The Park

Sex In Public

it was about 3 years ago. . i was cheating on carolyn. . she was my girlfriend. . i was fucking a new chick on the side. after 6 years of dating carolyn i decided to dump her. . . but for once more i needed her. we were holding hands and talking in the park. . kissing in between cigarettes. as we walked,i felt my cock getting harder and harder. she said you if want to leave me i'm going to show you what you will miss.

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   carolyn was a pale hot redhead. we came to the edge of the park. we started kissing. . she pulled her pink blouse down. . i could remember how hard her liitle pink nipples were. i slowly twisted them in my fingers. it got really hot. . we could see other people watching us as we got naked and started to fuck. . i fucked carolyn so hard that night. . .

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  never saw her again but she's kept my cock rock hard for 3 years now.