The Time Shifter Chapter 21


I was now into the final semester of my high school career. I hadthree classes since I only needed two to graduate, so I was goinghome after that. Pete and Joe left at lunch since they each neededone more class than I did. They came over to my place and we spent alot of time jamming. God, playing in a band is fun! I made dinnerfor them and me and we jammed some more before they went home.

I went to the activities director of my school Monday morning andspoke to them about playing prom. He said no because all the SuzyRah Rah types complained that we were too heavy. This gave my evillittle mind an idea.

But first, I asked him about playing the last day of the semesterafter school let out. We would put on our entire show, complete withpyro, and they could sell food during it to raise money, though Iadmittedly couldn't guarantee how many people would stick around towatch after summer vacation began. He liked that idea, especiallysince we were playing for free. Even if they made a few hundredbucks it would be more than they would have garnered otherwise. Aesthetically, since we opened the school year with a gig it wasfitting we close it with another. It also allowed Pete, Joe and meto get in another chance to show off to our soon to be ex-classmatesbefore we bid the place sayonara.

After Pete and Joe came to my house to jam once they were throughwith school for the day, I pushed for us to do a Led Zeppelintribute show at the same legion hall we had played at before on thesame night as prom. This would entail us learning a shitload of newsongs over the next three months, but we already knew a few.

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   Itwould be a good challenge to undertake. We then told the other bandmembers about it over the phone and we would begin rehearsing everyday for it except Sundays. Danny was especially enthusiastic becausehe could get into his Robert Plant persona bigtime.

Wednesday, we learned "Communication Breakdown" and "Good Times BadTimes. " Afterward, we hashed out a set list that looked like this:

We would open with "Rock and Roll" and after Danny talked to thecrowd, we would do "Heartbreaker," "Immigrant Song" and "The Rover. "Followng another break, we would slam out "Good Times, Bad Times,""When the Levee Breaks," and "Trampled Underfoot. " Another stage rapfrom Danny would be followed by "Four Sticks," "Whole Lotta Love"and "Celebration Day. " In the wake of another break would be, "WhiteSummer," "Travelin' Riverside Blues" and "Dazed and Confused," whichwe would extend out into a 20 minute jam with five minutes of that adrum solo from Cliff. Then we would get the acoustic guitars out for"Gallows Pole," "Over the Hills and Far Away," Babe, I'm Gonna LeaveYou" and "Going to California. " Then we would come back withelectrics for "No Quarter," "Kashmir" and "Black Dog. "

That would conclude the main set. The first encore would be "Battleof Evermore," "The Lemon Song" and "Living Loving Maid . " For thesecond encore, we would do 'Stairway to Heaven" and "The SongRemains the Same. " If they still wanted more, we would conclude with"Thank You. " That should time out at close to three hours, which isa good amount of entertainment for $5, even back in 1975.

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I booked the hall and we had fliers printed up. We distributed themto just about everyone in school by shoving them in their lockersone day after classes had let out. On it, was the headline, "ATribute to Led Zeppelin by Atomic Sunrise" with the date, ourpicture and then "five reasons to come to our show rather than go toprom: 1. The music won't suck; 2. No teachers or administratorsallowed; 3. $5, not the hundreds you put out for prom; 4. Come injeans and t-shirts rather than dressing in an uncomfortable tux or asuit like your grandpa; 5. The money goes to a good rock and rollband so we can do more shows and not to some school crap you don'tcare about!"

Joe, Pete and I got called into the principal's office about it andI warned him that the ACLU was in his future if he retaliatedagainst us for our concert. That cooled his jets. But the rah rahtypes hit me up in class about it. "Don't you have any schoolspirit?" they inanely accused. "Sweety," I responded in my mostpatronizing tone of voice, "the people at this school not only don'tgive a shit about you as an individual, but all you are to them is afew thousand dollars in state education funds. If you believeanything else you are being pathetically naive. And really, the kindof people who go around talking about 'school spirit' aren't muchdifferent personalitywise from those who run Communist China. " Thatshut those bitches up.

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   I couldn't have been prouder of how much mylittle 200 seat gig was upsetting those cunts. It was a beautifulsendoff to my career there.

What was especially stupid about the uproar was that probably mostof the kids who ultimately chose to come to our gig (and we did sellit out) weren't going to prom anyway. In fact, probably 25% of theattendees weren't even high school age because they were youngerbrothers/sisters of students who went to my school or friendsthereof. That the administration had to allow us to go through withour last day of school show or risk being sued made the whole thingmore delicious. I had Bobby bring Frank in as an extra hand for theshow just in case. I also upped their pay to $50 apiece as an extraincentive to keep the peace.

Anyway, the next three months were a blur. Go to school, go home,rehearse, eat, sleep, rinse and repeat. Seemingly before we knew it,the day of prom came. Just to stick the needle in further, Ireminded everybody about my band's show during my classes that day. ,which pissed the empty headed rah rahs off again. Because Pete, Joeand I got out of school earlier, we were able to begin load in atfour and had soundchecked by six. At eight, we came on as scheduledand just leveled the place. We also sold more than enough food anddrink to cover our expenses, leaving what we gleaned from ticketsales as pure profit that got divided up evenly among the bandmembers.

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   All in all, the best night financially we ever had sincethe band formed.

IIn the news. though, Richie Blackmore left Deep Purple in April. Iwas massively bummed. They would bring in Tommy Bolin, late ofZephyr,  the James Gang and Billy Cobham's group,  release one realpiece of shit album six months later and then, following adisastrous tour, they would break up.

That left only three more weeks until school was over and our finalshow. We had a couple practice runs through our set list for thatgig, but didn't need to really rehearse that hard for it. Having tocram for all those Zep tunes as well as our previous experience hadmorphed us into a smooth running machine. We had developed thattelepathy with each other that makes a band truly tight.

Aside from the release of Zep's "Physical Graffiti album that cameout in February, Rush put out "Fly By Night," Bob Dylan "Blood onthe Tracks," Kiss with "Dressed to Kill," Jeff Beck with "Blow byBlow," The Dictators with their hilarious debut (worth it just forthe song, 'Master Race Rock'), Aerosmith with "Toys  in the Attic"and on and on and on.

The final day of school, we soundchecked during sixth period. At2:15, school was finished for summer. At 2:30, we were kicking ourset off with "Now I'm Here" amid volleys of pyro. Surprisingly,several hundred students piled into the amphitheater to watch us andwe milked the shit out of it for two hours before Danny declared,"we're out of here motherfuckers!" during the end of "DoctorDoctor," the last song we would ever play on campus.

We loaded out and, once the equipment had been put back in itsstoreroom in my home, I invited Pete to have a shower with me.

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  "Fuck, this was a bitchin' way to end high school," he smiled as helooked down into my eyes while the water cascaded over us. I agreedand we shared a long, heated kiss. I felt not just the high from theadulation of the audience and the exertion of running around onstage, but the warmth of Pete's affection and the water that wasrepeatedly striking my naked skin. I endeavored to savor it all.

I went down on my knees, grasped Pete's already hard schlong andinserted it into my mouth. My lips coasted over his engorged shaftwhile his shoulders and back were enjoying a liquid massage. Some ofthe water from the shower spray entered my mouth as I licked up anddown Pete's meat stick and sucked on his balls. I put histhunderstick back in my mouth and bobbed my head up and down on it,eventually inspiring him to reward me with his thick load.

I saw the lust in his eyes as he scanned my body while hechivalrously toweled me off. That amplified the slick, hotsensations between my vaginal walls and Pete aggravated my achingfor his cock further with his lips and tongue on my clit thatspurred me to a number of orgasms before he finally shoved it intome and gave my insides a massage of their own, my legs locked aroundhis back while he speared me time and again. The orgasms visitedupon me had their usual sweet note when they were from Pete and Iwas smiling subconsciously with each thrust. His grunts andbreathing started to take on a rough, rushed quality and reached acrescendo when he flushed his balls into my sperm receptacle.

We laid there for a long while silently, with him cuddling me. Finally, I got up to use the bathroom and then make dinner, which Iserved in bed with glasses of wine. We then had a mellow rest of thenight watching tv.

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   He spent the night with me and then I madebreakfast for him in the morning. I put on a bikini and we went tohis house so he could put some swim trunks on and we headed to thebeach. I told him he was welcome to hit on anyone he saw fit.

While walking down the strand toward the area of the beach, Iespecially liked, we ran into Darrell and his buddies who were backat the rental unit I met him at last year. "Hey Melody! Longtime nosee mama!" he burbled. He looked like he had been doing a littledrinking. I introduced Pete to him as the bass player in my band asopposed to my fuck buddy and they did the soul handshake. He told methat there was a party at his place the next night (which was aFriday). I promised both Pete and I would be there and then excusedourselves so we could enjoy the rest of our time on the sand.

No matter what I told Pete, we nonetheless acted like lovers. Wewalked down the water's edge holding hands, we exchanged occasionalkisses while laying on our towels and teased each other with dumblittle jokes. We had a late lunch and then went home, where I madeboth peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies for the party. I alsochanged the strings on my Epiphone acoustic (I normally used aGibson for gigs) since I hadn't played it in forever and was goingto take it with me. I used a rubber band to hook a slide on to it,too, for songs that required it. I stayed up learning some Eaglesand more Joni Mitchell tunes.

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   I went to sleep about 4 a. m. and wokeup at noon. You gotta love being a musician!

After breakfast for lunchtime, I guess you could call it, I donned alight blue OP bikini and flip flops. For several hours after that, Ilaid in bed playing acoustic guitar while watching tv with the soundoff. Pete came over around four and we had dinner before heading tothe party at seven. Again, I told him to use the opportunity to finda proper girlfriend or just to get some recreational pussy because Iwas going to sleep with whoever struck my fancy. I put out the bigTupperware containers of cookies for my fellow partiers, snagged abrewski and mingled. There was somewhere around 40 people there. Theback bedrooms were open for what is euphemistically known as"extracurricular. " I hadn't been there more than about 20 minutesbefore Darrell buttonholed me, dragged me to one of the upstairsunits and drilled my brains out. His dick fit my pussy perfectly andI got off bigtime. I'm sure everybody in the neighborhood heard meas he reamed me from behind since the sliding glass door leading tohis veranda was left open the whole time.

I used his hair brush to fix the bed hair I had incurred while heravaged my slit and we returned to the party. Nobody said anything,but Darrell got some congratulatory fives from a couple of hisbuddies.

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   I saw Pete over in the corner talking to what appeared tobe a high school age brunette. They each took pulls on one ofseveral joints that was making the rounds and passed it on and thatwas apparently having a good effect in loosening their inhibitionsenough so that they could get to know each other. I was gratifiedthat I saw people eating my cookies. Several minutes later, one ofDarrell's friends hit on me. He was pretty foxy, though skinnierthan Darrell was. He got me another beer and I toked on a spliffwhile we chatted. He started teasing me and showed a pretty cutesense of humor, which was making me wet again. I took a draw onanother doobie that landed in my hand and I was now feeling reallymellow and accommodating. I started touching the guy, who was namedMatt, and he took that ball and ran with it, grabbing my hand andpulling me into one of the bedrooms, where he climbed on top of me,kissed me from head to toe, ate me out to a few orgasms and thenjammed his cock into me. We did the old in and out for a while and Iwas having a very nice time, to put it mildly. He streamed his semeninto me. Just at that moment, another (temporary?) couple barged inon us and wanted to use the bed. I ran off to the batthroom to cleanMatt's spunk off of me while the pair took our place in the sack.

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