The Time Shifter Chapter 51


"So what did you think?" I smiled in a flirty manner. "It's a goodstart," he snarked. "I'd like to manage your future porn career,though. "  he laughed. "Well, I guess that means you want to see howI would do in a bed scene," I riposted. "That would be helpful,"  hecracked. I shed my clothes and his eyes just about flew out of theirsockets. He got naked, too, and I jumped into bed. He followed meinto the sack and we started kissing. All the joking aside Misty,you're beautiful," he enthused. "Thanks sweety. You're really cute,too. " We resumed our lip wrestling, his pale, thin body on top ofme. He did have good skin, though, and I pulled him tight against mewhile his tongue spun around mine.

He lowered his head to suck on my nipples, the pleasurabledistension making me to moan. I could feel his cock beginning to riseagain as it rolled against my leg.

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   I want you, Randy," I whispered. He silently positioned his body between my legs and I fondled hiscock before pointing it at my opening. He jabbed it all into me atonce, which made me gasp. "Take it slow at first baby and keep yourbody relaxed so you last a while," I advised. "Okay," he simplyresponded. His snarkiness had now disappeared and turned intoperformance anxiety. He took a deep breath and commenced pumping hisbig dick in and out of me. "Oh my God, that feels good, baby," Isighed, as his bulging sausage burrowed into my pink cave over andover. The overwhelming friction made my ardor smolder and my moaningwas reaching fever pitch before I felt the heat go nuclear inside meand my body attempted to pant it away. "Oh fuck, oh God, I'mcumming!!" I screamed as he steadily fed his schlong to my pussy. The orgasm subsided. "Oh shit Randy, God, that felt so good," Itestified while he continued his pleasurable assault on my sacredvault. I felt that tingling again and I wrapped my arms tightlyaround him. "Fuck me hard baby, God, oh God, I'm going to cum!" Inotified him and he stepped up the flexion of his hips to slam hisweapon into me time and again before my body convulsed and the heatflowed through me.

He pulled out of me and told me to get on all fours.

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   I was surprisedbecause this was his first sexual experience, but I nonethelesscomplied. He fumbled around for a minute attempting to find my holebefore I felt the satisfying sensation of it entering me again. Heclutched my hips and began really pounding his pole into me. He grabbeda hunk of my hair and pulled on it to whip my head up. "Tell me youlove my dick, bitch," he growled. "Oh fuck, I love your dick," Imewled. "You're such a little bimbo slut," he claimed, but I lovedit. I was feeling hot again and I was panting as he wouldn't let medrop my head. He slapped my ass really hard and then did it again. "You like that slut?" he barked. "Ohhh God yes," I whimpered,feeling the first ripples of another impending orgasm inside me. Three more hard slaps and a harder reaming of my pussy and I wentover the falls. "Oh shit, oh God yes, I'm cumming,  cumming, yes yesohhhhh" I declared. He then went off and drained his balls into mygrateful piink riverbed.

He pulled out of me and told me to clean his prick with my mouth.

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   Iran my lips and tongue over his penis as he commanded and thenrolled over on to my back and pulled him down with me. "Did you mindwhat I did at the end?" he quizzed. "Not at all, baby. My lastboyfriend used to do stuff like that and I think it's hot, " Irevealed. "Very cool," he reacted. 'So what do your friends think ofyou for hanging out with me and my friends? he asked. "They don'tlike it, but I don't give a shit," I stated. "I hang out withwhoever I want to. "

The next day, in fact, a couple of guys who were on my school'sbasketball team came up to Randy and I before first period andstarted harrassing him while asking me why I was being seen withhim. I kicked one guy in the balls and dropped him where he stood. Iplanted my right leg and then spun on it, seeking to kick the otherguy in the face and break his jaw and nose with my left leg. Unfortunately, he flinched in such a way that instead of beingcaught by the sole of my foot, I got him with the heel. As Ifinished my follow through, my entire weight got displaced into hisface and I made initial contact just under the right eye socket,crushing it, shattering his jaw and fracturing his skull. He was outbefore he hit the ground. I knew I had fucked him up bad when I sawthe the amount of blood pouring out of him.

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   I whipped out mycellphone and called 911 as a crowd gathered around us. The policetook statements, later declared it self defense and let the matterdrop. The two basketball players were out for the rest of theseason.

That earned me my exile from the popular crowd and Ms. DeSantisnever asked me to try out for the cheerleading squad ever again,like I gave a shit anyway. I rarely saw them socially outside ofschool due to working either with or on my band. In fact, some ofour songwriting sessions would last as long as 12 hours (the ones onthe weekends anyway).

And if that wasn't enough, my band's bass player got busted forheroin possession in early November. None of us had any idea he had aproblem. For Mike, that was the last straw and he decided to quit musicand go back to school. So the group, after all the work he and I had putinto it, was no more. The next day, I told Randy and he came over thatnight and drilled my brains out. "Why don't you be my slave?" heimplored. "Sorry Randy, but as hot as that would be, that's just not acommitment I want to make right now," I told him. "Well then, do you atleast want to officially be my girlfriend since we keep having sex?""No, I'm not really into that idea, either.

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   I want to keep my optionsopen," I stated. "So I'm just eye candy to you huh?" he joked. I laughedand snarked, "pretty much" and hugged him. "Besides, I don't really fitin that much with your friends anyway. They're still pretty suspiciousof me. And I don't like the same music you do. " "Yeah, it would help iifyou dyed your hair black and wore black lipstick," he chuckled. "Yeeaah. That isn't happening," I asserted. "Besides, those girls wouldREALLY hate me if I locked you up. " "Yeah, they're my friends, but noneof them are that attractive to me. You represent to them everythingthey're not, which is conventionally attractive and the fact that you'rea really talented musician and smart, too, makes them nuts. Shit, itmakes me nuts! Only I get to fuck you, so I'm not as bitter about it,"he chuckled. "And you do a very nice job of fucking me," I giggled. "I'ddo an even better one of being your master, though,"  he snarked.

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   "I'msure you would, sweety," I giggled again. Then I sarcastically added,"it's so hard being smart and beautiful. " "Oh, shut up!" he laughed.

We had sex again and then he went home. God, I love being fucked!

So with not a lot to do, I spent the remainder of the year learningsongs, doing You Tube videos and just generally tolerating being back inhigh school. Since I now had a full keyboard rack, I displayed myprowess on them on those videos, especially on Stratovarius songs. Afterthe first of the year, I got an email from the management for the majornu-metal band Powerchain asking me to audition for them. If I got thejob, it meant that I would go from being a high school student toplaying for an arena headliner. They knew how old I was because I put mycorrect age in my You Tube profile. So when they emailed me back, theytold me they wanted me to fly out to New York. I replied that I couldn'tdo that and thanked them for their interest and wished them well eventhough their music wasn't really my thing. To tell you the truth, I justdidn't want to go through the hassle of going to and being in New YorkCity. . I definitely wasn't going to move there under any circumstances.

A week later, I got another email from them indicating that they wouldfly out to L.

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  A. to see me and would contact me later about the auditiondate and time. I shot back that I was fine doing the audition with them,but I wasn't going to change my appearance and was going to dress iin amore typically heavy metal style. I also wanted a female guitar techand at least a couple of females on the road crew. I figured that wouldkill off any interest they had in me. Again, nu-metal was just not mything and if they really wanted me that bad they were going to have torun around the block a little bit for me. A couple of weeks later,though, I got another email saying that they still wanted to try me out. I wrote back that I was fine with it, but that me accepting any offer,would be contingent on them meeting my demands. They wrote back thefollowing day giving me a date and time at SIR in Hollywood, which wasonly about a week hence. The band was still in the midst of recordingtheir fourth album and so to reduce the downtime they would be flyingout on a red eye from New York to L. A. and then fly right back.

I phoned Mike and asked him to help me. He congratulated me on theaudition and said he would aid me in my quest. I also asked him if hewanted to be my guitar tech if I got the job.

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   He thought that was anoffer he couldn't refuse. I then went out and bought their three cds andspent the next couple of days learning the songs. The thing is thatthese guys could play, but their music was pretty dirgy, as mostnu-metal is.

So on the final Saturday in January, Mike rented a truck and we loadedall of my gear into. We headed north to Hollywood and loaded all mystuff in. I was dressed in a black leather corset with red draw strings,a black leather mini skirt, black thigh stockings and four inch spikeheeled boots. Over that, I wore a thin leather trench coat because itwas a cold day by California standards  We all introduced ourselves andwent right to it. The first tune was called, "The Bloody Divide. " Ididn't like the solo on the record, so I did my own. The second tune, "ACaptive of Babylon," I did it note for note. The third track, "Optional Slaughter," used some harsh sounding keyboard samples anddistorted organ patches. But from a sheer technical point of view, itwasn't that challenging. Then they asked me to play something on keyboards and guitar only, so I did Deep Purple's "Space Truckin'" forthe keyboard part and "Burn" for the guitar equivalent.

They huddled in a corner of the space. "Shit Misty, you did awesome!"Mike reassured me.

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   "Yeah, I thought I played pretty well, but will theythink it's a fit?" I pondered. Their manager finally came up to me andhanded me a bunch of  papers. "Sign these and you're in!" he smiled. "Okay, I'll have them overnighted back to you after I've had an attorneylook at them. " I retorted. "Why are you being such a diva about this?Most musicians would jump at this opportunity," he asserted. "I'mactually really low maintenance, but I have to make sure that thissituation will be right for me," I propounded. "Okay, but we don't haveforever, " he said. We exchanged phone numbers and, after some dickeringback and forth over the next week, including over my compensation, theterms if I became a full  member and how many female road crew would betaken on, we came to an agreement and, nine days after the audition, Iwas officially in the band.

Jeremy, one of Kevin's now former friends, was in my first period class,so we greeted each other as usual every morning. "So  guess who's thenew guitarist in Powerchain?" "Who and why should I care?" Jeremy shotback. ME!"" I chirped. "Waait, you're going to play for Powerchain?""Yeah, baby! Can you believe it?" A couple other people overheard me. "Oh bullshit, Misty!" one of them barked. "I thought someone might saythat, so here's a copy of my contract," I giggled, I said, holding itup.

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   The guy asked to see it. "Woah!" he exclaimed. "Here, let me seethat!    They're my favorite band!!" another student begged. "Holy shitMisty! How did you get to join Powerchain?" he queried. I went throughthe whole spiel. Some of the students asked for my autograph and wantedto have their picture taken with me. My teacher couldn't bring the classto order because of the excitement in the room.

For the rest of the day, people, most of whom I never met before, werecoming up to me for pictures and autographs and more than a few of themasked for backstage passes. I ignored those requests. Of course, theschool paper wanted to interview me, but they were lame so I said no.

The deal with the band was that they were going to bring me in as asideman at first and if I fit in with them then they would have me comeon board as a full member. Powerchain were just finishing their newrecord and they would release it in June and piggyback a tour on it. Because I was still school age, they were going to have to get a tutorfor me so that I could continue my high school work over the course ofthe more than year long world trek.

It was weird, though,  going to school everyday knowing that I was goingto play for a huge band once the spring term ended. There were peoplewho tried to glom on to me and I had to tell them to get lost.


   Forexample, I was hanging out with Jeremy, Josh and Brandon during lunchone time when a couple guys came up and introduced themselves. They thenproceeded to kiss my ass up and down the block. "Do you mind, dude, I'mtalking to my friends," I finally snapped. "Wow, what a bitch!" the onegrumbled. "Wow, what a starfucker!" I snapped back. And there was thetime i was hanging out with Randy and a couple of his friends and abunch of people walked up and begged me to get them front row ticketsand backstage passes. "Why should I do that? I don't know any of youpeople," I rejoindered. "But they're my favorite band. Please?" one ofthem pleaded. "Sorry. Now do you mind?" I said. "God, what a cunt," oneof them complained. "God, what a freeloader!" I accused.

Once the band made the formal announcement and my picture was up onevery music website from sea to shining sea, it got even worse. Peoplecamped out outside my school to try to meet me since the name of it hadbeen printed, a really stupid move by the band's publicist in informingthe press of it.

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   I actually had to hire a car and a driver so that Icould get to and from school without being accosted. What the fuck iswrong with people? I wasn't even a full member of the band yet!

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