A Different Dimension of Sex Chapter 4

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This is a work of fiction. Any relationship to actual persons,zombies, apparitions and hallucinations is purely coincidental.

Back at Stillwagon High School, teacher Rin Yamano was beingbombarded by requests to fuck her in her first period beginningJapanese class. "Mata ka (this shit again?)," she muttered underbreath. "Okay, we decide Japanese way," she said in broken Englishbecause she was a little flustered. "we play jankenpon (rock, paper,scissors) and winner get to have a sex (which she pronounced,'sekkusu') with me at lunch," she ruled. She paired off all the boysinto quick single elimination bouts. Ten minutes later, the victorwas Jacob Winters. She congratulated Jacob in Japanese. "You arevery cute boy, so I think I can enjoy a lot," she giggled. "I know Iwill Miss Yamano. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu. " "Kochira koso yoroshikuonegai shimasu (no, it is me who seeks your goodwill)," sheretorted.

Jacob's cock was stone watching the lovely Ms. Yamano in a yellowone piece dress that looked like it had been painted on, it was sotightly conforming to her body (5'4" and 107 pounds) and he wentinto the bathroom after class was over to rub one out and relievethe pressure on his nuts.

It wasn't like none of the students had fucked Rin before, but henever had and had masturbated thinking of her a lot before going tosleep at night.

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   He was a real smart guy, but short at 5'6" withproportionate weight and blond hair, so he was encouraged that shesaid he was cute. He hurriedly walked to her classroom after fourthperiod and she gave him a sweet, girlish wave. "Hi Jacob-kun!" "HiMiss Yamano. He walked up and put his arms around her. She giggledand then parted her lips as he went to kiss her. "God, she smellsamazing," he burbled to himself and he was instantly hard, hisinstantaneously engorged penis pressing into her groin as he tastedher soft, wet mouth. He reached around and unzipped her dress, whichshe then hoisted above her head and off her body, revealing a whitelacy bra, but no panties, to his astonishment. "I guess she didn'twant any panty lines," he estimated. She reached back and unhookedthe brassiere, her slightly pendulous conical breasts bouncing outof it.

He resumed kissing her while feeling her tits up and then took along look at her exquisite face with those striking almond shapeddark brown eyes. "You're beautiful, sensei," he complimented. "Thankyou Jacob. There isn't much time, so maybe you take off yourclothes?" "Huh? Oh yeah," he agreed, his brain function obviouslyhindered by the sight of her exotic face and outstanding body. Hequickly unbuttoned his shirt and unbuckled his belt before undoingthe clasp on his pants and leaving the lot on a near by desk.

She sat in one of the chair/desk combinations facing the chalkboardand spread her legs.

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   He dropped to his hands and knees as she slidher hips forward while slinking down in her seat. He sniffed thevery faint musky scent emanating from her hairy cunt, his tonguethen lapping up and down her slit.   "Oh my God, her juices are sotasty," he thought to himself. He grabbed her ass to balance himselfwhile leaning forward into her and proceeded to flick her miniaturelove stick with the tip of his tongue. She stroked the top of hishead as he did this. She liked the feel of his short blonde hair onher gracefully thin fingers while the strikes of his tongue began tocreate electrical charges inside her. "Oh yes Jacob-kun, pleasesuck," she pleaded. He fastened his mouth around her clit andapplied suction to it. " "Oh yes, kimochi ii (it feels so good)!" sheblurted while he continued to gorge on her delicious twat. Littlesoupy opaque droplets leaked out of her pussy, the overflow of herlubrication. "Ahhhhhh, ii (so good)!" she instinctively whimpered ashe propelled her desire upward and onward.

The problem, though, was that the linoleum floor was hard on hisknee caps. "Sorry sensei, but my knees hurt," he informed her. "Itis okay, Jacob-kun. " She extracted herself from the seat and turnedit around so that she could lean her hands on the chair back andpresent her pussy to him.

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   He positioned himself right behind her,groped the entrance to her hot box and then leaned his hips forward,impaling her on his five inch cock. "Oh fuckkk, he shuddered as hefelt his flesh drill bore into her. He commenced thrusting it intoher and he made sure to get a good look at the spotlessyellowish-white skin of her back and ass as her breasts dangled andswayed while he enthusiastically shanked her pink folds with hisstiff tool. "Oh shit sensei, your pussy feels incredible!" herasped, their moans bounding off the windows and hard walls of theclassroom. "You feel very nice, Jacob-kun," she panted as hisinvasion of her interior went on and on. "Jacob-kun, kimochi ii yo!"she whined, her breaths short, sharp, shallow and hot, his fingersclutching her hips tightly while his unit slid between her sugarwalls. She suddenly began panting rapidly and her moans were morelike whimpers now. "Oh! Oh! ii! ahhhh! kimochi ii!! Ikisou (I'mgoing to cum)!" she cried in a submissive tone of voice. He justabout growled as he tried to move her into paradise as fast as hecould, which resulted in her soon going over the proverbial fallsand he was right behind her, powering several big globs of his spermagainst her cervix. She rested her head on the desk as she leanedover the chair to recover while he dropped himself into an adjoiningseat. When she finally stood up, he saw cum run out of her slit anddown her left leg.

Their eyes met and he thanked her. She caressed his cheek andsmiled. "You are one of my best students Jacob-kun, so I was glad todo this for you. Now we must get dressed," she said.

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   She walked overto her desk, where her purse was, pulled out some tissues and wipedhis cum off of her legs and pussy. . "How come you aren't wearingpanties, Miss Yamano?" "Because it is dangerous to wear such shortskirt and show my butt a little bit," she giggled. "Ah, she has alittle exhibitionist in her," he analyzed silently.

After school, she was in the backseat of a car belonging to seniorSteve Dodson, straddling him with her pussy riding his 8 inchextended pole. He had won that privilege during her second period inanother jankenpon tournament after those students had heard whatoccurred during her earlier lecture. He fired his cum torpedoes upinto her midships and then they made out a bit before she got outand went home.

This actually continued for a while. The first and second periodclasses decided who would fuck her that week and then the followingweek the third and fourth period classes picked up the ball for aweek and then her sixth period class after that. So over a threeweek period she got drilled by 30 different students plus a coupleof her fellow teachers did her, too.

The major stud at Stillwagon High was Jamal Tindale, a 6'8" 260pound senior center on the school's basketball team who had alreadycommitted to a major college program where he was going to playforward. He had fucked or been sucked or stroked off by just aboutevery girl on campus, though relatively few of them could take hismassive 11 inch cock all the way down. Miss Yamano had been withhim, too, but her pussy wouldn't stretch wide enough to take morethan a couple of inches of his black flesh hammer, so she used acombination of her hand and her tongue to make him erupt on to herface.

However, one woman who could take him to the hilt was women'sbasketball coach Patti Schultz. She first slept with Jamal when hewas in ninth grade after she had heard her players talking about hisendowment.

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   She invited him to her office to check it out for herselfand, when his dick popped out of his pants, she gasped. She graspedit and was taken with how heavy it was in addition to its tremendousgirth and length. He was only 14 and already had a man's dick, onlybigger than anything Patti had seen before.

Her pussy had already been pulsing in anticipation, but when she gota gander at it, she couldn't wait to drop to her knees in front ofhim and get it into her hungry mouth. Patti was 6'3", hardly alittle girl herself, but even she couldn't get it all the way intoher throat. After trying to suck it for a few minutes, she strippedand sat on the edge of her desk and spread her legs. He put his armsaround her neck as she guided his him into her pink hollow. "Ohfuck," she muttered as the first slight twinges of pain registeredin her brain when his stout meatstick pushed her vaginal walls widerapart than any other of the hundreds of penises she had permitted tobe put into it before. She felt it slithering deeper and deeper intoher until it was all the way in. "Oh fuck Mrs. Schultz, your pussyis the bomb," he smiled in his trademark charming manner.

For Patti, it was like he was in her stomach as he began thrustinginto her and, of course, she had never been stuffed like that beforein her life. Within five minutes, she was cumming harder than everand the overwhelming friction provided by his rhythm stick kept theorgasms coming fast and furiiously as she had her long legs wrappedtightly around his hips wanting to feel him inside her for as longas he could last. which turned out to be just under 20 minutesbefore he firehosed her love furnace with fusillades of semen. Pattiwas pretty much high off of the fucking he had just given her andthey met again after school to do it again at her house as herhusband watched and masturbated at the sight of his black cock beingslid in and out of her bald white cunt.

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They did it dozens of timers after that because it was just rare forhim to have someone he could bottom out in. As many of the girls athis school who had been impaled on his immense weapon, he was luckyif they could get three fourths of the way down on it and a lot ofthem even had trouble taking half of it because of its greatcircumference.

New student  Cheryl Terranova was in the quad during lunch trying toenhance her popularity. She straddled a bench as a guy with his cockout stood on either side of her and she alternately sucked one andthen the other while they fondled her D cups, which were hanging outof her open blouse and bra. She eventually elicited their proteinshakes out of their containers and then they agreed to meet at thehouse of one of the boys so that they could carry things furtherafter school.

Meanwhile, resting her hands against one side of a classroombuilding was the skinny 5'6" Mary Foster, who was taking the cock ofher fellow junior year student, Tommy Schofield, in her assholewhile he roughly groped her A cup breasts.   Mary became an analenthusiast after being introduced to it by her older brother Rickone evening  while they were getting high in his bedroom. Afterdinner the same night after she had the encounter with herclassmate, her dad asked her to give him a blowjob and while she wasdoing that, Ricky pulled her shorts down and inserted his dick intoher vagina and began fucking her. Her dad then had them get in themiddle of the livingroom floor and, while she rode Rick from on top,her father lubed up his schlong and slowly pushed it into Mary'sfudge tunnel, all three of them enjoying an intense screw that gavethem earthshaking orgasms. "Me next! Mary's mom Lorraine declaredand, when they were ready, she was double penetrated with her son inher ass and her husband in her pussy (but only after he had cleanedhis penis off) while Mary watched and frigged her clit to anotherhot climax.  

When everyone was done, Mary informed her mom that she was almostout of birth control pills. "No problem honey," Lorraine said. "Ipicked your prescription up from Allen's Pharmacy while you were atschool today. "Thanks mom. You rock!" "Just don't forget to put themin your purse when you go upstairs, dear.

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  " "I'll go do it right nowso I don't forget," she vowed and loped up to her bedroom to tuckthem into her bag. Lorraine followed her to the second level andasked if Mary wanted to take a shower with her. Mary consented andthey went into the bathroom and entered the shower stall together. "You guys and Rick are such a blast to have sex with, mom," Marysmiled. "Well, it's like the old saying, 'the family that has sextogether stays together. '" "It also helps that dad is still prettyhot even at his age," Mary added. "Actually,  honey, when you wereborn, your dad swore to keep himself in good shape so that you wouldwant to be with him down the line. " "Yeah, my girlfriends havealways told me that they thought he was cute, which is why so manyof them have been fucked by him, too. " "Yeah, I don't think eitherof us can count how many times your friend Marcy has been here toget a piece of your father," Lorraine laughed. "Yeah, but I've alsobeen with her dad quite a few times. He's really cool and has awonderful cock. " "Yeah, I've been there, too, sweety. He'sdefinitely a  good guy. "

Since monogamy was thought of as an absurd and unrealistic conceptin this realm, it pretty much did away with any idea of a cuckoldfetish. Marriages happened when a couple decided they wanted to havechildren together and were or more or less in place for the sake ofpromoting a feeling of security among kids.

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   While consensual incestwas allowed, procreation arising from it was punishable by 20 yearjail terms for both father and mother and the child and any otherchildren from that family were put into foster care.

Moreover, because sex was seen by the public as just another way toenjoy life, anyone using it to abuse another was sent to jail for 30years and those making false accusations of rape or molestationincurred a similar sentence.

There was BDSM in this dimension and it was viewed as just anotherway for people to enjoy each other. So while it was definitely aminority practice, one would also occasionally see submissives beingled around on leashes and wearing their collars in public with noshame. The only thing is, though, was that due to the de-emphasis ofmonogamy, how the dominants and submissives ran their sex lives wassomewhat different from the world that most of the readers of thisstory would know. For example, if a dominant wanted to punishhis/her slave for getting out of line, one of the go to sanctionswould be imposition of monogamy on them for a given period of time. This was a punishment seen as almost worse than death, akin totaking wine away from a Frenchman, and was a great incentive forsubmissives to remain obedient to their masters.

If a submissive wanted to sleep with someone, they usually had toget permission from his/her master and it was almost always grantedif the dominant didn't need his/her subbie for something else. Consequently, since sexual humiliation in this culture was tough toachieve, most BDSM activity tended to be typical bedroom kink suchas tying your partner up and using sex toys and the like on them ortickling them or using them sexually for one's own pleasure.

As for public nudity, it was banned except at beaches, lakes,naturist resorts and campgrounds except when it was in the course ofhaving sex, and even then that activity in public was confined toparks, schools, lakes, campgrounds, cars and beaches. Women up toage 30 were allowed to wear thongs in public with their butts fullyexposed, but if they chose to do that their pubic hair had to becompletely shaved. However, nudity on television was allowed and sowere sex acts  since it was felt that here was nothing dirty abouteither. The ban on public nudity was mainly for aesthetic reasonsand due to people who let themselves go to pot and get fat or whohad what was seen as an overabundance of body hair and not forreasons of so-called "public decency. "

At Bradley High, 31 year old science instructor Marty Culp wasleading 29 year old English teacher Ellen Powell around by a leashattached to her collar and he had her dressed in a black leatherharness outfit that barely covered her goodies and fully exposed herass. "Hey Mr.

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   Culp, can we fuck your slave?" a gaggle of studentscalled out. He walked Ellen up to them. "Okay bitch, get to work. Idon 't want them saying my slave isn't any fun. " "Yes Master," sheconsented. The diminutive blonde removed her outfit, got on allfours and, in front of dozens of other students, she was used byJack Hoover and Duke Bellson, taking Duke's dick in her soppingpussy and Jack's cock being sandwiched by her lips until both boysgot their rocks off. She swallowed Jack's cum, but Marty made herstand up and spread her legs so that the boys could watch Duke'sspooge drip out of her slit. "Fuck, that's hot," 16 year old LarrySimmons admired. "Mr. Culp, can I fuck her after school? I  promiseI won't take too long. " "She's all yours, son. Just make sure youvideotape it for me so I can make sure she did her best for you. ""Thanks Mr. Culp. I was going to do that anyway.

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  " The bell rang andeveryone headed for fifth period.