It all started as an innocent pact amongst children that developed into much more. My name is Josh and I am now 27 years old and happily married to my life-long best-friend Katriana, Kat for short.
It was a painfully hot summer day when Kat and I were playing outside. School had just been out two days and we were enjoying our freedom. We were now 13 years old, both of us have June birthdays, and lived fairly close to each other, about 5 minutes apart. As on most hot days we took my motorized scooter to this field with a solitary tree that generated a perfect breeze on the middle branches. We were both playing around when Kat started giggling…
“Nothing, I just remembered Ms. Turner’s class, you know the one over the past couple weeks,” she said laughing. Ms. Turner was the assigned Sexual Education teacher for our school and of course whats worse than a bunch of kids learning about sex? At this point we both burst out laughing, and then she became very serious (over-dramatic like kids do). “I heard that sex can kill you” she said seriously.
“Haha who cares it sounds disgusting” I casually said.
“Don’t you ever wanna try it?” she quickly retorted.
“Err…I guess one day in the future,” I replied skeptically.
“I say we make a vow to each other that we will only have sex with each other,” she said getting very close to me.

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  . o-ok,” I stuttered not quite sure what sex even was. And from that the entire story began. We both finished high-school and even got through University. Kat and I lost connection after high-school until one day 7 years, almost to the day, after the day that pact was made. It was a gorgeous sunny day and I had just finished fully moving home from University.
“Knock, knock!” said a voice that sounded oddly familiar. As I turned I had lost all words. There was Kat standing there as gorgeous as ever. She had barely grown in 3 years time, but had certainly fully developed. At 5”6 she was a drop-dead knock-out with C-cup breasts and a thin body, no more than 105 lbs.
“K-kat?” I said finally.
“No, actually you’re looking at the new Accountant at Baggee Accounting!”
“Shit! Congratulations,” I said making my way over to her to give me a hug.
“And I heard that I’m not the only one with good news! Congratulations on your acceptance (she was referring to my recent acceptance into Medical School)!”she said returning the hug. I was dumb-found at the moment, I couldn’t believe that she was in front of me.

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   After high school we mainly lost connection because of my school, I wanted to finish early so I enrolled in the 12 month program each year, leaving me with 3 years of no social life. “So what are you doing for the rest of the summer?” she asked happily.
“Nothing to be honest, just relaxing before I go back to school,” I said half-mindedly. As you have probably noticed, I am still in total shock.
“Great! That means we can catch up. You’re mom invited me for dinner, haha like old times! I’ll see you later I just need to go take care of some stuff first. ”
“O-ok, I’ll see you then. ” I replied.
“Ok, bu-bye,” she said smiling cheerfully. With that she turned and left, leaving me in shock still.
After that I slept and lounged for a few hours until dinner-time.
“Wake-up sleepy head!” I heard as I woke up to Kat poking my nose.
“Hey,” I replied drowsily through a yawn and a stretch.
“Morning sunshine,” she mocked back. “Cummon get up, your mom said dinners’ ready.

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“What-oh, how long have you been here?” I asked.
“Hmmm about 20 minutes” she said with a look of deep thought on her face.
“Why didn’t you guys wake me up earlier!?”
“We wanted to let you sleep, plus you just looked so cute” she said poking my nose.
“Hardy-Har-Har” I replied sarcastically. With that I got up and left to get ready. I threw on a shirt and changed my pants, at 5”11 I wasn’t the tallest guy, but I liked my highed. I am well built from years of football, but not overly muscley. I have brown hair and brown eyes to match and I’m fairly good looking. I came back downstairs to see everyone set around the table. Dinner went well, just small talk, mainly about between my mom and Kat, she always loved Kat, not having any daughters herself, and always hassled me about why we never got together. After dinner Kat suggested that we go take a walk, how could I refuse?
“So I’m glad school went well for you. ” She started.
“Thanks, I’m really happy that you’re doing so great too. ” I replied half-heartedly, not that I wasn’t, I just felt like I should have said something else. “So are you staying around for the summer or going somewhere?”
“Well I’m going to stick around, the company is giving me a few months of summer before I start work, some new employee benefit or something.

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“Haha, not bad, already benefits and you haven’t started working. ”
“Ya it’s a good job, a lot of financial security for my future. So what happened, I mean you just stopped responding to my mail and stuff?” She shot out quickly. I knew this was coming, but nevertheless, it still cut through me like a knife. I couldn’t bare it, knowing I had hurt her.
“I-I-I just don’t know I was busy, I was under a lot of pressure, school just got to me. ”
“Ya well I had school too, but I still found time to write an email” she said angrily.
“I-I…” and with that I broke down. I just couldn’t bare knowing that she was mad at me. We continued walking in silence for what seemed like ages until I realized where we were, under the tree, our tree. “I’m sorry Kat,” I said, not able to will myself to look her in the eyes. “I really am, everything just got too hectic and I just had to cut my social life out of my life for a bit, at first it was temporary, but then it seemed the only way I could cope with the work-load. I jus…”
“It’s ok, I forgave you a long time ago, its nice to see you’re ok now though. ” She said rather sternly. Although I was a little rattled, I was still able to come up with something.

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“Look just meet me back here tonight, under our tree and I’ll make it up to you, oh and don’t eat anything for lunch or dinner,” I said with a wink. After that she laughed and agreed and we walked home in almost complete silence, her head on my shoulder and my arm around her.
The next day rolled around and I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me. I planned on making a huge meal for us to sit and eat and catch up, most importantly. After spending all morning at the grocery store and all afternoon in the kitchen, I had managed to pull out a feast fit for a king. Having a small passion for cooking, it wasn’t too hard. I started to pack my car, although the walk was only 15 minutes from my house, there was too much to carry. I brought blankets, some candles I bought earlier, the food, a lighter and a dress-casual outfit. After I changed I drove over, to the tree to prepare. Sunset would happen in about 1 hour and Kat was expected in under 10 minutes. I got everything ready and laid out and all I had to do was wait. About 5 minutes of waiting I saw her in the distance, a vision of beauty. She was wearing a flowy white summer dress and matching ballerina shoes with her brown hair down around her shoulders. A vision of beauty.
“Wow! Are we supposed to eat all that?” she exclaimed.


“Haha I hope you’re hungry. ” I said giving her a hug. For the next 4 hours we sat and talked about everything. We stopped to watch the sun set, but the candles I bought provided a ton of light so that we could continue eating and talking with light. She told me all about school and I told her all about my school, I must say Biology and Accounting aren’t exactly the most fascinating subjects, but we more focused on the fun parts of university. Eventually we were both stuffed and content and we sat back beside each other.
“So any girlfriends?” she asked chuckling.
“Hmmm, yes I had one with my professor when I needed to suck up to her for a grade in stats” I said laughing as I turned to her. Just as I had, turned she planted a huge kiss on me that knocked my backwards onto the blanket.
“I stayed true to our pact. ” She said.
“What pact?” I asked confused.
“Haha, remember the one we made under this tree that one day in the summer to only have sex with each other. ” She said seriously.
“Oh I remember now haha, oh man we were just kids then,” I said a little foggy but remembering the day.

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“Did you?” she asked giving me those cute puppy dog eyes.
“Oh no, I broke it, you know I found so much time for sex inbetween tests and labs” I said sarcastically. With that she kissed me again and got up.
“Cummon” she said suddenly.
“Cummon where?” I asked.
“We’re going to my house, my parents are gone for the whole month. She didn’t need to say any more words. Within one minute I was packed up and ready to go in my car. On the way there she kept kissing my neck and cheek, making it almost impossible for me to concentrate on the road.
We finally got to her house and by the time we were upstairs I was down to just my underwear, pants and socks. Alex only had on a very sexy purple lace thong. We got into her room and plumped down on the bed, kissing every part of each other’s body that we could. I reached down to slowly pull down her thong as she undid my pants and pulled my underwear and socks off. There we were, butt-naked in a room I had spent so much of my child-hood in. She suddenly stopped, looked up at me and said.

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   “I love you Josh. ”
“I looked back into her beautiful blue eyes and said “I love you too Kat” With that, no words needed to be said. She quickly reached down for my cock starting to stroke it until it gorged to its full 9 inches. I started playing with her vagina, making it wet, getting ready for what was to come.
“Fuck me” she said, “Fuck me now. ” I thrusted my manhood deep into her giving her a moan of satisfaction. I was surprised at how tight it was, but also how good it felt. I kept going over and over. Thrusting in and out of her as I sunk and rose again. Every time pulling my dick out until the head was just about exposed and then thrusting it back in. I soon could feel that I was getting close to cumming and by her quickened breath I could tell she was too. I let one final thrust deep within her filling her with my full 9 inches and I came right there just as she let out a loud moan as she orgasmed simultaneously. I sunk down beside her and held her in my arms, exhausted.
I awoke the next morning feeling extraordinarily happy and vibrant. I slowly got up so that she wouldn’t wake up and went down to make breakfast.

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   I came back up with a full breakfast for two with eggs, bacon, sausage, french toast and orange juice. I poked her on the nose and said “Morning sleep-head,” returning the favor.
She smiled and replied “Mmm morning handsome”
“I made breakfast”
“You’re amazing, you know that?”
“Well some would call me perfect, but I guess amazing will do” I replied laughing.
With that our amazing summer started. In September I went back to school and she went to work, but we worked out a way to live together. Since the school and her office were about an hour apart, we found a nice condo in the middle that we could live in. Although we only saw each other 3 or 4 times a week, it was more than enough to make us both happy. Plus there was always my winter break and her Christmas holiday to look forward to.
Tell me if u liked it and want a sequel.