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My one night with Jenny was a night I never thought would happen. We had met in an internet chat room and hit it off pretty good as friends. However the problem was that she lived on the west coast and I lived on the east coast. We talked about music, life, the relationships each of us were in at the time. Through the instant messaging on the internet we had some pretty intense cybersex experiences. That lead to more intense phone sex experiences. We had an emotional bond to each other, how to turn each other on and how to get each other off. However our real-life relationships were in the way of finding out if the intensity of the fantasy world could be matched in reality. We were each involved in a long distance relationship. Hers happened to be with a guy in a city about an hour away from me. So anytime she came out to visit him, she stayed with other friends of hers and we’d always see eachother for a day – some kissing, a meal, friendly conversation, but that was it. She didn’t want to cheat on her boyfriend and I didn’t want to cheat on my girlfriend. We kept in touch over the years and every time I was between relationships, she was in one, and when she was available, I was in one. However that all changed one August day. I was between relationships and she was on the East Coast visiting. We met at a park near her friend’s house before lunch and she was looking better than usual.

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   Her blonde hair was down around her shoulders (she usually wore it short) a loose-fitting red v-neck shirt that showed off some of her 40C cleavage, and a pair of tight jeans that framed her fine ass well. We greeted each other with our usual hug and kiss, during which our tongues intertwined and I thought I felt a little something extra in her kiss but I wasn’t sure. During our lunch conversation she was complaining about how he was treating her and how she was getting sick of the friends she was staying with. I suggested that she get away from it all for a night and come stay at my place. I said if she was worried about what anyone thought she could stay in my guest room. She accepted my invitation and we were having some friendly conversation in the car on the ride back, when she said “Gary I notice you’ve been checking me out quite a bit today, I bet you can’t wait to get back to your place and get your mouth on these” and with that she flashed me her magnificent tits. I nearly lost control of the car at that point, but managed to get refocused on the interstate. Then she leaned over and whispered in my ear “I like the effect I’m having on you” and unzipped my fly, took out my hardening cock and stroked it a few times. Then she said “I can’t wait until I can taste this tonight” stroked it a few more times and then slid it back in my pants. The ride back to my place seemed like took forever. However once we got there things heated up quickly. Our hands were all over each other, taking off each other’s clothes right after I closed the door behind us. We were naked in less than a minute. I pinned her against the door and reached around to squeeze her ass while my tongue was in her mouth and my hard-on was pressing against her pussy. I lifted one of her legs slightly and with one thrust I was inside her.

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   She wrapped her arms around my neck, then lifted her other leg up and wrapped it around my waist and growled in my ear “Fuck me hard baby” and with that I pistoned into her as hard and fast as I could, while my head bent down to lick those inviting breasts. My mind was still spinning from the fact I was finally getting to fuck her and I was amazed that we were doing it standing up and it took only a few minutes before I shot my first load of the night into her tight pussy. As we stood there wrapped in each other’s arms breathing hard my softening dick slipped out of her pussy and she reached down took a hold of it and said “let’s see how quickly you can get ready for round 2?. With that she knelt down in front of me and took my cock into her mouth. She rolled her tongue over it as it slid between her lips. Then she licked up and down while playing with my balls. She was begging me to get hard quickly as she started beating me off with her hand and licking and sucking on my balls, rolling them on her tongue one at a time. It didn’t take long of that treatment before I was rock hard and ready to go again. I stood her up and moved her to the couch where I had her sit down and I knelt in front of her. I started to lick her pussy and tracing my tongue gently over the lips while reaching up to massage her breasts. I sucked each pussy lip into my mouth to savor her juices while flicking my tongue across them. Then I did the alphabet trick and traced my tongue over them in the shape of each letter of the alphabet as I moved my hands down so I could carress her fine ass and slowly start to finger fuck her pussy while eating her. She was moaning loudly with pleasure. She had wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed them to pull me even closer to her as her hands helped hold my head in place I was in heaven. But eventually I had to come up for air.

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   When I did I stood her up and took her place sitting on the couch. She instinctively mounted me and started to ride me slowly at first leaning forward so we could share a long passionate kiss. She was moving at the perfect rhythm so I could time my thrusts upward to meet hers perfectly. I slid my face down so I could bury my face between her lucious breasts sucking them as she rode. That must’ve set something off inside her as she wrapped her arms around me and suddenly started riding me hard and fast like a racehorse. I couldn’t keep up with her so I just leaned back, enjoyed the look of absolute pleasure on her face, the sounds of her screaming with pleasure, the sight of her tits bouncing up and down and the feel of her tight pussy around my cock. She started moaning and shouting that she was cumming and that set me off as I held her hips and ass and thrust upward and shot what felt like even a bigger load than the first time into her. She collapsed breathless onto me, smiling, running her hands through my hair saying “why didn’t we do this sooner?” After that we got dressed and had dinner, but by dessert we were both naked and finding other uses for the whipped cream. At one point she was sitting on the dining room table as I fucked her while licking whipped cream off her breasts. We moved to the floor and she covered my dick with whipped cream before giving me an amazing blowjob, teasing me with her tongue and teeth, and we finished in missionary with her legs wrapped around me as I shot another load inside her. We stayed naked the rest of the night engaging in some heavy petting and kissing and doing it twice more time before going to sleep. We did it twice more the following morning – including once in the shower – before it was time to drive her home. . We agreed that it was even better in-person than either of us could have imagined. However we also agreed that it was best left as a one-night stand as there was no way we’d be able to top what happened.

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   She made up with her boyfriend and is happy with him and a month later I met a wonderful woman I’m still seeing.