Drugged By My Cum Chapter 10

Mind Control

I had to get up at 5 a. m. so that I could wake Abbey up and getdressed with her before hotfooting it over to her house to keep herfrom missing her bus. Then I had to circle back to pick up Marisafor the walk to school. On the way home from school, I bought abunch more Kit Kat bars and splattered one of them with my sementhat evening.

Over the ensuing days, I kept making my hypnocookies using the KitKat bars and my semen until I had three complete bars dosed.

I also talked with my mom, Abbey's mother and Toni and told themthat the next time they had sex with their husbands that they wouldimplant a suggestion that when they say, "all torpedoes on deck,"the husbands were to remove their clothes and lay on their backs sothat they could couple for 35 minutes. Subsequently, they wouldinvoke that command to their husbands every Sunday night when theywent to bed.

Furthermore, Mary Anne was to cooperate with Krista in holding asleepover for her seventh grade female classmates. Once thesleepover got underway her and her husband were to stay in theirbedroom the entire night and would only leave it to use the upstairsbathroom. Then she would let Kylie have one for her classmates, too.

One of the benefits of giving Mary Anne the order to allow herchildren to have computers, their own tv's and cellphones was thatbeing a typical boy, Josh, who was Abbey, Kylie and Krista's youngerbrother, got hooked on everything he could do with them and was nowpretty much out of their hair while he surfed the net, texted withfriends and watched what was once forbidden tv fare. The eldestbrother had gone off to college and thus was out of the house sincehe was living dorm life at a Christian university.

I also wanted to bring Karina's sisters Mika, who was 13, and Mayu,who was 17, into the little clan I had as well as their mom Rika,who was, according to Karina, in her mid-40's and still pretty cutefor her age. Rika was a stay at home mom and the father was usuallygone a good chunk of the day due to work. So one day after school,when Karina knew that her sisters and her mom would all be at home,Marisa and I met up with her at Terry's at 3:30 .

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   I had Marisa put the dosed Kit Katbar in her purse as the three of us went to Karina's place. Mayu andMika were in the livingroom watching a rented DVD of a Japanese dramaseries with their mother. After we got the greetings out of the wayand Rika brought some cokes out for us, Marisa took the Kit Kat barout and snapped a piece off for me and then we passed it around. Fortunately, they all bit into the adulterated pieces and soon I hadfive blank expressions to look at. I went to Rika and whispered inher ear that she was going to obey me and would get a little thrillwhen she followed one of my command plus when I said she was a good girlshe would have an intense orgasm. I did the same with her daughters,too.

I stripped Rika and she was indeed as cute as Karina indicated. Shewasabout 5'2" and 95 pounds with nicely teardrop shaped B cups andshort bobbed blackhair with slight hints of grey in it. She had a very sweet face thatnonetheless had a tinge of strength about it and a trimmedbush. I then deprived Mika and Mayu of their modesty. They both hadslightly fuller hips than Karina and Mika's lips were thin but alittle on the pouty side, perfect for sliding a cock into. Seeingthese three hotties in the buff made me instantly hard, so I droppedmy pants and boxers and bowed Mayu's head toward my stiff pole. Herlips gave way when I forced it into her mouth and I basically beganskullfucking her. Her soft, moist lips and tongue felt so amazingand doing this to her in front of her mom, who wasnude and off in outer space, ratcheted up the hotness of forcingMayu to orally copulate me. And that was before you got to the factthat my girlfriend was there, too My flesh spear slipped in and out ofMayu'smouth over and over and each round trip nudged me closer torelieving the burden in my balls.

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   Her fine, silky hair felt great inmy fingers as I pumped my pointer into her piehole until I got rightto the edge. My cock made a "pop" noise as it exited its nowformerly comforting cave before I stroked my cum on to Mayu's face. I pushed her against the couch back and rubbed my jizz into her skinas she continued to enjoy the euphoria from my cum soaked cookie.

I helped them back into their clothes and guided Rika upstairs toher bedroom, instructing her to tell her husband if he asks that shewasn't feeling well and needed to go to bed early. I slowly led theothers into one of the girl's bedrooms, which was also on the secondfloor. I kept the door open just in case Rika got up while stillincapacitated. I called my mom and Toni and let them know that me andMarisa were eating over at Karina's. Fortunately, the dad didn't gethome until Rika and the girls would have been waking up from the spell Icast over them. I took Marisa out of the house at about nine and we saton the curb of an adjoining home keeping an eye on things. Marisarejoined reality and I took her home just as Mr. Yamamoto pulled up.
The following morning, I got Mika and Mayu's cellphone numbers aswell as her home phone number from Karina and proffered the order aboutwearing skirts only with no panties from here on in and they were to benaked at home except when there were visitors or when their dad washome. I called Rika and gave her the same directive. She was also to gether daughters on birth control and to allow them to have sex at homeonce the pills became effective, too.

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   In addition, she would satisfy herhusband's sexual demands. Mayu's boyfriend had a job at McDonald's andwas working the previous night. I told her that she would now give himblowjobs whenever he wanted them and she would swallow his cum or lethim spray her face with it, his call. She would also masturbate in frontof him if he so wished. The fact that I used Mayu's mouth as mypersonal cock caddy the previous evening somehow upped the hotness ofthis instruction for me.

Monday evening of the following week, Krista called me while I wasin the middle of manufacturing more mind control candy to say that thesleepover was on for that Saturday, after which the parents would cometo pick their kids up Sunday morning and everybody was supposed tocaravan to church together. I phoned Mary Anne and declared that she andher husband would head to their bedroom immediately after all the sixgirls who were going to be there were dropped off and the dad was toread the riot act to Josh to stay in his bedroom and not bother thegirls. I had already given Krista orders on how to handle the sleepover.

In the meantime, Terry told me about how she was working on her boss. The flirting between the two of them was becoming more verbally graphicand there was even some occasional grabbing going on between them. Thatsame week, I also went to Rika and orchestrated her controlling of herhusband. The same night of Krista's sleepover, Rika would couple withthe guy and turn him into her obedient slave while she was nowprogrammed to do my bidding.

Since it was a new semester, Marisa made a new friend named Juanita, whowas in her gym class. Juanita was a buxom little Mexican-American girlwith long dark brown hair, D cup breasts and a smile that put one atease right away since it reflected her very jovial, sweet nature. Shealso lived near school, so we began stopping off at her place beforewalking to campus in the morning.

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Saturday, Krista came over to Colleen's at 3 p. m. , where I gave her acum stained Kit Kat bar that had one extra piece in it so that everybodycould have one. She hid it in her underwear drawer and waited for herfriends to arrive for the sleepover. I took Abbey and Kylie back to myplace, where I had them get naked and pleasure me. I fucked Abbey doggystyle while Kylie watched and played with her clit, giving herselfseveral climaxes while hearing not just the sound of my pubic bonerebounding off of her older sister's ass, but watching the action, too. Ipulled out of Abbey, whose cunt and legs were soaked from all thesquirting she did during her orgasms, and streamed my man-naise on toher back.

After I rubbed my sperm into Abbey's back, I crawled between Kylie'slegs to her now exceedingly moist snatch and slurped up all the juicesbefore enveloping her little clit with my lips, battering it tenaciouslywith my tongue and getting in a goodly amount of suckling on it in thebargain to power her to climaxes that robbed her of her breath. This wasthe first time anyone had eaten her and she would soon ask me to dothat to her again.

First, though, there was the matter of her virginity. Since she was nowon the pill long enough, I could take it to her while my sperm syringeremained unsheathed. I scooted up on top of her and set the head of mypenis right at her hairless entrance. While I kissed Kiley deeply, Ileaned my body ever so slightly to slip my cockhead into the first inchof her hot box. Her body writhed and bucked as my trenching tool slowlypushed her vaginal walls apart, my cock snugly caressed by them. When Iwas finally able to reach maximum depth, I remained still so she wouldnot only know what it felt like to be stuffed full of dick, but to allowher sex to adapt to being penetrated.

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   She panted and squealed as hersister watched me become the one to claim the 15 year old's cherry. . Igingerly commenced thrusting and because she had been well lubed by herfingering of herself as well as the foreplay I exerted on her, the painfaded in surprisingly short order. As time went on, she wasunconsciously grasping my biceps tightly, which reflected her brain nowbeing geared to one thing, absorbing as much pleasure as possible fromthe juking and stirring of my prick in her slot. I gradually picked upthe tempo of my penile slashing and she was panting and holding my bodyfirmly in her legs as I torpedoed her over and over, blood leaking on tomy bed sheet along with her natural lubricant with each outstroke. "Ohhhh God!" she screamed and suddenly let loose a torrent of shortgasps before her brain clipped from the overdose of endorphins and shehad her inaugural climax from sexual intercourse. I soldiered on in along steady march over her sacred ground  and she reacted to it withgreat pleasure and open arms. Abbey looked on still unclothed withsisterly concern while seeing her sibling becoming a woman.

Kylie left long scratches on my back when she was rat packed by moreorgasms. I fucked her as hard as I could, endeavoring to induce as muchecstasy in her as I possibly could until I had attained my own apogee ofendurance and had to withdraw from her tunnel and create a roadmap onher belly with jets of my man milk. I held her tightly, my stomachsmooshing the white effluent on both her and my midsections. "You're sogreat, Kylie and I'm really honored to be the one to be given yourvirginity," I said before kissing her. The truth was, though, that Ijust wanted to fuck her. It wasn't an honor, it was a manifestation ofmy lust and ego.

We all showered together, which was an amazingly beautiful sight,believe me.

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   My mom made dinner for them and we hung out in my room until8:30, whereupon we walked over to check on how Krista's sleepover wasgoing. I stood outside of Abbey's and Kylie's house just talking aboutrandom topics. 9 p. m. came, which was zero hour when Krista was supposedto hand out the adulterated candy. We waited ten more minutes. As I hadinstructed, Krista was to leave the door unlocked once she had fedeveryone the dosed sections of candy bar and then, once she had donethat, was supposed to eat one herself. At 9:10, I quietly twisted thedoor knob and walked inside the home. There on the living room floorwere seven 12 year old girls looking like they had just seen God. I sentAbbey and Kylie to their rooms. I went around to each of the littlewomen and informed them that they were now captives of my will and willexperience great joys from it.

For Krista, there was something that I really needed to do anyway. I putmy mouth in her ear and whispered, "it's okay whatever your sexualorientation is because you're you're a sweet, intelligent and thoughtfulgirl no matter if you are sexually interested in boys, girls or both. It's okay to come out to your parents if you have the inclination, butremember that you have to live in the real world. That means tellingyour classmates and maybe even your little brother may not be a goodidea.

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   The fault is their's, not yours. Therefore, you will love yourselfand when someone says something counterproductive or negative aboutyour sexuality you will ignore it and just write those comments off asbeing from fearful idiots who shouldn't be taken seriously by anyone. "

Once I was done with that, I helped the girls into their sleeping bagsand turned the light out. I snuck upstairs to Abbey's room and told herto make sure her brother stays out of the living room. I kissed hergoodnight, locked the door on my way out and went home.