Warm night to remember in NYC

Sex In Public

First let me tell you that I was about 25 years old when this happened.   I have blond hair and bright blue eyes.   I was 5'10" tall and 175 lbs. I had never cheated on my wife and wasn’t looking to when this incident happened.
This happened in 1975.   It was near the end of my first marriage and I was in New York City for my annual meeting.   I left my wife at home in Boston with my two kids.    We were on a very tight budget and I couldn’t afford a hotel room in Manhattan so I was walking the street the night before our meeting.
I ended up near the end of Central Park just off of Broadway.   I went into the park and it was a warm August evening about 10 or 11 pm.   I didn’t want to go deep into the park because I was always hearing stories how people go into the park and get beat up and robbed.
As I was walking on the edge of the park I notice this lovely African American woman about my age maybe a little older walking her dog.
I made an effort to go past her, I don’t know why but she fascinated me.   She had a lovely light yellow dress on and she looked very very good.
As I came close to her she walked right up to me and told me see needed some special attention.   Without saying another word she reached down and opened my pants.

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    Although it was dark out there were many lights and many people walking the path near the street.  
She sat me down on a bench and lifted her sundress. She didn’t have anything on under her dress and without any hesitation slide my 7" long 4" circumference cock into her tight sweet pussy.
Unfortunately I didn’t last long inside her and after about 3 or 4 minutes of her riding up and down on my cock telling me how good it felt in here. I filled her pussy with my hot long shots of cum.
She then climbed off of me and got on her knees and started to suck my cock to see if she could get it hard again.   That is when I realized we were not alone.   There were many people that were walking all around our position.   No one had stopped but I am sure someone must have seen.
She stopped got up called the dog back and waved good bye to me.   I asked if I could go home with here and show here I could be much better with her if I had the full night to please her.
She told me she had to get home and that her husband wouldn’t approve of me coming home.   She waved and I just smiled.    I never found out her name but I never forgot her.

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