The Time Shifter Chapter 45


It was now March and spring was definitely in the air. The weatherwas gorgeous. He had "Basket Case" by Green Day down cold and Iopted to begin teaching him a couple of AC/DC tunes, "Highway toHell" and "Dirty Deeds. " He was able to knock those down in fairlyquick succession and I moved him on over to "Black Dog" by LedZeppelin to try to stretch his ability further while also making himmemorize all the major and minor pentatonic scales in all positions. We would usually play for 4-5 hours a day and, increasingly, he waseating dinner with me rather than his family. Because he was quicklyimproving on guitar, doing well in school, getting laid basicallyanytime he wanted and was squiring around one of the hottest girlsin town, let alone the school (i. e. , me), he was beginning todevelop a bit of a swagger. Other chicks on our campus picked up onthat and, coupled with me openly sharing the praises of his oral andpenile skills, he was getting a hell of a lot more female attentionthan he did only months earlier. Moreover, because he was with me alot, he could be more selective about who he talked to. That lack ofeasy availability boosted his attractiveness even further.

What may have added to that mounting self confidence was my pleadingone day that he be rougher with me in bed. I asked him to spank mehard while he fucked me and to not just talk dirty to me, but tocall me names. He took to that stuff like a fish in water and evenbegan insulting me in public (albeit when nobody else could hearus). For example, when we met up in the morning for the walk toschool, he sometimes said, "good morning my little slut. " That mademe so wet that I would wish he would throw me down on the sidewalkand rape me right there.

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   He would tell me, "as soon as we get toyour house, you'll get your mouth on my dick," and shit like that. He also started skullfucking me, something he never even tried to dobefore. It was like a new facet to his personality was manifestingitself after he had been keeping it under wraps or he didn't know itwas there. It made me much hotter for him. I wanted to become hisslave, but he was really too young to own another human being yet. I'm not sure he consciously even realized what he was doing when hedenigrated me. I did warn him that he better not get carried awaywith it because there are limits. In fact, one afternoon in April,after he had dealt me a particularly fierce rutting, he asked me ifI was mad at him. I replied in the negative and he reacted byreferring to me as his "good little slut. " I could only gigglebecause the characterization was accurate.

In the wake of that, he would slap my ass hard as we made our way toschool, which also made me wet, or he would pin me down in bed andtickle me until I was breathless. I suspected at some point he wouldgo after my asshole and so I bought a tube of Astroglide and somecondoms just in case. Anal wasn't, and still isn't, my thing, butthere was nothing I could do about it if he decided he wanted itbecause he could just overpower me.

Now it was no secret that teens look at internet porn. Kevin didn'tat my house because I didn't have a pc first of all, just a coupleof laptops I used.

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   I wondered if he looked at any BDSM material. Iwasn't sure I wanted to suggest that he do that at his age.

On June 3rd, he had his 15th birthday. When he came over to pick meup to set out for school, I was totally naked when I let him inexcept for a big red bow I tied around my hips. "Happy birthday,honey!" I bubbled before hugging and kissing him. I handed him acard, which was enclosed in an envelope. He opened the envelope andread the card. "For You," it said on the front and, when he flippedit open, he read the words I had wriitten earlier in it: "I give toyou for your birthday all of my love. May I please be yourgirlfriend?" "Woah," he exclaimed. He threw his arms around me andpassionately kissed me. "You're the most awesome girlfriend ever!,"he assessed, smiling. "Now suck my dick," he firmly ordered. I wentright to my knees and swaddled his cock with my lips and tongue. Hewas already hard, having probably turned to stone when he saw mynude state. He placed his hands on either side of my head and reamedmy mouth and throat with his battering ram until he drained hisballs into my belly.

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   "That's a good slut," he approved. "Now hurryup and get dressed. " I had already prepared an outfit, a whitesundress, white panties, white pantyhose and strappy white heelsand, once I had disposed of the bow,  hurriedly pulled everythingon. I held on to his arm as we ambled toward our campus, my head onhis shoulder.

When we got there, we still had about 15 minutes before classstarted. We sat on part of a long bench near one of the classroombuildings. He pulled my shoulder into him and, with his other hand,slid his fingers up and down my thigh, feeling the material of thenylons. "You look so awesome, babe," he critiqued. "Thanks sweety,"I answered. He kissed me softly and then we gabbed about nothing inparticular before we had to piss off for our respective classes.

When I met him for lunch, I confirmed something that I hadn't reallypaid attention to before: he had grown a couple of inches over thepast several months. When I first met him, he was my height. Now Iwas looking up at him. His cock was also a full six inches. He wasstill a few inches shorter than his dad, so I wondered how tall hewould end up being.

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On the walk home from school, he turned to me at one point and said,"you know what I want for my birthday?" "No honey, what is it?" "Iwant that ass," he disclosed with a wicked smile, grabbing a handfulof my butt cheek over my shorts. "Ewww," I refused. "That wouldbe really painful and disgusting," I went on. "Yeah, but you're mygood little slut and you're going to give it up," he asserted. Assoon as he uttered that phrase, the lubrication faucet in my cuntactivated. I giggled nervously and held his arm tighter with mine. "I knew it," he chuckled.

When we transgressed the threshold of my front door, my stomachbecame unsettled due to what was ahead. "Get your clothes off andlay on the bed on your stomach," he commanded. He went to thebathroom and, after I stripped, I pulled the lube and condoms out ofa drawer in my nightstand and left them on top of it. He came intomy bedroom and removed his clothes while I lay there waiting to seewhat he would do. He saw the Astroglide and Trojans and snarked,"you're prepared. What, were you in the Girl Scouts?" he cracked. ""Or the Slut Scouts," he added. I laughed.

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What I didn't know was that he had been reading up on how to do analon the net and actually had gotten ahold of his own lube andrubbers. He brought them into bed with him when he kneeled betweenmy open legs and then I felt some of the oil being squirted into myanus. He slathered some on to his now sheathed dick. I knew I neededto relax and made my body go limp. I then felt him trying to pushthe head of his penis through my tight pucker  He managed to pop itin and I felt his soft but still firm cockhead inside me and thenthe sensation of it burrowing into me. It hurt. A lot. I writhed andsquealed while he buried it all at once inside me and he held itthere to allow my back channel to become accustomed to the invasion. It felt like my anal walls were spasming around his fuck stick. "Fuck, this feels epic!" he enthused. Very gingerly,  he startedwithdrawing and then re-entering my fudge tunnel and his gasps toldme he was likely to do so again in the near future. He squirted morelube on to his shrouded length every now and again as the frequencyof his thrusts picked up. All I could do was lay there and take it. Was I enjoying it? No. But he was, and how!  "God, you're such adirty little slut, letting me fuck you in the ass," he growled witha pleasured sigh on the end of it.

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   He grabbed my hair and whipped myhead up as he pressed his spear through my backdoor time and again,letting me know he was taking me and not endeavoring to make love tome. That made me really hot and I began moaning. "Shit, you are aslut, aren't you? You're loving my dick in your ass, aren't you?" Ididn't answer and he slapped my ass real hard. "Yes!" I blurted. "Yes, what?" he countered in a mean tone of voice. "I love your dickin my ass!" I agreed. This bit of submission ratcheted up myhorniness further and my pussy was positively sloshing withmoisture. "You're going to give me this hole anytime I want it,aren't  you?" he demanded. I unconsciously spluttered, "yes Master!"which I didn't mean to say, but it just came out. He began poundinghis flesh spike into me harder and faster as the compression from mysphincter on his manhood passed through it until he probably gruntedloud enough for the neighbors to hear through the closed windows andjetted spurt after spurt of his spunk into the tip of the condom.

He laid on top of me with his dick still inside me for a couple ofminutes before it shriveled and retreated from my asshole. "What doyou want me to do with the condom babe?" he wondered. "Just flushit," I advised. "And then wash your hands and cock so you don'tspread E. coli around or give me a nasty infection.

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  " A few minuteslater, after he had gotten rid of the rubber and cleaned his handsoff, he jumped into bed with me. My anus was already feeling somesoreness. He looked down on me. "You okay Misty?" "Yeah, I'm just alittle sore," I revealed. "You don't hate me for doing this, doyou?" "No honey," I cheerfully denied. "I thought you might want todo this somewhere down the line, but I love you and like how youtreat me. " "I really liked it when you called me 'Master'" heaverred. "I want you to call me that from now on," he directed. "YesMaster," I permitted. "That's a good little slut," he smiled.

"Suck me slut," he suddenly barked. I guess me consenting to callhim "Master" made him hard and now he needed to vent his ballsagain. He sat upright against the headboard of my bed and opened hislegs. I scooted up on my belly and licked up and down the length ofhis reinvigorated snake while I nuzzled his balls with thefingernail of my lefthand's index finger. "Ohhhhhhh shit," he moanedwith a little bit of a shudder.

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   "You give the best head, babe," hefavorably critiqued. I invited his root into my warm, moist mouthand bobbed my head up and down as he moaned and groaned away. Hestroked the back of my head while I was attempting to get him offagain after he had just fucked my asshole, which was now throbbingand stinging from said invasion. I swallowed the full six inches andhe got to enjoy the sensation of his meat being squeezed by myesophagus again and again until he announced he was going to cum andpoured what had been left in his nuts on to my tongue. I gulped hiscum down and climbed on top of him. "I love you, Misty," he sighedwarmly, pulling me tight against his body with his arms. "I loveyou, too, Master. "

"You really like dominating me, don't you Master?" I guessed. "Yeah,I guess," he responded rather blankly. "I love it when you do,Master, but don't take it too far and respect my limits, okay?" "Noprob Misty. I'm just having fun with ya. "