Colby and the Werewolf


Colby didn’t know what to do. She was being followed; she could feel it. Of course the street lights had to be out at that time of night. The woods loomed ahead and she quickly walked into them. She knew better but maybe her follower would lose her among the brush and trees. Then she began to run. Her breath came out in little foggy puffs as it got colder. Looking behind her, she didn’t see anything, but she could feel him. For all she knew, it could have been a dog, but she didn’t hear barking. A growl she heard. But it was ahead. It was probably a wolf as they were known to roam the woods outside of the small town. A black wolf stood ahead. Colby stopped suddenly, eyes wide. She remembered her Girl Scout training. A wolf could smell fear.

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   Never let it show. She took a deep breath and let it sooth her. She wasn’t afraid of wolves. After all, they were just oversized dogs. The black wolf had lifted a paw up and licked at it. Blood dripped. She realized he was hurt. “You poor thing,” she murmured softly and eased slowly to him. His brown eyes watched her and he took a step towards her. As she sat next to him, she realized his leg was cut up from a fight. “Just like a man, you’ll fight. I bet the other is worse. ” Her stalker lost her fear as she ripped the hem of her shirt to wrap around the wolf’s leg to stop the blood flow. She got the wolf to follow her home so she could heal its leg. At her house, she gave the wolf some food and unwrapped his leg.

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   It wasn’t as bad as it was in the woods. She rubbed some salve on him and gave him a blanket to sleep on. Inside her bedroom, she took her bloody, ripped clothes off and threw them in the laundry basket. Colby went into the bathroom and drew herself a bath with strawberry scented bubbles. It was a night time ritual for her. Once inside the water, she sighed. It felt so good. Opening her eyes, she saw the wolf followed her into the bathroom and was laying his head on the edge of the bathtub. She laid her hand on his head and rubbed his ears. He made a sound in his throat, almost a purr. Colby smiled. “I should give you a name. ” she thought for a moment before saying, “how about Marcus?” He snorted and shook his head. “Yeah your right. You’re not a Marcus.

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   What about Cameron?” His tongue snaked out and flicked against her wrist. She smiled. “Cameron it is. ” She unplugged the tug and got out. Cameron backed up and padded into her bedroom. He sat by the bed. Weird animal, she thought. She towel dried and rubbed a lotion over her body before turning the lights out and crawling into bed. Cameron hopped onto the bed and laid his head on her breasts. He licked her. Colby snaked her fingers through his coat. She moaned when he licked her nipple again. A slow heat pooled between her thighs. “Cameron, go to sleep. ” And he did as he was told.

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   Colby had trouble sleeping. She kept thinking about how her wolf had licked her. Almost like a lover… That wasn’t possible. But she couldn’t shake the feeling off. And it made her want to do more. “Cameron, wake up. ” She turned her bedside lamp on. Chocolate brown eyes met hers. “Wanna play boy?” Cameron’s ears perked up. Colby kicked the covers off to reveal her nudeness. His eyes trailed down her body. She parted her legs and his tongue snaked out to catch her nipple as he looked down at her. She was so wet, she was dripping. Colby could feel it sliding down her legs. She patted her sweet pussy and Cameron followed her hand.

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   She moaned as his tongue swiped across her clit. He kept at it until she came. Her juices covered his nose and he lapped it up. She saw his cock coming out of its sheath. Licking her lips, she came to her knees and turned around so her plump ass was in front of his face. His tongue slid along her skin and he wrapped his legs around her hips and hopped on her. His cock leaked precum and slid around her slit. She moaned in frustration. He gave a hard thrust and his cock slid in hard. Colby screamed at the pleasure that caught her. His thrusts were hard and swift as he pounded into her wet cunt. Her pants and moans made him go even faster as they sped along through the pleasure. Half way up his penis, a hard spot was forming, tying them together as they came nearer to their orgasm. Hers hit and she was flung among the stars, screaming. Cameron was howling as he stopped moving and just laid on her.

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   His dick jerked as he spurted his hot sperm into her cunt. Colby still came as he continued to leak his juices. His semen and her pussy juice trailed down her thighs and she collapsed on the bed, depleted and feeling so good. Never in her short life had she felt something so good. “I might just keep you Cameron, even just for that, “she panted, closing her eyes. Cameron made a rumbling sound in his chest as he too fell asleep. His still semi hard penis would be there for a while as the knot shrunk. Her eyes opened. Colby knew she did something she shouldn’t have but she didn’t care. She wanted more. Her wolf wasn’t knotted to her now and wasn’t on top of her back. Her legs jerked and shivered as she got to her knees. Instead of a wolf lying next to her, a man with jet black hair and chocolate brown eyes watched her with affection in his eyes. She backed up and fell off the bed. “Are you ok, lover?” his deep voice asked.

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   “Who the fuck are you and where is my wolf?” Colby stood up and rubbed her ass. His eyes gazed at her body and she flushed. Her robe was draped across the back of a chair so she put it on. “I could show you where your precious wolf is, but he wasn’t a wolf at all. ” He sat up and grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his embrace. His lips caught hers. She struggled and broke away. He sighed. He stood in the middle of the room and took a deep breath. She watched in horror as his bones reshaped and black fur covered his body. Her black wolf stood in the middle of her room where the handsome man had stood. He looked at her mournfully, knowing she would throw him out. “You’re a werewolf?” His head dipped in a nod. “That thing with your dick, the knot, does that happen when you’re in human form too?” Cameron shifted back to his human body. “I don’t know.

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   I’ve never tried. ” Colby shook her silk robe off and launched herself at him. His big arms caught her as his lips met hers and her legs wrapped around his hips. His tongue explored her wet cavern as her hand wrapped around his massive dick. It was a good nine inches long and two inches thick. He laid her on the floor and took a pretty rosy nipple between his teeth and tugged gently. She cried out and tunneled her fingers through his hair. His thumb played with her clit as his middle finger slid into her pussy. She was shaking with arousal. “Hurry dammit!” she panted. But he took his time and moved to her other titty, suckling the nipple there. Her orgasm hit her and her juices flowed harder. Her eyes opened wide when she felt his dick poke at her mouth. She looked up into his face with question. “Suck it.

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  ” That was all she needed to hear. Her lips wrapped around the head and her hand around the base. Licking up and down his shaft put her in the mind of those penis shaped lollipops she saw at a sex shop. She had even seen girls mimic oral sex with one. “That’s enough. ” He pulled her face up for a kiss, before sliding down to get between her legs. Her sexy mound was throbbing and glistening with her juices. He slid his hard dick into her slowly. He moaned and hooked her legs with his arms. With a final push, he was all the way in. she ground herself onto his penis and grabbed his arm. She dug her nails into his skin as he withdrew and hammered back into her cunt. He made her scream, writhe until another orgasm hit. He still continued along to his own peak. She could feel that familiar knot growing, tying her pussy to him.

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   It was bigger this time, the size of a baseball. She cried out as their orgasms hit. His jizz sprayed her pulsing walls. They lay panting, tied together slick with sweat. “Wow,” Colby whispered. “Yeah. It’s never been this way for me, ever. Until last night. ” “I think I’ll keep you. ” “My love, I wouldn’t have it any other way. ”.

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