The Time Shifter Chapter 4


When I woke up, it was pert near four. She wasn't in bed with me,either. I figured she had gone home. I got up and did my business inthe bathroom and then brushed my teeth and combed my hair. When Icame out of the bathroom, I saw her sitting on the couch watchingtv. "Hey sleepyhead!" she chirped. "Hey good lookin,' what'scookin'? I grinned in English. "Don't speak English around me. Itmakes me feel dumb," she whined. I gave her a very approximatetranslation. "Oi kawaii oneesan, nanika omoshiroi koto aru?" Shegiggled and pushed me in a joking manner when I sat next to her. "You seem in a much happier mood now," I observed. "Maybe," sheshyly admitted. "But don't tell anyone what I said to you lastnight. I'd have to commit suicide," she overdramatized. "Don'tworry, Iijima-san, I'm a 'mind your own business' kind of guy.

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  . ""Call me Ai," she demanded. "Can I call you 'Ai-chan," since we'vegotten to know each other?" "Yeah, go ahead. Everybody else calls methat. "

"You play guitar, right?" "Yeah, guitar, piano and synthesizer. ""Okay, play me a song," she ordered. So I did the Van Halen versionof the old blues song, "Ice Cream Man. " "That was amazing!" shesmiled. "Play me another one, but without disturbing the neighborsthis time," she cracked. So I did UFO's "Try Me" on acoustic guitar. Then she wanted another and I did John Lee Hooker's "One Bourbon,One Scotch, One Beer. " and she kept asking me for more. I insertedher name into Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Gimme Three Steps. " I played for herabout 90 minutes.

I made dinner for her again.

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   "Hey, you're not doing this for me justbecause I'm famous, right?' she feared. "Ai-chan, don't take thiswrong, but to tell you the truth, I couldn't care less if you werefamous or if you were a cashier at the supermarket. I only do stuffthat's fun for me and doing this stuff for you is fun. When it stopsbeing fun then I won't do it. I would kinda like to just be tworegular people endeavoring to enjoy life. " Suddenly, she blurted,"Do you mind if I sleep with you again tonight?" "Sure!" Iresponded. I  guess that was her way of saying that she was gettingto trust me.

She went back to her apartment and took a long bath and knockedagain at my door. When I answered, she was in pajamas and lookedadorable and sexy. "Those pajamas really look good on you!" I toldher. She smiled at that remark. I went to shower and came backwearing another pair of jeans. "You're going to bed again in thosejeans?" she riposted in a tone that was more akin to, "what are youthinking?" "Actually Ai-chan, I usually just sleep in my boxers. ""That's fine," she evaluated. "But don't wear jeans to bed again,okay?"

We watched tv until 11.

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   I switched the light off and we got into thesame posture from the night before, both of us on your sides and meholding her. Then she suddenly rotated her body and her head was onmy shoulder, her face mere inches from mine. I stroked her cheekwith the back of my fingers and her left arm draped across my chest. "Do you have to work tomorrow?" "Yeah, I'm going to be pretty busythe next few days," she revealed. "Am I going to see you at all?" Iasked. "We'll have to see. Sometimes everybody goes out drinkingafter the shows are over. " "Listen Ai-chan, don't drink too much,okay? I don't want to have to worry about you. " "That's reallysweet, but there's nothing I can really do about it," she lectured. "This kind of drinking is part of our Japanese culture. " "Yeah, Iknow. That doesn't mean I have to like it. I don't want you to runyourself into the ground, so make sure you're eating right and getplenty of rest. Don't leave tomorrow before I can get a goodbreakfast into you. " "Okay, mom," she needled.

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   We both had a goodchuckle over that one. I wrapped her up in both of my arms and wewent off to dreamland.

When I awoke the next morning, she had already left. I was pissed. But then again, she also probably figured she had overstayed herwelcome anyway and didn't want to inconvenience me any further. Ididn't see her at all that entire weekend. I even knocked at herdoor a couple of times intending to make dinner for her again, butthere was no answer. She was perhaps getting home when I was alreadyasleep. Finally, Monday afternoon, she knocked at my door andinvited me to her apartment. "How did everything go?" I quizzed. "Ohmy God, I was so busy! Ugh. Then I had to go out with my managementcompany's staff one night and with a network production staffSaturday. Sunday, I felt like shit but I still had to function. "

"Hey listen Ai-chan, I realize we just barely know each other, but Iwas pretty upset when you left Friday morning without letting memake you breakfast. It made me worry more about you.

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   It's not animposition on me, okay?" "Sorry," she apologized. "So anything youwant to talk about from this weekend?" That question got hernattering on a while and she got off some real zingers about whatshe had to deal with. She subsequently prepared dinner as a way ofrepaying me for what I had done for her. She also disclosed that shedidn't have any obligations for the next three days. I wasn't surehow to handle that revelation. Should  I ask her out on a date?Should I expect to make dinner for her? Or what else?

When it got to be about nine, I said I better go so she could getsome much needed sleep. "Why, are you bored?" she inferred, soundinghurt. "I'm not bored, Ai-chan. I just don't want to be anotherperson wanting your time. However, if you want me to stay, I'mdefinitely up for it. " The latter sentence perked her up. "Um, canyou stay overnight?" she pleaded. "That would be great," I retorted. "Come on, let's go take a bath together," she proposed. "Uh,Ai-chan, I don't think your tub will be big enough for the two ofus.

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   But we can shower together if you want. " She agreed to that andso I got to see her completely naked for the first time in the fleshrather than in a magazine. I couldn't help but to get hard and shegasped when she saw my cock at full extension. "Ookii! (it's sobig!)" she blurted. "Why have you been hiding this from me?" shejoked while holding it in her hand. "Ai-chan, you owe me a kiss forbeing allowed to touch it," I snarked. "I never saw one this bigwhile I was still in porn!" she giggled. "How about that kissAi-chan?" "Oh, okay," she tolerated, feigning a pout. I encircledher body with my arms and we made out somewhat heatedly for aboutfive minutes before we actually decided to wash ourselves.

After we toweled off, I picked her up and took her right to bed. "You're not just going to use me and then throw me away, right?" shehoped to confirm. "As long as you can put up with me I'll want youaround Ai-chan," I reassured her. I fell into bed next to her andshe reached out with her arms and I felt her lips on mine, our ardorrising as they slipped and slid over each other. We then opened themto receive tongues. I held her nude body tight while attempted toconvey wordlessly with my mouth how much I cared about her.

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   When webroke the kiss, she looked up at me, her eyes searching forvalidation before I went in for another sampling of her soft, moistlips and then went for her ears. In Japan, the ear is an erogenouszone and many Japanese women love having the ridges of their earslicked with the tip of the tongue. I traced the line of Ai's ear ridges, which added to the arousal that was just under way for her. I lowered my head a tad and kissed and lightly nicked with my teethher neck before laying kisses on her forehead, nose, lips, chin andback up to her eyelids and then to her mouth yet again.

Ai's nipples were stiff because I had been teasing them while Iheatedly kissed her, so I bounced my head southward to get a tasteof those rigid milk ducts. I rolled her over and massaged her neck,her back and hips for 15 minutes. She was in a really perky frame ofmind after that and I had her turn over and slithered my tongue allaround her vulva, nuzzling her opening with the tip of my indexfinger as my tongue crawled around the hood of her clit. Irepeatedly kneaded it, sucked it and rubbed it for the next 30minutes or so, drowning her in tidal waves of pleasure, her cries of"Iku (I'm cumming)!" as beautiful to my ears as a Mozart Sonata.

I loomed over her and looked down into her gorgeous brown eyes. "Ai-chan, you can stop this at any time and I won't get mad. " "Doit!" she panted and I trespassed her ocean with my flesh torpedo. "Ahhhhh, ookii!" she moaned as I submarined my cock through thewetness that enveloped it, provoking frequent cries of "kimochi ii(that feels so good!)," both of us captives of our primal drives. myhips propelling my flesh lance into her as much as I could and herlong, pink nails leaving scratches on my back as she approachedliftoff, culminating in rapid pants and a choked, gasping cry of"I'm cumming!" . I was a man on a mission and wanted to make her saythat as much as possible. I bullied her pussy into spasming wildlyfive more times before I firehosed her womb with my sperm.

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"Why did you cum inside me?" she asked. "Because I wanted to," Inotified her. "What if I get pregnant?" "I had a vasectomy. So don'tworry about it," I stretched the truth again. "That's a relief!" sheexhaled. "So you're going to stay tomorrow and the day after, too,right?" I was curious. "If I won't be in your way," she stated. "Actually, you'll be in the way if you're not here, you know whatI'm saying?" "Yeah, because you'll worry about me. " "You arecorrect, madam. " I kissed her and fell into a deep sleep.

Tuesday, after I had restocked the small fridge (relative to anAmerican one) with a run to the supermarket and done some housework,I laid down a couple of towels on the floor and gave her a head totoe massage. I also told her that I wasn't making lunch becausedinner would be so calorie packed since I was making FettuccineAlfredo with meat balls and garlic bread. "It's so nice to be ableto stay home and eat like this," Ai-chan celebrated. "I hate goingout. So many people want to be seen with me but none of them want tobe real friends.

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  " "Yeah, that's kind of the nature of celebrity," Iadvocated. "I think a lot of people would be surprised at how mellowyou are in real life. " "Yeah. If they found out, though, they wouldprobably be so disappointed because they want someone to lead thelife they can't for their entertainment. Fans are kinda likeparasites. " "I never thought about it in that way before, Ai-chan,but that's a pretty astute comment," I supported.

I indulged my rock star fantasies in my music room for a couple ofhours and then held Ai while we watched tv together. God, Japanesetv sucks. "Don't you get tired of watching this crap?" I asked. "Yeah, but it's one way for me to find out what people are talkingabout or who said what stupid thing and I'll have an opinion aboutit when someone asks me since that's basically my job. " "Fuck,having to pay attention to celebutards all day, that would be like aform of hell for me," I proclaimed. "Celebutard? What's that?" "It'sa made up word that combines the words, "celebrity" with "retard," Iexplained. "Oh my God! That's really mean! If I said that, I wouldget kicked off the air because it would be too over the top for thesensibilities of the average Japanese," she  asserted. "Yeah, weAmericans can be pretty nasty sometimes about stuff we don't like. Viciously attacking celebrities is kind of our second unofficialnational sport only after worshipping them.

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  " She got a good laughout of that.

"You know, Ai-chan, you should live in the U. S. Almost nobody thereknows who you are unless you go to places that have a big Japanesecommunity such as Gardena, Torrance or Seattle or something. Youcould clear your calendar for a couple of months and live inCalifornia with me. " "But then I'm not making any money," sheretorted. "Yeah, but look at it this way: you can't even go outwithout a bunch of idiots running up to you for an autograph or apicture or something. So it's a matter of what you value the most,your freedom or your cash. I'd like to take you out without someonefrom Friday (a Japanese gossip mag) or a paparazzo tailing us. Icertainly don't want the publicity because I like my anonymity. ""But I don't speak English, Jack-kun. I'd feel lost. " "Ai-chan. you'd probably pick up English in a couple of years. Besides, I canteach you a lot.



"Listen Ai-chan, where are your friends now? I don't see them comingover to hang out with you. If you go to a place where people don'tknow you then you not only don't have the baggage of what you didhere, but you can make real friends who only know you as 'Ai fromthe block. ' and therefore as a real person. The environment you'rein right now is toxic to your mental health and it's going to killyou unless you do a re-think. "

"By the way, is 'Ai Iijima' your show business name or is it yourreal name?" "It's my show business name, Jack-kun. My real name isMatsue Okubo. Anyway, I don't know what to do about it because Ihave to make a living. " "First, I'm going to call you Matsue-sanbecause that is the real you. Secondly, by staying where you areyou're trapping yourself into this box as the 'Ai Iijima image. ' Itlimits what you can do in the future. Yeah, what you try to do inthe future may not pan out. But at least you will have taken thechance and won't have any regrets. "

"Also," I continued, "when you assume a new identity, you're runningaway from what you really are and so you never deal with the issueof who you are at bottom. This is why so many celebrities areincredibly neurotic. I can see changing your name for privacyreasons, but you changed your name to basically run from your trueself and it's just not constructive.

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   At some point, you're going tohave to learn to put the Ai Iijima act to bed and live as MatsueOkubo much like how Alice Cooper returns to being Vince Furnier whenhe isn't on stage or doing interviews. The people who are watchingyou don't want Matsue Okubo, they want the titillation of your AiIijima act. So in your mind you have to begin separating the two tosave your sanity. "

She cried in the wake of that tirade. I sat next to her and heldher. "Listen, when I go on stage, I adopt the persona of this wildand crazy guitar hero dude, but when I leave the club I'm just Jackwho grew up in a working class part of Southern California. Someguys want to be Joe Rockstar 24/7, but that's insane! You can't dothat because it will destroy you and it only masks underlying selfesteem issues that you never deal with because you constantly seekenvironments where people kiss your ass all day long even thoughthey don't even want to know the real you,  but this cartoon you'vecreated. Your foundation as a human being is being Matsue Okubo, notAi Iijima. "

"But Matsue Okubo is a rape victim who didn't get along with herfamily. I don't want to be those things," she sniffled. "Exactly. Soyou use your persona as Ai Ijima to seek validation as somethingyou're not while completely forsaking obtaining that validation asMatsue Okubo. The first thing you have to do, Matsue-san, is likeyourself. You felt so ashamed being raped that you ran away fromyourself. That's giving your rapist a hell of a lot of power overyour life.

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   You aren't alone. There are thousands of women raped inJapan every year, so you don't have to hate yourself for it. Andeverybody has a different personality, so inevitably peoplesometimes don't see eye to eye with their families. It happens. Nowthe question is, what do you learn from that and then how do youmove on from it? If you try to suppress that, it always comes out insome way in the end. By recognizing it for what it is and notblaming yourself for things that other people did to you, it makesit easier to deal with. But that also requires that you be honestwith yourself. Then you reset your life and endeavor to become thebest human being you can. "

"So what should I do?" she asked. "When you're at home, you'reMatsue Okubo. When you're working, you put on the makeup and do yourAi Iijima act, but look at it only as an act. Then you come home andpursue your real interests and hang out with your real friends. Doyou think you can make that separation?" "That's prettyschizophrenic, but I guess I should give it a shot. " "Good girl,Matsue-san. "

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