John is staying with Nathalie


Story, john and nathalie.
It was almost ten thirty in the morning. Nathalie woke up early that morning, right after Amy went to work. She had the day off, and john was still laying in his bed. Well. . her friend, she was 21 now, and John was 18, but there was something weird going on with him. It has been slumbering since she was 18, but somehow she felt strangely attracked to him. No. . not just the friends way, although that was there aswell, this was deeper, pure hunger and sexual lust.
Lately she was wearing more and more sexy clothing while she was at home with him. Often she would wear a miniskirt and a tight top, sometimes even without a bra. Amy even asked me why I was dressing so slutty, she didnt mind though. Ah well, a consurned girlfriend, but Nathalie has a mind of her own.
John her friend was still on one ear.

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  He recently left his parents home to start a life of his own. Nathalie was the only one heknew would let him live at her house. So she came directly to her. That sleepyhead, Nath was feeling a bit turned on now that she was home alone with John. Should she try to entice him?She was sitting on the couch, watching 'the L word'. . . also one of Johns favorite series. She couldnt keep herself from rubbing her panties with her fingers. Damn she was getting hotter by the minute. Should she remove the panties under her skirt and wake up John?
In her head she got a nice feeling, very special and exciting. She did have sex, with her girlfriend Amy, but this was different, very different, she wanted John. She stood up and pulled her skirt a bit up and then pulled her dark black g-string down. . there was already a dark wet spot inside.

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  She stept out of her panties and smelled them, oh yes John would like this aswell. Atleast thats what she hoped.
Before she pulled down her skirt she went thrue her wet slit with a finger. Oohhh she was so wet and horny. Well, lets go upstairs she thought, lets wake up that gorgeous boytoy. Carefully she walked up the stairs. The door to Johns bedroom was ajar. She could see that john was laying under a sheet on one side. Yes it was midsummer, lovely weather. With her heart beating in her throat she walked to the side of the bed. She rolled her skirt up a bit higher. If she would wake up John, and he would look up, he would have to see her pussy. yea. . and he should be able to smell her pussy.

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  . She became hornier and wetter while thinking about it.
Very gently she touched his shoulder, waking him up roughly wasnt her style. John moved a little, but didnt wake up. Suddenly Nath got an idea, quickly she rushed a finger thrue her wet cunt. And quickly brushed her wet finger over Johns lips. Yep, something moved there. Nathalie got a bit of a scare and pulled her skirt a bit down again. A somewhat sleepy John turned to Nathalie and opened his eyes. "Heeeee John you sleepyhead. . . . wake up its almost ten o'clock!""hmmm" John grumbled. Nath could see that John was tasting his lips.

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  John tasted something very special, even on an empty stomach it didnt taste bad. . not bad at all. He didnt really gain consciousness yet, but in his subconsciousness he knew what the taste was. His eyes opened up now. John smelled naths lovely scent. "ooaahhhh good morning princes""Hey sweety, slept well?""Ehh ye nath, but you're like me mother waking me this early"In a split second John could see under naths skirt. Did he just really see that?Did he just see Nathalie's pussy?He rubbed his eyes. Nath turned arround. "Well John, I'm gonna clean up a bit, and you go take a shower sleepy""Yes Sergeant" John yawned. Nath gave John a little smile and walked out the door. John jumped out of the bed, just in time to get a glimps of naths hot ass.
He took of his boxers, and his morningerection jumed out to great him. He walked to the bathroom. .

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   Nath was standing in the hallway, and peeked in. . looking directly at Johns hard cock. Suspecting nothing John stept under the shower. After a minute or 2 he was done and got a towel. Nath glanced towards the bathroom, the door was open. She saw that Johns dick had grown to a proper size already. He knew Nathalie could see him. . but he didnt mind. He has had a crush on her ever since he met her.
Nath 'accidently' dropped a book from the shelf. John heard the bang, while he was shaving his morning beard. He saw Nath bend over. Were his eyes fooling him?Instantly it reminded him of the sweet taste on his lips he tasted when he woke up.

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  Finally he got it. Hmm, nath wasnt wearing any panties. . he was looking at nathalies shaved pussy,standing there. . 3 meters behind her.
That means. . . . . . John thought. . .

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  what I tasted just now. . . . that was nathalies wet cunt. A weird intimate feeling ran thrue him. Nath placed the book back on the correct place on the shelf. She continued cleaning her desk, she bent a little while reading her agenda. Mmmm she was such a horny thing, John thought. She looked like a cheap slut, with that naked pussy under that mini skirt. John almost cut himself while shaving, what do you expect. . with Nath walking arround like that.
Hastely he continued shaving his beard. Regularly he would look at Nath, she was reaching for the highest shelf  in the bookcase.

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  Ahhh a nice round ass was sticking out under her skirt. Ohhh this horny thing was doing it on purpose. Johns dick has grown to full size by now. He washed his face and brushed his teeth. A warm feeling impregnated his body, this sexual tention was building up.
John was fresh and clean again,. . . but his cock was begging for some attention. He slowly walked into Naths room. Eagerly and imperturbable she was cleaning, she was about to put a couple of panties in her closet. On the inside of the closet there was a mirror, so nath could see John approached her.
When John entered her room she said, while taking a red string of the pile. . .

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   "hihi John, come checking on me?"Immediately she turned arround. Her eyes wondered of to John big hard cock. . like a magnet she was staring at it. "Oohhh John, is that a coat rack for my bra ?", while pointing at his beast.
John wasnt paying attention to what she said, and looked in her beautiful eyes, a meter in between the two. Nath stept forward. Suddenly John grabbed her at her arm, and pulled her towards him. Immediately putting his hand on her back. For some reason, all this happened in a harmonious way, like it was destiny. They looked into eachothers eyes for a couple of seconds. Then, like lightning John pushed his lips on the moist lips of Nathalie.
She reacted and opened her mouth. Her tongue sought a way thrue his mouth, and both tongues entangled. What was happening here was pure, intense and so natural.

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  The intence deep feelings between a boy and a girl. Her hand felt the naked asscheeks of her friend. And Nathalie's breast pushed against his muscular chest, because she was only wearing a tight top, her hard nipples poked thrue the material.
Then John pushed her on the bed. Without saying a word she lets him. She was stunned, and was following Johns movements with her horny eyes. He slid up her skirt, and Nathalie didnt hesitate to open her legs a little bit. Then he dove with his het between her legs and pressed his mouth on her wet treasure. He smelled the intimate scent of her delicious young hole.
Nath moaned a little while she felt his tongue dart in her pussy. "Ooaaahh John ahhh, I dreamed about this for so long"John looks up for a second. "Ooh yes sweety me too, me too. . . .


  . I want you baby. . . . I want you!!!!"Without wasting a second he dove back and ran his tongue deep thrue her wet slit, the point of his tongue flirting with her clit. She was moaning intensely while undergoing his tonguemassage. . and the juices flowing out of her showed she was enjoying it. She already pulled up her shirt, and was touching her breasts, squeezing the nipples. "Aahhh aahhh John. . iiiII I wanna be your horny slut. . .

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   ahh""Lick me john. . . lick that wet pussy!"
He crawls up with his hands besides her breasts. Nathalie already knew what he wanted, and grabbed his cock and guided it towards her hot slit. She could already feel her juices drip thrue her asscrack, thats how wet and horny she was. Then she feels the head of his cock against her wet pussylips, John looks into naths eyes. Her look says enough. . . . she wants that hard dick inside her body.
Slowly his hard cock sinks inside her horny treasure box. Her mouth opens wide, and a deep moan exits her throat. Their two bodys melting in the hot moment.

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  Every inch of him is inside her, while they're still staring in eachothers eyes. "Ooohh nathalie. . . this is aahhh the best and hottest moment ever. . . mmm"Nath cant talk anymore, her body and mind are glowing of pure lust and desire.
First slowly he pumps in his horny love, her tight pussy molted arround his cock. Its just like its specially made for him, his cock sliding between her warm and wet vagina walls.
"Faster sweety. . . *aahh* harder. .

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  . I want to cum and feel you shoot. . *ahhh ahhhhhhh* your seed *ahhh* inside of me"Was the only thing she could barely get out of her mouth. . . she continued her horny moaning and screaming. John started to fuck her faster, and his balls hit her ass. "Yeaahhhhh I'll pump you full. . horny slut of mine. . . . .

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  . you wet beautiful thing!!!!"Nathalie loved what she just heard. . . turned her on even more. The straightforward words of her lover made her go crazy. . . . . . . . she could feel the orgasm build up inside her. Oohhh she didnt expect this this morning, and now she's already being fucked by this gorgeous guy.

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"Damnn sweety I'm gonna explode inside you. . . . . . . horny slut!!!"John could feel his sperm boiling in his balls, Nath has been turning him on for the last couple of weeks. Nathalie could feel her body tense up while her orgasm started, this was soo intense. . soo deep. "Oooh myyyy godd John. . . .

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  . . . . . . . . . Aahhhhhh shitttttttttttt I'm cumminnggggggg!!!!!!!"Her body gnarled and shaked for a couple of seconds and her eyes were wide open. Her pussy clinched arround John hard cock, this was his sign, shooting the first loads of sperm in her lower body. This feeling plus her own orgasm brought Nathalie to a new level of pleasure, almost making her pass out. Wildly John thrusted his cock in her, he could feel his juices drip inside his lover. "yeeeeahhh, feel my cum inside you. .

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  . . ahhhhhhhhhh"
It was like both orgasms continued forever, time was standing still for the two of them, at least thats how it felt. Nath was trying not to let go of her orgasm, her entire body was shaking and tears shot in her eyes of all the emotion and pleasure. . . . she felt so good!!!!
The last loads of sperm shot in her cunt, and John slowly collapsed on top of her, with her legs wide open and her skirt arround her waist she lay there. . . she could feel her pussy leaking. They looked into eachothers eyes, before kissing eachother passionately.
Suddenly everything became dark. . .

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   while both fell asleep.
After a couple of hours nathalie wakes up, feeling John arm arround her. . She heard something on the stairs. . then the door opend slowly. . . it was Amy standing in the opening.  
For any commentsEmail: nathababe@hotmail. comMail me, add me to msn/yahoomessenger. . if the ratings are good Amy will join the story

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