Home from the business trip part 2


     I had been dozing for a little while, I woke up, and couldn't get back to sleep. I sat up against the pillows in the darkness, thinking about what had happened. Next to me, Jayne stirred, I saw her raise her head and look at the lighted dial of the bedside clock, it was just after 2 AM. She looked over, saw me and smiled.

     "Hi Mr. Ronson," she called softly.

     I smiled back at her, and said, "I guess you can call me Tony now, or do you think we ought to wait until we know each other better?"

     She giggled and snuggled up to rest her head on my shoulder.

     "I want to thank you for being so kind and thoughtful. After my annoying hymen was out of the way, it felt so wonderful to feel your hard cock throbbing in me as you exploded, filing me with a hot load of sperm, then you made sure that I was satisfied, and not left hanging. "

     At the word sperm, a sudden thought jumped to mind, "Jayne, are you. . . I mean. . . could you get.

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  . . ?"

     She giggled again as she caught my meaning, "No need to worry Tony, I've been on the pill for a year. My Mom got me started on it, she told me that I should save my virginity for someone special, but if I couldn't wait, no need for me to get knocked up while still a teenager. And, after having you inside of me, she was right, I do feel like I saved it for someone special. " As I relaxed, she smiled and asked, "Tony, I'd like to do something that I always thought sounded so sexy, could we take a shower together?"

     Smiling, I pulled her up, and we quickly headed into the bathroom. Under the bright lights, I filled my eyes with the sight of her sexy body, and what a sight. Those long legs, that thick mass of chestnut colored hair, deep brown eyes and full, red lips, breasts that could be a copy of Caroline's, and that sexy rump, naked and in full view, the sight of those gorgeous globes, and the knowledge that her long sexy legs had been wrapped around me in the heat of passion fired me up. I pressed gently against her back, reaching around, cupping her breasts, pulling and gently tweaking her stiff, erect nipples. She gave a growl of desire, and we were soon laughing and soaping each other up under the warm spray of water. Jayne's hands felt my growing hardness, surging in her hands, and she gave me a lust filled smile of desire.

     "I think we should go back to bed, light a candle so I can watch you, and give your stiff cock a place to slide into," she cooed.

     We toweled each other off, and delighted by her openness and eagerness, I carried her to back to bed. I lit the candle as she lay back, spreading her legs wide for me, letting me see the pinkness of her tight inner sanctum, beckoning to me, her soft pink hole needing to be filled by my hard stiff cock.

     "Oh yes, Tony, slide into me again, and give me a loving ride.

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   I need to feel you get rock hard, and ride me until you can't stand it any longer, and you explode another thick load deep inside me!" Jayne whispered.

     I quickly got between her thighs, nudging against her, I pushed, slowly and steadily, entering her teen tightness. The gripping hug of her clutching at my shaft made me gasp, joining her squeal of pleasure as I parted her, sliding in until I was buried, right to the balls. I could feel those legs of her wrap around my waist, and she urged me on.

     "Yes, oh yes, so deep, ram me Tony, fuck me and fill me up again, feels so good!"

     I was eager to do so, and I started to pump in and out of her, the tightness of her almost virgin cunt made my cock sizzle. Having blown off the built up load, I was able to last much longer, and I savored every plunge into her fiery fulcrum, the feel of her inner velvet gripping my cock tightly, and the feel of her sexy, long coltish legs wrapped securely around my waist, keeping me tightly buried in her heat filled sheath. I could see her thick mass of chestnut colored hair fanned out across the pillow, she pulled my face down, our lips found each other, and my senses were filled with the taste of Jayne against my lips, tongue filled swirls of passion that made my whole body tingle. Again and again I thrust into her until the head of my cock pushed against her cervix, making her moan deeply.

     "Yes, oh yes, oohh, I'm cumming again, fill me Tony, cum in me, yes, YES!"

     Her body tensed up, I felt her legs spasming against my waist, and I felt the tightness of her pussy clenching and convulsing around my cock as she cums, her pouring juices washing over my cock. That does it, and my cock swelled up tight, thrusting deep once last time, piercing her cervix, drawing a cry of pleasure from her. I held my cock there, feeling the ripples of her quivering pussy walls milking at me, and I erupted inside of her. I thrust and grunt, spilling my cum, as my hot seed pumped directly into her womb. She convulses again, her pussy tightening down on me, her voice crying out as she orgasms again, her delightful tightness sucking every last drop out of me. I pulled out and flopped back, so satisfied, and I pull her close to me, kissing her. She lays her head down on the pillow and gives a soft satisfied sigh.

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     "Oh yes, that was indeed what my mother felt I should wait for.

Tony, let's sleep some more, would you like to spoon me?"

     At my smiling nod, she fluffed up a pillow, and turned onto her side to sleep. Jayne sighed with pleasure as I slid in against her back, our bodies pressed together. Her top leg hooked over mine, and my hand reached over, and I stroked her body gently as she drifted off to sleep. I lay my head down, with her hair close to my face, and breathed in the wonderful scent of Jayne's youthful body. It took me a while, but I finally drifted off to sleep.

     My eyes opened, and the clock now said 6:15. I heard the water running in the adjoining bathroom, and Jayne appeared, giving me a smile as she saw I was awake. She gave me a fashion model turn, slowly, so I could drink my eyes full of her awesome form. My cock quickly tented up from the sexy display of her naked charms and assets, she jumped back into bed, and grinned when she saw my erection poking up the sheet.

     "Ooh, I hope I am the cause of that, because I intend to take full advantage of it!" she giggled.

     She pulled off the sheet, and swung into position, her opening poised against me. Giving me a smile of pure desire, she took my cock, and pointed it at the right spot. Nudging her opening against me, she pushed down, I could feel my cock penetrate her, as she impaled herself, sliding down my morning erection. The heat of her steamy furnace surrounded me again, she was fiery, so wet, and oh so tight.


   I groaned as my cock was once again engulfed, she rammed down, squealing with pleasure as she took in every last bit.

     "Oh yes, feels so good, gonna ride you Tony, and I want every drop you have baby!"

     Jayne did exactly that as she rode my cock, slamming her pulsing pussy down onto my cock, lifting up, and impaling herself again and again. My stiff shaft was sliding up and down in her like a piston, the room was filled with the wet squelchy sound of her juicy pussy ramming up and down as Jayne rode me hard, pumping her hips up and down, grunting passionately, loving the repeated penetration. Her slick tunnel of tight, squeezing heat was pulling me towards orgasm. She tossed her head back, her movements picking up speed. Jayne was giving off wordless gasps of pleasure as her orgasm closed in on her, also.
      "Yes, yes, oh fuck, I'm cumming, feels so good, yes, yes, YES!"
     Her orgasm crashed into her, her pussy spasming and twitching, her body shook wildly, as her pussy wrenched, exploding into orgasm, racing through her like a wave of pleasure. As she shuddered in climax above me, the sight of Jayne cumming around my cock, and the feel of her spasming tightness, pushed me over the edge. I grabbed her hips and slammed her hips down onto me one last time, holding her there. My swollen balls exploded, my cock squirting wildly, pumping a thick load of hot jism upwards into her cunt, deep inside her hot tunnel. Her spasming tightness milked every last drop out of me, both of us shaking and moaning from the sensory rush of our climaxes. Jayne gently dropped forward, and we lay quietly for a few minutes. Just as she rolled off of me, the bedroom door opened.

     "Daddy, you're home!" my 3 year old daughter Alyssa squealed with pleasure.

     My heart skipped a beat as Alyssa quickly jumped onto the bed, and gave me a welcome home kiss.

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     "Daddy, I missed you so much! I can't wait till Mommy comes home. Jayne took good care of me last night, why is Jayne still here, and in bed with you? Is Jayne having a sleepover with us?"

     Quickly seizing that, I said, "Oh yes baby, it was very late last night, and Jayne was tired and didn't feel like going home, so she stayed with us for a sleepover. "

     "Goody goody, I love you Jayne!" she chirruped, giving her a good morning kiss.

     I picked up Alyssa, and held her in my lap, keeping her turned away from Jayne, as I asked her about her days when I was on my trip. Jayne got the idea, she didn't want Alyssa to see that she was not only in bed with Daddy, she was also naked, and she slipped out, got her robe, and swiftly slipped it on.

      "Now, how about if we go and watch some cartoons, and Daddy will be along in a few minutes, and I'll make breakfast for us?" Jayne said.

     "Goody goody, I love cartoons, they're so funny!" my daughter giggled.

     After they had left, I quickly jumped up, pulled on my robe, and made my way towards the kitchen.

Just before the kitchen, Jayne pulled me into an alcove of the main hallway, and gave me a tongue swirling kiss that sent my cock straight back up.

     "After Alyssa goes to pre-school, would you like to return to bed, and enjoy some more of my sleepover?" she asked, a teasing note in her voice.

     Cupping her wonderful ass cheeks, and pulling her tight against me, I whispered, "Yes indeed, I have so much more I want to do with you, I'm very eager for more of your wildly sexy body!"

     We broke our embrace, and entered the kitchen, Jayne took over the range, and cooked up bacon and eggs. My stomach rumbled hungrily, nothing like late night hot loving to build up an appetite, and I fought back the urge to laugh out loud.

     Just before I took Alyssa to pre-school, Jayne whispered to me, "When you get home, come and get me baby, I'll be so wet and hot for you!"

     After breakfast, I took Alyssa to pre-school, and quickly returned home. Entering the bedroom, the sight sent my cock right up. Jayne had gone through Caroline's lingerie drawer, and had borrowed a few of my wife's hottest undies.

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   She was wearing a sheer, see-thru set of red crotch-less panties, a black and red garter belt, black stockings, and red lacy bra, that displayed much more of her succulent melons than they covered.

     Smiling, she pressed against me, whispering, "Since Caroline and I are about the same size, I wanted to give your eyes a treat when you got back, her sexy undies fit great. Your hard cock looks so trapped, let's give him some space. "

     Stripping me down, she then took me by my cock, and gently pulled me towards the bed. I pulled her down, and had her stretch out, I wanted to give her a tongue bath. Her coos and sighs of pleasure as I licked and nibbled all the sensitive spots was well worth the earning, I rolled her over, and she cocked her hot ass up to me. Fuck, so damn sexy, that gorgeous ass covered by the sheer, see-thru bottom of Caroline's panties, her crotch and ass uncovered, and ready for licking and fucking. I gently pulled apart her ass cheeks, and ran my tongue up, sliding along the entire length, listening to her coo of pleasure as my tongue slid over her tight rim.

     "Oh my God, that feels so good, I never knew my asshole could feel so good, keep licking me Tony, fuck it feels beyond spectacular!"

     I was happy to do so, and I licked at the tight pucker, over and over again, and I slid two fingers up her pussy, a soaking center of lust, as I worked over the tight twitch again and again. Licking a woman's sexy asshole drives my cock to a steel hard erection, and Jayne was certainly no exception, as I got behind her, and she urged me on.

     "Yeah, oh yeah, give it to me Tony, let me have it! Fuck, I'm so fucking horny, give me a power fucking, and blow a big load deep inside me, do it, NOW!"

     She took my prick, led it up and with a push, I penetrated her lust filled furnace, grunting with pleasure as the heat, the juices, and the tightness surrounded my cock. Burying all 7 inches in, listening to Jayne's long sigh of pleasure, I paused for a few moments, just to revel in the exquisite sensation of being joined with Jayne again. I pulled back, and plunged in again, getting the rhythm going. I gripped her hips and rode her, her grunts and moans of pleasure urging me on, as I gave her a doggy style power fucking, my cock starting to sizzle in the tight sheath. I could feel the cum heating up, ready to explode, when Jayne's tightness clamped even tighter around me.

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     "Oh my God, I'm cumming!", she squealed, "Yes, oh fuck I'm cumming, fuck me, fuck me, shoot it, squirt it, yes, yes, yes, YES!"

     I could feel the exciting spasms rippling along the length of her heated tunnel, I rammed my prick in deep, and held it there, the spasms milked at my prick wildly, my balls let go, and I could feel the hot spunk sizzling up my shaft. My wild groan of pure pleasure joined her cries of orgasmic delight as my cock erupted, pulsing and squirting wildly, my spurting cock jerking and throbbing and pumping a flood, emptying my cock deep into her womb.

     We flopped down in a heap, just as the phone rang, and as I answered it, I got a dose of reality.

To be continued. . . .


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