Through the eyes of a beast

Mind Control

I woke up, startled, sweating and exhausted. I had had another dream.
This was the third night in a row, and this time I recalled some details.
I had faint images of a beutiful women groaning as I fucked her. But I had the feeling she was being forced.
"What he hell. . " I thought as I reached for a cigarette. I sat and tried to remember more of the dream, to no avail.
I have had a sense that I could see through other's eyes since I was young.
Just flashes. random images, a few stuck out, like when I caught an image of young woman undressing through a window, I can recall how turned on I was even while wondering where the image came from.
I eventually decided that I had entered the mind of a peeping tom in this case and through meditation and determination I was able to go there at will.
As I grew older I was able to enter minds at will, spying on my teachers, stealing test answers, I even studied my sexy teacher through her eyes in the bathroom mirror. Great tits!
I had gotten used to this talent, but the dreams were new. A few nights later I had another dream.

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This time I remembered in vivid detail, and it scared the hell out of me. . .
I was in the eyes of a monster, I watched as he reached a muscled arm up to a screen and ripped it from its frame. He expertly jimmied the window lock and hoisted himsef, us, up and into a bathroom.
I caught a glimpse of him in the mirror, big and muscular, with tattos on his massive arms, slightly handsome with a crew cut.
He ambled into a hall in a big house and headed to a door. Without hesitation, he opened the door and entered a master bedroom.
I watched , fascinated, as he walked up to a king sized bed and gazed upon the small sleeping figure under the sheets.
He quickly reached out and clamped a big paw over the woman's mouth. She awoke instantly and her eyes grew wide with terror. The big man spoke," Bitch you better keep your fucking mouth shut or I'll break your neck!"
I could sense utter fear in the pretty dark haired woman as she nodded her head. The beast pulled out some rope and bound her hands behind her back, roughly manhandling the woman.
He looked down with satisfaction at his target. She was very pretty, wearing a sheer nightgown with thong panties, face down on the bed.

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The rapist then reached down and flipped the small woman over, her chest rising and falling in rapid breath. He grabbed her by the hair with one hand and ripped her nighty open with the other, revieling a nice pair of tits capped with hard brown nipples.
"I'm not here to kill you bitch, but I will if you give me any trouble, you got that?" She nodded, moaning slightly as he cruelly squeezed her breasts.
He reached down and dropped his pants, exposing a massive cock, taking a handful of hair, he sat the small woman up and pushed his big dick into her small mouth, I sensed him smilling as he pumped his dick in and out of the woman's tear streaked face.
He drew back and then pushed his cock to the hilt down her throat, making her gag, her hands clenched into fists behind her back as she choked on the hugh member. He pulled cruelly at her hair as he pistoned in and out of her mouth.
He slid his cock out of her mouth and dragged her face up to the edge of the bed, forcing her head to hang over the side. Smacking her in the face with his cock, he said "Lick my balls, bitch!" He squated over her face and laid his big nuts on her lips. When she did'nt start licking, he suddenly backhanded her across the face, making her lip bleed a little, "I said lick my fucking balls, bitch !"
She complied, sobbing as she slid her tongue over his big balls. The beast finished ripping her nightgown off her tiny body and  Slid his big hand into her thong panties. "Nice tight pussy, baby, I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you tonite!"
He , we, looked down at the pathetic little woman as she licked his nuts, him jacking his cock. He suddenly flipped her over onto her face, her hands straining at the bonds. I sensed anothe cruell smile as he tore her thongs off her tight little ass.
He climbed onto the bed, straddling her small body. Laughing, he spit on his cock and began to work it up into her tight pussy. 

   She moaned into the sheet as he gradually forced his cock all the way in.
He began to pump her hard, her tight ass gigling as the beast fucked her. She began to gasp as he pulled her head straight back with a handfull of hair. Making animal noises through clenched teeth he was dripping sweat onto her back as he urgently shoved his cock in and out of her.
Finally, after awhile, he let out a moan and pulled out, spraying her dimpled back with a load of cum. Getting off his victom, he pulled her off the bed and pushed her to her knees. "Lick me clean whore!" he commanded as he shoved his dick back into her mouth.
Her eyes were wet and swollen from crying as she looked up at him, us, and began licking and sucking his softening cock. I could sence the smile on his face as he finally fliped her over and untied her hands.
She lay on the floor, sobbing as the beast got his pants back on and put the ropes in his pocket. He smacked her on the ass as he walked out, saying "That was good, bitch, I might be back. "
He walked out the front door and left.
I awoke, sweating and thought about this dream. I was so real, I had to have been there! My talent was always used on people I chose, never coming to me as this one had.
I checked the paper a couple of days later and was stunned to find an article about the "hills rapist" a man who broke into homes of wealty women and raped them.

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I waited with anticipation for the next time. . . . . . . . . . .