Just The Two Of Us


"Goodbye! Thanks for taking the kids overnight!" Lucille called after her mother. She giggled as her heart skipped a beat, thinking about the night ahead of her. She slowly closed the door. Her husband, Charlie, walked up to her and looked her deep in her eyes. "Are they gone?" he asked. Lucille nodded her head. Charlie smiled and pressed his lovely wife against the front door and kissed her deeply. She kissed him back as he held her arms up against the door. Then he removed his grasp from her arms and moved his hands over to her soft breasts and massaged them softly. Her nipples became hard, and she moaned, their mouths still touching. He pulled his face away from hers and smiled again. Saying nothing, they moved to the couch, his hands still on her breasts. He sat down on the couch and patted his lap.