Catholic Nun Has Sex During Sermon


Catholic Nun Fucks Young Man On Stage During Sermon.
Short story by Carolyn Matthews.

The Father of our Church fell ill suddenly, and he summoned me
to his office. He says "Carolyn, please fill in for me today,
and God Bless you!"

Oh my God, this is the moment I have been waiting for! I quickly
run out of his office to the Nun's private bathroom. I strip out
of my Nun's uniform, take off my underwear, then get dressed
again. Oh God, I am going to sin! Please Jesus forgive me!

I walk onto the stage where about a hundred people are waiting
for the Father to give his sermon. I announce that he cannot be
here today, then I launch into a speech about young boys and
girls having sex before marriage. My speech lasts about ten
minutes, then I ask if any anyone would like to come up on the
stage, and I will show them what NOT to do before they get

I look over the congregation and see about ten hands from young
men waving around. I see a really good looking guy about half
way down the aisle, so I point at him, then say "God has blessed
you my son! Come up here so we can show everyone what a sin it
is to have sex before marriage!"

The properly dressed young man steps onto the stage and I
immediately push my hand down the front of his pants. His cock
grows in my hand as I lean forward and begin tongue kissing him.
Oh my God, his cock is getting huge, and I cannot keep me
fingers around it! I get down on my knees, unzip his pants and
pull his cock out. My Lord Jesus has blessed me! This is the
biggest cock I have ever hand my fingers around!

As I stroke the young man's cock back and forth, I look over at
the congregation and say "Praise the Lord for delivering this
evil for us to witness!" The Church is silent as I open my mouth
as wide as I can, then push my face towards Satan's tool! I take
about four or five inches of cock inside me, then wait a few
seconds for Jesus to forgive me. Thank the lord, he prevented me
from gagging! I hold steady for a few seconds, then pull my head
back and stand up.

The congregation applauds as two of my Sisters run over to me
and help to take my uniform off. The congregation gets to their
feet and keeps applauding as I walk naked back and forth across
the stage.

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   Oh my God, what am I doing? I return to the young man
and see that he is masturbating while looking at my naked body.

I watch him for a few moments, then look over at the audience
and say "Satan is here right now! And he wants this young man to
push his tool inside me so you will understand his power! I will
let him do this for a few minutes until Jesus intervenes and
makes him take it out of me! Praise the Lord for his guidence!"

My Sister's bring out a piece of carpet, lay it down in the
middle of the stage, then run back over behind the curtains. I
lay down on it, then look up at the young man and say "Satan
wants you to put your cock into my smooth shaven pussy! Are you
going to do what Jesus wants you to do, or are going fall from
grace and make Satan happy?"

Suddenly the boy rips off his clothes and says "Fuck Jesus
Christ! You have the best body I have ever seen!" He gets down
on his knees between my legs and thrusts his huge cock inside my
pussy! Oh my God his cock is huge! It is ripping me apart and I
start screaming "Satan is entering me! Please look away while he
tests my relationship with our Lord!" The boy starts fucking the
hell out of me and I can't help from screaming "Oh Jesus Christ!

Oh, Jesus Christ! Satan is inside me! Please help me for I am in
need! Help me Jesus Christ!" Satan continues to fuck me for
another ten minutes while the audience is silent. Meanwhile, they
hear my screams "Oh my God! Oh my God! Please God, don't let
Satan's seed enter my body! Oh Jesus, please use your powers
to prevent Satan from having a baby with me!"

Just then, the boy ejaculates inside me! I can feel his cock
pumping over and over again! Suddenly a wave of relief comes
over me when Jesus talks to me and says "Sister Matthews, I
have relieved you from Satan's grasp and you will not get
pregnant! But, please stop sinning so often and let me get some
rest! God Bless you my Child!"


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