her offspring would be as close as herand her brother was. That night, she crawled into bed with Evan andRyoko and as he enveloped her with his arms, she felt a mixture ofapprehension for the ride ahead and bliss. Even kissed her passionatelyand told her he loved her. Then he curled his other arm around Ryoko andkissed her. "It won't be long before this is you, honey. God, my kidsare going to be so killer!"