Drugged By My Cum Chapter 14

Mind Control

I was so spent when I got home that I slept like a lead weight aftershowering. Thursday morning, I had Marisa phone Mr. Pulaski and tellhim to get Mrs. Croner, one of the school counselors, into hisoffice just before the end of sixth period and offer her one of theback end pieces of the Kit Kat bar while talking about the emotionallandscape of the student body and how many of them had eyes oncollege. It wasn't that I thought Mrs. Croner was hot at what, 60(?gag), but how I could use her. Again, he wasn't to push the issueif she refused. He also wasn't to eat any of the back pieces andhave just one during the course of his conversation with Mrs. Croner. He agreed to this and Marisa hung up.

It was a weird feeling knowing that I had the school's reigns ofpower in my hands. Marisa called him back at 3:00 p. m. to see if she'deaten one. She had. I had Marisa instruct him to come out and waveus into his office as soon as we show up in ten minutes.

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   We wentinto the office and sat down and he soon emerged from his office andtold Marisa and I to come in. I whispered the obedience order intoMrs. Croner's ear and took down her cellphone number. I also snaggedthe Kit Kat bar from Mr. Pulaski and tucked it into my pocket. Now Ihad to think about what I wanted to do with her. I told him to driveher over to Terry's in her car since I had a key to Terry's houseand, after Marisa and I get there, walk back to school and go homein his own wheels. I wrote down directions for him, which I told himto give to me back when we walk up to the car so they wouldn't get leftand his wife would see them. So that's what happened. Melaniethought it was weird that Mrs. Croner was at her house, but Iordered her to not concern herself with it. Mrs. Croner spent thenext few hours in Terry's bedroom in a state of euphoria. At 8:00p. m.

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  , I took Mrs. Croner out to her ride and scurried back inside. I watched the car from anupstairs window to ensure that she was okay while still out of sorts. I could see her stirring at about nine and lookingaround like, "what am I doing here?" She started her car and departed.

I went back to my residence, too, and jacked off several times toreload my supplyof mind control treats. After I set foot on campus Friday morning, Ihit Mrs. Croner on my cell and demanded that she call me in to herofficeduring sixth period along with one of the popular girls, but mefirst. And sure enough, she did. I gave her a Kit Kat bar andexplained how I wanted it employed. If a girl ate one, Mrs. Cronerwas to come out of the office and permit me take control of thegirl. The counseling offices were in a separate part of outer shell of theadministration building. They were basically glorified cubby holes,so the counselors did their jobs in relative isolation. The good thing about going after the rah rahs as my first targetsusing Mrs. Croner was that they tend to be great joiner inners andso tend to accept people at face value without thinking about itmore carefully.

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   Thus, after I was through with Mrs. Croner, GeriKing, one of the school's cheerleaders, walked in. As they got intothe conversation about Geri's academic future, Geri took one of mydosed confections from her counselor and was a goner. Mrs. Cronerhipped me to Geri's present state and I claimed her.

Now the tricky part was that Geri had a boyfriend. Fortunately, thatboyfriend was also on the basketball team and had practice afterschool. Once I gave her the obedience order, I stood there actinglike I was talking to her. A couple minutes later, Michelle Pricecomes bouncing up. "Hi Geri!" she waved as she went into Mrs. Croner's office. I'm sure that Michelle thought it odd initiallythat Geri didn't respond to her greeting. It wouldn't matter. Withinminutes, Michelle was another one of my slaves. I called Marisa'smom to come pick us up ASAP.


   I wished I had thought of it earlier. Fortunately, wherever Michelle and her boyfriend were supposed tomeet he must still have been there because I managed to secret Geriand Michelle off of campus and into Toni's car (which made for acrowded ride home). I told Mrs. Croner we would pick up where weleft off Monday and to keep the bars locked in her desk.

I led the pair of incipient zombies up to Marisa's bedroom. Marisaimmediately stripped and then helped me undress Geri and Michelle. Geri had light brown hair and was probably about 5'5", a littlechunky but pleasantly so, and D cups. She had a trimmed bush. Michelle also had light brown hair, but she was 5'8" with nicelyproportioned hips, C cups and a shaved pussy. She was presentableenough facially, but didn't ring my chimes. Geri was beautiful,reminding slightly of Olivia Wilde. Now here she was sitting on mygirlfriend's bed with her mind bent by my cum. I sat next to her,pulled her into me and laid a kiss on her while my righthand went toher left tit. I felt the contours of her body against mine and Imust say it was nice. She reacted instinctively and her arms reachedaround my neck to say her piece with her lips and tongue.

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   "Are youon the pill Geri?" I asked. "Yes," she disclosed. "Sweet," I rejoiced.

I pushed her gently on to her back and then dropped to my knees onthe floor to slurp on that pussy for a bit. I used a vigoroustongue to patrol both her slit and her clit and fomented a a lot ofheat for her until it boiled over inside of her into a bundle ofgasps and pants, her soft, high voice sounding exceedingly musical. I pushed things much further and by the end of about half an hour,she could have received frequent flier miles on Ecstasy Airlines. "Man, her boyfriend must be pounding that everyday!" I guessed. Hercellphone rang and I told Marisa to ignore it. Same withMichelle's. I pulled her forward a little and speared her pitapocket, peering down on her pillowy gazongas as my prong stabbed hergash repeatedly for my own pleasure, her velvety vaginal wallsexerting just the right pressure as I pushed into her again andagain. She was sighing very contentedly and increasingly rapidly thelonger this went on, her pussy making obscene watery noises. She wasreaching the end of her rope and I mercilessly banged her, provokingthe most placid scream you ever heard during her climax. It wasn't awhole lot longer after that that I was about to unleash. I jerked mytubesteak out and sauced her stomach. I rubbed it into her skin asshe laid there with her legs open

I gently eased both Michelle and Geri off the bed so that they weresitting up against it on the floor.

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   I invited Marisa to come sitbetween my legs and she accepted. We spent the rest of the nightkissing and cuddling, with me telling her I loved her. When Geri andMichelle awoke from their stupor, I told them to get dressed and begrateful my mom was going to drive me home. They were also to telltheir boyfriends and anyone else who asked that they were having alittle girl's night out. I didn't give them permission to call home.

I went downstairs and told my mom to carry the pair home, but to letthem out of the car a block away from where they lived. I alsoobtained their cellphone numbers and demanded that they now onlywear skirts from now on outside with no panties and when they wereover at my place they would instantly lose their clothes.

Saturday morning, I phoned Miss Shell and informed her that from nowon she would shave her pussy and would wear exclusively skirts withno panties  when she wasn't at school. She could have panties on atschool, but she still had to wear only short skirts and heels, nopants or shorts unless her superiors dictated them.

Saturday, I told Marisa's mom that until further notice she was topick us up at school no matter how long she had to wait. Thecondition where she didn't have to do that was if she found a job. This was important because Monday, I got Mrs. Croner to hook twomore popular girls for me and Marisa and I smuggled them off campus. I told her to bring the pair in at the same time and she got them totake my candy a few minutes into the conversation. When school wasout, I loped over to Mrs.

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   Croner's office and picked them up,whereupon, after I gave them the obedience suggestion,  we beat itfor the alley behind one of the classroom buildings, where my momscooped us up. When I got them home, I freed them from theirclothing. The first girl was Mandy, a fresh faced 17 year old with aslim frame and C cups breasts. Her pubic hair was a little out ofcontrol. I think she stopped trimming it because it wasn't summeranymore.

The second chick was Tawny, a 5'10" thickish babe with caramelcolored hair and D cups. Her nose was a little big, but it gave herlooks some character, so she was attractive in an offbeat way. Hercunt was framed by carefully sculpted pubes. I banged the bejesusout of Mandy doggy style, although with a condom on since she wasn'ton birth control, and she was huffing and puffing up a storm. I don't know if her friend Tawny had ever watched Mandy get fuckedbefore, but she definitely had now, though she ultimately didn'tremember it. I dumped my load on Mandy's ass and smeared it intothat butt. Marisa and I chilled together with those two until eight,when I aided them in restoring their modesty. I let them out thedoor at just before nine, when they were mentally back in the realworld, but only upon giving them the orders about skirts with nopanties, dropping the pubic hair and what lie to use if anyone askswhere they were.

This continued all week. It was amazing how easy it was.

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   I told Mrs. Croner that was it for now with the holidays coming up. Since Geriwas on birth control, I instructed her that she was to to have sex withher boyfriend and that after he came inside of her she was to get himhard again and then sit on top of him with his dick in her pussy and doonly enough to keep him hard for 35 minutes, whereupon she was towhisper in his ear that he would obey her commands and would feel alittle thrill everytime he did. I had some plans for him. A week later,the boyfriend, Troy Quillan, was now under control. Geri and her youngersister Debi, 13, were part of a single parent household. Marisa and Iwent over there one day after school in December and met the sister. Ipulled my Kit Kat bar out and gave one to Debi, who without a thoughtgobbled it up. She was now in thrall to me. I had Geri show me her andDebi's bedrooms and I put little sis to bed after uttering the obediencecommand. The mother was a floor manager at a prominent chain departmentstore. So she made pretty okay money, but living in this neighborhoodit was barely enough to get by.

Of course, I had to get a look at Debi, so I removed her clothes and shewas sporting a nice set of C cups to go along with the same color andstyle of hair that her older sister wore. Her pubic hair needed to betrimmed, but she was definitely cute. She was one of the popular girlsat her middle school but didn't have a boyfriend at that time, accordingto Geri.

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   Marisa and I left after telling Geri to relay to her mom thatDebi wasn't feeling well and just wanted to sleep. That whole scenario,though, became academic since Marisa and I returned after dinner. Theboyfriend was there, but I told Geri to send him home. He quietlycomplied. A little while later, the mom, Annie, came home. She was atotal milf! Obviously, still being in the dating pool, she was keepingherself in good shape. Remembering my experiences with Colleen andTerry, seeing that 44 years of fine made my dick twitch. I pulled out myKit Kat bar, the same one I dosed Debi with, ate one and then offeredone to Annie, who took it and popped it into her mouth. She was aninstant goner and let out a long sigh as the hormone in my semen tookhold of her. I told Marisa and Geri to stay put and helped Annieupstairs.

When we entered Annie's bedroom, I had her stand there as her mind fadedoff into the ether and, after giving her the obedience suggestion, Igingerly pulled her clothes off. Her body was fucking tight! I don'tknow how many days a week she went to the gym, but except for some minorobvious signs of age, she still had a nice taper to her form and her Dcups were firm and round. I came up from behind her and kneaded them andshe moaned her approval. I turned her head back toward mine and kissedher. My cock was stone now and I decided to leave my clothes on thefloor.

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   I shut the door to the room and gently prodded Annie into herbed. I heatedly kissed her and was getting very pleasant responses outof her. I explored her mouth with mine in a leisurely manner and got hernipples nice and stiff with my hand. I scooted down the bed and went ather clit for the next 30 minutes, inspiring her to many orgasms andleaving a nice taste on my tongue and scent in my nose.

It was time for the big event and I spiked her rail bed with my seveninch flesh nail and slugged it in and out of her for all I was worth. Ionly lasted about ten minutes, but her pussy felt amazing and I vowed tocome back to it at a future time after I spewed my cum on to her belly. I rubbed it into her skin and held her for a while before descendingthe stairs and going home with Marisa. Things seemed to be snowballingnow.