Drugged By My Cum Chapter 5

Mind Control

Saturday morning, everybody got up about 10 a. m. I told them all tobe naked while they did their grooming and then they were permittedto get dressed once they had done that. I then told Mimi, Emily andShannon about only being allowed to wear skirts in public and theban on panties, except at home and in gym class. Also, they all wereto have shaven pussies. None of this applied to Terry, except forthe last one.

My thoughts kept going back to Miss Shell and the difficulties inenslaving her. Even if I could get one of my girls tocajole Miss Shell into eating one of my zombification goodies, Iwould then have to hustle her off campus somehow. Terry wasn'tavailable until after six because of her job, so I couldn't do toMiss Shell what I did with Karina and Sierra when I ran into them atthe mall. And it was also very important that she not be seen in anyawkward associations with students, especially me. I wanted toenslave as many girls as I could without anyone, specifically otherguys, realizing what was going on. I also had to keep anyone who Icouldn't control away so they wouldn't queer the whole thing. Inaddition, I wondered if being the only guy in a group of eight girls atschoolwas going to attract any attention.

I encouraged the girls to make as many female friends as they could,especially those who didn't have boyfriends. Then I would schedulemore sleepovers, during which I could bring the new chicks under mysway. If they ended up acquiring boyfriends, they were to tell meabout everything that was going on with the two of them.

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   Lookingback at it now, I was becoming like a cult leader.

It was now moving into May and I finally got around to takingKarina's virginity. The first Saturday of that month, I had her cometo Melanie's. I sent Melanie over to Priscilla's and took Karinainto Melanie's bedroom. I laid in bed and bid her come to me. I cradledher shoulders in my left arm and kissed her softly and warmly. "You're such a babe, Karina," I remarked,  though it's not like shehadn't heard that a lot of times before. "Thanks," she giggled. Iunbuttoned her blouse and unhooked her bra and she let me slip themboth off of her. Her cute breasts with chocolate brown nipplesbounded out. I unzipped her skirt and she lifted her hips so that Icould toss that on the floor, too. I held her tightly as myrighthand glided up and down her nude back and ass while I continuedto kiss her, my tongue revolving around hers. I looked into hergorgeous Japanese-American eyes and lightly brushed her left cheekwhile landing more short pecks on her thin lips. I tousled her shinydark as midnight locks and, while my rigid cock pressed against herthrough my jeans, I was experiencing some of the same emotions as when Iwas with Marisa, that feeling of just looking at something thatdespite its flaws was still perfect in its own way.

I stood up and chucked my clothes.

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   I gently manipulated her breastsand kissed and sucked all over them before my mouth flew on to herleft nipple, my tongue spinning around it and then applying suction. I lowered my righthand to play with her hairless snatch as mysuction was making her moan and sigh, the turgidness of her nipplesadding texture to her otherwise, soft, nubile being. I kissed my waydown and around her belly and jumped to her thighs, kissing thosefrom the knees upward, playfully biting and sucking them before mylips and tongue walked over her clit, lashing it repeatedly andcoaxing pleasure out of it for her. "Mmmm, God, that feels good," shepurred I sucked on it in short bursts trying to make her nubbinpulse. When her breathing became less regular, I attacked it asvigorously as I could and I tripped her trigger, provoking her tofold her body as the voltage surged through her. I held my mouth astightly as I could to her little man in a boat and elicited moreheavy pubic contractions out of her system, increasing themoisture level between her vaginal walls.

I reached down to the floor and picked up my pants. I removed acondom from my right front pocket and let the jeans fall back on tothe rug. I ripped the condom's container open and rolled the rubber on to myshooter. I straddled her and peered into her alluring eyes beforeleaning down and kissing her a few more times. She smileduncertainly as I positioned myself between her legs and theninclined my body forward to take my spike to the source of herchannel. I popped my cockhead in and withdrew it and did it again. Ileaned over and kissed her once more. Then I pushed my little soldierpast her checkpoint and gingerly carried it further inside. She letout an agonized groan to inform me that she was feeling pain.

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   I tookmy time and eventually had her fully stuffed on my staff. Shewrithed and twisted and drew air through her teeth. But the more Ilazed it in and out of her the less she was complaining. Thensuddenly, "oh my God! Oh fuck, don't stop!" she whispered. My condomwas bloodstained,  but we had worked past the bad part of this andnow she was beginning to find it delightful, firing up the heatinside of her with earnest thrusts and friction.

"Oooohhhhhh! Oh fuck!" she yelped, but joyfully, her rasping breathspleading to be answered with a harder and faster approach topleasing her. "Oh shit! God, oh God Greg!" she yelled and then shescreamed as she felt her nervous system ignite in a wildfire ofpleasure, taking her breath away. She pulled me down on top of herand I kissed her heatedly while I maintained my porking pace andboosted her toward the summit again, her symphonic panting soeuphonious before the orgasm planted its flag in her and made herscream in celebration. This was becoming hotter than I could bearand I splattered my rubber with my man milk. "I really hope youenjoyed that," I whispered to her. I kissed her in attempting toimpress on her that even if she was my slave she nonetheless hadvalue to me. "I know you could havetaken me anytime you wanted," she confessed. "Thanks for being soconsiderate about it. It was definitely better than what most guysdo when they claim a girl's virginity. "

Obviously, those weren't the words of a girl in love, but at least Ididn't feel totally evil about devirginizing her for my purposes.

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   Icuddled her for a while before having her get dressed and go home. Then another idea struck me as to how I could reward my slaves forbeing obedient. I thanked Terry for letting me use her daughter'sbedroom and kissed her goodbye. I called Marisa up and we hung outtogether the rest of the day.

 That night, after dinner, I went to the supermarket and bought severalpackets of Oreos and a number of Kit Kat bars. I turned my computer on,looked at some Asian porn and jacked off on to a plate, where Iapportioned six hour doses on to the cookies before doing the wholething again. As a teenage male, it didn't take much for me to get hardagain or for my balls to refill with semen. I produced another load andadulterated two more of the Oreos. I let them dry and placed anunstained one in front of the sleeve because that was the one I wouldeat as a confidence building measure for my intended targets. Icarefully reglued the seams of the package back together and put them inthe pocket of my hoody. I called Marisa and informed her that we weregoing to the beach Sunday and I gave her a time by which to meet me atthe bus stop.

We boarded the bus at about 8:30 and arrived at the beach just afterten. Marisa and I slathered sun screen on each other and kicked it onour towels. About an hour later, I looked up and was blown away to seeone of my classmates, Sherry Odom, and another girl. Sherry was a 5'7"thin, wide lipped broad shouldered blonde with B cups and wonderfullyformed hips and thighs who was wearing a white bikini.

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   I put my hoody onand after watching them apply suntan oil on themselves, I walked over. "Hey Sherry! How are ya babe?" "Hi Greg," she replied blandly. The othergirl was her 17 year old sister Lauren. I took the packet of Oreos fromthe pocket of my hoody and opened it. I took the cookie in front, putit in my mouth and made a face with it, which cracked them up and putthem at ease. I thrust the packet at them, offering them to each takeone. They did and a few seconds later they were added to my menagerie ofplay toys.

"You will obey every order I give you and, when you do, you will feel aninjection of pleasure. When I say, 'good girl,' you will have anintense orgasm. " I went back over to Marisa and told her we were goingto join Sherry and Lauren, but that Marisa was forbidden to talk tothem. We all laid on our stomachs for about an hour and then we allturned on to our backs and stayed that way for about another hour. Allof us were still pretty white, so we couldn't stay too long withoutrisking bad sunburns So now was the difficult part of this, shepherdingtwo girls who were effectively drugged, back to the bus. First, I calledTerry to make sure she would be home since her house was going to beour ultimate destination. I told Marisa to take Lauren's hand while Idid similarly with Sherry and we slowly made our way to the bus stop. Marisa asked why the two girls seemed out of it and I told her to notworry about it.

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   Even at 1:30, the bus going back was crowded and we hadto stand , so keeping Lauren and Sherry upright was an issue. Finally,after we got out of Costa Mesa, we could all sit down. I called Terryand told her to pick us up at the transportation center. Five minutesafter the bus dropped us off, Terry was there and we piled into her car,me, Sherry and Lauren in the back seat. My two victims had put theirt-shirts and shorts back on before departing the beach.

20 minutes later, we pulled up to Terry's house. We all exited the carand went into Terry's home. Melanie wasn't there since I had phoned herand told her to go to Priscilla's. I called my mom and ordered her toallow me to eat dinner with the non-existent Jeff's family. It was now3:30 and Lauren and Sherry would be back to their usual selves at alittle after five. I collected the two girls' numbers off of theircellphones. Right when I expected them to, the latest additions to myharem reconnected with reality. Of course, they couldn't remember howthey had gotten to where they were now and couldn't even recall going tothe beach. I dictated that they not tell anyone about anything thathappened to them after they left home that morning. We all loaded backinto Terry's car and dropped everybody off near their houses except me.

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   Icalled Melanie and told her to come home. When we were all back atTerry's, I dosed both her and Melanie and added the suggestion that theywould orgasm when I said, "good girl. " I stripped both of them and gotthem to masturbate in front of me (and each other) while I kept strokingmyself right to the edge to build up another big load in my balls.

I didn't get home until midnight, well past my curfew, but my parentshad already gone to bed. Nobody said anything to me the next morning atbreakfast. I think what happened was that they had sex after dinner andthen they went to sleep. So they had no idea when I got in. I had alsonoticed lately that the parental units were spending much more time intheir room than they previously did. Chalk another one up for theeffects of my cum!

I fired the computer up again and viewed some more porn while I mademore hypnojuice, imbuing it into pieces of one of the Kit Kat bars andtook it with me the following morning.