The Fairy Tale Path


Melinda was a single mum whose life had been average — at least, as she defined <i>average</i> — until she met her new partner, Shane. Everyone around her had typical relationships where the man does his thing, the woman does hers, and the only interaction is part of daily routine. Shane brought a passion and excitement to her life; he wanted to share in every part of her life. She had never had a lover so intense.
Shane was an intellectual who had a high-pressure job with a lot of responsibility, who had just left his children and average relationship behind — for what he hoped was his soul mate. Melinda gave him a great deal of affection and intelligent conversation, had a classy confidence, and wanted him to be involved in every part of her life.
After a hot day of sitting in front of the rotating fan, at least four showers, a lot of bare shiny skin, and the twelfth ice block of the day; Shane suggested that they go to the beach at Secret Spot. She didn’t have a clue what he was talking about, so he explained it was a place he and his surfing mates used to go to and have the whole section of the beach to themselves. A little excited — and a bit uneasy about going to some foreign place — but totally trusting of her love, she agreed to go.
On the drive there, they had all the windows down, and both had their arms hanging outside the car, as if to catch every bit of the cooler afternoon breeze. They pulled off the side of the road, and when Melinda looked out, it appeared to be just a huge amount of mangrove-like trees, with a small sand clearing close by. They locked the car and walked to the clearing, feeling the sand under their feet. Shane picked up a stick, telling Melinda it was for spider webs, and then they walked into the trees on a small path, arched over by branches just above their head.
She realised how secret this place really must be, if he anticipated having to clear away spider webs, and felt a sense of comfort from his going first to clear the webs in a protective way. She smiled slightly, though her inner smile was much wider, seeing him walking, his butt muscles going up and down with each step, and his toned back showing different muscles with each movement of the stick. She also had never been with a man taller than her, and she realised how big he was when he had to stoop slightly, while she was walking upright with still a bit of clearance from the trees.

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   This path she was on seemed like a fairy tale to her — with sunlight filtering through the arched branches, and no end in sight — and that made the journey even more exciting.
She followed her man, and knowing he wouldn’t turn around, squeezed her breast, which sent a slight tingle through her pussy. Her breath was taken away when the small path opened up on top of a dune overlooking the beach, which stretched from right to left as far as she could see.   The water beyond the sand stretched right out to the horizon, where the curve of the earth took over.   It all made the world seem so big.
He reached out his hand, looking into her loving eyes that made him feel like the most important man on earth, as she placed her hand in his. He led her down the steep bank of the dune, which was now casting shadows with curves much like his woman’s. He loved this place just like he loved summer; it reminded him of his youth, and made him feel alive — free of all worldly cares.
As they reached the shore, he stopped, turned, and looked deep in her chocolate-brown eyes.   He knew that his light blue eyes would be glowing, like they always did when he was happy, and he stared for a second, planting that image in his brain for a later date.   Then he kissed her, feeling her smooth cheek in his hand. He gave her a couple of kisses on the neck, before dropping to his knees to unwrap the white sarong that covered her hips and the bottom of her chocolate-brown string bikini. He was tempted to remove the bikini as well, but instead just gave a quick squeeze of her bum, a rub of his fingers across her pussy, and a cheeky smile. With more strength than he would usually have, he lifted her in his arms and ran into the water.
She gave a scream as he fell into a deep spot, and she felt the cool water cover her body.

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   As she found her feet, she ran her hands through her hair and gave a flirtatious smile, because she knew she looked hot — and she felt hot too. She soon discovered that her feeling was right, because as she wrapped her legs around his body, she could feel his hard dick pressing against her, and she could see he was looking at her erect nipples.
She had never exposed her breasts much in front of someone with the light on, or during the day before — let alone out in the open — but she didn’t care, it felt too damn good. She moved the wet material to the side, and felt a nice sensation in her pussy, as she felt the slight sea breeze caress her nipple.   She then pulled his head down to suck the firm bud. She didn’t know exactly why – maybe something maternal - but she loved a man sucking her nipple.
The taste of salt on her nipple was absolutely exquisite, and he couldn’t wait to get her back to the beach, to expose her, and himself, to the surrounding world. Lifting her as he exited the water, he kissed her all the way to the bottom of the dunes.   There he laid her on the sand and leaned over her, undoing both strings on her bikini top and hurling it away, not knowing if he would be able to find it afterwards.
He cupped her full breasts for just a few seconds, and gave her nipple another suck, before letting them spill over her side — though they still sat perky on her chest. Working down, kissing over her flat stomach, he undid both strings on the side of her bikini bottom.   When he reached her perfectly trimmed pubic hair, and clean-shaven pussy lips, he engulfed her.
As she held his head tight it felt like her heart was going to explode or she would pass out from the intense feelings he was giving her. She had never felt so wet, nor ever had her breath so taken away.   She watched him move, as if in slow motion.

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    He raised his head, then his body, and pulled his shorts down.   The scene still moving in slow motion, she watched his cock get closer, and closer, until it was dangling in front of her.
She sucked on it with more suction that she knew she had, and swallowed it deeper than she knew she could — she could not get enough of it. She released him, and licked his balls while she stroked him with her hand.   All the while, she could hear her own moans, and then she heard her own voice say, <i>Fuck me</i>, her mouth working way ahead of her brain. All her breath left her body in one sharp gasp, as he turned her over and slid his cock deep inside her, his balls pressing against her clit.
He looked down, admiring her toned ass and her tits spilling out the side as she squashed them into the sand.   The sight of her body, and the feeling of her wrapped around him, so hot and wet, drove him to thrust inside her with all the strength and speed he could muster.   He pounded his cock into her over and over again, their flesh coming together in loud slaps.   Her juices flowed over him in a thick sheen of wetness, and continued down her legs.   Her body quaked beneath him, and she screamed in pleasure as the throes of orgasm overcame her.
The tight squeeze brought him to the edge as well, and he pulled from her to cum so powerfully that he could feel his throat vibrating from the strength of the roaring groan that burst from him.   The first squirt shot up over her head, while the rest landed all over her back and ass.
She reached around to feel his warm cum and play with it while he stood, and then she suddenly needed to get up and latch on to him.   She kissed him so deep; they were sharing the same breath.

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   Her legs slowly made their way to the sand again, and they stood arm in arm, soaking up their surroundings:  the water, the trees, each other naked, the sand — and a shadow in the dunes that looked like someone sneaking away from the scene.
They both noticed the retreating shadow, but at the moment neither of them cared in the slightest.   They were too busy enjoying the after-glow they had given each other. They collected their things and held hands all the way home.   Neither of them could wipe the smiles off their faces for days, secretly wanting to tell the world. .