The Time Shifter Chapter 10


Saturday night, I went up to Hollywood to Rodney's English Disco. Fuck, total glitter rock fierce! And I was overdressed in a tube topand hip huggers, as it turned out. Didn't have any platform heels,either, just my normal ones. But shit, it was crazy! Iggy Popexposing himself What the fuck? Had a few guys make passes at me,but nobody I was interested in. Got offered quaaludes (kids, askyour grandparents!) and cocaine. No thanks.

Sunday, went guitar shopping and picked up a used Gibson ES 335. Richie Blackmore used to play these before he went to Stratsfulltime. The most famous guys for them are probably Chuck Berry andLarry Carlton. They're great instruments, but real expensive.

Monday, the three chuckleheads who challenged my guitar skillswalked up to me again while I was eating lunch. "Where's yourguitar?" the party host asked me. "At home. " I declared "I said fuckit with hauling it around school today. " "Man, for a chick, you have quite a mouth on you. " "If you're gonna be a musician, gottatalk like one sunshine," I cracked.

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   "Where did you learn to playlike that?' "It's a little thing I like to call obsessivepracticing," I snarked irritably. "Well that and god given talent,"I immodestly elaborated, smiling sarcastically. "I've never seen achick play like that. " "How many female players have you seen?""Well, none. " "April Lawton, look into her. " "Never heard of her,but okay. "

"So are we done here?" I bristled. "Man, check the attitude on thischick," one of the host's friends remarked. "Actually, this is mebeing polite," I misdirected. "If you don't have anything more tosay piss off instead of standing there like a dumbass gawking atme. " I was loving being an asshole to these guys. I was acting allmad, but inside I was laughing my ass off. "What if we don't?" hereturned with typical teenage boy bravado. I smiled menacingly. "You're going to need lots of dental work," I riposted.

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   "Man, what abitch you are. " "Hey, it's Captain Obvious to the rescue! Any morenuggets of wisdom there Captain?"  I stood up, all 5'4" and 105pounds of me, and was sizing up where I was going to punch the guybefore I kicked his skull in. "Hey, what's that sound? Oh, the soundof a shrinking dick and it's coming from your direction!" I snarled. I can tell the guy wanted to hit me, but he couldn't or people wouldlabel him an abuser who beats up women. "Well oh tiny one?" Igoaded. "Fuck you!" he finally blurted. "Wow, your rhetoricaloriginality is breathtaking. Any more little bits of wisdom you wishto impart to us plebians Ozymandias?"

"Later bitch," he finally said and stalked off. "You just got ownedby a girl you faggot," I reminded him. I was about to go KermitWashington on him if he took a run at me. "I'm sure your mommy willdry your tears for you little boy. " I shouted after him. He and hisbuddies kept going.

After school, I was walking to my car when Mr. Host comes walking upto me again.

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   "Hey, that was pretty rude what you said to my friend,"he objected. "And your point is what, exactly?" I answered as Isurveyed his body to see where I was going to land my right foot. "What's your problem?" "Hmmm. Well bright boy, let's look at thetotals, shall we? By mere dint of me being a girl, you automaticallyassume I suck at guitar. That would be like me saying that justbecause you're a male you suck at raising children. And what, youthink I should just giggle and meekly agree with that? You not onlydon't understand women, you don't understand people. " "Man, you'rereally angry. " "Man, you're a narcissistic prick. Now I'm about 90seconds away from my car and a trip home. Your next sentence betterbe creative and interesting or I am outta here. " "Do you want tojam?" "Maybe in another lifetime there Skeezix. See ya. "  I smiledto myself as I skeedaddled away. He caught up with me again. "Howdid you do all that hammer on stuff on the fretboard?" "Dude, thereis a band called Van Halen.

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   They are just getting off the ground,but the guitarist in that band is the master of that style. Go seethem. " "How do you know about all these bands?" "It's called being amusic fan. Look into it. "

I walked away again, got into my car and went home. Eight days intothis adventure and things weren't going all that hot.

That Friday, I went to the Starwood, which was one of the coolestrock clubs in L. A. at the time, just to have something to do. So whodo I run into there? Randy fucking Rhoads! Except he was just 16 atthat time (he would turn 17 in December). I walked up to him andintroduced myself. I immediately began engaging him in aconversation about gear, guitar players, etc. He was pretty blownaway that this pretty little Korean girl knew all that stuff. Iinvited him to come over to my house for a jam. I had to go pick himup, which was a real hike, eventually entailing two round trips tohis house in Santa Monica and back.

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   Quiet Riot was still called Mach1 and had just formed after he had blown up his previous band, TheWhore.

Believe me, it was all I could do from slamming into "Crazy Train,"since he wouldn't join Ozzy for many more years afterward. So wejammed on Jeff Beck's "I Ain't Superstitious," Mountain's"Mississippi Queen," Mott the Hoople's "All the Young Dudes," acouple of Alice Cooper tracks, "Billion Dollar Babies" and "SchoolsOut," Uriah Heep's "Easy Livin'" and Black Sabbath's "War Pigs,"which I taught him. He didn't try to make one move on me, but he waspretty complimentary about my playing. I told him I was looking fora band situation and if he could hook me up I would reallyappreciate it. I made him dinner before I took him home. Before Ilet him out of the car, I gave him a big hug and a kiss on thecheek.

A few days after that, I visited his mom Dee's music school. She wasa super sweet lady and Randy and I jammed again, this time on someLed Zep, Jeff Beck's "Beck's Bolero" and Deep Purple's "Lazy. . " "Youwant a job here?" Mrs.   Rhoads joked. I didn't want to be a pest, soI made my excuses after giving her and Randy hugs and left and wentclothes shopping for rock star style threads. I bought a couple ofsatin jumpsuits, one red and the other white, red and white platformheels, a fake diamond choker and two pair of pants with a dragonsgoing up the sides of the legs, one white and one black. I wore thewhite pair plus the choker and the white platform shoes to schoolalong with a white cropped top the next day.

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   I looked so flash itwas unreal.

I then wore the same outfit to Rodney's English Disco that Fridaynight. I danced with a lot of guys, but met this one tall, skinnyblonde high school boy and we went out to my car and began makingout. I let him feel me up before I leaned my head down into his lapand sucked him off. I wasn't going to do the wild thing in my car,though, and stain my interior, so that was it for the lovin' fromhim and we re-entered the club. Some guy, who was probably high on acombination of yellow jackets (phenobarbital, a popular downer amonghousewives of the time that was going around but which weren't asstrong as quaaludes, though nonetheless still bad shit if misused)and wine, tried to pull my pants down and fuck me in a corner of theclub. Because I was in platform heels, I could only use my hands andbroke his nose, which was lucky for him. Security grabbed him andtossed him out.

I decided to put ads in Crawdaddy and Phonograph Record, two rockmagazines of the time, seeking bandmates. Music Connection wouldn'tbe around yet for another five years. The ad said, "Virtuosoguitarist in Southern California area, influences Page andBlackmore, looking for professional band to join. Have pro equipmentfor hard rock covers and/or originals. I am a female. If that is aproblem for you don't contact me! I am probably better than youanyway. No flakes, druggies or losers!.

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  " Then I left a P. O. box forthem to reach me at. It would take at least another month before itwould show up in those magazines, so all I could do was sit tightand hope for the best.

One thing that was really frustrating me were all the great albumsthat wouldn't come out until 1974, some of it really seminal stuff. So I couldn't perform those songs until they hit the street. Forexample, the first Judas Priest record wasn't out until that year,nor was Queen's Sheer Heart Attack, the album that helped break themin the U. S. The Scorpions "Fly to the Rainbow and UFO's first recordwith Michael Schenker were also products of '74.

Anyway, Monday, I went to school wearing the red jumpsuit, which wasin a style that Joan Jett would be known for when she played in theRunaways, and the similarly colored platform heels, I went bralessunderneath it and wore red panties. I felt like the Big Rockstar onCampus. A lot of my classmates, though, weren't as thrilled becausethe hippie surfer culture was still the most predominant at the timeand anything that stands out significantly in a high school tends toget hammered. Nobody, though, said anything to my face about it, butI could see it in the expressions on their faces. Fuck 'em.

Tuesday, I dressed in a white leather drawstring bustier, flaredwhite leather pants and chunky white four inch heels.

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   Back then,school dress codes were becoming more and more lax as attitudesstated that dress codes=inhibiting freedom of expression. I lookedfucking hot in that outfit. Wednesday, it was back to something moreunderstated, a white cropped shirt with high waisted flared bluejeans and black heels. Thursday, I dialed it back even more withjust plain jeans, a white hippie shirt and sandals. But Friday, Idressed in a black leather halter top, black leather mini skirt,black thigh high stockings, black lacy panties, black four inchheels, dark sunglasses, a leather motorcycle cap and the fauxdiamond choker. I wore that outfit to Rodney's that night and had myfirst fuck since this transformation.

I danced with this guy who claimed he played guitar in a new bandthat hadn't started doing gigs yet. He was probably 6'3" but railthin with a shag haircut and dressed all in white. He looked verycool, I thought. He had some attitude, too, but he didn't give meshit about being female and playing guitar. Instead, he bought me acouple of drinks while we talked about music and gear. Wesubsequently left the club because it was getting just a mighttoasty in there and went into the alley off the small parking lotbehind it. We started making out with my back to the wall of thebuilding and he shoved his hand up my top and manipulated my leftboob. I returned the favor by unzipping his trousers and fondlinghis cock, which was already hard at about 8 inches. He led me intothe parking lot and had me bend over with my hands againstsomebody's car and yanked my panties down to my knees, pushed myskirt up and penetrated me deeply with his red rocket.

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   It was thebiggest organ I had received as a female and it felt really, reallygood. I guess when I inherited Sung-hi Lee's body I was given thebroken in model because there was no pain at all. He grasped my hipsand, with each passing minute, his thrusts became more frantic and Imoaned to him to not stop. Our orgasmic screams echoed around thesurrounding buildings as he shot his load into me while the spasmingof my vaginal muscles shook me to my foundation. I wiped my pussywith some tissues from my purse and then restored my modesty. Wehung out about another ten minutes before we re-entered the club.

I knew this was just going to be recreational sex, so when we losteach other in the club I wasn't put out about it. Then some whitegirl, who looked about 15, wearing a see through top, a micro skirtand go go boots came up to me and, without any prompting at all,laid one hard, passionate kiss on me. She was obviously high,probably on wine and speed. I pulled her top up and began sucking onthe nipples of her A cups while my righthand found her pussy. Sheheld me while my suction created a pulling sensation on her milkducts. I came up for air and suggested we go out to my car. Sheaccepted and she got into my backseat and I followed her. I removedmy panties and pulled my top off while I deprived her of herpanties. We got into a scissors position and forced our soft, moistpussies against each other and, a few minutes later, we wereattaining mutual ecstasy.

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   "Oh my God, that was so far out," shepanted. I held her for a while telling her how pretty she was. Weput our clothes back on. She had come to the club alone, so I droveher home. That was enough for me and I hightailed it back to myabode as well.

Saturday night, I went to the Starwood pretty much just to hang out. I was just in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. The bands weren'tanything to write home about, though. So I went up to the singer ofone of them and told him I could play circles around their guitaristand they should bring me aboard. He brought me backstage and ratherderisively, it felt to me, said, "this chick wants to show off herguitar playing," which was met with a lot of eye rolling by theother musicians. They gave me a Les Paul plugged into a Marshall. Iwarmed up with some harmonic minor scales and then went into LedZeppelin's "The Song Remains the Same" I got through the tune andthen asked, "you want me to play another?" One of the guys indicatedhe wanted to see what else I could do, I pulled off "Highway Star. ""Fuck dude, she can play!" someone remarked. Then I launched into atune from Billy Cobham's "Spectrum" album, which had Tommy Bolin onguitar. "Face it motherfuckers, she's the best guitar player in thisroom right now," another conceded.


   I rolled into "Roundabout" byYes. "Shit man, you kick ass. What did you say your name was?" thesinger asked. "Melody Kang," I informed him. "That's pretty funnyyou would have that first name and smoke on guitar," he observed. "Yeah. Actually, it's not my real name, but nobody can pronounce myKorean name properly. " "So you want the job, man?" he  asked. "Whereare you guys based?" I wondered. "In the (San Fernando) Valley. ""Shit, sorry, but that's too far. If you ever move to Hollywood orLong Beach or something, let me know," I told them, and walked out. . is the high-class online escort agency in Belgium!

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