My mother seemed to like spending time at Katie's and to be honest, it was good to see her smiling once in a while. I don't know how comfortable she is with me being there nude and all, but I was there first. No matter now, it is what it is, and I'm not changing anything. Not for now anyway.

Beth has all but moved in with Katie and Zoe, although every once in a while, she goes back to her parent's house for a few days or for a holiday, but more often then not, she's at Katie's. Katie has actually put her on the payroll too, taking care of the house and yard work. I'm still looking after Zoe and I also inherited maintaining the pool. It's a tough job, being enclosed and all, no leaves,which also means the filters don't have to be changed as often, so it's keeping an eye on the temp, the PH and general cleaning. Then of course, I should sample the pool on a regular basis, to make sure it's still, well, still a pool I guess. Zoe helps a lot with that, in fact, as soon as I go out to do my daily routine of testing the water, there's Zoe right in there with me. She's actually learning about the pumps, filters and how to balance the PH, so if I happen to go anywhere, or what ever, she can do it too. Katie is insisting on paying me to do all this'work' but I keep telling her I'd do it for free, just to keep the privilege of using it. Each week, she stuffs money in my pocket. What can I do, she's very insistent.

Even my mom has been helping out. It seems Katie has been a little more busy then she had been in the past, so mom's been helping out with grocery shopping and such.

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  Of course, Katie insists on paying for the groceries, but mom gets away with not getting paid to do it.

At home, dad's still gone, but he must be sending money, because, well, we're not going hungry, and mom really doesn't seem worried or concerned about any of that stuff, so I guess, it's all good, however, I do miss seeing my dad. He still doesn't come around much. I've seen him maybe 3 times since he left.

Anyway, it's Friday morning. It's autumn and the temps are starting to fall. Last night, it got down to 38f, (3c), not freezing, but pretty cold. This morning we could see steam rising off the pool water. I could see the water was as smooth as glass. I went down, got undressed and dove right in. It was great. The temp in was about 50f (10c) but the water was at least 86f (30c). It was like bath water. I swam and floated and just hung out in the pool until Beth came down for a swim. Zoe was right behind her.

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  They too stood there, got undressed and jumped in. About a half an hour later, Katie came down to join us, but she was not alone. There was a guy with her that I had never met before. Zoe got excited and jumped out of the pool, ran up and wrapped her wet arms around this man. Come to find out, it was Katie's brother Alan. Alan was a little older then Katie, dark hair, and seemed to be in pretty good shape. While Zoe hugged him, Katie got undressed and dove into the pool. "Come on Uncle Al, it's great now. " said Zoe, and Uncle Al got undressed and dove in as well.

Katie brought Al over to introduce him to Beth and I. We made small talk, while I covered myself, and Beth crossed her arms, hiding her breasts. Katie explained that Alan was in the military, and was only home for a week, and would be staying in Zoe's room, and Zoe could bunk with Beth. Zoe was more interested in bunking with Uncle Al, but Katie informed Zoe that it was not going to happen, and that was that.

Alan seemed like a nice enough guy, and really didn't do anything to make us uncomfortable, and in time,both Beth and I dropped our guard, and went on about our swimming and such. Eventually, mom showed up, gotundressed and dove in.

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  THEN, she realized there was a strange man in the pool, and I thought she was going to die. It was actually comical to watch my mother's reaction to Alan. She first tried to cover up, then get out, then she realized her butt was exposed, so she took and covered her butt, which left her breasts exposed, so she covered her breasts and left her pussy exposed, it was all quite funny. Finally, she got her blouse on and focused on covering the rest of herself by hand. We all just stayed in the pool, laughing. Alan on the other hand, gave a smirk, and turned away, giving my mother a chance to get her clothes back on and regain her composure.

"If you will pass me a towel, I will cover up and make a proper introduction"Alan said. Mom passed him a towel, and he got out of the water. Mom turned away, and Alan dried off and got dressed. The rest of us got out and dried off as well, as Alan and my mother shook hands and tried to make the best of an awkward moment. I would have none of that. I dried off, dropped the towel and went over and gave my mom a big hug, and walked away. My mother must have been on her 4th shade of red, but it was fun for me.

Alan suggested we all go out to lunch, his treat. Katie rebuked, saying it was a school day in town and she didn't feel it was appropriate to bring Zoe into town, while other kids her age were in school, so Alan postponed it to dinner, for all, no more discussion.

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  At dinner, we talked and laughed and listened to Alan's stories of the military, and the war in Afghanistan. All the good he felt the troops were doing bringing a sense of normalcy to the area. Katie was not comfortable talking about it because she was not happy her brother was in a war zone. Katie, mom and Alan shared a bottle of wine, and they toasted everything from each other, to the wait staff, the cooks, everyone. Alan wanted to order another bottle, but Katie shot that down, saying there was plenty of wine at the house. That being said, we ordered desert, finished up and went back home.

Back at the house, Beth, Zoe and I went down for one last swim for the night, leaving the 'adults' to themselves. They uncorked a bottle of wine, and sat in the living room chatting up a storm. Me, Beth and Zoe got dried off and went to the living room and sat on the floor to play video games. Mom got a little flustered again, as the 3 of us were nude. Katie and Alan didn't seem to mind, hell they didn't seem to notice, but mom noticed. Alan saw a look of discomfort on my mom's face. He put his hand on her knee, and assured her it was OK. "They're not bothering anyone else"he offered.

The night wound down, and mom and I went home for the night.

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  Mom seemed to like Alan, it was kind of obvious, when she said"He seems like a very nice man, don't you think?"

That night in bed, I wondered what was going on at Katie's. What were they up to?Did Zoe stay with Beth or did she sneak off to be with Uncle Al?Did Beth?Were Beth and Zoe sleeping in the nude?Has Katie ever slept with Alan?Did Alan find my mother attractive?Was Alan going to be my new dad?

All this going through my mind, I couldn't get to sleep for anything. Finally, around 2am, I started to unwind, and my mind started to relax. I finally started to nod off. As sleep took over, my dreams went to the events of the evening. Once I saw Alan put his hand on my mother's knee, it was all over. He wanted her, it was obvious. His hand on her knee, mom put her hand over his, not letting it escape. She leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips, then less gently. In fact, it was getting on like she was kissing him, slipping her tongue deep into his mouth. She gripped him by the back of the head and drove her tongue in and out of his mouth. It was like she was trying to find something deep in his mouth. Now Alan was kissing her back just as hard as she was kissing him. It was like the both of them had not been in a relationship in 20 years, and they were going to make up for lost time. I saw Alan's hand moving up her leg, getting closer to her pussy, which after seeing my mother the other times, her pussy had to be soaking wet.

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  Mom reached out and put her hand on Alan's chest, not pushing him away, no, but to fondle his chest. She worked her hand to unbutton his shirt and help him take it off. His chest was not overly hairy, and what hair was there, was graying. My mother pulled away from his lips and started kissing his chest, while fumbling with his belt and zipper. As she got his pants loose, he stood up to take them off. Mom helped with his boxer shorts, revealing his cock. Now Alan's cock was not huge. In fact, I think mine might be bigger then his. Not only was his cock not huge, it was not erect either. Mom fondled his cock and balls and that started making him swell. In no time, mom had his cock deep in her throat, and I could see his cock was indeed growing. I had never imagined my mom sucking cock, not even my dad's, but watching her now, I knew she's had some experience. Alan's cock was growing pretty well, and now I could tell it was bigger then mine, not a lot bigger, but bigger just the same, and mom was sucking it like a pro.

Her head was bobbing up and down on Alan's cock, and she was sucking so hard, when the head of his cock came out of her mouth, you could hear it pop. Then back on it she went.

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  Alan was guiding mom's head up and down using her ears as handles, my cock was throbbing. I watched this go on for what seemed to be hours, when all of a sudden, I could see Alan's balls tighten up . He grabbed mom by the back of her head and fucked her mouth hard, not letting her escape. He pushed her head down further and further until she had almost his entire cock buried in her throat. I could her her gagging a bit, but harder and harder he was fucking her face, until he held her head down, and thrust his hips up. Mom's mouth looked like it was stretched to the max, but still I could see streams of cum oozing from her mouth. Still mom was trying to bob her head up and down but Alan wouldn't allow that, I could tell Mom was doing her best to suck every drop out of him, and at the same time, trying to get some breath into herself. Finally, when it looked like she was going to pass out,he lifted her head off his cock. He stood up and lifted mom to her feet and finished undressing her. He then finished getting his clothes off. Alan then pushed mom over the arm of the sofa and aimed his still hard cock into her pussy. He banged her like that for an eternity, mom screaming with pleasure, it's a wonder she didn't wake the neighbors. Alan slammed and slammed her, and again it looked like she was going to pass out. Alan started to cum again, and as he did, he drove his cock into her and held it there, squiring deep into the folds my her love.

I felt the onset of my orgasm, waking me from my sleep.

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  As I opened my eyes and adjusted to the darkness, I made my way to the bathroom to unload my cum into the sink. I cleaned up and went back to my dark, quiet room, and slept. .

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