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      When we awoke, it was almost 11 AM, and Angela was getting dressed. I had hoped for one more romp before we went home, Angela smiled and told us that she was on the 6 PM flight to Paris, and that she needed to leave for the airport. Caroline and I quickly got dressed, and at her front door, we kissed and caressed for a few minutes. Angela made it clear to us that she wanted our relationship to continue, and we were both happy with that.

     Caroline cooed, "Next time, we want you to come to our house, and share our bed!" As my wife curled her hand around Angela's sexy rump, caressing her luscious cheeks, she continued, "I love discovering how enjoyable another woman can be, I know my husband does, too!"

     Angela sighed with pleasure, giggled, slid her hand down, stroking gently at the outside of Caroline's mound, and whispered, "I'll let you know when I'm back home for a few days, and we'll get together again, my god, I've haven't had such an enjoyable night of hot sex since college!"

     The sexy display has certainly enlivened my cock, heading for home, Caroline smiled at my throbbing member.

     "We'll have to take care of that eager fellow, and my horny girl, when we get home!" she giggled, "and we have another hot lady who'd love a three way with us!"

     She pulled out her cell phone and called Jayne, and told her we were on our way home.

     "Why don't you take Alyssa next door, so she can have some playtime with her friend Becka, so that when we get home, we can have some playtime with you?" Caroline purred, "Wonderful, we'll be home in 30, we want you in our bed, naked, with your legs spread!"

     Arriving home, we quickly made our way upstairs. Jayne smiled as she saw us, and she was on our bed, not completely naked, but the little red crotchless panties she wore made her close enough to naked for our likes, her legs spread wide, letting us see all the wet, slick heat, her pussy lips swollen up with desire, the juices of her lust beckoning to us. My wife quickly shimmied out of her dress, tossed her bra aside, and let Jayne enjoy the view of her almost nude body, the crotchless black silk panties framing her so nicely, as I quickly doffed my duds, my rock hard cock pointing the way.

     "Alyssa is at Becka's house, and Becka got her Mom to agree to let her stay all afternoon, and for dinner, so you can pick her up after dinner, so we have all afternoon for our special playtime. And judging by the rock hard cock, and the so sexy pussy, it will be a wonderful playtime!" Jayne cooed.

     We quickly joined our babysitter on the bed, Caroline squatted over Jayne's face, facing towards me, and let her see and smell the lust of her fiery cunt. I could see Jayne's eyes widen as Caroline's beautiful sex was only inches from her mouth, her hot crimson love flesh hovering above her. The heat from between my wife's legs was close enough to warm Jayne's face. The scent of Caroline's arousal, hot and musky, filled the room. Her neatly trimmed triangle of red pubic hair glistened with the dampness of Caroline's desire, everything was dewy wet.

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     "Lick my cunt you little teen temptress, Tony, ram your cock in, fuck our sexy babysitter, and blow your pent up load deep!"

     As Jayne pulled Caroline down, Caroline leaned forward a bit, slid her fingers around Jayne's tight labial lips, and parted them for me. That sexy, juicy, dark pink fuck-hole, looking like a bull's-eye for my arrow, invited me to power my cock deep inside Jayne's, needy, greedy heat. Notching my cock into that wonderful entrance, I lodged my hardness against her, and pushed it in, Caroline giving me a smile of desire as Jayne and I let out simultaneous growls of pleasure.
     Just before pulling Caroline's steamy cunt tight against her mouth, Jayne cried out, "Oh yes, fuck me Tony, fuck me! Fuck my cunt, let me have it, I've been so fucking horny all night, I had to masturbate twice before I could get some sleep, now give me the real thing, fill my horny fuckhole!"

     I grunted with pleasure as I drove it in, right to the balls, feeling the heat of Jayne's fiery tunnel surround my cock, I watched as my wife settled down, her fiery cleft tight against Jayne's mouth, her eyes full of pleasure as Jayne's talented tongue went to work on her. I needed to cum big time, Jayne's long, coltish legs wrapped around my waist, fired up, I drove in, ramming my cock deep, listening to the pussy muffled growls and moans of pleasure, as Jayne worked on licking the heated lust of Caroline's sizzling cunt. Caroline was looking at me, watching with lust glazed eyes as I fucked our babysitter's tight, burning well of pleasure. My mind grabbed at what happened last night, I saw it in my mind's eye, fucking Angela's sexy heat while Caroline rode Angela's pretty face to a gushing release. The idea crossed my mind, of having both of our hot playmates over, something to consider.

     The throbbing in my balls quickly drew my attention back to the here and now, I felt my balls cinch up tight, ready to burst.

     "Fuck, oh fuck, gonna blow, gonna fill you baby, yes, oh fuck YES!"

     Jayne let out a pussy muffled howl, and I felt her fiery pit clamp my cock tightly, the rippling spasms of her tight milking grip sucked at my cock, and I exploded immediately, growling with pleasure as my cock erupted, pumping and squirting, filling up Jayne's eager tightness with a thick morning load of hot cream.

     As I pulled out, Caroline growled playfully, "Now, I'm gonna lick your tight pussy, you little teen temptress, and suck out every drop that my husband's big cock just pumped into you!"

     So saying, Caroline stretched out, eager to suck out my cum. Forming a 69 of hot lust, I watched as Caroline eagerly applied her lips to Jayne's labia, licking and sucking, eager to suck out my morning load.

     She raised her head, her cheeks full, gave me a smile, and swallowed, gulping down my spunk. She quickly reapplied her lips, eager to lick Jayne to another climax.

     Caroline's tongue quickly slid along Jayne's luscious pink inner lips, sliding her tongue back into the dewy wet opening.

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   Jayne pulled Caroline's pussy tight against her face, as Caroline licked at Jayne's pussy ravenously, her tongue dipping deep into Jayne's fiery center, dragging her tongue back out against Jayne's clit, licking her as her sweet juice flowed out, flooding Caroline's mouth. She started flicking her tongue against Jayne's straining clit, intent on licking her to a wild orgasm.

     Jayne felt Caroline's hot mouth at her steaming core, driving her wild, and she buried her face in Caroline's molten hot pussy, licking her, tasting her hot musky juices, their shared arousal feeding off each other, making them hotter and hotter. I could see Jayne's tongue wrapping around Caroline's bulging clit, pulling at the engorged stem over and over again.

     They held on tight, faces plastered against throbbing cunts, eating each other wildly until they both exploded with incredible orgasms, shrieks of orgasmic ecstasy filled the bedroom, as Jayne, and then Caroline, right behind her, enjoyed the release, their bodies shuddered and writhed together in the pleasure grip of climax.

     Watching and hearing this incredible scene had quickly revived me, and as Caroline flopped back, I quickly got between her legs, and powered in. Fuck, I was so horny, and my sexy wife welcomed me with a smile of desire as I sank in, right to the balls.

     "Yes, oh yes, so nice to see you find me so desirable, with sexy young Jayne right here, oh yes, ride me baby, give me everything you got!"

     "Yeah, oh yeah, fuck your beautiful wife Tony, power it in, blow a thick steamy load deep, so I can suck it all out!" Jayne cooed.

     Jayne crawled over, came face to face with Caroline, and started to kiss her wildly, the sight of their lips pressed together tightly, tongue filled swirls of passion, made my cock tingle, and my balls stir, working up to release, as my sexy wife crested to climax.

     Caroline suddenly cried out, "Oh my God, I'm cumming, yes, yes, yes, YES!!"

     As her voice rose to a shriek, her tight cunt started to spasm wildly, clamping tightly around my throbbing cock. I was still still building up, since my cock had blown off inside Jayne's tight heat, I wasn't ready to blow yet. I drove it in, ramming Caroline's cunt over and over, and Caroline howled as she felt another orgasm slam into her. My cock continued to fuck her wildly and Caroline was rocked by her third orgasm. I felt my nut sac cinch up tight, and I plunged my throbbing cock into her, and I felt my cock swelling with a massive urgency, and I could feel the cum ready to explode. Looking at Caroline's beautiful face in the throes of her fourth orgasm, and the tight hug of her cunt took me over the edge.


   My cock was sizzling with burning tingles shooting up and down my shaft, and as Caroline's cunt spasmed wildly around my prick, I burst, I could feel my prick, pulsing and squirting wildly, as I shot my hot cum deep inside Caroline's eager, tight cunt. Her spasming tightness stroked and sucked greedily at my prick, draining my balls into her hungry, eager depths.

     Jayne was right there as I withdrew, and she eagerly sucked and licked out every drop, swallowing my load with obvious enjoyment.

     We flopped down, spent, feeling well fucked. Having my sexy wife cuddling against me, with our sexy teen babysitter cuddling against my other side, yes indeed, life was very good.

     We rested up for a while, then Jayne and Caroline formed a 69, giving me cock some inspiration to rise back up. We sucked, fucked and licked away the afternoon, and I took my two lovers out for dinner to our local seafood place, after which we went next door, and picked up Alyssa.

     "Jayne, hello, it's so good to see you still here!" Alyssa chirruped.

     "Hello baby girl, Daddy and Mommy took me out for dinner, and now, Daddy's going to take me home. "

     "I love you Jayne, thank you for taking such good care of me last night," Alyssa said, giving Jayne a big hug and kiss.

     "I love you too baby girl, I'll see you again, real soon. "

     I discovered, in the garage, that our car wouldn't start. Rather than wasting time trying to find out what was wrong, I went back inside, and got the keys for our camperized van. I opened the door for Jayne, and she climbed in with a smile. Starting up, I backed the van slowly down the driveway.

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   What would have been a 30 minute round trip took much longer, as our sexy teen temptress was eager to seduce me, and she was relentless as she worked on me, reassuring me that it wouldn't be cheating, how could it be, when Caroline was all too eager to share her charms and assets with me?

     With that kind of logic, I was all too happy to let her have her way. Halfway to her house, a restaurant, that had gone out of business a few months ago, sat dark and deserted. The parking lot was around the back of the building, and as I carefully steered through, I could see the lot was just as dark and deserted as the building. Jayne had already stripped naked by the time I wheeled in, and parked the van.

     I plugged in a nightlight, the soft glow lit up the scene with a subdued glow, and it was perfect. Jayne was sitting on the bed with a sexy, inviting, come-fuck-me smile. She grinned as I shed my clothes, my cock quickly rising to the occasion. Our 17 year old teen temptress of a babysitter spread her legs wide, and I was eager to taste her arousal. My mouth quickly found it's way to her steamy pussy.

     "Yes, oh yes, lick my horny pussy Tony, fuck I love to be licked!"

    Licking at the tight lips, then sliding two fingers up her fiery tunnel, I worked over her twitching clit, sucking and flicking my tongue at it until she let out a howl of orgasmic delight, as she gushed her girl cum all over my face. Getting a facial drove my cock up to rock hardness, and she urged me on.

     "Now your cock, give me that hard, stiff beauty, ram my cunt, give it to me!"

     I quickly mounted her, the hard push penetrating Jayne's velvet tightness, bringing moans of pleasure from both of us. I savored the feelings of having her pinned to the bed under me, as I drove my rampant cock into her, wildly fucking Jayne, plunging into her, again and again.

     Jayne, lost in a haze of sexual pleasure, murmured, "Yes, oh yes, fuck me Daddy, fuck me, give me Daddy's seed, Mommy never has to know.


     Hearing Jayne call me Daddy just fired up my arousal even more, and the van filled with moans, grunts and cries of pleasure as I wildly fucked our sexy teen babysitter.

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   Jayne clamped her body tightly around me, her legs shaking, and the pulses starting deep down.

      Jayne, in the grip of a fantasy scene, cried out, "Yes, yes, let it go Daddy, squirt every drop, complete your daughter's incestuous fuck, shoot your sizzling sperm deep inside your horny daughter's pussy, just like you always wanted to, fuck, fuck, fuck, YEEESSSS!"

     I let out a growl of lust, Jayne voice let out a shriek, and I let it go, as Jayne's cunt milked wildly at my prick, I unleashed a gusher, the van full of our cries of ecstasy as my pulsing cock pumped my load deep inside the tight teen cunt of our sexy babysitter.

     As my cock started to soften, I pulled out of her, flopping down next to her with a sigh of pleasure. She quickly squatted over me, grinning, and told me what to do.

     "Lick me, lick and suck all your cum out of me, lick my pussy clean, then hold your load in your mouth, and feed me your cum!"

     I could see her tightness just slightly parted, a thick line of cum lining her labial lips, waiting for "Daddy" to lick her clean. I was only too happy to pull her down, parting her lips and pulling her tight against my mouth, my cum slid easily out of her, and into my mouth. I quickly got face to face with her, our lips pressed tightly together, and her mouth opened to get the juicy snowball I had waiting for her. She sucked it all in, smiled, and swallowed with a sigh of satisfaction. As we started to come down from our orgasm high, she looked over at me, turned red, and told me what she was fantasizing.

     "That was a wishful fantasy. My Daddy always got wide eyes whenever he saw me in something skimpy. The way his eyes would light up, seeing him get an eyeful of my developing curves, and seeing the bulge that would form, made my pussy all squirmy and hot. Just before I turned 16, we rented a cabin at the beach for a week. One day, I was wearing my newest, and skimpiest bikini, I'm sure that Daddy got more than an eyeful as I saw him flipping around a lot to hide his stiff cock. When he went back to our room, Daddy looked flushed, and I was worried that he was not feeling well.


   I went to check on him while Mom stayed at the beach. We were renting a three bedroom cabin, my room shared a bathroom with their room, and when I went into my room I heard Daddy moan. Now I was really scared. I went into the bathroom, intending to walk into their room and ask Daddy what was wrong. The door was halfway open, and I saw him stretched out on the bed, a hand around his stiff, hard erection, stoking that beautiful cock of his. I ducked back, feeling embarrassed at seeing my Daddy like that, but quickly being overwhelmed by feelings of lust and horniness, I'd never seen a man jerking his cock and I couldn't help but watch him, standing back in the darkness of the bathroom.   He started to grunt, I could see that wonderful prick throbbing, he was right on the verge. "

     "He growled out, 'Oh yeah, ride me Jayne, take my cock you sexy baby, Daddy's going to pump his hot, baby making sperm deep inside his precious little girl, gonna fill up your tight, sexy cunt, fuck, fuck, YES!'"

    "That sent a stab of sheer, burning lust right into my pussy, I could feel my inner pussy churning wildly, my juices were almost frothing as I watched my Daddy fantasizing about fucking me. My Daddy thrust up his hips, his cock spewing, gushing over his hand again and again, a geyser of hot, white cum spilling down over his fist and onto his belly. Watching him thrust and grunt and spill even more cum as it slid down the length of his shaft, almost drove me insane. "

     "I quietly crept back into my room, closing my door from the bathroom as quiet as a mouse. I waited, my pussy throbbing like mad, until I heard my Daddy open the front door, closing it, and returning to the beach. I virtually leapt on my bed, shoved my ass up, shoved two fingers right up me, finger-fucking my gushing pussy as deep as my hymen would allow me to go, and a few tweaks at my twitching clit did it, and I let out a scream, seeing in my mind's eye Daddy's cock gushing, watching all that thick spunk spewing, wanting my Daddy's cock to be buried deep inside me, all that thick, gushing sperm filling me up. "

     "Never have gotten the chance, not that I wouldn't love the chance to feel my Daddy's cock buried deep inside me, Daddy seems to be happy enough with just fantasizing and stroking, I guess, he has never, ever made any kind of sexual advance towards me, and probably he feels like I did, that we don't want to fuck up our family,
if we did anything like that, and my Mom discovered it. "

     After getting dressed, I soon had Jayne at her front door.

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   Before she hopped out of the van, she gave me a tongue swirling kiss that sent by cock straight back up.

     She smiled, patted at the bulge, and told me, "Now, go home, tell Caroline about everything we just did, tell her to suck your cock, covered with my juices, than drive that stiff beauty right up your sexy wife's pussy, give her a love ride, and fire your passion in, right between those sweet walls. "

     I drove home with a full head of steam, and a rock hard cock. Caroline was there to greet me at the door, she gave me a smile of pure lust, I picked her up, carried her up the stairs just like Rhett Butler, and in the bedroom, she stripped my clothes off, her eyes glittering.

     "Suck my cock, taste the juices of our hot boxed babysitter, all over my prick," I growled, "Suck me, then let me fuck you, while I tell you everything that happened!"

     "Yes, oh fuck yes, tell me everything you did," she whispered huskily.     

     Caroline let out a growl of pure lust, and swallowed my cock, right down to the balls. She let out passionate sounds of pleasure as she licked and sucked, tasting Jayne's juices along my cock, then those deep green eyes locked on mine, looking like green fire, feral with desire. She grabbed me, fell back on the bed, pulling me atop her, and my cock was nudged tightly against her, grabbing my ass, she pulled hard, and my head drove into her, both of us letting out growls of desire from being joined again.

     "Now, tell me everything", she whispered, "I want to hear it all. "

     As I started a slow and steady rhythm, giving Caroline a loving ride, I told her. I told her about Jayne seducing me, how she encouraged me on, telling me that Caroline would understand. I told her about the dark lot behind the abandoned restaurant, how Jayne had been waiting for me, naked on the bed, with a come-fuck-me smile. Caroline started to let out little gasps of pleasure.

     "Fuck me faster, baby, and tell me more," she cooed huskily.

     I told her about Jayne spreading her legs wide, the taste of her syrupy juices as I dove in, licking and sucking her, the squirting of her girl cum, and driving my cock deep into her, having her pinned to the bed while I drove into and out of her, wildly fucking our 17 year old babysitter.

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   I told her how Jayne vocalized her fantasy, calling me Daddy as I fucked her.

     Caroline gasped, and urged me on, "Baby, oh fuck, that's so hot, tell me more, I'm just about ready to blow!"

     I told her how Jayne wrapped herself around me, urging Daddy on to fuck her, shoot his hot cum into her, just like he'd wanted to, and I could feel the surge of my cum. Just as I told her about erupting inside of Jayne's sweet tightness, I could feel my cock swelling with that urgency, piercing Caroline's cervix, she let out a pleasure filled squeal, wrapping tightly around me, the spasms starting deep, as she flew over the edge.

     "Fuck, fuck, oh my god, that's so fucking hot, fuck, fuck, I feel like I'm gonna explode, ram me, fuck, fuck, cumming, FUCK YESSSS!!"

     The pleasure filled scream of my wife filled the bedroom, the eager clutch of my wife's love hole, tightly gripping me, quivering crazily, took me over the edge with her. I roared with pleasure as I went off, my bursting cock spraying a torrent of thick spunk, my cock head lodged between the tight grip of her cervix, pumping my cream directly into her womb, our bodies shaking and shuddering together, as I emptied my balls deep inside Caroline's sweet tunnel.