My new life with another Katie


I suppose my friend Ted thought he was doing me a favour, he had pestered me for the last two months, come on, lets go out for a drink. In the end I gave in, and promised to go next Saturday.
I am twenty eight years old. And would have been married ten years this year. I loved my wife Katie with all my heart, and she was cruelly took away from me four years ago. Katie had been walking home from work to meet me, when a car mounted the pavement and knocked her down. Katie had suffered brain damage, she stayed in a coma for three days, until finally passing away, I stayed by her bed, holding her hand, telling her all the gossip, so when she woke up she wouldn't have missed anything, I never left her, even when she died I sat there holding her, talking to her, tears rolling down my face, and dripping onto our joined hands.
I met Katie when I was sixteen, and as young as I was, straight away knew that she was the one that I was going to spend the rest of my life with. Katie must have felt the same, because after that, every free minute we had was spent together. Yes we had rows, but it wasn't long before we laughed, kissed and made up, it was funny, we liked the same things, music, food, films and dancing. When we got together sexually it was the first time for both of us, so we taught each other, experimenting touching each other, finding out what each of us liked, Katie's sucking my cock and me licking and tonguing her beautiful pussy, bringing her to an orgasm without entering her. One day she noticed me pulling one of her pussy hairs out of my teeth, so she got my razor and a towel, laid on the bed and told me to shave her pussy, this I did, and she never let hair grow on it again, so of course to be fair I let Katie do the same to me.
Katie was really beautiful with long blonde hair, gorgeous green eyes and a lovely little slightly turned up nose, she could have had any boy she wanted, there was always loads that would have loved to have had a chance. We got married when we where eighteen, I never was a brain box, but I was good with my hands. And with me working as a mechanic at my dads garage and Katie's job as a hairdresser we made enough money to buy a small house.
Children would have come along later, but we had decided to wait, in fact Katie had come off the pill the week before the accident.

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So after Katie had gone my life took a bit step down, I cried every night for two weeks when I got home, every thing I did reminded me of her. It was Ted that kept coming round, making me eat, sitting and listening to me as I talked about Katie. Ted's wife who was also Katie's friend used to come as well, but she was no better than me and we both used to cry.
So as you can imagine I wasn't really looking forwards to going out. Anyway Saturday arrived, I got showered, dressed casual but smart and waited for Ted to pick me up. Eight clock and he was knocking at my door, Pat his wife was in the car, when she saw me she looked and said to Ted he comes up quite nice, I smiled thanked her for the compliment and asked where are we going. Ted then said about this new night club, that had just opened in town, and he thought we should give it a look.
So there we where stood outside a night club queuing to get in, I felt a tap on my shoulder, looking up saw one of the bouncers, it was one of the blokes from the gym, where I go weekly. Come on he said you don't need to stand out here, we walked past the rest of the people straight into the club. Simon explained to the young girl behind the desk that we where his guests. So we never paid, I thanked him saying that I owed him one, he laughed and said its good to see you out, simon took us inside showing us round, introducing us to all the staff. It turned out he was the manager, so we got special treatment.
As we stood at the end of the bar waiting for a drink, the barmaid came across, simon introduced her, mike this is Katie, I looked at this girl, she looked about twenty one, had short mousy coloured hair, blue eyes and was about six inches shorter than me. Katie shook hands with Ted and Pat and when she took hold of mine I swear I got a electric shock, her hand was soft and warm and it felt nice to be holding it, I looked into her eyes saying hello I'm mike nice to meet you, I realised I was still holding her hand and let go like it was hot, I felt the blood rush to my face and apologised, it okay Katie said. And hurried off.

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Simon laughed and said do you always have that effect? Its the first time that I have seen Katie blush. Both Ted and Pat laughed, we got our drinks, found somewhere to sit, so we could watch the dancing. I was still nervous, and I felt guilty, it didn't feel right been here with out my Katie, Pat must have read my mind she leaned across asking are you all right? Yes it just feels strange, she squeezed my hand saying Katie wouldn't want you to be sad, she loved you and she would have wanted you to find some happiness.
Maybe Pat was right, Katie didn't like it when I was unhappy. Ted got us another drink, Pat had volunteered to drive and was only drinking fruit juice, and after a couple more drinks I felt more relaxed.
Pat got hold of Ted and laughing pulled him onto the dance floor, I watched as the pair danced, they made a good couple, its good to see two people that are in love. The way they danced, there was nothing forced, they where both laughing and touching each other, not sexually just a light intimate caress.
I was watching them dance smiling to myself, when a voice asked if they could sit down, looking up it was Katie, of course you can, she sat down next to me, not touching, do you dance? I used too but I have not for four years.
Because of the music every time we talked we had to get close so we could hear each other. Katie asked what I did for a living, mechanic I answered not very glamorous, she laughed and said I don't know you look pretty good on it, for the second time I felt myself blush. I looked into her eyes and said no, if anyone looks good its you. We sat talking, watching Ted and Pat dancing, laughing at some of the moves Ted did, she was so easy to talk to.
When I leaned towards Katie to talk, I could smell her perfume and her hair, it felt natural being with her, it was like we had known each other all of our lives, it turned out that she was twenty six and had only just moved into town, and used to live in a city, but had got fed up with all the hustle and bustle, so moved here where it was nice and quiet.
The music slowed down and the DJ put some slow ones on, Katie got hold of my hand and asked me to dance with her, I led her onto the dance floor and started dancing holding her waist, not pulling her too close, I didn't want seem to foreword, Katie looked up into my eyes, and whispered in my ear, hold me tighter I don't bite, don't be scared, so I pulled her into me, her body seemed to mould into mine, her head was laid on my chest, our bodies moved in a slow sensual dance, we seemed to know what the other one wanted. A couple of times I gently kissed the top of her head, I didn't mean too it just seemed right.

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For the first time in four years I was getting aroused, and I was hoping Katie didn't feel my cock getting hard. Katie looked up into my face, looking me in the eyes said kiss me mike kiss me. Lowering my head I gently brushed her lips, she pushed back, her tongue pushing in between my lips, I opened my mouth and our tongues met, her lips where soft and Katie moaned softly into my mouth as we kissed.
When our lips parted we where both out of breath, I couldn't believe it, we where still moving in time to the music, Katie gasped and said that was good, yes it was, I think we better get a drink, I took her hand and went back to the seat, as we walked back Ted and Pat both looked at me and smiled. Ted said to Katie I don't know what you have done to mike, but that is the first time we have seen him dance or smile for along time.
Ted got us all another drink, I asked Katie, wont your boss mind you spending all this time away from the bar. Katie laughed, no its fine, they can manage without me for a while. She was still holding my hand, as we sat and talked. The DJ announced that the next couple of records would be the last for the night, Katie stood up and pulled me onto the floor, Pat did the same with Ted, but this time there was no awkwardness, and we moulded together like two pieces of a jigsaw our bodies moving as one, I lifted Katie's head up and lowered my lips to hers, placing my hands on her gorgeous arse, pulling her into me, not worried this time if she felt my erection. Katie responded by moaning into my mouth and pushing her hips tighter into me.
As the record finished we parted, she said I could get used to that, I bet that what you say to all the blokes that you dance with, she let go of my hand, looked at me and said, only the ones I like and that was you, and stormed away.
Pat looked at me as I walked back, what on earth did you say to Katie, so I told her, you fool, she really likes you, you really are a fool sometimes. Pat walked away, I felt like a right idiot, what had I done. The only woman in four years that I had connected to and ive blown it.
To be continued.

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Please send me your comments, this is my first attempt at this type of story.
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