The Other Side of the Coin Chapter 21


When he came out of the shower, he was dressed just in his boxers. Iwas on the right side of the bed if you were facing it and I pattedmy hand on the left side to invite him to join me. He moved hispillow so his head was half upright. I snuggled on my side next tohim, placing my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his left arm aroundmy back. I asked him how work was and he gave the usual guy reply,"same old shit," he retorted. Guy was a pretty blunt individual andit was one of his best qualities as well as one of his worst and wasthe result of a personality type that was perhaps overly logical. Our exceedingly low tolerance for bullshit and artifice wassomething we shared, though, and so I think I understood more wherehe was coming from than most other women, especially since I was aformer male. "How about you?" he asked. I told him how I hadtormented Sandra before George came over and fucked her before theyretired for the evening. "Sounds like I missed quite a party," hesmiled. "Yes you did," I giggled.

"So tell me Miwa, how hardcore are you into BDSM?" he inquired. "Tobe honest,  Guy, while I love topping Sandra because I know she getsoff on it and I sort of get my ya yas for rope bondage out,  I'mjust not that hardcore into it. If Sandra came to me tomorrow andsaid she no longer wanted to be my slave then I would be totallyfine with it. " "So you're more into it as bedroom kink?" hewondered.

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   "Yeah, more or less," I informed him. "So you're adominant?' he inquired. "That's the other funny  thing about my andSandra's relationship, sweety. I'm actually rather submissive andprefer to be dominated myself. I more or less dominate Sandrabecause I love her and want her to feel fulfilled and happy. . Whatdo you think of the stuff you've seen us do so far?" I interrogated. "It's all good fun. Whatever gets you through the night," hephilosophized. "So do you have any interest in BDSM?" I asked him. "The truthful answer is yes, but I don't really get into all theheavy, super painful stuff," he averred. "I do think shibari, forexample, is a beautiful art form and I like the communicativeaspects of it, but like you, it would just be something to kindaspice things up rather than a 24/7 lifestyle to me. " "So where areyou on the dominance and submission scale?" I pondered. "I prefer tobe in control," he propounded. "But there are times when I canswitch,  too, but I definitely like calling the shots," he told me.

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"So would you like to dominate me?' I checked. "Oh yeah, that's fordamn sure," he enthused. "The only thing is that I don't really knowhow to tie people up beyond a really super basic level," herevealed. "I would love to be able to do what some of the nawashi(rope artists) can," he bubbled. "I can teach you," I offered. "Thatwould be way cool," he smiled. "You can use Sandra as your testdummy," I laughed. "Works for me!" he chuckled. "As long as Georgewouldn't mind, that is," he added. "I could teach him, too, thoughI'm not sure if he's into it," I proposed. "Yeah, I don't thinkanyone would ever mistake George for a dominant. I think he'sprobably a vanilla kind of dude," Guy theorized.

"Well look Guy, I'm tired, so we should discuss this tomorrow whenGeorge and Sandra are present," I advocated, bringing an end to theconversation. I had him turn out the light and we kissed each othergood night, spooning as we fell asleep.

We snoozed until noon Saturday.

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   I was actually in the bathroombrushing my teeth and blow drying my hair after just having taken ashower when he finally rose. He used one of the other bathrooms tobrush his teeth and was waiting for me downstairs with Sandra andGeorge. The latter couple had been up since around nine and hadalready eaten breakfast. They waved me off when I offered to makelunch for them. I made some scrambled eggs and bacon for Guy. Oncewe had finished chowing down, we sat around and we discussed theBDSM issue. George said he would be interested in learning how totie Sandra up in case he got into the mood for it sometime and wouldallow Guy to use her to practice on while I supervised even if hewasn't all that into erotic power exchange himself.

Thus, for the next few hours, I instructed George and Guy on ropebondage and Sandra spent most of the day as their practice field. They got a couple of simple hand and ankle ties down plus arudimentary breast binding. I also inculcated the best handling ofsubbies in this context, the physical limits of bondage and how toavoid some dangerous pitfalls. There were a lot of laughs to be had,too, so it was really fun.

Sandra and I cooked dinner and then we moved to my music room andentertained the boys with some of our guitar work. We later split upand retired to separate bedrooms, Sandra and George in their's andGuy and I in mine. "You know Miwa, I have to be honest. I wouldreally like it if you would submit to me, " he requested.

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   "I wouldreally like to submit to you as well, Guy," I replied. However,there were a lot of issues attached to that, including Guy's ratherinconvenient schedule as well as his living situation in addition toother things such as limits, safewords, the need for some me time,what to do about my domination of Sandra as well as my relationshipwith her, etc. We got so caught up in the discussion that by thetime I finally looked at the clock it was nearing midnight. Some ofthis we had to hash out with George and Sandra, so we opted to tablethe discussion until the following morning.

Sunday, after Sandra and I had cleaned up at the end of breakfast,we had a pow wow in the livingroom over the evolving relationshipsituation. I had to tell George that Sandra had a strong need tosleep with women every now and again and he was going to have toaccept that if he wanted to stay with her. Sandra concurred but saidthat it wouldn't have any effect on how she felt about George. Wethen had to figure out who was going to own Sandra. I laid out theoptions of Guy mastering both her and me with me demoted to aco-slave status with her, me continuing to dominate her with Guymore or less a bystander, or George taking a dominant role. Therewas also the choice of Sandra giving up BDSM altogether, somethingshe said no to because it was just too much of a rush for her. Thisobviously left George in a quandry and, to be honest, I reallydidn't want to top anyone while I was being topped myself. Georgeadmitted that even if he didn't necessarily want to dominate Sandraherself, it turned him on  to see her submitting to someone andoperating under all that goes with it as long as he can be part ofthe action.

The whole topic was making me uber wet. The thing I most wanted todo at that moment was suck Guy's dick. But we kept on talking andhammered out an agreement that had me continuing to dominate andsleep with Sandra but both George and Guy would have access to mesexually, with Guy calling the tune for all of us.

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   In exchange forGeorge having access to me, Guy would also be able to fuck Sandraand there would be no right of refusal on either my or Sandra'spart. In other words, I had just entered into a polyamorous D/sarrangement.

With that and the other issues Guy and I had discussed the previousnight decided, Guy and I could now move into the next phase of our relationship, my submission to him. He ordered me to take off myclothes and to always be naked when I was at home. I was also notallowed to wear pants anymore except during gigs, rehearsals, winteror in bad weather. When I was away from home, I had to text him mywhereabouts every half hour and I was forbidden to touch myselfwithout his permission. George would not have any control over me atall except when he wanted sex, including oral, from me and Guy wouldhave no control over Sandra unless he wanted to screw her or haveher give him a hummer. Also, as a matter of courtesy to each other,Guy could only cum on Sandra's face and not inside of her whileGeorge could only cum on mine and not in my pussy so that our holeswere left pristine for our boyfriends. Also, they were going to callSandra and me by our  BDSM names in private or when nobody waswithin earshot. Guy had already thought about it and so now I wouldbe known as "cockslave. "

I did demand one thing of Guy, though: that he shave his cock andballs. He agreed to it since it would make his prong seem bigger andmore mouth watering and I wouldn't get his pubic hair in my mouthwhen I sucked him. In addition, all my sex toys were strictly forbeing used on Sandra, so I had to get some that could be used on me. I kept this separation for hygiene reasons.

I went and ordered new vibrators, nipple clamps and gags as well asa new bag on the net with Guy supervising.

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   Meanwhile, George hadtaken Sandra to bed and was slamming it into her after the BDSM talkhad made him rather randy. Once I finished with with what I neededto do online, Guy bedded me. Before he entered me, though, hethanked me for submitting to him and guaranteed that he would alwayscare for me. This made feel really close to him and the intimacy ofour lovemaking was deepened as a result. Again, the further I wasinto being  a female, the more important emotional feedback wasbecoming to me. I was still pretty frank about things and my sexdrive continued to be exceedingly high, so the girly side of me hadn'ttotally taken over yet and I hoped it wouldn't because I lovedsucking cock and being fucked so much.

George and Sandra came out of their bedroom looking tired and theyboth had bed hair. There were droplets of cum issuing from Sandra'sexposed and swollen pussy. They were going to leave and go to herapartment. I convinced them to stay for dinner, however and we had anice meal before my cunt and her boyfriend got dressed and departed,though not before I reminded Sandra to do her deep throat exercises. Guy helped me clean up and then we we took a shower together, afterwhich Guy had me shave his pubic hair off. I rewarded him foragreeing to my request with an enthusiastic blowjob. When we got tobed, he ate me out seemingly forever, telling me how good my freshlybathed pussy tasted, and I came and came and came. Since schoolstarted Monday for him and George, we turned in around ten with himcuddling my nude form.

I woke up just before six and once I finished with my grooming, Iwoke Guy up with a blowjob.

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   "Good morning Master," I smiled. "Goodmorning cockslave," he responded somewhat whoozily. He spurted abig, warm load into my mouth and then he got dressed and left tofight the morning rush hour traffic to his school.

Tuesday, the band had a rehearsal and I suggested to Terry that shetry to book us into colleges and high schools to do lunchtime andearly afternoon free gigs as a way to promote ourselves. Everybodythought that this was an excellent idea, but we needed somebody torun sound. That wasn't a problem, as her younger brother, who wasalso a musician in a local metal band, was willing to do it. She wasultimately able to hustle about a dozen gigs for the month ofSeptember doing this, which could keep us busy and sharp.

The first such show was on a Friday the first week of their fallsemester at a north county high school that had anopen air amphitheater. Sandra and I had our backs against each other facingeither side of the stage as she began to play the opening riff to"Blackout" and immediate howls of recognition went up as I spun awayfrom her and did the first lead break of the tune before the vocalcame in. This is a great track to pose to and the stairs that lead upthe front of the stage provided a good opportunity for showing off, especially when you're using wireless amplification. Bythe end of the song, the kids were already into it as we kicked into"Dynamite," another fast rocker that showed off Terry's vocal skillsnicely and I received a lot of applause for pulling off theblazingly speedy lead break in it. It was fun watching thelonghairs in the crowd whipping their hair around and headbanging. Terry greeted them and then we blasted out the opening riff from "NoOne Like You" and segued from there into "Picture Life" with itstwin harmony part. Following another brief stage rap from Terry, weslid into the power ballad, "Still Loving You," with Sandra doingall the leads and me the slow arpeggiated riff and then pounded out"Rock You Like a Hurricane" before Terry thanked everybody for beingso appreciative. We sent them off with "Coming Home," Sandra and Iboth posing and riffing hard on the stairs out front, raising ourguitars in jubilation at the conclusion.

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Some of the kids chose to be late to class by coming up andwanting pictures taken with us or just saying hello. We got a lot oftheir email addresses to send out gig info to them. A couple ofgirls who were learning to play guitar told me that they wereinspired by how much fun we seemed to be having to practice more. That was really nice. There aren't nearly enough girls playing heavymusic right now.

Monday, we did a junior college show at 1 p. m. at a littleamphitheater they had in the quad and were allowed an hour, so wewere able to have a more fully paced set compared to the  40 minuteswe had at the high school date. That was a blast and the hundred orso people who stopped by to watch gave us a nice reception.

Tuesday, we played at Guy's and George's  school at 1 p. m. Guy'slast class was at noon while George was on a break, so they both gotto see us perform live for the first time rather than just inrehearsal or messing around. I was dressed in a black corset withred draw strings holding it together, red leather pants and redplatform heels while Sandra had the same outfit, except in silver. After we played "Blackout," the crowd grew enormously to well over athousand,  some of that due to kids from a nearby high school thatallowed them to leave campus for lunch showing up. The stage was asimple affair erected on a grassy area in front of a multi-storyclassroom building.

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   They let us do our full 90 minute set and weworked up quite a sweat in the afternoon Southern California sun. After it was over, Guy helped us hump our gear back on to the rentaltruck we used to transport it George had another class to go to andmissed the final half hour we were on stage, which was too bad. Sandra didn't even get a chance to kiss him goodbye.

Guy told me I looked totally hot up there and that we played ablinder, which was nice to hear. Unfortunately, he then had to pissoff to work.

Friday, we had another high school show, this one at a campus thatwas only a few miles down the road from my house. So everybodyarrived at my place with their gear, we loaded it up and took it tothe campus. The venue was the gym and so we had a pretty good sizedstage to work with. The acoustics, though, were pretty horrendousbecause of all the concrete surfaces. We had Denise turn way down sothe sound wouldn't turn to mud. We brought our rudimentary lightingsystem and used that to illuminate the stage and that worked okay. We tore through our 40 minute set to a decent round of applausebefore the kids had to return to class.

Sandra was burning up her unused vacation time to do these shows. Wedid four more the following week and four the week after that, whenshe had to basically dash from her work, get to the venue, do thegig, and then scramble back. That meant she would miss two hours ofwork a day minimum and had to make up for it by staying at herworkplace later to get caught up.

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But to get back to the Friday after we did that first post-summervacation high school gig, Sandra didn't come over to my house thatnight. Instead, she stayed home and her and George spent the nighttogether there before they came over Saturday morning. So once Guyhad arrived at round 1 a. m. , we had the house to ourselves. "Goodevening cockslave," he said to me. I was stark naked and as hehugged and kissed me in the foyer he was also grabbing my ass. "Master, may your cockslave have the honor of giving you a massage?"I asked. 'Oh yeah, I would definitely love that," he assented. Wetrudged up the stairs to my bedroom and he stripped and laid on hisstomach on a big towel I had already spread on the floor. i drizzledwarm massage oil on his back and began kneading the muscles in hisshoulders and neck. "Your Master is very pleased with this service,"he informed me. "Your cockslave is glad Master. She loves so much toplease you. " My soft fingers dug into his flesh and manipulated theunderlying muscles.


   He was sighing and also emitted little moans. Myhands moved down to the lower part of his shoulder blades and I pouredmore oil on then and pushed his muscles toward his head and thenpulled them back. I worked my way down slowly, his body becomingincreasingly slick and his skin shining in the recessed lighting of my room.

After massaging the back of his legs and torso for about 20 minutes,I had him roll over. I squeezed the tall bottle of oil again andsprayed  his chest with it and worked it into his skin. As I pressedmy fingers into the top of his shoulders, I leaned over and flickedmy tongue at his nipples just for fun and then kissed my way downthe center of his sternum. I got up and wet a washcloth with warmwater and folded it in half before I placed it over his eyes so thathe wouldn't have the light from the ceiling glaring down on him. When I was done with his upper body, I drizzled some oil in my handand grasped his semi-erect cock and stroked it slowly. I splatteredsome oil on it directly from the bottle and rubbed it in to hisshaft and cockhead as he moaned. His beautiful cock glistened whileI gently played with his balls. I then started in on his thighs andspent the next 15 minutes on his legs. Once I was done with them, Iencircled his cock in my righthand again while I let more oil oozeout of the bottle, but this time on to my chest and stomach. "Oh fuckcockslave, that feels amazing," he writhed. "Your cockslave is happyto hear that, Master," I acknowledged. I squeezed more oil on to mychest and spread it over to my stomach.

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I pulled the washcloth off of his eyes. I straddled him and pushedmy body into his, moving it in circles on his torso like a soaplandwhore, my nipples tantalizing the nerve endings of his skin. I waswet and super turned on. while my body continued to snake around his I scooted down to his pubic area and fingered his cock,positioning it between my C cups. I undulated my upper body to make the cock slide up and down in mycleavage against my sternum. He was moaning again while he watchedme titfuck myself with his dick. "Jesus cockslave, this is fuckingwonderful," he raspily commented. I giggled while I furthered theoily friction. I was getting  kinda fatigued, though, so I stopped. "Would Master like a shower first before his cockslave sucks hiscock?" I inquired. "Yeah, that would probably be a good idea," herealized. I stood up and extended my righthand and he took it andpulled himself up.

We entered the shower stall together and I lathered him up a treatbefore I scrubbed him, including his hair. He returned the favor,except he didn't touch my wet hair, and once we had washed eachother we took some time kissing and groping while thewater flowed over us. "Your Cockslave thinks she needs to wash herhair, Master.

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   May she do so?" I implored. "Absolutely, cockslave. "He then exited the shower and dried himself off. He waited for me inmy bedroom while I shampooed and rinsed my hair. I toweled off andblow dried my locks and padded into my bedroom. I could tell he waspretty knackered and wasn't going to fuck me. I turned the light offand lit candles I had placed on the nightstands on either side of mybed. He switched the tv off and I climbed into bed with him. Istraddled him and hugged him tight and he wrapped me up in his armsand held me firmly in them. "Daisuki (I love you)!" I said to him. He echoed that and we kissed for a few minutes in the flickeringcandlelight. I slid down toward the end of the bed and stroked hisrigid cock gently before my mouth enveloped it. I alternatelyswirled my tongue around his spongy cockhead and sucked on it,  too,for a couple of minutes and he was spilling a goodly amount ofprecum whose final destination was my stomach. My lips verygradually traveled down his shaft and then I sucked as hard as Icould while pulling my lips back to created a tugging sensation forhim. He moaned louder and I forced my mouth all the way down thelength of his fuck stick so that I could swallow the head.

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   I thenbobbed my head up and down rapidly, the engorged baby maker dodgingin and out of my throat. His breathing was more labored now and Iredoubled my efforts to set him off. "Oh shit, I'm going to cum," heblurted. I quickly pulled my mouth up so that it was only about aninch down past the head and he unleashed one  cum fusillade afteranother into my piehole. I amassed it on my tongue and showed it tohim and then swallowed. "Oishii (it's delicious)!" I declared. "Yokatta (I'm, glad)," he retorted. I rolled off of him and put myhead on his left shoulder. He kissed me for a few minutes and thenwe cuddled up and went to sleep.

Saturday morning, I was awakened by my dogs barking. Then I heardthe doorbell. I looked at the clock and it was almost 11 a. m. I grabbed a robe and ran downstairs and when I opened the door it wasGeorge and Sandra. "Good morning Mistress!" Sandra smiled, seemingvery chipper "Good morning cunt," I  responded, as I threw my robeoff and hugged and kissed her.

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   I also hugged and kissed George whileSandra removed her clothes. "So has cunt been keeping George happy?"I interrogated. "Yes Mistress," she brightly stated. "Master isstill asleep, but I'll go wake him and then we can have lunchtogether," I proposed. I went and got Guy up and he dressed, brushedhis teeth and shaved while I talked to George and my slave in theliving room. After he came down, I made some oyako donburi, which iscomprised of rice, chicken and eggs and green tea. Everybody lovedit.

I raised my hand. "Cockslut?" Guy recognized. "Master, your cockslutrequests that she be allowed to continue demonstrating rope bondageto George and you today," I suggested. We agreed and we journeyedback upstairs to my bedroom. I had Guy and George recapitulate theties I had already shown them, with Sandra again as our mannequin. When I saw that they finally had it licked, I lectured them on how to doa relatively complicated breast harness. I spent the next couple ofhours patiently walking them through it. I showed it to them becausethis particular harness could be used in a suspension if any of uslearned to do that somewhere down the line.

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   We took a break and because both George and Guy were horny, Sandra and I got on our knees andslurped their cum out of their cocks. I then asked Master if it wasokay to take my dogs out. He approved, but stipulated that I had to weara bikini. I was also allowed to put sandals on. George and Sandrastayed behind while the dogs dragged us out the door, Guy taking myGerman Shepherd, the biggest of the three canines.

We started back an hour later and Guy said he had something for me. Whenwe got home, he led me up to the bedroom and had me kneel in front ofhim. He wordlessly stroked my head with his righthand for a minute or soand then turned around to pull something out of his book bag. It was acollar! The black leather band on it was narrow, but attached to theo-ring was a heart, which made it appear to be a choker. He looked downinto my eyes and intoned, "Miwa Suzuki, we have been together just ashort while and you have submitted to me only very recently, but yourMaster has decided to take you permanently. Do you, Miwa Suzuki, acceptthis collar and thus commit yourself to a lifetime of servitude, undyinglove and obedience to me?" I could feel the tears welling up in my eyesand as I began to cry I said, "Yes Master, thank you Master. " Hebuckled the collar on to my neck while I sniffled and wiped the tearsfrom my eyes and cheeks.

I was in for another surprise, too. George and Sandra suddenly openedthe door from their bedroom and walked hand in hand into mine. Apparently, while Guy and I were with my mutts at the park, George hadtaken Sandra up to their bedroom and collared her.

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   It was same type ofcollar Guy had put on me, only hers was red. Sandra and I hugged, kissedand cried on our knees. George promised Sandra he would learn todominate her and informed her that I was no longer her Mistress. "Cockslave," Guy uttered, "your Master requests that you release cuntfrom her service to you so that she may serve Master George. " "Master,may your cockslave stand?" "Yes you may, cockslave. " I rose and turnedto face Sandra. "Cunt, this cockslave will always feel love in her heartfor you. She is grateful for cunt's service and your love for her. Cunttruly lights up her Mistress' life. " Sandra was beginning to cry. "However, your Mistress' greatest concern is always for cunt's happinessand to further that, your Mistress releases you into the servitude ofMaster George. " I was crying now and Guy moved to comfort me. This alsomeant that Sandra and I were breaking up and how often I would see heroutside of a band context was now in doubt. "Master, may your cockslave please fetch a tissue?" "Yes cockslave, take as many as you need, " hegranted. "Thank you Master.

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  " I snared some out of the box on my dresserand then returned to my knees. "Master, may your cockslave  requestpermission from Master George to talk to his property?" "Master George,may this cockslave speak to your property?" "Yes you may, cockslave," heallowed. "Thank you Master George. " "Cunt,  this cockslave hopes thatour time together will have been beneficial for our relationship in theband and she will always look forward to watching you play alongsideher. If your Master permits it,  this cockslave hopes that cunt willstill visit her frequently. This cockslave's greatest pleasure, with theexception of serving Master, is hanging out with cunt," I informed her. Sandra raised her hand. "Yes cunt?" George recognized. "Master, maythis cunt ask Master Guy if she may speak to his property?' "Yes youmay, cunt" George tolerated. "Master Guy, may this cunt speak to yourproperty?" "Yes you may, cunt," he nodded. "Cockslave, this cunt  willalways hold you in her heart and is grateful for the opportunity toserve you and receive your love and training. It is also because ofcockslave that this cunt has met Master and for that she is also verygrateful and will do her best to serve Master and make him happy. . Thiscunt hopes that she and cockslave will continue to play together formany years in the band. " That renewed the waterworks as both of us werefeeling a deeper connection than I had ever suspected we had.

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   I wasfeeling very sad that I would no longer be able to count on seeingSandra and her cute face and lithe skinny body on a predictable basis,much less sleep with her and taste the contents of her tight hairlessslit.

I raised my hand. "Yes cockslave?" Guy wondered. "Master, your cockslavewould like to ask Master George for permission to make love to hisproperty one last time," I implored. "Yes, you may make that request,"Guy agreed. "Master George, may this cockslave make love to yourproperty one last time?" "Yes you may, cockslave," George signed off. Guythen told George he had some things he needed to discuss with him andthey went downstairs to my living room. .

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