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   then awoke to find out it wasn't a dream her sexy husband was down between her thick thighs sucking on her now quivering clit  . as she started to realize what was going on her blood was boiling with excitement. she never felt so turned on and hot. . he was swirling and flicking his tongue across her clit til she tighten up and exploded like a grenade into his mouth were her suck down every drop of her sweet cum. Out of nowhere she snatches him up and throws him down onto the bed like a rage doll. then took a hold of his fully erect hard fat cock an  begun so wrap hep voluptuous lips around his swellon  head. . while rubbing his full balls with her hands. . now she taken all of his cock into her throat so she can lick his balls to give him what he loves. she starts to move up and down milking his cock like a piston swallowing every inch he moans in pleasure. finally it gets to her she has to have him. . she climbs on to him and mounts his throbbing member like a horse.

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  . taken her time wrapping her silky soaking hole around his cock as it streachs her out wit its thickness. til she gets use to its fullness and starts to ride it faster and harder like a wild woman. clawing at his chest and demand him to thrust back into her tight black pussy. so he does as told and she feels it coming she tightens up as her cum gushes out onto his awaiting nuts. collapsing onto his hairy chest and kissing his soft lips passionately. . he turns her over on to her. . HIS TURN!he puts the fat head at her soaking wet hole and slides it in til he bottoms out. . he grabs her ankle and puts them up holding them like bicycle handle and builds his pace up. . he thrust in to her like he wishes to break her in half. .

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  he gets more aggresive and she can feel him in her belly. . she goes over the edge to climax as his balls continue to beat her clit up. . then she dosnt feel him no more and looks up to see him cummin all over her face and body it sprays out like a water hose to drench her. but she dosnt mind she starts to lick it all up and clean him up to. . she dosnt miss a drop. . she lays down beside him and lays on his chest to cuddle. . she falling back to sleep again but this time she satisfied and comforted by her husbands presents. . . the end!!!    PLZ TELL ME WAT U THINK.

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