The Other Room Chapter 4


I was fourteen and my figure was well developed – and I liked to show it off. I had attracted a boy much older than I – he was twenty six – a man really. We were in the garage – the boy had his hand inside my shirt and I was getting carried away. It was the first time that I had felt a “grown up penis” as I mentally referred to it then. Until then I had only touched the cocks of boys my own age and wondered if older boys – and men - always had longer thicker ones. Even though my boyfriends usually were older petting usually stopped at them touching my tits and sometimes even using their fingers to rub my pussy under the hem of my panties. The thought of seeing – and touching – grown men’s cocks excited me and knowing older men looked at me in sexual ways always made my stomach have butterflies and made me feel aroused. Anyway, I was aroused when I felt this boy’s cock and made it clear by moaning and the way I wriggled around. It was a while before we noticed we were being watched – dad had seen everything – he had watched from just inside the garage doors. He had seen the way I teased and flirted and watched me grin as the boy unfastened my top and he had seen me unzip him and then heard me moan and swear as I closed my hand around the cock – then tell the boy how nice his dick felt. My father had stood and watched all of it. The boy was told to get out and I wondered why dad hadn’t tried to hit him – but then he was a big lad! The guy merely smirked as he strutted past dad and swaggered down the avenue. I was left standing in front of my father with shirt unbuttoned and he took a long look at me. I began to plead with him not to tell mum or cancel the trip I had been promised – a holiday with the school. I said I would do anything – any amount of chores or errands – he could punish me in whatever way he liked – I grovelled and begged. Eventually he said we would talk later and marched off.

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  I waited for the inevitable and as the day passed it was clear he hadn’t told mum. He waited while she went out with my younger sister before he called me into the lounge. Again I promised to do anything but he silenced me seeming very angry. He demanded to know how many boys I had let touch me and warned me to tell the truth saying he would know if I told lies. I said a few – which made him more restless but explained that I had not usually touched them back – so to speak. I admitted when he pressed me that I liked boys to “like me” and he pointed out how much I had obviously enjoyed it – he had watched how I had – then I confessed how I liked men looking at me and I agreed when he asked if I dressed provocatively on purpose. Actually I dressed the way most teenagers did which makes it easy if you want to tease with tight clothes and short skirts. I could see dad becoming more and more flushed which I took to be due to anger. “If you don’t want me to tell your mother and ground you then you’d better let me punish you,” he growled. I wondered how he would do that without mum knowing but smiled with relief and nodded consent happy that he had offered me a way out. “Bend over the chair then!” he ordered. I was stunned – my dad was going to spank me – I was fourteen and girls my age didn’t bend over for their dad’s. I was at an age when my mum helped me buy lacy knickers and thongs – I was turning into a woman. I was confused and thought surely my dad wasn’t doing this for sexual reasons?“It’s up to you!” he urged. ‘Gobsmacked’ and nervous I turned and bent over the arm of the chair – just a little way.

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   I heard dad ask me to bend lower – I knew that if I did he would be able to see the tops of my legs where my panties start. He repeated the request and I decided to obey. I caught by breath as I felt my skirt being lifted further and then his hand slapped my bum cheeks. It wasn’t hard or vicious but made me tingle – I was more shocked that he had lifted my skirt and could now see my entire panty clad bottom. He carried on spanking me and though I yelped a bit I was looking for signs that the act was sexual. Just a couple of times his hand lingered on my bum a fraction longer and I was again shocked when some slaps landed low between my legs touching my pussy lips. The pause between spanks got longer – and he began to talk to me. “So, you enjoy men looking at you?”When I uttered a feeble yes he added, “You know what they would like to do to you, what they must be thinking – they’re not just admiring your pretty face?”I told dad that I knew what he meant. “And you like it – encourage it?”I had certainly dug a hole for myself – said too much!It was all over quickly when we heard mum return and he told me to go upstairs while I composed myself. I sat and wondered for ages if my dad’s motives were sexual or not and felt weird thinking my own father looked at me sexually. I had flashed for and teased many men my dad’s age and older but never imagined it would have the same effect on him. The more I thought about it – and I even bent in front of the mirror to check the same view he had – the more I was convinced he had got a thrill from me! I kept getting a picture in my head of my dad masturbating – while he thought of me – and as the days passed it excited me more and more. I had hoped my punishment would resume but it never happened. I started to do something quite naughty though – I picked my time – and my most revealing clothes – and began to tease dad by bending or sitting indiscreetly. I was looking for signs that he was sexually interested but never imagined what it would lead to.

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   When he was alone I would treat him to the sight of my panties or display my cleavage to him. Sometimes, if mum wasn’t about I would put on an outrageously short skirt or see though top and ask daddy’s opinion if he thought it was too revealing and should I go out dressed like I was. He would always take a long time before he answered while he feasted his eyes on me and sometimes he turned the tables and shocked me by allowing me to go out in a skirt I would normally not even dare to myself. He would say things like “But you’d better not let your mum see you dressed like that!”It was mind-boggling having my dad allow me to go out dressed like a slut at fourteen when he already knew I liked to tease men. This was nothing to do with parents approving the latest fashions – this was being very naughty! I began to take advantage and occasionally got into trouble by taking liberties. Then one evening when out with friends I decided as mum was out that it didn’t matter if I was home late because I would be able to get round dad. When I eventually got home I was read the riot act and my father was really annoyed. I had gone too far and misjudged the situation and dad stood me in front of him saying it was time I was taught a lesson. “I think it’s time you had another good spanking!” he said sternly. I didn’t detect any sexual tone from him and I was a bit scared – I had never seen dad as mad as this before. When he turned me round and told me to bend over the chair as before I didn’t resist but started to whimper. “You have to learn to obey your daddy – haven’t you?” he said slowly – then I felt him slowly raise my skirt but this time he pulled it fully up over my hips. I thought there was a chance that he might get embarrassed or decide he was going too far – because I was wearing nothing round my bum but a thong – my arse was naked! I was wrong. Daddy looked for a long time at my bottom then he said, “My – that’s not what a girl your age should be wearing under her skirt!”The tone of his voice was friendlier now and he certainly took the time to admire the view. I felt his hand touch my bottom and just for an instant he stroked it gently.

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   Then he slapped me – and it was followed by even harder smacks, each cheek being treated alternately. I say the smacks came harder but actually the severity was just enough to give me a glowing feeling and I began again to imagine the view daddy had of my bum and wonder if he was getting any sexual pleasure out of this. It came to an end and as I straightened up and turned round daddy had a confused look on his face as though he was debating with himself. The following days found me thinking long and hard about it all and as I replayed the events in my mind I always became very turned on. Then one evening when I returned home dad said, “I hope you haven’t been out there displaying yourself to all the neighbours – your skirt is very short!”The tone of his voice wasn’t threatening or stern and I just smiled and answered that I hadn’t. He seemed to be hesitating as though he wanted to say something else so I lingered. “I can understand how you attract attention – you’re growing up into a good looking girl. ”For a few minutes the banter went back and forth in a light hearted manner with me saying my teasing was only done for fun and dad making jokes about it. I was becoming a little embarrassed talking to my dad about sexual teasing openly like this – after all I was still only fourteen! I was conscious of the way dad was eyeing up my figure and how he looked at my breasts – then he shocked me. “If you like being admired by men so much then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t let my friends have the pleasure of looking at you – strut your stuff for them!”I blushed up and didn’t answer – he said it in such a deliberately casual way as though it was just an amusing throwaway comment – but I could tell he meant it. I didn’t know what to say – my father encouraging me to sexually tease his friends!“They would appreciate the presence of a young nubile girl like you – might even be good for my business – put them in a good mood. ”Dad didn’t demand or wait for an answer but just left me to take it all in. I came home one evening after visiting a friend from school and heard dad in the lounge talking with two of his regular friends. He came into the hall to meet me and as I was a little late thought I was in for a telling off. “You look nice,” he said but with a funny tone in his voice.

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   “Your mother’s out and your sister’s already in bed – do you want to come and join us a while?”Well that was my first time and it felt weird knowing that those men were looking at me thinking forbidden thoughts as I sat or walked around the room. Being outdoors and having strangers ogle me was one thing but this – done at the request and suggestion of my father – for his friends pleasure – it was blowing my mind. This happened on several occasions and at first nothing much was said directly. I could always sense the men trying to see up my skirt or peer down my top. As I hadn’t complained and was always willing to join the men-folk in the lounge dad must have decided it was time to move things on. And that he certainly did!.

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