Rainy Day 2


My life with a young mother and her daughter continues


Gina and I got closer over the weeks following our rainy day experience, exploring each other completely and learning the special things to bring each other to incredible heights. She loved to feel my lips suckling her big clit and my tongue sliding over and around it until she could stand no more and ordered me to fuck her then and now. I loved every position we tried and never failed to flood her tight box more than once each night. Being her new “daddy” filled me with a sense of naughty excitement that made every act seem that much hotter.             Annie had made herself a closer buddy as well, always making sure to monopolize me for a chat about school or music or something on the net. She seemed to always make a point of letting me know how rude or immature the boys at school were but that some of her teachers were cool. She would make a point of telling me that the cool teachers were about my age. Gina would always watch the interactions between Annie and me with a slight smile on her face and never tried to discourage our becoming friends as well.             One evening after a dinner and a dvd, Gina told Annie to go shower and dress for bed if she wanted a hug and kiss goodnight from me before I returned next door to my own house. Gina and I sat on the couch and kissed until we heard the door to Annie’s room close and we sat up to see her come into the room in a sheer pink babydoll nightie with matching thong. It showed off her small but inviting breasts and the pink nipples puffing from their peaks and the thong showed how her round ass would be making boys crazy for many years.             I was speechless for a few seconds and then managed a soft “wow”.             “She got it especially to show off for you. ” Gina said in my ear. “She wants you to see what a big girl she is. ”            “You’re beautiful.

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  ” I said softly to Annie. She threw her arms around my neck and hugged me tight, then planted a little girl kiss on my lips.             “I think you impressed him. ” Gina told her. “Now it’s time for you to get on to bed. ”            Annie hugged me again and gave another quick kiss, though this one a second longer, then turned and walked to the door before stopping and making sure that I saw her amazing young ass once more before she headed down the short hall.             “She’s certainly not shy. ” I said after she left.             “She likes you a lot. ” Gina whispered, “She wanted so much to get that nightie to show you and wasn’t going to let me not help her get it, though she picked it out on her own. ”            “How do you feel about having your young daughter throwing herself at your gentleman friend?”            A smile crossed Gina’s face and she leaned close to my ear.             “It makes me wet to think of you showing her how a man pleasures a woman, … and to think of tasting her on your hard cock afterwards. ” Her hand gripped my stiff cock through my shorts. “Go and find your other little princess, Daddy. ”            Though a bit surprised by Gina’s response, I stood and walked the short hall to Annie’s door.

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   I slowly pushed it open and poked my head inside. Annie was sitting up in bed still wearing the sexy pink outfit. My cock began to stiffen just seeing her in it again.             “Mind if I come in?”            She nodded and I heard a soft “Uh huh”. I stepped across the room and sat on the edge of her bed.             “I wanted to tell you just how beautiful you look in your new nightie. You’re an amazing and special girl, Annie. ”            She threw her arms tightly around my neck and I could hear her breath in my ear.             “Mommy told me the she and I had the same daddy and that when she was old enough, he made her his special princess. I was going to be his special princess too but he and Nanna had to go to heaven. ” She spoke softly, still squeezing me tightly around the neck. “Can I be your special princess?”            Hearing the words both surprised me and made the blood start rushing below my belt. I knew I could only answer one way.             “I would love to have you as my princess. ”            I gently pulled her loose from my neck and looked deep in her eyes before leaning in to press a long kiss on her lips.

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   She didn’t have experience as a kisser but was learning very quickly and as our lips and tongues danced together, my hands sought out her puffy nipples and small tender breasts. I began to kiss her neck and shoulders and then pulled her top up and off and my lips found one firm puffy nipple and suckled it. She sucked in a sharp breath as my lips squeezed it. Her body did not have the curves of her mother but it was both firm and soft and she giggled as I kissed down her tummy and breathed a hot breath across her panties. My thumbs hooked the thin strings of her thong and she lifted her bottom as I slipped the panties off and tossed them aside. Her legs opened for me and I saw my first glimpse of the sweet virginal pussy that waited for me. The lips were already wet and her clit just peeked from between them. My fingers opened her and she trembled slightly as my tongue slid up along her slit and across the swollen, barely hooded clit. I sucked hard at her clit and my tongue slid over it and around it and flicked quickly and then slowly at it as I began to probe inside her with my finger. She was very wet and her pussy was incredibly tight but I felt no obstruction as my finger slid inside. I paused from my licking for a second.             “Have you ever had anything inside you here?”            “Mommy’s toy” she said softly between breaths.             My mind raced as I returned to licking and massaging her clit, realizing that I would be able to be inside her right away. My cock was still in my shorts, screaming for release. As I squeezed her clit hard with my lips, she gasped and moaned and I felt tremors quaking through her body.

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   Her already tight pussy clamped on my finger. Her juices started flowing freely around my finger and trickled down her crack. I pulled my finger loose and my tongue went to lap at the flow of her nectar, causing more tremors and more nectar. When I finally raised my head, she was lying back breathing heavily and her sweetness covered my lips and chin and tongue. I stood for a moment and dropped my shirt and shorts to the floor before climbing back in bed beside her.  We kissed again and a after a moment she pulled her lips back and asked, “Is that how I taste?”            “Yes it is, princess. You taste delicious. ”            “Does mommy taste like this , too?”            “She tastes a lot like you, but I think you have the sweetest tasting pussy I have ever licked. ”            She got a wicked smile on her face and then kissed me hard, seeming to lap every drop of her nectar from my lips and tongue and chin. Our bodies pressed together as we kissed and my hand discovered just how soft but firm her perfect ass felt. When she broke off our kiss, she said just one thing, “Make me your princess all the way now. ”            I rolled her onto her back and moved to be above her open legs. I slid the swollen head of my cock up and down her sopping slit, covering it in the slick juices that would help it to squeeze inside her. Placing it at the entrance to her love tunnel, I began to press firmly, not wanting to hurt my little princess but hoping she could take me inside. She closed her eyes tightly and she bit her lower lip as the head of my cock slowly made it into the snug hole.

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   Opening her eyes, she put her arms around my chest and whispered, “Take all of me, please. ”            I began to slowly rock my hips and my cock moved deeper and deeper until she finally had it all tightly inside. I paused a moment to let her body accept the hard intruder inside her and then began to pull back and thrust back in slowly but steadily. Her pussy was tighter than anywhere my cock had been before. I had fucked my ex’s ass a few times but even that wasn’t as tight as my sweet Anna’s honeypot. I stroked inside her harder and faster, my balls slapping against her ass with each deep thrust. She gasped for breath with my strokes and her legs wrapped around my waist as I slammed harder and harder inside her. Suddenly I could feel her muscles clamp around my cock over and over and her eyes squeezed shut.             “OHhhhhhhh Daddy. . . fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,… make me your princess!!”            My cock let loose inside her, blasting wave after wave of my slick cum deep in her young womb. My cum and hers oozed out of our coupling in streams, soaking the sheets beneath her. I plunged my cock as deep in her as I could as her muscles milked it for every drop of my seed. I wrapped her in my arms and rolled us over so I was underneath her.

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   Showering her face with kisses, I said softly, “I love you, Princess. ”            “I love you, too, Daddy. ” She purred.             As I held her close, I could just see Gina, naked in the doorway, smiling a wicked smile.



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