My return to college


I had only one serious girlfriend in my short life. Lasted almost three years, then she cheated. . . . and left me for another looser who used to kick her ass every day. But why? I was not the perfect boyfriend, I admit it. But I was always there for her and always cared about her. Whenever she needed me, I was there. I fell on depression and even attempted suicide. For almost two years I was only a shadow of who I was before. I even got kicked out of college for bad grades and skipping classes. My life was crap. But slowly and with the help of my friends I started to get things back on track. I found a part time job at a supermarket and tried college again. .

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  . and it was there that my life changed for the better.
It was the first day of class and I was the typical me. Lonely, just taking a look around and seeing the faces, observing my sorroundings, trying to get familiar with them before I tried to be social. It was time for my first class in almost a year and only three or four people where waiting in the room, the rest where outside. I came in and took a seat, in the back row of the class as usual and as far away from other people as possible. I just wanted to pass the day and maybe next time I would try to talk to somebody. As I looked around at everything and everyone around me, I saw her come in. About 5' 4". maybe a hundred twenty pounds, blonde hair, shoulder lenght, brown eyes and a beutiful smile. She came in looking just like me, lost. She had a tight red top, jeans and a white jacket with pink lines to protect her from the cold. She sat down two rows from me. I was impressed. .

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  . . but I didnt do anything about it. Just another girl, I tried to trick myself into thinking.
First weeks passed. I had a bunch of friends and everything was cool. But I had not talked to her. I could not. For some reason I got incredibly nervous around her. I had met other girls, others that I knew where hotter and I even had their phone numbers and had hanged out with them, but this girl was different. Why I was so afraid of talking to her? One of the guys in the room knew her for some time, since high school. The very few times they talked, I evasdropped a little and I got to know that she had a boyfriend, she had been with him for almost five years, since junior high, and they where planning a wedding. "That does it" I said. "She is taken".
Two more weeks where gone by and it was time for our first test.

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   For the first time since school started I was at the classroom really early hoping to catch in on a little group study. I sat down with some of the guys and gals and started to exchange questions and methods on how to solve the excersises faster and easier, when she came in and sat by me. I had catched her name from the check in paper, her name was Teresa and they called her Teri for short. But as far as I knew, she didnt knew mine. We have never talked or anything. . . . . and then it happened. "Andy, you are doing this wrong?" she said. She knew my name after all!!! "Here, let me help" And with that she grabbed my hand and proceeded to tell me exactly how to draw the line in the graphic. "Thanks" I said and I was treated to the most beutiful smile I had ever seen.
After that, the ice was broken and we spoke to each other regularly. She used to talk a lot about her boyfriend and how they where going to get married and move to Florida and such.

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   It hurt, but I was her friend and always wished her the best and gave her the most honest advice I could. I started  coming earlier to class and as soon as she noticed it, she started to come early too. But one day something was wrong.
She spent a whole week without coming to class. I got her phone number and called several times, but no answer. Then she started coming back to class, but late. Never spoke a word to me again. She was always with watery eyes, usually just lowered her head and slept trough class. She was not mad at me, she usually looked my way and gave me a "pretend I am happy" smile, but outside of a "hi", she never spoke another word to me or anyone else. I tried to get myself on situations where I could ask her what was wrong, but I never could. She always found ways to duck me.
One day I could not sleep. I felt something was really wrong with someone, but I did not knew who. I just could not sleep, so I got up, took a bath, changed my clothes, had a quick breakfast and took off for college almost two hours early. I arrived exactly 6:30 in the morning, a full hour before class started.

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   I walked up the stairs and found the classroom door half open, just like the janitors leave it after cleaning. The lights where off, but the windows where open and the air conditioner was on. I figured it had been the janitors, so I opened the door and turned the lights on.
Sitting in the corner of the room was none other than Teri. She was crying. As soon as the lights went on she lowered her head and pretended to be sleeping, but it was too late, I had seen her alredy. I walked in and took a seat next to her. For a minute or so I pretended to have bought her "I am sleeping" attitude and just sat there looking at her. But I could not take it anymore. I put my right hand in the back of her head and gently caressed her hair. "Are you going to tell me what's wrong? Or will you pretend to sleep until class starts so you can duck me yet again?" I said in a serious, but understanding tone. "I am sorry" she said, "but I had not been the same for a while". "I know" I replied, "and I want to know why?".
The story she told almost made me cry. After four years and ten months, with wedding plans alredy done and even a date set, the guy just told her he could not be with her anymore and without any explanation dumped her.

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   Then he showed up with another woman at the bakery she works at to rub it in. She had been depressed, taking pills and crying trough the day and the night. But that was not the worse part, she had tried suicide by cutting her wrists. That's why she took a week off to heal and try to mask the scars in her left hand.
She had watery eyes and I knew she wanted to cry again, so I gently lifted her up from the chair and hugged her as she cried a bit. "I suppose you think I am nuts" she said. "No I dont. I went trough the same things that you did" and as she pulled away from me in surprise, I showed her my left hand, which was also scarred from a suicide attempt. She just hugged me again and we both cried a bit. Before long, we dried our faces and went down to the vending machines for a drink. Class was half an hour away and some of the other students where alredy coming in, we didnt want nobody catching us crying and asking questions. As we walked down the stairs we kept looking at each other and after picking our drinks and heading back up to class, I felt that we knew each other. From then on, our friendship grew. We both got early to class every day, she called me twice daily and we had lunch together. We studied together for tests and she even went to buy her groceries at the supermarket I worked at, just so she could see me I suppose.

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   I also started going to the bakery she worked at to eat sandwiches(which I could make at home) and buy cakes. She usually gave me one or two more than I ordered behind the managers back, just because. But perhaps I failed to make a move when I had the chance and one day she came in early as always and narrated me a story about a guy she met and how nice he was and this and that. I felt like my world was falling. But once again I sucked it in and gave her advice and pretended to be happy for her, when in reality I was sad that the guy was not me.
For weeks I was very quiet. I just sat down I wrote. I was very good at romantic poetry when I was hurt and this was one of those times. Even when she was there I wrote. Her phone calls went from twice a day to just once. She didnt went to the supermarket with as much frequency and I even stopped going to the bakery, telling her that I was on a diet. One morning she came in as I was writing with a piece of cheesecake in her hand. She gave me a peck in the cheek and put the cake near me. "See? Your favorite. Since you dont go to the bakery anymore, the bakery comes to you".

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   "Thanks", I said, glad that she remembered. She took a look at the notebook where I was writing. "That's really beutiful. . . . can I read it?. . . . "Sure" I said, wondering what would be her reaction. I had over 15 of them on that notebook. All of them identified with the exact date and time I wrote them. "This is so beutiful. .

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  . . if a man ever wrote one of this for me I would not know what to do. . . I think I would melt. " she said with a smile. "Then start melting" I replied in the best wisecrack manner I could. "What do you mean?" she said a little startled. "They are all for you and about you. Look at the dates and times, all are days in which I had seen you, an hour or so after I had seen you". She ran trough the dates. "This is about the day in the bakery in which I told you about Mike right? and this one is about the day I came to class with my new hair style. You did notice!!! You didnt tell me anything about it and I tought you didnt like it. Why? Why you didnt tell me anything about this?" she said, perhaps a little hurt.

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   "Because I am an idiot. Because I was too afraid to tell you my feelings. And then this Mike dude shows up. . . . " "Oh forget about him! I just needed to go out and dance and have some fun to cure my wounds. He was nothing special, not as special as you at least. Since that day where we cried together, I felt you and I should be together. But you never made a move and I felt you just wanted to be friends. This makes me so happy" she said. With that she got up with brights eyes and a brighter smile and came next to me. "Do you know how to make me happier?" she said with a devilish smile. I knew she wanted a kiss, but I have always been a joker. "Giving you a piece of my cheesecake?" I said as she began to laugh.


   "You silly. . . just shut up and kiss me" she said and with that our lips met. It was perhaps the most wonderful moment in my life. I felt our body heat growing as she moved her hands up and down around my back and neck, while I grabbed her tighly by the waist and slowly pressed her towards my body. It lasted about a minute, but it felt like an hour. Then some of the students came in and spotted us and started to make fun of us, which embarrased us and she got all red in the face.
I dont remember what happened at that class. We just sat next to each other, looking and smiling all the time. Then we spent the whole day together. We just skipped classes and sat under a tree, kissing, talking, reading my poetry and explaining her what things happened that day that inspired me. . . all the works.

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   Days passed and we did the impossible to be around each other as much as we could.
One day we both arrived really early and where the only two people in the whole building. That lead to an intensive kissing session. As we felt our body heat growing, I accidentaly slipped my hand a little upwards and came into contact with her B cup breasts. She kinda pulled away from me as I apologised. Ackward silence followed. She sat down. Then she got up once again. "Sorry, I kinda got scared at that type of contact. . . it has been a while you know. But I think it is time. I feel the need. .

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  . to touch you. To feel you, to feel you all over me. I know this is not the right place and we have a test to take, but please, dont stop" she said. With that we kissed again as I caressed her breasts. She grabbed my cock and proceeed to caress it. I pulled her top up and her bra down, exposing her breasts with her pink, hard erect nipples. I proceeded to suck on them while massaging her breasts and she let out a whine of pleasure. She grabbed my hair and slowly licked my earlube and kissed my neck. She unbuttoned my shirt and slowly kissed my chest. "I know we cant go all the way, but I want to do something. " With that she pushed me down and unzipped my pants, exposing my erect penis. It was 6 inches long, not too big, but it's the writer, not the pen as they say. She gave me a blowjob while stroking it with her hands.   I was in heaven.

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   I came like I had never came before and she took it all in her mouth. She slowly got up and walked to the trash can, spitting it there. "Sorry, I cant swallow so much" she said. "It's ok, I dont mind". With that she returned to my penis, kissing it gently and licking any left overs off. "I am still so hot" she said "but class is starting soon, we better get fixed up. " she said. I agreed. "I know you didnt got to see me, so I am giving you a glimpse" with that she unbuttoned her pants and unzipped them, pull them down to her knees revealing a pink thong. She then lowered it, reavealing a nice, clean shaven pink pussy. She put it on my face and I kissed and licked it. She moved up and down, putting her labia up to my nose and then pulled back. "That should keep you warmed up until class is over" she said with a devilish smile and put her pants back on. Shit, I could not thik about anything else all class.
As soon as class was over, we took a ride in her car to the most desolated spot in campus, under the shadow of the tree’s in a far corner of the school.

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   It was common for horny couples to hit that spot and even school security knew about it, but they didn’t care. As the car moved, I started to touch her crotch and make her moisty. No words where exchanged, we just looked at each other and knew what we wanted. As she parked the car, I unzipped my pants and took them off, followed by my underwear and unbuttoned my shirt. She took her pants off and jumped on me. She was consumed by lost and I could feel her wet lips and her tongue all over my mouth and my face. Slowly I took her top off and then her bra and she went crazy as soon as I started massaging her breasts. I started to slid one finger under her panties and moving it all over her labia and clitoris. She was soaking wet and I was incredibly hard. Her moans in my ear where too much to resist. I removed her panties as she pushed the car seat back. We turned around so that she was under me and I started to eat her out. As I did this I noticed that she was pinching her nipples and moaning really hard, then she pulled my hair and let out an “OH MY GOD!” while making the horniest face I had ever seen. “I cant take it anymore, I need it…I need it now!” she said and not wanting to make her wait, I gave it to her. I started to move back and forth and she followed suit, not missing a beat.

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   With one huge moan of pleasure and a handful of my hair, she came really hard. I could feel her juices all over my penis and even under me in the seat. She pulled herself up and gave me one of the wildest, tongue full kisses I have ever gotten. Her eyes where shiny and watery and very arousing. I turned her around and put her on all fours, getting the first really good look at her buns. They where significantly more pale than the rest of her body, but they where round and hard. As I moved my cock slowly in and out of her pussy, I proceeded to pinch her buns a little and then spank them. Oh she went crazy for that. For every spank, she responded with a moan of pleasure and that really got me going. I started to spank her and fuck her faster and faster until she could barely breathe between moans. I could not hold it anymore, so I pulled out and showered her ass with cum. “Oh it’s so warm, I have never felt cum so close to my asshole before” she said. With that she pulled the car seat back to a sitting position and started to ride me. Both of us, embraced, with each other’s hot breath close to our necks, with her soft moans in my ear, with her hard nipples piercing my chest and her hard buns, still sticky with my cum, smacking themselves in my legs as she moved up and down. It was one of the most surreal moments I have lived.

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   It seems like time was still, soft, wet kisses where exchanged, our bodies together, breathing the same air, feeling the same vibe. I had never felt anything like this with my ex. She was the real deal. She started jumping harder and harder, so much so that it even hurt my cock a little, but I could not stop her, not did I wanted too. In simultaneous fashion we both came, letting out a huge moan of pleasure.
I pulled the car seat back and she just laid on top of me. Both breathless, with sweat and our juices all over us. Both of us laid there for a long time, just looking at us, catching our breaths, feeling our love.
And that’s the story of how I met the love of my life. But I have plenty of other stories to tell and believe me, you will like them as much if not better than.

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