Erika and the headmaster part 4


     Mr. Smith was relaxing at home after another great day. He had delivered a second punishment to Brittany Hodges, 1 round of punishment had not been enough, so Miss Hodges had been caned twelve times, then fucked. After cooling the burning fire of her well whipped ass, he returned and found Erika, eager to have him order her to drop her panties, and grab her ankles, and her ass had likewise taken a double dose of twelve hard strokes, and his revived 9 inches filled her, and he rode her until his cock gushed a load deep up Miss Taylor's hot fuck-hole. He was glad that he had gotten a vasectomy 20 years ago, he could of course had fucked his students using condoms, but he hated the damn things. Ever since he was a teen, and had used a rubber the first time he had sex, he detested them. The condom companies could blather all they wanted to about sensitivity, and improved sensation, it was bullshit. His cock could always feel the difference, and it was riding bareback or nothing for him.

     Erika was restless. It was great watching the bad girls get caned, then fucked hard, and receiving the same delightful "punishment" afterwards, but she wanted more. After thinking about it long and hard, she realized what it was. She needed to be in the room, getting caned at the same time. Surely Mr. Smith could make up a story about 2 misbehaving students, that were going to get caned at the same time. That led to a frenzied masturbation session, the idea of getting it at the same time as another classmate got her ass tanned, really fired her up, and she masturbated wildly with that image firmly in her mind, until she felt the violent wrench and wild spasming of her inner cunt, exploding with another powerful orgasm, leaving her flushed, breathless and oh so satisfied.
     The next day, Erika broached the idea to Mr.

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     In his office, Erika said, "Mr. Smith, I was wondering if we could make a change or two. "

     Mr. Smith lifted an eyebrow, and said "Please go on. "

     "Well, while it's very enjoyable to watch the caning, I'd like to get in on it, in a more direct way. I want to get caned at the same time. " Seeing the smile from him, she continued, "You could make up a story that both of us are bad, and you decided to punish both of us at the same time, as a lesson to both of us, that misbehavior will not be tolerated. "

     Mr. Smith had been thinking along those lines, and it sounded like a great idea.

     "Splendid idea Miss Taylor, splendid. I actually have a caning set for this afternoon after class, a student named Heather Millar, she was discovered smoking pot, and she needs to get discipline. You will be right next to her, getting your ass tanned at the same time. "

     At the mention of the name, Erika's cunt felt a pulse of horny heat. Heather Millar, oh my god, she had the best body Erika had ever seen.

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   The times that she had seen her naked in the dorm showers, Erika's cunt always needed a horny masturbation session afterwards, just from seeing her nude charms on display. Heather was a gorgeously buxom and curvaceous blonde bombshell, long, flowing blonde hair, emerald green eyes, generous, large breasts, a curvy waist, a curly tuft of pubic hair as blonde as the hair on her head, wonderful, heart shaped ass and long legs, she was a guy's wet dream personified. Erika wasn't that bisexual (at least she didn't think so), but if Heather Millar ever gave her the word, Erika would be all over that awesome body.

     The last period of the day seemed to drag on, Erika was all squirmy and hot, knowing what would happen after class. At the appointed time, after the halls were empty, Erika quickly made her way to the headmaster's office, arriving at the same time as Heather Millar. With Heather wearing her school girl uniform of white blouse and plaid pleated skirt, Erika felt another pulse of heat. Heather looked extra sexy, and Erika felt that any misgivings she had about lesbian love were starting to melt away.

     In his office, Mr. Smith gave them the usual lecture, and while Heather Millar didn't know what was going to happen, Erika did, and did her best to conceal her excitement.

     He barked at them, "Drop your panties, ladies, then bend over and grab your ankles, you are going to get caned!"

     Heather Millar gaped at him, she looked like she had turned to stone.

     Mr. Smith growled at her, "Did you not hear me, Miss Millar? Drop your panties, then bend over and grab your ankles. I discipline all misbehaving students the same way, you are going to get caned!!"

     Erika had of course, immediately followed orders, and Mr. Smith continued, "You see Miss Taylor? She knows I will allow no latitude on this. "

     Heather Millar tried the indignant act, she blustered, "You can't cane me, I have my rights, you aren't allowed to lay a hand on me, don't touch me or I'll make sure the cops close this school down.

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     "Well, well, we have a spirited one here" he chuckled.   "Miss Millar, let me explain to your how things go here. "

     As he told her all about the way he ran things, the latitude that the administration gave him, Erika remembered it well from my first time caning, he also added that he was sure that Miss Taylor would not want to back up any rumor or statements she made. Heather glanced at her, and Erika quickly shook her head, she could see her face fall, and a look of resignation came over her face. She slowly removed her panties, and bent over right next to Erika.

     As Mr. Smith flipped up the back of their skirts, exposing their asses, Heather whispered to Erika, "Fuck, this is so humiliating. "

     "Brace yourself ladies"

     Erika heard the whistle of the cane, and the solid crack as it connected with Heather's ass. She let out a loud scream of pain, and a second later, Erika's howl joined hers, as Mr. Smith quickly drew back, and gave her a stroke. He quickly smacked the cane against Heather's ass again, and another howl of pain filled the air, a second later, Erika's howl of pleasure joined, as he gave her another solid stroke. He gave both of them six hard strokes, Heather's cries of pain and Erika's cries of pleasure filling the air.

     "Miss Taylor, you are done, you followed orders, and took your punishment gracefully", Mr Smith said, "You will only receive six strokes. Miss Millar, however, for you show of disobedience, you will receive another six strokes".

     Heather, her eyes full of tears, looked up and pleaded, "No, please no, I'll do anything, just no more, my ass can't bear it!"

     Mr Smith looked thoughtful, he looked at Erika, she cupped her crotch, and stuck her tongue out, waggling it around.

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   He smiled as he got the message.

     "Very well Miss Millar, I do have a way for you to avoid the last 6 lashes. If you perform oral sex on Miss Taylor, your ass will be spared the last 6 strokes. "

     She cried out, "No, no, no! I'm not a fucking lezzie, fuck, that's disgusting! I'm no pussy licking dyke!" 

     "Very well Miss Millar. Just remember that the last six strokes are usually much harder than the first six. Brace yourself, Miss Millar!" 

     "NO! Don't, I'll do it, I'll lick Erika's cunt, god dammit!"

     "Miss Taylor, strip off your skirt, position yourself on the edge of my desk, and spread your legs, you are going to get a lick job" he ordered in that steely British tone.

     Erika pretended to just be following orders, she quickly tossed her skirt aside, and  got on his desk, with her ass right on the edge, laying back, she spread her legs wide, Erika could feel her cunt lips part like flower petals, god, she was so hot she could smell her own heated juices.

     He ordered Heather to stand up, and Erika could see her eyes get very wide when she saw her, naked from the waist down, her pussy spread open, coated with the juices of her lust, waiting for her tongue. Mr. Smith led her over, and told her to get to it.

     "OK Miss Millar, start licking, and don't stop until you bring your classmate to an orgasm. "

     As Heather lowered her mouth towards her juicy center, Erika put her hands behind her head, and pulled her right down to her awaiting cunt lips.

     "Lick my cunt you little bitch, make me cum, then lick up all my juices!"

     As she slowly, haltingly began to lick Erika, Mr. Smith dropped his trousers, getting between the spread of her thigs, he guided his cock head up to her, and thrust in. Heather didn't realize until his cock head was brought up short by the obstruction of her hymen what he was doing.

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     "NO, NO, I'm a virgin dammit, that's for my boyfriend, not you!"


Smith gripped her hips tightly, holding her in place, pulled back, and drove in hard. It was just after 5 PM when Heather lost her virginity. She did lose it the way she dreamed it would be, with her boyfriend, she lost it to the hard thrust of a punishment rape. It tore a howl of pain from Heather, as her cunt was violated, her hymen ripped open, her dry cunt parting and wrenching painfully as she was impaled. Mr. Smith grunted, the tight virgin cling of her unfucked cunt clutched at his shaft, his cock surging past her torn hymen, and he quickly drove it in, Heather howled again as her virginity became just a memory, and Mr. Smith's hard cock was giving the tight walls of her previously unfucked cunt their first fuck, as he buried the entire 9 inches, right to the balls.

     He pulled back, and thrust in again, drawing another cry from Heather, grunting with pleasure at the tightness wrapped around his cock, her no longer virgin center stretched wide around his solid 9 inches.

     "Miss Millar, all my students who need discipline get this punishment. And, if you don't get back to licking Miss Taylor, you will get your ass tanned hard with 6 powerful strokes. "

     Heather started to lick at Erika again, grunting with discomfort as Mr. Smith gave her the punishment rape. It was obvious to Erika that she was a total novice at pussy licking, virgins are so damn unschooled in the ways of making sex good. Mr.

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   Smith gave a last loud grunt, and buried his cock deep, Erika could imagine the hot flood of thick semen pouring into Heather's battered cunt.

     Erika grabbed her head in her hands, and directed her where to lick.

     "Lick my clit you little lezzie, god damn, virgins are such a hassle, now, feel that little bump under your tongue? Yeah, right there, lick me right there!"

     Heather did as she was told, and Erika could feel her cunt starting to heat up. Ahh, much better, she could feel my juices flowing, Erika started to stroke her head, and told her she was doing much better.

     "Ahh, that's better, my sweet little baby butch, lick me, make me cum, you can be my little lezzie girlfriend, and lick me any time you want. . . if you'd like. You like it don't you? You're now an official cunt licking lezzie, and you love it!"

     Erika could feel her orgasm rising, and she grabbed her head, and forced her mouth down tight against her opening as she came, letting out a howl of pleasure as it exploded deep inside her, gushing juices, moving Heather's head around, mopping down her cute face.

     When Erika had mopped down her face with the last of her juices, she let her go, and she stood up, dazed and stunned by what had just happened. Mr. Smith led them us to the nurse's room, and on their bellies on the tables, after draping a towel over their cheeks, he applied the ice packs to their stinging, well whipped asses. Heather cried a bit as it was applied, but her tears dried up as the ice started to cool off the stinging fire of the cane strokes. After applying ointment to Heather's ass, she was dismissed.

     Erika made her way back to Mr.

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   Smith's office, and with his commanding tone, she was soon clutching her ankles, crying out with pleasure as Mr. Smith gave her another six hard stokes, and his revived cock reamed Erika out, her grunts of pure pleasure filling the room. Erika had her hand between her legs, masturbating wildly, and she timed it up to when her gave a loud grunt, Erika started stroking her hard clit erection from base to tip, and she could feel her orgasm explode, and her cunt gave a hard wrench, and clamped down tightly on his cock, quivering and spasming wildly. Erika's howl of sexual fulfillment filled the room, she could feel his cock pulsing and squirting, his thick, hot load splattering against her cervix, filling her hungry cunt, sucking and milking his hard 9 inch shaft for every drop he could pump into her.