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We live in Ettingshall, Wolverhampton, about 1 mile from the red light area. Recently the Police have collared most of them, they've recieved asbo's and been banned from certain streets. So a few have taken to plying their trade right by our house on Ettingshall Rd. To be honest i don't mind but it pisses my Mrs off. Debbie, my wife, is 47, average looks, 38D tits, great legs and ass, but to be honest a bit run of the mill in bed. In fact once a month is exagerating. Last saturday (27th March) i had a few too many beers after the Wolves v Everton match and didn't get in til about 10. 30 at night. Debbie had drunk quite a lot of wine and her tongue lashing was more severe than usual. It developed into a row, which as usual led to me bringing up my lack of a sex life.
'If your not happy go and see one of those tarts outside' she quipped, 'see if they are any better'.
'At least they have a job' i replied,' not sitting on their arse all day like you'.
'Right' she said, 'I'll show you' and disappeared into the bedroom. Ten minutes later she returned and my jaw dropped. Bright red lipstick, flimsy blouse, pencil skirt, tights and red shoes.
'Think anyone will stop' she sneered at me.

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'You are joking' i asked hesitantly. She didn't answer, just raised her eyebrows, turned, and left the room. Seconds later i heard our front door slam. I couldn't believe this, yet though jealous of what might happen, i was surprisingly quite excited at the same time, pretty hard to explain. I dashed upstairs to the front bedroom, and just glimsed her going out of view. I wasn't sure whether she was winding me up or in some blokes car up to who knows what. I didn't have to wait long for an answer. My mobile went and Debbies name popped up.
'Right' she said, 'stop in the front, and don't make no noise, im on my way back with one'.
At this i started shaking with excitement, what was happening to me, i was semi-erect at the thought.
The front door opened, then i heard giggling and footsteps on the stairs. I paced the front room several times, then decided i had to go and look. I kicked my trainers off and tip-toed upstairs avoiding the creaky ones which im well used to when getting home at 4am . They were still talking and i heard Debbie ask for £50 off this guy. I crept past and entered the spare room.

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   I put my ear to the wall but just heard muffled voices, it was no good. We have an old dining table and four chairs which we bring out at Christmas, party's etc and keep there the rest of the year. I took a chair, edged out into the hallway and put it by our bedroom door. I climbed on it and inched up so i could see through the glass panel above. The hallway light was off so i knew i couldn't be seen, id noticed the darkness when lying in bed myself. They were stood up, arms around each other snogging. I didn't think prossers did this but obviously Debbie didn't know the rules. He was white, chubby, thinning on top, wearing a suit, looked like a business type. Debbie stood back , beckoned him to take his coat off, then proceeded to unbutton his shirt. She then sat him on the bed, knelt down and took his shoes and socks off. He undid his own trousers and she pulled them off him. He was sat on the bed in just his boxers. I opened my flies and my cock sprung out the hardest i've ever known it. I couldn't touch it or id have cum on the spot. Debbie undid her blouse, threw it to the floor, then stepped out of her skirt.

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   She kicked off her shoes and was down to underwear and tights. This guy then pulled down her tights while she unclipped her bra, letting it fall to reveal her gorgeous tits. Her nipples were erect and after fondling them for a while he sank his mouth over one breast while tweaking the nipple of the other. Debbie moaned, she used to adore this with me years ago. He then stood up and gently lay her onto the bed. He then lifted her left leg and started sucking on her toes, working his way up her leg with his tongue up to her panties. He stopped and repeated this on her other leg. This time though he slipped his hands to her hips and pulled her knickers off. Debbie was naked and her fanny looked open and glistening. Her moans got louder as he licked her cunt before focussing on her swollen clitty. I started wanking as Debbie writhed about in ecstacy. This guy was that hard i could see some of his cock, his boxers were that stretched out in front of him. He stopped , stood up and pulled them off. It put me to shame, and his bellend hadn't even popped out yet. Debbie took him in her mouth and rocked her eager mouth forward and back over his cock, her cheeks bulging with each inward stroke.

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   After only 30 seconds he pushed her away, spread her legs and positioned himself between them. Itentered her cunt unaided and Debbie wrapped her legs around his back as he built up a rhythm. Half of me wanted to go in and demand a halt, but the utter excitement overrid this as i watched this stranger fuck my wife of 22 years bareback. His pace increased, so did Debbies moans as the headboard rocked against the wall. He fucked her fast and furious for at least 10 minutes before stopping, withdrawing, and putting her into the doggy style position. Debbie screamed as he reentered her from behind and literally rammed her so hard her head hit the wall above the headboard. ' Im cumin', he moaned. Debbie let out a scream i knew was an orgasm as he emptied his spunk inside her and i shot my load into my hand. I decended quickly and returned to the spare room. She let him use the bathroom then he left. There was a silence as Deb and i smoked a fag in the front room. 'Enjoy the show' she quipped, i saw you looking'. 'You bet' i replied. 'Well don't expect a repeat' she said, 'and don't call me lazy again either'. What a night!


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