Making Casey His (Caramel Series)

Mind Control

Robert's fingers hooked the end of her thong. This is it, he thought. Finally, after all this time, I'm gonna get some pussy.
"Wait, Robbie," she began as she felt him pull at her thong. "What Casey? What's wrong?" He asked moodily, knowing her reply already. "I'm just not ready for this. I don't want to. Not yet," she said quietly, gently pushing him off her. "Come on Casey! It's been two years!" He said aggitated, aware of how angry he sounded. "I'm sorry," she whispered and got up. She pulled up her jeans and buttoned her shirt, gave him a sad look and left. He watched her tight perfect ass walk away, her stream of shiny brunette hair swayed as she walked.   He got a boner watching her walk. Frustrated, Rob got up and walked over to his computer. He plunked down in the chair. Now he had to look up porn and jack off cause he was so hard.

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   Fucking tease.
He went through pages and pages of naked women covered in cum. He tried to pretend it was his cum all over them, and eventually he got off. But it wasn't enough. He got an IM from his best friend Matt at that moment, but had no attention of reply until he saw what it said. "Yo Rob. I got some shit from Philly you gotta check out. I've already fucked two girls with it. Slip some to Casey, and she'll do whatever you want her to. "He met up with Matt the next day and slipped him fifty dollars. In return, Rob recieved a bottle full of pink pills called 'Pink Fairy'. This new drug made girls extremely horny and aroused. Even better, after the drug wore off, it left the girl wanting more sex. The following night, Rob invited Casey over for dinner. He spent an hour cooking a very nice dinner of steak and potatos.

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   When he heard the doorbell ring, he could hardly contain his excitement. He opened the door and saw her in a tiny red dress that perfectly accented her B breasts, tiny waist, tight ass, and showed off her tan legs. "Hey Robbie," she smiled sweetly as he let her in. "Hey Casey, you look amazing tonight," he complimented. She smiled as they headed into the kitchen. "What can I get you to drink?" He asked quickly once she sat down. "I'll have a coke if you have any," she replied. Rob, expecting this, had a coke ready in the fridge. He slipped a pill into the glass, watched it quickly dissolve and grinned. "Here ya go baby," he said, handing her the glass and taking a sip of his beer. "Thanks," she replied and took a sip. "Wow, this coke tastes great. ""Glad you like it. I'm gonna go check on the steaks," he said, resisting smiling as she took another gulp. He went out to the grill, saw the steaks were perfect, and turned off the grill.

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  Upon returning, he saw that Casey's glass was empty. "Want me to fill ya up?" He asked, taking her empty glass. "No. I want you to fuck me on this table," she said in all seriousness. He could tell by her eyes that lust had taken over her. She was under the control of the Pink Fairy. "Are you sure?" He asked, knowing full well she wanted his cock. She stood up, began unzipping her dress in front of him. She flung the skimpy dress onto the ground, leaving her in nothing but her black bra and thong. She innocently climbed onto the table, pulling him into her. "Fuck me Robbie. I want your cock in me so badly. Please please fuck me baby," she begged. Robbie's dick became rock hard listening to her say this. In an instant his hand went to his buckle and he unfastened it.

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   Out sprung his nine inch cock. Casey licked her lips at the sight of his hard rod. Rob ripped off her thong, pleased to find that she was completely shaved. She spread her legs, revealing her dripping pussy that was so eager for his cock. Rob kissed down her tight stomach and headed down to her twat. He gave her clit a long slow lick making her shiver and then proceeded to eat her out. His tongue slid into her pussy, making her squeal with delight. He soon replaced his tongue with his fingers, and her hips rocked against his hand to allow further access. "Yessss ohhh Rob yess!" She cried as he inserted another finger. Then he pulled out his fingers, making her cry out with distress. "Oh god! Rob please! Fuck me nowwww!"He was more than happy to oblige her. He shoved his cock deep inside her, taking her virginity but she was so caught up in lust she couldn't care less. All his inches rammed inside of her, making her moan in pleasure. Rob was overwhelmed with euphoria, her pussy was the tightest he had ever fucked in his life. Her walls constricted against his cock, almost like a massage.

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   He had to resist cumming right there. "That's it. Fuck me Robbie. Harder! OH YES! FUCK MEEE! YES YES YES! RIGHT THERE! FUCK ME HARD ROBBIE! I'M YOUR LITTLE SLUT. PUNISH ME! YES YES YES!" Her moans grew louder, making it harder for him to contain himself. He came suddenly, pouring ropes of cum into her tight hole. She screamed as she felt it fill her up. Then her orgasm hit, making her moan even more. He felt her juices gush onto his cock and he pulled out. Their cum dripped out of her, pooling onto the kitchen table. She collapsed back onto the hard wood table, trying to catch her breath. "That was amazing Robbie. I want to fuck you every day. . .

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  every hour. . . Goddd every minute!" She giggled to herself. For the next year, Robbie continued to slip her the pill about once a month. It was just enough to get her charged up and ready to fuck every day. She became a sex addict, wanting it all the time, no matter where they were. They fucked in the park, in a phonebooth, in several bathrooms, the movies, even during school. Rob always was more than happy to. Thank God for the Pink Fairy.