What did i get into


Im 30 years old and was not having a grate time with the wemon. So I got on a web site. It was a hook up tonight web site. sort of site. I was not having much luck on there eather. Finally I got a hit from a women that was married women. she said she would meet me at her home. She said her husband would only let her do this if he was there. He would not be in the room but he just whats to be able to hear if you are a crazy or somthing. I thought it was a little crazy myself. but I needed to get laid. It really helped that she was hotter then ever. for a forty years old. Only stood five five with perfect ass tits and light brown hair. at least in her pic on the site. She hade some grate nude shots too.

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   I got off to them at least three times before the weekend we meet.

So come friday I showed up at the door. before I could make a fist to knock on the door it opend. It was her standing there in a black see throw robe. with a black push up brawl and some crochless panttys. Even thow she was a little heavyer then her pics and posably a little older I was hard as a rock. I was speechless so she pulled my head to hers. and shoved her toung down my throught. And grabed the large bulg in my jeans. and gave a squeezMMMMMMM Well get your ass in her before my nosey naborers see you and me. and With a jerk I was in the door. She pushed me agenst the wall and put her toung down my throught again. with one hand he managed to unbutton and zip my jeans and before I could think she was on her knees with my 9 inch cock in her mouth. I have never had sucktion that she was putin out or in this way in. It did not take long till I could feel the presure build up.

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   Just before I was about to blow She pulled off and said not yet bade I want that in my ass before you do that. I was suprised by how this little women was able to man handle me. I was not fighting back so it was no big deal. She lead me to the bed room. I was trying to undress but she was kissing me the hole time. I managed to kick my pants off and she got my shirt off. As soon as I was fully nude she pushed me to the bed. I felt like a rag doll to her. "Hope Im not to rough with you. Its just I get off better this way. You do like that don't you. Yes mama. Good boy U allmost got off know it my turn but I will get off. with that She startled my face holding my arms down with her knees. Then ploped her twat directly on my face.


   The only thing I could do was eat. I lick from from her tight ass hole to her clit. once I found her clit I stayed there. I sucked it down my throught. it tasted sweet as the juices dribaled down my toung. She was right on the eage when she said. Ohhh I like this to much to get off so soon. So she moved her ass hole back to my lips. What you waiting for eat my ass you little sissy. as she pulled my hair up to shove my mouth to it. It tasted bitter but I shoved my toung in there. tobegin, then Sucked it felt like a half an hour. My mouth was loseing feeling. She was grinding he hips onto my face with my nose between her lips. and still driping like crazy.

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   Finaly she pushed back to have me suck her clit again. Till she got off magorlyShe was squriting stright into my mouth. I thought she would never stop. Dame that was good I love a little woss like you to play with me. So you would like to get off your self you just play along and or Ill yell for my hubby. And he has a gun waiting for you. At this point I wanted to just get out of this mess. I tryed to say No Ill just leave when she put a gage ball in my mouth and straped it on. It had a hool threw the center of it. I tryed to pull my arms away but she cuffed one then the other to the bed post. I was helpless. My dick was limp. She straped my kness to a spredeer bar to were I could not move. She Said I got somthing to cure that limp dick. I know little sissy boys like you.

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   She started twisting my balls just to see me squrim. I felt her fingers make there way to my ass hole. As much as I sturgaled was not making a diferance. She was able to push one unlubed fingure in me. She slid two fingurs in It was rough felt like sand paper entering my ass. It burnt. She pulled out and said Ohhh Im sorry no lube. and I dont think I have any. well I guess spit will have to do. She slids her fingur into the hole and rubed it all over my mouth it turly tasted like shit. after she lubed up both fingurs she shoved them back in. She was fingur fucking my ass. I could not control my dick it was growing She noticed this. Well I can see You are a real sissy boy and real sissy boys Need more then just two fingurs. She hopped off the bed and ran to the a dresser.

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   She was there for a spell. It was dark so I could not completlly see. But when she came back she put pillows under my ass. to prop it up. then I saw what took her so long It was a strap on. You better lube this up good. if not I don't care. wont hurt me. she pulled off the gage. Then shoved the huge strap on in my mouth. I could feel it push down my throught makeing me gage. almost threw up. She was just laughing. then poped out and pushed her freshly latherd up rubber cock in to me not even slowly. She shoved hard.

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   It felt like I was going to rip in half. She was rapeing my ass hard I was screaming no please stop. Like a little girl. I think that was what she wanted. Then my Dick seemed to jump to life. She gave me a few hard pumps for good measure. Then pulled out and ripped the strapon off and jumped on my rock hard shaft. She roud it hard and fast till we both cumed. I have to admit I liked that part. She sat on it till I cummed every drop. Then pulled off and sat back on my face. I just went to eating her out. As I was licking the last of her and mine cum from her lips. I heard a door shut . Oh boy Now the fun can start My husbands home.

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   So she hoped off put the gage back on. then ran out to greet him. I was chained to a bed buck naked with most liklly a crazy husband coming to shot me. Then they both came in and to my suprise he was naked too. But I have never seen a dick like that. It hung to his knees. Know we are going to show your little sissy ass how to fuck. She climbed over me to were her puss was just over my face. then he climbed up behind her. His dick slaped me in the face as he poitoned him self Then pushed his pithon into her. I could not beleave She could take it all. he started pounding her. She was starting to drip all over my face I could not keep it out of my eyes nose and mouth. then they both cummed together. I was drippind all over.

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   He pulled his limp dick out and pulled my gage off and shoved it in to my mouth. She managed to move around and grabed my sack. And said Clean him off or you louse thease. I could not do any thing else. I have never even touched another mans dick now I sucking and choking on one. The longer i sucked the bigger it got. As he came to full size I only had the head in my mouth. so he pulled out and moved down to fuck my ass. I started to yell but she sat down and twisted my sack harder till I started on her again. He pushed his way in and I could feel him in my belly. They were making out at the same time as He fucked my ass and she fucked my face. It took him forever to cum. but when he did It felt like a fire house went off in me. they passed out right there. He was still in me and My face was in her her stinky sweety cunt.

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   The next morning I woke up tied up in the shower. But thats a hole other story. For three more days Ill let you know. .