The Time Shifter Chapter 49


When Kevin came back to bed, I held on to him so snugly he must havefelt as if I was trying to squeeze the life out of him. I started tocry because now there was only about half a day between then and themoment when he would be out of my life. He wrapped me tightly in hisarmsto comfort me. "Thanks for everything Misty. I wish there were moregirls like you. " "It was all my pleasure, honey. Don't ever quitguitar, okay? I would really like to see you on stage someday. ""Don't worry, babe. I would totally like to jam with you again. Thatwould be so epic if we could form a band sometime. ""Your mouth to god's ears sweety. "

He kissed me and we began making out. I slid my hand up and down hiscock and resurrected his erection. "Kevin, please fuck me again," Ibegged. He smiled and wordlessly rotated his body on top of me,enabling me to feel the wonderful naked warmth of his skin on mineas well as his weight before he plunged his dick into my pinkcavern, which held his schvanz as securely as I had been holding himearlier with my arms. Then I felt that lovely sensation of the hardon gliding in and out.

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   My legs enveloped the middle of his back ashe continued to plow me and I was so happy to be feeling that atthat moment while endeavoring to marginalize the cognizance of thebittersweet quality to our lovemaking since the more time we tookdoing the deed the closer our separation would become. The pumpingof his hips elicited the first orgasm of this particular sex sessionand it and each successive one carried my mind further away from theanticipation of our eventual farewell. He drove his thunderstickharder and faster and, as he piled orgasm after orgasm on my senses,his breathing sounded more and more like that of a bull in the finalthroes of death after being stuck with swords. I was in the midst ofa climax when he gushed the last river of semen he would dischargeinto me before we would trail off to sleep and let our time togetherexpire.

The alarm clock rudely interrupted our mutual peace and we groggilylurched out of bed and showered together, the volume of water in thetub increased by my tears. I prepared breakfast as time inexorablymoved forward and we ate it on the couch so that I could feel himnext to me. We dressed, me in a bikini so he could take hot photosof me with his cellphone that wouldn't be considered child porn,capped off by pics of him and me kissing and holding each other. When his parents arrived to pick him up, he had his dad shoot moresnaps of us together. One last kiss and hug and he walked away intothe car, which then sped off into the horizon.

I went into the house and cried. He was such a cute kid and it wasfun watching him grow physically and psychologically. I made asilent wish that he soon find another girlfriend who was as good forhim as I was. I recorded a version of the Scorpions "Still LovingYou" and dedicated it to him when I uploaded it to You Tube.

I spent the next few days in my house just watching tv, eating andplaying guitar. I felt a little cast adrift, but it was probably forthe best.

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I eventually got bored, though, being cooped up in the house andtook a bus to the mall. I walked around for a while and didn't seeanything I needed or wanted. I went across the street to a Togo's. Ilove their sandwiches but I hadn't been into one in forever. While Iwas waiting in line, I saw a couple of stoners from my school, JustinMay and Rick Strong. They were both staring at me. "Hi Justin, Hi Rick!"I cheerfully recognized so I wouldn't seem stuckup. "Hey Misty, what'sup?" Justin countered as he and his buddy continued chowing down ontheir sandwiches.

I got my sandwich and asked Justin if I could join them. "So where'sKevin, babe?" Rick inquired. "He moved away," I informed them. "Thatsucks," he sympathized. "Yeah, I guess he couldn't wait to get away fromme," I cracked self deprecatingly. I could see that both of them werestaring at my breasts. "So what are you guys up to?" I asked.

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   "Ah, youknow, same old shit," Justin casually uttered. They stayed while Ifinished eating. Rick then bid me to hang out with them and I said okay. We got on the bus and desembarked at the stop nearest Rick's place andwalked the rest of the way. His house was pretty unkempt. His mom wasn'thome because she was at work and then was going out with her boyfriendlater. We went into Rick's bedroom and he threw a Mastodon cd on andsparked up a blunt. I only took three tokes off the joint because I knewit would be really powerful.

Rick and Justin finished off the remainder of the spliff and, as wetalked, I felt the rush as the THC began to take effect. I had neversmoked pot before in this body and so I didn't really know how it wouldrespond. In a few more minutes, I was getting more and more out of it. The surging intoxication made me wet. "Fuck, look at her dude, she'stotally high," Rick said to Justin in a conspiratorial tone. "What alightweight!" Rick razzed. "How are you feeling Misty?" Rick pondered.

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  "Really good," I half smiled. Everything seemed to be moving in slowmotion and I began to feel sleepy. I curled up on Rick's bed and it justfelt so comfy. I usually slept naked, so with my brain half turned offby the weed, I removed my top, my shorts, my shoes and my underwear andclosed my eyes. I felt really warm inside and my brain was riding thatfeeling, but I wasn't fully under yet. "Oh my God, dude, she's naked!"Justin bubbled. "Look at those tits! Holy shit!" "Shit dude, should wefuck her?" Rick questioned. "Damn, dude, you think she'd remember if wedid?" Justin rejoindered. "I don't know man, but damn!" Rick admired.

I felt a hand on my boob. "Mmmm, Kevin," I said and grabbed Rick's handand pressed it into my cleavage. I let the hand go and rolled on to myback. Rick continued to fondle my boobs. My righthand snuck its way tomy groin and found my clit. In my mind, I was seeing Kevin on top of medriving his cock into my cunt.

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   Rick sucked on my left nipple and Istroked the back of his head with my free hand while he did. I wasmoaning as the sweet rush of the grass helped heat my ardor up verypleasantly. I rubbed my clit harder and was writhing and moaning loudlybefore my pubic muscles contracted hard and I orgasmed. The way the potslowed my sense of time down seemed to make my climax last longer.

I turned back on my side and was about to head off to dreamland forreal. "Fuck man, I can't stand it any longer," Rick declared and then Ifelt my right leg being lifted. One of the other boys slid his cock intomy mouth and humped it to make it glide between my lips. Then I feltanother penis being pushed into me and I just laid there allowing themto use me. My brain immediately became obsessed solely with the wickedsensation of the dick scraping against my vaginal walls. "Dude, I shouldtake some pictures," Rick suggested. "Fuck no, dumbass! You want to goto jail for rape?" Justin angrily objected. "Oh yeah," Rick agreed. Icould feel my orgasm building and I instinctively sucked harder on thecock that was on my tongue. "Oh fuckkkkkk," Justin celebrated when I didthat, so I guess it was him in my mouth. Meanwhile, Rick was banging mypussy harder and I had a long, soul massaging climax.

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   He fucked me toanother one and then Justin shot his wad down my throat. Rick pulled outof me and squeezed his semen on to my face. I smiled passively as Irolled over, grabbed the pillow and buried the left side of my face intoit.

"Fuck dude, double teaming Misty for the win!" Justin said and I heardthe sound of a high five. I felt a hand on my ass and then dozed off. Ihave no idea how long I was out, but the sun had already gone down. So Ionly remember the one fuck and Justin's impalement of my mouth. I wokeup with the tastes of pot and cum on my tongue, which was nasty. ""Dude,she's waking up!" Rick observed. I knew perfectly well what initiallyoccurred sexually, but when I asked them what happened and why myclothes were off, they just said I decided to go to sleep and took myclothes off. "I guess you thought you were at home," Rick smirked. Hegot it in one, but it was at best still only a half truth. "You have anawesome body Misty," Justin flattered. "Thanks sweety," I insincerelysmiled. I put my clothes back on while the cobwebs in my head clearedand then went into the bathroom to rinse my mouth out and wash my face.

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   Iwent back toward Rick's bedroom door to hear what they were saying. "Fuck dude, it's a good thing you didn't spooge her pussy or you'd bedead," Justin noted. "Yeah, no shit," Rick echoed. "It doesn't look likeshe remembers any of it, so we're in the clear. " I heard them highfiving each other. I entered the bedroom and announced I was leaving. "Okay Misty. See ya later, babe," Rick uttered and I split.

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