The Time Shifter Chapter 54


The band plowed ahead. After Topeka, we played Wichita then OklahomaCity and, from there, on to Little Rock, It was like a tour throughthe goober belt and my pussy went empty since I just wasn'tinterested in what my roadies brought me. However, Dallas brightenedthings up considerably. The guys were just flat out foxy and I let acouple of them double team me real good for free. The same went forthe second night we played that town. Yeah, culturally, Texas is abackwater; but fuck, the beefcake is as good as the barbecue. Whenwe got to Houston, there were a few blacks in the audience and mygirls escorted one backstage for me to worship. His cock wasn't aslong as some of the others (he was also just 16!),  but fuck, it wasthick and heavy and I romped on it to half a dozen orgasms before hespooged his burden into me.

In Austin, one of the guys who were taken backstage played guitar,too, and we jammed for about half an hour before I sucked his cumout of him. He ate me until he was stiff again and could fuck me. Itold him  to come to our concert in San Antonio, which was a bit ofa hike (about 100 miles) because I wanted him to give me a guitarlesson since he was a country player. Unfortunately, when I put himon the list as a plus one, that one turned out to be his dad. So Igot the guitar lesson, but nothing else that night. It was stillfun, though. Then it was a long ass drive to El Paso and an evenlonger ass journey to Colorado Springs before we hit Denver, wherewe took a day off and were able to just hang around the hotel allday. It was colder than shit, though, so we didn't go out.

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   Instead,I found a nice hunk of businessman in the bar an we went up to myroom, where he drilled the life out of me. He had no idea he wasscrewing a 16 year old. He was in his late 30's and all I told himabout me was that I played guitar in a heavy metal band.

We visited a couple of radio stations while we were there, too, andat one the program director made a pass at me. I kicked him in thenuts with one of my stiletto heel covered feet and they took him tothe hospital. So  that ended up turning an instance of sexualharassment into some lulz. The guy was this 50 year old fat, grossasshole and it was actually pretty cool that he gave me a predicateto take him out.

In November, we finally got to California. We played shows in SanDiego, Anaheim, Long Beach, the Forum in Inglewood, Fresno,Sacramento and San Francisco. I was able to be at home for three ofthose shows. It was so good sleeping in my own bed! I went to myschool during lunch one day to visit Randy and some of the otherpeople I knew. Randy and I had sex a couple of times while I was intown, too. Jesus, that boy has a fun dick!

By the time we played in Seattle, it was the first week of December. We knocked off for a month so that everybody could be with theirfamilies over the Christmas/New Year's holidays. We picked it upagain the second week of January to do some dates in the deep southand then head to Canada, where we did half a dozen gigs before goingto South America then Europe and, following another month layoff, aneight date Japanese tour, the whole mess concluding in Fukuoka thefirst week of June.

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They asked me to join the band as a full member, but I declined. Ijust didn't write the kind of material they did. In fact, Mike and Ihad been writing new tunes of our own off and on the entire tour,unbeknownst to the group. I offered to tour with them again if theyrequired a hired gun after I graduated high school. They refusedthat offer for now but said they would contact me if they neededsomeone. Naturally, just about everybody thought I had lost mycotton picking mind. The tracks, though, that Mike and I had beencomposing were like if you took the Foreigner of their first twoalbums, Stratovarius, Heart and the Scorpions and threw them into ablender. It in no way was a stylistic match for Powerchain.

Once I was settled back in at home, and God, I was loving it, I tookmy driver's test using Mike's wheels, snagged my license and thenbought a car. I spent the week after that at the beach Only a coupleof people recognized me from Powerchain and so I was willing to hangout with them for a bit, which they got a thrill out of.

Both Mike and I had totally decompressed by the time my senior yearof high school began in September. I had him live in my house so wecould write unimpeded. That first day of school, though, was weirdonly because here I was now in classes of 30+ kids after spendingthe previous year in front of 10-15,000 people a night and havingthem cheer my every move. Before each of my classes, I was pepperedwith questions about what it was like being with a major band. I gota lot of autograph and photo requests.

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   After the first week, though,I just became part of the scenery and the hoopla died down.

Mike decided to give it one more shot and we put an ad in MusicConnection as well as on musicians websites looking for a rhythmsection and a keyboardist. I still wanted to stick to guitar, so weopted to bring in someone else to handle the piano and synth work. Because I now had some name recognition, there was no shortage ofaspiring musicians answering my ads. I rented a rehearsal studio atSIR for a weekend and Mike and I invited down the most promisingcandidates. We even brought in some people we saw on You Tube. Wedrug tested everyone before the tryout proceeded so that we couldweed out the waste cases and losers. From that initial  group, werated the top three on each instrument and then waited for the drugtests to come back. Then we rented another rehearsal studio andreauditioned our top threes to see who we had the best chemistrywith. We also extensively interviewed them to make sure they were onthe same page as us musically and could commit themselves 100% tothis project. By the end of October, we had a full band and put itunder the Vicious Sun rubric.

For a month after that, we rehearsed five days a week 4-6 hours aday. I spent roughly $1 million setting up a managerial, marketingand logistical apparatus for us. Included in that figure was also abig investment in equipment and a truck to haul it all in. We did aphoto shoot and then went into the studio to cut a three song demo.

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  Then our website went live and we acquired Facebook, Reverb Nation,You Tube and Twitter accounts. I did an interview with UltimateGuitar to talk about our band, where I lamented that heavy metal hadgotten too dirgey and relentlessly depressing and that it was timefor a return to the fun, glamor and melodicism of the great 70's and80's bands.

It was now time to begin playing out  As I had done in previoustransformations, I began booking small hall shows, and in fact, ourfirst show ever with this lineup was at an American Legion Hall innorth Orange County at $10 a throw on February 1st. We had anopening act, too, making it pretty good value for the entertainmentdollar. We sold it out and the reaction to our material wasexceedingly good.

The small  hall gigs were very successful and, in April, we werebooked into the Roxy in Hollywood and killed. We were offered acouple of record deals, but  I chose to run our own record companyso we could charge less for our cds and maintain control overmasters and songs. In June, after I graduated high school, werehearsed the shit out of the 12 songs we wanted to put down onplastic and then went into the studio with Max Norman. We did ourdebut album in three weeks. working 12 hour days and then hit theroad with a nationwide club tour.

In the midst of those rehearsals, Kevin phoned me. He said that hehad broken up with his girlfriend and wanted to move in with me andgo to college at a university not far from my house. Of course, Iwas all for it in principal. However, by the time he was able toarrive here, the band  was cutting our album. I only got to see himfor maybe 3-4 hours a day, if that.

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   I was usually pretty knackeredby the time I got home and not really in the mood for sex. Once wewere finished with the record, we rehearsed for a month andsubsequently embarked on our tour. Nonetheless, he was glad to beback out in SoCal at the very least even if I wasn't going to behome for six months. I gave him permission to screw around withwhoever he wanted while I was gone, but if he ended up in acommitted relationship, he would have to move out.

Feeling absolutely no guilt, I regularly took other guys to bed onthis tour. For example, in Phoenix,  there was a group of guyswaiting outside the club to meet us and get autographs, especiallymine. Among them was a very cute Filipino kid with long hair halfwaydown his back. In fact, he reminded me of the very yummy guys whowere in Dark Angel. "Hey sweety, can you come with me for a minute?"I asked him. He quickly consented and I led him into the back of mytour bus, where I had my own curtained off section and a fold outbed. He sat on the bed, I told him to take off his black leatherjacket and then it was on. We made out and he felt me up, includingfingering me, and then we both disrobed and I laid on my back,whereupon he steered his penis into me. He lasted less than tenminutes, but it was long enough for me to have an orgasm and havesome cum tucked into me. We dressed and he rejoined his pals.

Whenever it was possible, we tried to connect with every internetradio outlet and regional metal magazine we could.

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   As the tourprogressed, the interest in us grew, as did our record sales. Webegan getting some radio airplay out of the midwest and then thatgrew to the point we had to have another 300,000 copies of our CDprinted. It snowballed from there and our album eclipsed gold. Nowthere were headlines in the trades and the specialist magazines,like, "is traditional heavy metal ready to make a comeback?"

When I came off the road, Kevin had a surprise for me: an engagementring. That wasn't all. He also collared me  This meant that I had tokick Mike out of my house, which he understood could have happenedat any time. I put him in a rental  house in the vicinity and paidhis first year's rent so that he wasn't left high and dry. Kevinknew the deal, though: he couldn't get in the way of my band. By thesame token, when I wasn't dealing with band stuff, I had to be nakedand wear my collar, which had, "Slut" written on it in metal studs,while in our home. Part of my service to him was helping him withhis term papers while also teaching him guitar.

When I wasn't doing that, I was dispensing checks to the bandmembers and our employees. We had more than recouped my investmentin the band by the end of the year and we even made a few hundredthousand dollars.

We rehearsed our asses off like with the first record and had Maxcome in again to produce it. We did that record in only three weeks,too, and it just exploded at radio. Calling in a print run of onemillion copies isn't fun, but that was exactly what we had to do andthen I had to triple that by the end of the month.

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   We then went outon the road with Kevin as my guitar tech. I wore my collar 24/7 eventhen and most people took it as me just trying to be provocativerather than being submissive to Kevin. Having him there proved to bebeneficial for both personal and professional reasons. First, he wasramming my pussy like nobody's business most days and keeping me inline, which I needed.

Secondly, though, he came up with a bunch of riffs himself thatended up being the missing components to a bunch of other parts ofsongs we had written but abandoned because they didn't really work. He still wasn't as  technically complete a player as I or Mike were,but he was getting there and was beginning to find his footing as anaxeman. Anyway, we were able to resurrect those tracks and, alongwith contributions from some of the other band members, devised anentire album's worth of tremendous material. Nonetheless, the newalbum was successful enough to where we cancelled the entire secondhalf of our original tour schedule and booked ourselves into thebiggest coliseums in the country.

When we finished that tour, we had so many songs it was unreal. Writing in the hotel, writing on the bus, writing at dinner, theideas just kept flowing. We rehearsed for two months after thatgetting the songs down to a tee, brought Max back yet again, only tothis time take four months to record three albums. Then we waitedanother six months before releasing our third opus, toured it and,during the course of that two year forced march, we released thefourth album. When that finally ran its course, Kevin and I married. We didn't tour the fifth album because we wanted to stay away fromthe road for a while. Kevin, though, continued to come up with coolriffs and so did Mike and that allowed me to kind of help sew it alltogether.

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   That resulted in our sixth and final album before I calleda halt to the band, saying that I wanted to go out on top. I wasmoving on now, just wanting to play for fun and not as a job. Mike'swife certainly wanted him to be more present for their three kids(who I was godmother to). I could also be a more devoted slave to myMaster.

We decided to occasionally reform for charity shows only.

Kevin and I were married for 52 years before he passed away at 79. My musical partner in crime, Mike, preceded him to the grave, but hewas older than both Kevin and I, so he was 81 when his  ticket gotpunched. Again, I was so thankful for everything that I experiencedduring this transformation and I will always love Kevin. He was somuch what I needed. It was such a blessing when he came back to me.

I grieved for Kevin for a couple of months and then sold off all ofmy worldly belongings and donated the profits to charity, includingmy house. The day the home sale was completed, I went into my"Vishnu room," prayed and then said I wanted to go back to my houseon the same morning in 2011 before I underwent the time shift andtransformation. My next memory after that was me waking up in themorning and in my original bed.
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