The Time Shifter Chapter 6


The following morning, Ai-chan told me that her last personalappearance was on November 8th. I booked a private jet for November10th. Then we would go to Vancouver, BC on January 8th and spend amonth there before flying back to California for another threemonths and come back to Japan just after Golden Week (so-calledbecause there are three or four holidays that converge that week)ended in May. "I hope they don't forget about me," she fretted. "Don't worry babe. All it will take is for you to verbally unload onsome celebrity bimbo and all the chat shows will want to ask youabout it," I reassured her.

The band started to become busier. We had a show Saturday in Koenjiagain and with all the females there screaming for me, the clubowner decided to have us back for Monday, when they were usuallyclosed. That sold out and the word began to get around. Thefollowing week, we gigged pretty much every night and then afterthat got bookings in Osaka and Kyoto, too.

Following the Kyoto show, I informed the band that I was going to beout of commission between November and May to take care of somepersonal family issues back home. They were not happy with that tosay the least, but they were going to have to cope with it.

Because Ai-chan was not taking requests for more appearances, therewas speculation in the press that she was going to retire. Hermanagement company assured the media, accurately, that she wasn't.

I did tell Ai-chan, though, that she was going to let her hair colorrevert to its natural color while she was overseas because I thoughtshe would look better with black hair than that reddish brown thathas become all the rage in Japan for some reason. It would also makeher less conspicuous when we were out.

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I was already packed when she came home the night of the eighth. Shegot her effects together the next day and, as scheduled, we headedto Narita on the tenth to board our private jet. I got there an hourbefore she did so as to make it harder for the media to link ustogether. Of course, when she arrived, there was a big commotionuntil she got beyond security and was able to embark right away. Igave her a big hug and a kiss and we taxied out and took off forJohn Wayne Airport in Costa Mesa. From there, we stayed at a hotelnear the ocean in Newport Beach while we looked for places to live. I chose to rent a house in a gated community for a year about tenminutes from our hotel.

Ai-chan and I were able to walk around hand in hand with nobodypaying any attention to us. Consequently, we were pretty relaxed bythe time we began looking at houses a few days after. The digs Ichose was 4,000 square foot (Ai-chan joked that she was going toneed a GPS just to go from the upstairs master bedroom to thekitchen) ocean view property with a huge backyard and thedevelopment it was in had a heated olympic sized swimming pool,which enabled us too work out in it every morning until the weatherjust became too cold to do so.

Ai-chan was putting on weight, too, about ten pounds, which was finewith me because she had been too skinny, due to the change in dietand the workouts after I had turned one bedroom of our house into ahome gym. She still wouldn't heed my pleas to take her breastimplants out, though, because she was afraid she would be lesslikely to be booked by tv shows if she showed up with smaller boobs.

I don't know what the geinokai ("entertainment world) types wouldthink, but for sure, with a little bit fuller body she felt softerto me, especially when I held her while I was spearing her with myflesh knife, and it added just that much more sensuality to ourlovemaking.

We spent a month in a hotel in Vancouver and then returned toCalifornia in late February, where she remarked, "it's nice gettingback home. " In March, spring really hotted up early and she put on anice tan without having to resort to tanning beds as she did inJapan, plus her hair color was almost normal now.

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   On May 1st, herbody was toned, she looked healthy and was now more beautiful thanever. She was in a great mood but itching to go back to Japanbecause, well, that was really her home. When we returned, sheimmediately got her hair dyed again to revert into character. Thenin her blog, she took a couple big swipes at a well known idolsinger and bang, the bookings began to come in.

I returned to the band and we toured all over the country playingclubs and made a ton of money by tribute band standards. I wasinterviewed by a few local and national rock magazines, which Iwasn't that comfortable with. They didn't like it when I told themthat questions about my personal life were off limits and I backedthat up by walking out of one interview when they asked me if I'dbeen dating any Japanese girls and if so, who? I even got requeststo appear on some tv shows, but they wanted me without the band, soI refused those invitations.

As the months wore on, Ai-chan's mood was becoming more depressedand she lost some weight because she wasn't eating as much asbefore. I finally put my foot down and ordered her to cancel allupcoming appearances, which she did. Then her and I flew back toCalifornia, where I had her examined by a Japanese-American doctor. The test results on her were not good. She had a kidney infectionand some urinary tract problems. I had her go into a local hospitalfor a week to get those issues resolved. When she came home, she wasfeeling a ton better and went back to working out with me and herappetite recovered. She was approaching a healthy weight again.

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   Imore or less browbeat her into announcing that she was going on ayear long hiatus, during which we lived in England, Canada andCalifornia. She bobbed her hair and it was jet black now. Shefinally had the implants removed, too, signaling to me that she wasabout to retire.

We continued to travel over the course of the following year aswell. The morning of the date JST on which her dead body wassupposed to have been found in her apartment, she and I had dinnerin a french restaurant in L. A. We clinked our wine glasses togetherin a toast to a long life. We returned to Japan the following Marchand sold our condos. She officially announced her retirement and Iproposed to her the day after. We were married the ensuing Septemberand moved to a community near Lake Biwa, where she lived out therest of her days with me until passing at age 68 of breast cancer.

Between the time we moved back to Japan and her death, she used hernotoriety to help fight child abuse. She was finally able to have apeaceful, stable life and her snarky sense of humor was an endlesssource of laughs for me since I shared the same sarcastic outlook onthings. We never had any kids because she knew she wouldn't be agood mother due to being too impatient. She made peace with theearly part of her life after a lot of talking it out, crying andjust sheer getting smarter as she aged. Rest in peace my belovedMatsue-san.

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The day after her funeral, I donated our home so it could be used asa safe house for abused women. Once the papers were all signed, Iwent into the room devoted to Vishnu and prayed to him. I thenannounced that I was ready to return to the residence that I wasliving in the morning before my latest transformation in 2011.

I suddenly woke up in my bed now knowing the drill. I bounded out ofbed and went to the fridge for some eggs and made myself an omelet. I wistfully recounted my years with Brian and Ai-chan. I wonderedhow many years I could continue to do this. If you added the time Iwas with the aforementioned pair, I would be in my 90's. Yet, here Iwas after all that still looking like I did before I discovered myneighbor's demise.

I gave the house the once over to make sure it wasn't getting rattylooking, but it was the same as I'd left it. All this was prettyhard for me to wrap my head around. If Einstein knew about this itwould blow the top of his head off like it did mine.

I began to hearken back to a bit of unfinished business when I wasin high school. I had my share of girlfriends back then, but I wasnonetheless pretty shy. There was this one Chinese-American girl,Li-hua "Leah" Cheng who, when I later reflected back on it, had athing for me when I was senior year.

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   I was just too stupid to readthe signals. Plus she was also so smart, quiet and nice that Ididn't think she would be interested in a party animal such asmyself. Yeah, I was very intelligent and good natured, but prettysarcastic and rough around the edges. I definitely had that workingclass chip on my shoulder.   I often wondered what it would have beenlike to get with her because in many ways she seemed like my dreamgirl. She was very even tempered, had a sweet sense of humor and, toreiterate, was exceedingly bright.

But shit, the thought of going through high school again, even asmuch as I actually enjoyed it socially, and then redoing college (ohmy God, what a grind THAT was!) made me pretty damned hesitant aboutperhaps trying to go back and hook up with her. I couldn't resist,though because a girl like her is ultimately worth the trouble.

So I prayed to Vishnu and then, after placing my hands on themedallion,  asked him to humbly grant me the ability to go back tothe first semester of my senior year in 1975, when I was all of5'11" and 150 pounds soaking wet and look and live exactly like Idid back then, except I would have $100 million dollars in the bankand all the tellers would know me on sight and wouldn't hassle meabout ID when I went to withdraw money, a brand new Ford Mustang,all the major credit cards with no limits, a checking account, Iwould have a driver's license, I could cook to the level of the bestchefs in the world, I wouldn't gain weight no matter how much I ate,no matter how many times I had sex with someone they wouldn't getpregnant or pass STD's on to me or me to them, I would last at least25 minutes when I was inside a girl and they would orgasm every fiveminutes before beginning to experience multiples after 15 minutes, Iwould know instinctively how to get them off orally every fiveminutes, I would be a virtuoso guitar player, my parents wouldn'thassle me about where I got all my money or stuff, I would be ableto know how to play something correctly after hearing it just once,I would never be the victim of any crime, natural disaster oraccident, I would have a big framed poster of Vishnu on the wall ofmy bedroom, I would never be arrested or detained for anything and Iwould be able to use chopsticks as well as any Chinese person.

I woke up on the lower level of the bunk bed in the bedroom that mybrother and I shared. "Well, fuck, here we go," I muttered tomyself. I got up, looked through my dresser for a pair of cleanjeans and slid them on before grabbing a baseball  jersey and pulingit on. Then it was a pair of socks and running shoes and I wasbasically ready to go. Shit, I needed a notebook or a Pee-Cheefolder. Fuck it, I can get it after school.

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   I picked up the lunchmoney my mom left for me on the kitchen counter of the three bedroomapartment we lived in at the time and then went back upstairs for mywallet and car keys. I parked just down the block from school andwalked on to campus. Even though I looked like a 17 year old, Istill felt weird because I was a 50-something guy in a youngster'sshell. I also had to keep in mind that I needed to act and speakhistorically appropriately . Again, not having the internet wasgoing to suck. Truly, if I had the internet in the 1970's I neverwould have done sports. I partied a lot, but I was also a heavyreader, so I had a bit of a nerdy inclination. I walked into myfirst period Advanced Comp class and had a seat. This adventure wason!