Drugged By My Cum Chapter 15

Mind Control

After the new year, Terry informed me that she had slept with herboss in the manner I prescribed for controlling him. They both gotdrunk at the company Christmas party and furtively went into a backoffice, where her superior railed her as she bent over a desk. Oncehe decorated her cunt with his dick snot, she immediately turnedaround, went to her knees and began fondling his balls while lickingand sucking the base of his fuckstick. She got him hard again after awhile and pulled hm down on the floor so she could ride him. Afterlowering her pussy on to his man anchor, she teased him bywhispering dirty things into his ear as she remained impaled on hisdipstick. Half an hour later, he was off in the great beyondmentally and she whispered the obedience suggestion to him. She pulled off of him and snuck back out to the open part ofthe office floor once she had zipped and buttoned him up.

I ordered Terry to command the head man to hire Toni as herassistant. Of course, Toni was thrilled that she could once more bring moneyinto the house. Over the vacation, with the help ofstimulation provided by my slaves, I had doped up five more Kit Katbars and gave one to Mrs. Croner. She resumed calling popular girlsinto her office and getting them to enslave themselves through aseeming act of generosity. Toni hadn't started her new job yet, soshe was still able to secret my drugged victims off of campus for meto her house. By January 10th, I had every girl in the popularclique under my control. I also made sure that Debi was put on birthcontrol like her older sister was.

I had Abbey coming over to my house for a few days in a row, too, tohelp Marisa give me a fresh supply of copulins.

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   On the 15th, Icommenced gong after the boys. The dudes we knew Troy and I couldphysically handle he invited over to Geri's house, where Troy would putthemin an arm bar or a full nelson and I would shoot Abbey's copulins uptheir noses. Geri would then give them them the obedience directive. Fromthere, I formed a gang with Troy and three of his friends who werenow Geri's putative slaves and we slowly picked off members of thejock crowd. Michelle's boyfriend was one of Geri's slaves, which Ithought was hilarious.  

Troy also had a car and so did a lot of the girls and other guys whowere under my hand. I went through last year's yearbook and notedthe better looking junior girls. I gave the list to Mrs. Croner, whobegan calling them in to her office. We took them to Geri's placeafter they bit into the adulterated segments. By the end ofFebruary, the number of female slaves on my phone list must havebeen close to a hundred. Attached to that, we had 35 boys nowbeholden to either Marisa or Geri. Now all the rah rahs were runningaround in short skirts with their snatches uncovered by panties andso was a nice chunk of the rest of the school's female population. It was hot.

In March, though, I really hit paydirt.

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   After I had dosed someReese's cups and carefully rewrapped them, Marisa handed them to Mr. Pulaski one morning, who got the school nurse, Georgia Surhoff, totake one. As soon as it went on her tongue and she began fadingaway, Mr. Pulaski texted Marisa, who texted me. Between periods, Iwent into the nurse's office and gave her the obedience suggestion. I locked the nurse's office up and had Marisa tell Mr. Pulaski tosay that Georgia was feeling a little under the weather and thoughtit best to have  lay down and not see anyone for the rest of theday. She was scheduled to come out of it by five. At that time, Iwas there after having sent Marisa home. All the teachers andcounselors had headed for their residences, too, so she waseffectively alone. When she emerged from her office, I buttonholedher and demanded that she let me into her office the next morningbecause we're supposedly sick.

The following morning after first period, I went to the nurse'soffice. Marisa entered about 15 minutes later. There was nobody elsethere except Mrs. Surhoff.

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   I gave Georgia the instructions andhanded her a couple of syringes full of Abbey's, Kiley's andMarisa's juices, showing the precise dosage she would give our nextvictims. I proffered her a list, which she was to later destroy, of boys I wanted her to summon. Marisalaid down on one of the cots with supposed bad period pains. I satin a chair with an ice pack on my bonce due to a fictional badheadache. She knew how to bully these kids into accepting their"medicine" and, one after the other, she sprayed Abbey's copulins uptheir noses and had them lie down. Marisa whispered into their earsand they were now her minions. Two hours later, the boys were allconscious again and left for whatever their class at that time was. Mrs. Surhoff then dispatched more notices and the boys in questiondrifted in. They were all told that this was a new state mandatedvaccine and they had to take it or wouldn't be allowed back toschool. The result was that Marisa, and, by extension, me, had 12 new slaves that day.

I did the same thing with Geri. I went into Georgia's office in themorning and said that Geri would be coming in to handle the boysafter she had doped them up. Therefore, everytime Georgia sentMarisa's and Abbey's juices up into the boys' systems Geri wouldenslave them. Everyday it would be a new member of my posse claimingthe slaves made by Abbey's and Marisa's pussies.

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That Saturday, Marisa invited Juanita over to her house to hang outand she got the Mexican cutie to chow on one of my bars. I bigtimeboned her with a condom on since she was a Catholic and didn'tbelieve in birth control pills. After that, I put her to work,distributing my loaded confections to other hispanic girls eitherbetween periods, during lunch or after school. Juanita then calledme and I would show up and either hustle them off to the nurse'soffice or off campus with the aid of one of Geri's or Marisa's boyslaves.

One thing I really needed to do, though, was get the office girls,male counselors and lunch ladies under my dominion. The latterwasn't that hard. I would have Geri order one of her boys to make anappointment with the male counselors. At the appointed time, weswarmed into the small office and while the counselor wasrestrained, I shot Abbey's, Kiley's or Marisa's fluid into one oftheir nostrils. Since there were only two male counselors due tobudget cuts (and only two female ones as well), this operation was concludedin very snappy fashion.

For the office girls, Mr. Pulaski, at my recommendation, wanted toprivately poll them after school on how to make the way they didbusiness more efficient and effective. Using the excuse that theweather was nice, he would take them into the quad to sit down on aplanter and offer them one of my infected Kit Kat chunks. Marisa and I would be sitting nearby. Once she had sucked the magicsolution off the candy and was in outer space mentally, I would giveher the obedience command. Mr.

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   Pulaski then guided her to thenurse's office and went home. I got my cellphone out to tell Georgiahow to handle the incoming patient. She was to call me when the girlwas waking up. at around 10 p. m. , she would come back to earth andGeorgia would put her cellphone to the girl's ear, whereupon I wouldtell her that when she gets home she would say she was out with theother office staff and she wouldn't say anything to her fellowoffice people about waking up in Nurse Surhoff's infirmary orgetting home late.

He did the same thing with the lunch ladies, who were mostly hideouslooking, so few people cared about or for them. Sorry, but that'sthe way the world often works. They had very short shifts, so whenthey were done cleaning the kitchen, Mr. Pulaski buttonholed one ofthem and had a conversation with them ostensibly about the cookingoperation in the cafeteria. Then he would urge them to take one ofhis Kit Kat pieces and because the lunch ladies were invariably fatand had mondo sweet tooths, they would accept them. Then I would seethem in the nurse's office that Mr. Pulaski ushered them to and givethem the obedience order. When I had them all subdued, I gave them ademand that they would not speak of anything that they saw oncampus. If anyone asked how their day went or if anythinginteresting happened, they would just shrug and say, "same oldstuff.

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The campus was full of tv cameras. In the hallways, in theadministration office (thought not Mr. Pulaski's personal one or thecounseling or nursing offices for privacy's sake), so when I wasenslaving everyone I kept having to do it in a roundabout way sothat everything would appear innocuous on the cameras. The cameraswere pretty low quality, so if, for example, Marisa was carting offa boy Georgia had just pumped copulins into, you wouldn't know whoit was unless their faces were right up in the lens, which almostnever happened.

Anyway, the ruse that captured the office ladies meant a lot of latenights for Mrs. Surhoff. But within ten calendar days I had theentire administration under my thumb. I told her to tell her husbandthat she was at supplementary education sessions necessary to keepher license as a school health provider. The school didn't have avice principal because of, again, budget cuts. This bit of stategovernment frugality effectively made all my machinations possible.

Now it was the janitorial; staff's turn. I had Geri and Marisastation boys under their control around campus to conductsurveillance on them. Basically, I wanted to know when they eachcleaned their assigned bathrooms. Once that was determined, when thejanitor entered the bathroom, a group of football players would, acouple minutes later, immobilize the janitor and I wouldsquirt Abbey's copulins up their snoots. Marisa intoned theobedience order and we would move them into a stall and pull theirpants down before sitting them on the john.

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   All of this took maybethree minutes, which meant we were able to do the entire group ofjanitors in one day. As was the case with all the treatments Ihanded out or had handed out to the guys, they couldn't remember howthey got to where they ended up. We were very careful not to leaveany marks. The following day, Marisa told them that they would nottalk about anything they saw on campus to anyone without herpermission.

Then I got REALLY devious. During their respective gym classes, Ihad Marisa and Geri offer pieces after everybody had showered anddressed. If somebody took one, they were immediately escorted to thequad, where I would meet up with them and explained how they werenow my play toys before either Marisa or Geri would leave them atthe nurse's office. I had the video cameras for the hallway thatlead to the administration building disabled so that nobody wouldknow who was coming and going in and out of the nurse's quarters. Ifnecessary, I would subsequently take the victim home and keep themthere until they reconnected with humanity, which allowed me toissue supplementary commands about their attire and appearance andobtain their personal information.

Unfortunately, while I had awhole host of girls who would produce the copulins for me, I was theonly one who could manufacture super strength semen and that couldbe outputted at the rate of a mere tea spoon's worth at a time. By theend of the school year, I had just about every boy on campus underMarisa's or Geri's, and ultimately, my, control. However, I was onlyable to get about 40% of the girls in my stable and that was eventhough I had been going at them much longer than I had the boys. Notonly that, but I was always really skeevy about handing my semenloaded candy bars over to others. So far, that had gone much betterthan I had ever dreamed of, but I still wanted to keep it all undermy direct control.

I contemplated having a fuck room made up for me on campus.

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   Again, Icould have the video cameras in the hallway of the building I had inmind to put it disabled pretty easily, but how do you keep somethinglike that a secret? I'd want to use it during the school day and nowthat I had the attendance people enslaved that wasn't a problem, butpeople would see the girl and I coming and going. Too, making itreally nice would take money and the spending on it would no doubtbe noticed by the folks at the district office who tend to likesquandering taxpayer money for their own comfort and not that of thestudents or teachers on individual campuses.

I did, though, have a little fun with a school tradition. ThroughGeri and Marisa, I made it forbidden for any of the boys to askanyone to prom and none of my girls, which meant all the rah rahtypes that normally drive these things, were permitted to helporganize it. So it was canceled for lack of interest. I knew thismight draw some press attention, so none of my slaves were allowedto talk to reporters, including anyone from the school paper, abouttheir lack of interest in it.

Anyway, I had to come up with a better way to produce my magic milkthan doing a lot of wacking off because after a while my cock would getsore. I decided to change my approach to how I used my girls, too,because I was wasting a lot of my juice in doing so. That is, instead ofshooting on their belly's or face, I began bringing a plate with mealong with my eye dropper and several packets of Kit Kat bars. Forexample, one day, I went home from school with both Priscilla and Marisaand had them both work on my dick with their fingers and mouths whilethey were naked. This got me worked up pretty quickly and just as I wasabout to shoot, I picked up the plate and spooged on it. Then I wentupstairs, apportioned the cum on to the candy bars and let thosesegments dry. I returned to the living room and I had Priscilla beginmasturbating while Marisa sucked me and played with my balls. This gotme up again seemingly instantaneously and within 15 minutes I was readyto go off again. I stroked more jizz on to the plate and more of myhypnocookies were soon drying for later use.

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I circled back to the living room and dove into Priscilla's shaven pussywith my tongue while I reached up and massaged her sweet tits. In a fewminutes, she was beginning to climax and my prong was becoming turgidagain. I told Priscilla to resume masturbating while I commanded Marisato sit on the couch and, when she did, I grabbed her legs and pulled herforward to shove my dick into her. The living room was beginning tofill with the scent of pussy, which only accelerated my horniness. Ipumped my dick into Marisa over and over and she was having one orgasmafter another. After about 40 minutes, I was finally at the launchingpoint. I pulled out, dashed upstairs, deposited my spunk on the plateand carefully dropped it on the Kit Kat bar. That was already six sixhour doses in about two hours. I sent Priscilla home and brought Marisaupstairs to my bedroom, where I directed her to suck on my balls and torepeatedly run her hands over my body. The sight of this devotion to meand the sensations from it hardened me up in about 20 minutes. I slid mydick into Marisa and pistoned it in and out of her for a good hour. Idon't know how she stayed wet enough to tolerate that kind of prolongedpenetration even with the chain of climaxes she experienced. I splattedthe plate again, but only ejected enough cum for a single dose. Clearly,I had reached the point of diminishing returns.

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