My Pee 2

Mind Control

            "Ricky, pay attention!" barked Mr. Baker, my fifth period teacher. I couldn't concentrate; all I could think of was the experience in the bathroom. After he drank my sweet pee, the boy did anything I told him to do.   I had him completely under my control.


                I needed to find someone else to test on, but I didn't know who or how. Quickly, I scanned the class. Most of the girls were okay looking; there were a couple cute ones. But the obvious choice was Sierra Birch, the prettiest girl in the eighth grade. She was fairly skinny, with long legs. She had long, golden blonde hair, sparkling green eyes, and the most beautiful smile I've ever seen. She had slightly tanned skin, perky, developing boobs (which were bigger than most of the other eighth graders'), and perfect butt. Most of the guys wanted her, but she was a very good student and took more interest in her grades then in boys.

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   She had never had a boyfriend, and I desperately want to be her first. As I sat staring at her, I tried to think of a way to get her to drink my pee, but there was no easy way. She was always surrounded by her friends, and I could hardly ever talk to her, let alone get her to drink something.


                Through the rest of class, I came up with nothing, and when the bell rang, I packed my stuff and went out the door. For the rest of the week, I tried to come up with a plan, but the opportunity never arose. I was starting to get desperate, when something amazing happened.


                Mrs. Marshall, our physics teacher, gave us a project as our final. Instead of a test, the project alone would be our final grade. We had to build our own remote controlled vehicle, and if it could run through her track in under a minute, then it would receive and A. We were allowed to pick one partner.

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   Now, it was common knowledge that Sierra and I were the two smartest kids in the class. We both had A's, and the next highest grade was a C+. I guess she realized that I was the only good partner in the class, because when Mrs. Marshall told us to pair up, she walked straight to me.


                "Hey Ricky," she said. "Would you like to be my partner?"


                My stomach was doing flips. "Sure, I'd love to. " I said. I couldn't believe my luck!


                "Okay, cool," she said.

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   "We should start working on it pretty soon. My parents are out of town for the week, though, and they don't like me having people over when they're not home. So would it be okay if we work on it at your house?"


                It just kept getting better; I could hardly contain my excitement. "Of course," I said. "Is Friday ok with you?"


                "Yup, Friday's fine," she replied.


                "Cool," I said. The bell rang. I wrote down my address. "This is where I live.

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   I guess I'll see you then. "


                "Yup, see you later. " She smiled at me and then walked off to her next class. Friday couldn't come soon enough!


                The rest of the week dragged by. But, finally, Friday came. I walked home as fast as I could and got ready. My parents were both at work and my sister was at the gym, so we would have at least an hour and a half to be alone. I had no idea how long my pee lasted, or what happened when it wore off, so I had drank plenty of water before hand. I waited for a few minutes and pretty soon I saw Sierra walking up to the porch. She ringed the doorbell and I answered the door.


                "Hey Sierra! Come on in," I said.


                "Hey Ricky!" It was a hot day, so she was wearing and t-shirt and a very short pair of shorts, which showed of her gorgeous legs. I was growing impatient, so as soon as she sat down I said, "It's hot today isn't it? Do you want anything to drink? Water? Lemonade?"


                "Lemonade would be nice," she said. So I went into the kitchen and got a big glass. Then I unzipped my pants and held the glass under my cock. I closed my eyes and relaxed. Pretty soon the pee started coming out and the cup started filling. The sweet aroma started filling the kitchen. When the cup was almost full, I held it in while I got another one. I put that one under my cock and started filling it.

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   It was about two-thirds of the way full when the last drop fell into it. I put that one in the fridge for later, zipped up my pants, and took the first one in for Sierra.


                "Here you go," I said as I handed her the glass.


                "Thank you," she said. Then she took a drink. Her eyes widened. "This is really good!" she said. She then took another big sip and finished off the glass. When it was all gone, she dropped the glass and grinned at me. I grinned back at her. "Take off your clothes, sexy," I said.

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   She immediately threw her t-shirt and shorts on the ground. She undid her bra and her amazing, perky tits were right in front of me. I gave them a squeeze as she slid off her panties. She was now sitting on the couch next to me completely naked, with a dirty grin on her face. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen.


                Her pussy was neatly shaven, and it looked irresistible. I started undressing, and my stiff cock popped out. Even in her trance, I could tell that she still could see what was happening; her pussy was getting wet. Her juices started dripping out and a wet spot was forming on the couch where she was sitting. I almost came just seeing it.


                "Okay, Sierra.

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   Scoot to the edge of the couch and spread out those legs," I commanded. She obeyed and I looked over her exposed pussy before I dove in. I gently started massaging the lips with my fingers and she started moaning. "Oh, you like that, don't you, my little slut? Almost as good as my pee, isn't it?" I started liking her clit and pussy. It tasted so sweet and amazing I just couldn't get enough. I stuck my tongue in as far as I could and licked feverishly. As I licked her, Sierra had her eyes closed and started moaning, "Oh, Ricky. " I licked her sweet pussy for a couple minutes and pretty soon her body tensed and a flood of her juices splashed onto my mouth and face. She squealed in delight and I tried to get as much of her juices as I could in my mouth. When she was done, I told her to lie down and let her rest a little. As she rested there, I played with her perky tits and looked over her sexy body. She was the hottest thing I had ever seen, and she was all mine. I was determined to find a way to keep it that way.


                When she had rested enough and my horniness got the better of me, I grabbed her ass and drug her to the edge of the couch. "You ready for me to fuck you, sweetheart?" I asked with a dirty grin.


                She started giggling and spread her legs open. I took that as an invitation and rammed my throbbing cock into her slippery, wet pussy. It was a tight fit, and it felt so good, but after a while her wetness made my cock slide easier. She was panting and screaming in pleasure and I tried to keep myself from cumming as long as I could. I thrusted myself in her as deep as I could and I could tell I was stretching her out. Then I felt the feeling stirring in my balls. I pulled out just in time to squirt my cum all over her beautiful 13 year old body. When I was finished, I collapsed on the couch beside her. I made out with her for twenty minutes before I could tell she was losing interest. When I broke the kiss, she was no longer grinning, but looking at me bewildered.


                "Ricky. . . " she mumbled. ”Ricky, why are you naked?" She looked around confused.


                "Hear, let me get you something to drink," I said nervously. I ran to the kitchen and grabbed the other cup full of my pee. Then I went back to where she was sitting. She was trying to cover herself up. "Here, drink this, it will help you calm down. "


                She started yelling. "No! Not until I know what happened! Why are we both naked! Ricky, what did you do to me?!" I put the glass right under her nose. "Drink it," I whispered. She instantly stopped yelling once she smelled it and grabbed it from me. She chugged the whole thing and dropped the cup on the ground. The peaceful, mischievous grin returned to her face and she relaxed. "Good," I said. I was horny again. "Now suck my dick and finger fuck yourself you little slut!" Immediately she bent down over my dick and wrapped her mouth around it. Her right hand went to work on her pussy. I enjoyed a great blowjob for awhile and then we both came. She squirted even more of her pussy juices on my couch and I squirted my juice down her throat. When she cleaned off my cock with her tongue, I told her she was done and that she needed to sit there while I played with her. However, she must have been holding her bladder for quite some time, because when I squeezed her titties, she gasped and another dark spot started growing on the couch. She was relieving herself right there in the living room.

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   That really turn me on but I told her to hold it in and walk to the bathroom. I followed her and then commanded her to sit on the toilet. I told her to close her eyes and relax, and when she did, I pinched her tit. Her warm pee started cascading down into the toilet bowl and I couldn't resist. I knelt down and started liking her warm pussy, lapping up her pee. It tasted sweet and good, but not as good as how my pee smelled.


                When she was done and I had drunk every last drop, we showered together and I forced her to clean every inch of my body. Then we both dried off and I told her to get dressed. When she was dressed, I told her to go to sleep on the couch. She fell asleep instantly and I kissed her on the lips. Then I went to my room, got dressed, and started working on the project. After a half hour of working, I went back to the living room and turned on the TV. When she woke up, I told her that we had both worked hard on the project, and we fell asleep.

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   She looked at me skeptically at first, but then she dismissed it and gathered her stuff. She said she would come over again next week to help. We said goodbye and we left. I couldn't wait until next week.






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