The Supergirls - Chapter 5 - Jenna


Although she is a total brat my daughter Jenna is without a doubt the sexiest female I have ever laid eyes on. A spectacular blonde with a stunning 42-24-36 inch body, and who believe it or not is only thirteen years old. Every time I would see her at home my cock would surge into an uncontrollable erection. She is remarkably self-assured and overflows with confidence, and despite her very young age she could easily be described as intimidating. I would fantasize about her constantly, while nightly stroking myself into a series of multiple orgasms. Yet never did I ever make any advances toward her even though I desperately wanted to.

Her astonishing transformation took place over the course of the summer after she completed the seventh grade, as she changed from an innocent young girl into a striking Sex Goddess right before me eyes. Her body was absolutely perfect in every sense of the word

Shortly thereafter Jenna began playing a series of cat-and-mouse games with me that to be quite honest have left me dazed and confused, thriving on her ability to tease me mercilessly. Initially she started by letting me see her wearing a variety of things from her extensive collection of leather and lingerie, proving that her taste in the erotic was impeccable. After that she began to walk around the house with her huge, perfect breasts completely exposed, delighting in the effect they had on me. Then, she started to bring home her lovers, each and every one of them a tremendous specimen of manhood with bulging muscles and an absolutely huge cock. She would make love to them for hours. In the pool, the shower, the weight room, even on my bed. And she made no attempt whatsoever to hide what she was doing. In fact she made it impossible for me not to notice as if daring me to say something.
She was never with the same man twice and would always leave him totally exhausted.

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   I never made any attempt to interfere however, and she never said a word to me. In fact I actually started to look forward to coming home and finding my breath-taking young daughter locked in a carnal embrace with one of her well hung playmates.

As the days passed I began to notice that Jenna was becoming much more aggressive with each succeeding male. Taking complete control of their love making from beginning to end. It was truly a remarkable sight to see as my Ultra Sexy thirteen year old daughter would force these men, all of whom were two and three times her age, to do whatever she wanted. From licking her asshole, to swallowing their own cum.

I was actually watching the birth of a teenage Dominatrix. A transformation that culminated one Friday night when I came home and found her in the basement, which she had remodeled into a modern day torture chamber, brutally beating an extraordinary well built man, who was chained to a hook in the ceiling, with her cat-o-nine-tails. He was at the very least 6’6 and 275lbs of bulging steel hard muscle.

Wearing only a tiny thread like white thong and a pair of six inch spiked stiletto heels Jenna looked magnificent as she viciously hit the massively muscled super stud with surprising expertise, causing him to jolt each time her cat made contact.

Unable to take my eyes off of the remarkable scene being played out before me, I made absolutely no attempt to conceal myself, and as soon as she saw me a wickedly sexy smile appeared on her flawlessly beautiful face.

Tossing her cat aside, she quickly turned her attention back to her well hung prisoner, whose incredible body was now covered with deep, red welts. Walking around to once again face him she reached down and firmly grabbed his enormous erection.

"You really enjoyed that didn't you sweetheart," Jenna purred seductively, while stroking his throbbing manhood. "I don't ever remember you being this hard.

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"I've never been this hard," he said softly. A reply that sent shivers down my spine.

"Now what?" She asked.

"You promised you would fuck me," he responded.

"I did didn’t I," she whispered. "I wonder if that would still be appropriate now that my father is standing behind you with an absolutely huge hard-on. In fact he’s been standing there for almost five minutes. I have a feeling that watching me beat the shit out of you has really turned him on. I’ll bet he wants me to fuck him just as badly as you want me to fuck you. Am I right daddy?” she asked while still looking at her captive, even though her question was directed to me.

"Yes," I replied, totally embarrassed.

"Some people would say that that's unusual," Jenna purred to her prisoner, while turning to look at me. "Especially since I'm only thirteen years old. ”

"OOhhhhh my god," her prisoner suddenly gasped in astonishment, obviously unaware of Jenna’s remarkably young age. "That's impossible; you look like you’re in your mid twenties.

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"That's what everyone thinks when they first see me," she cooed. "Since most girls my age aren't nearly as sexy as I so obviously am. " Then as if to emphasize her point she reached up with her right hand and began to squeeze her huge right breast, laughing as she did. "In fact I'll bet most twenty-six year olds would die to have tits like mine. Wouldn't you agree?"

"Yes Mistress they would," he responded.

"So, now that you know the truth," she whispered, as she stepped toward him and began to rub his enormous blood engorged cock head against her dripping slit. "Does that change your mind about what you want me to do to you?"

"No," he gasped, almost breathless.

"I didn't think so," she replied. "Because there's only one thing on your mind right now isn't there sweetheart?"

"Yes Mistress!"

"And that is?" Jenna asked, quite obviously in complete and total control. He then said something that I couldn't altogether hear.

"Why don't you say that a little louder my pet. So that my father can hear you. "

"I want your cunt," he repeated. "I want your cunt more than I have ever wanted anything in my entire life. "

"And the fact that I am only thirteen means nothing to you.

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"I don't care," he cried. "I just want to be inside of you. "

"I know you do sweetheart," Jenna whispered super seductively. Then a split second later the breath-taking young blonde effortlessly drilled his massive cock, in its entirety, into her seething young cunt, and raped him. The poor bastard didn't stand a chance and in less than a minute after initial penetration his entire body began to shake violently as he exploded in one powerful orgasm after another.

I watched in absolute awe, with my cock throbbing beneath my pants, as my magnificent young daughter used and abused her well hung captive. Reaching behind him she dug her long, razor sharp fingernails into his ass and pulled him even tighter against her, as he continued to empty his hot, thick sperm deep inside her insatiable vagina. It was without a doubt the most intensely savage fuck I had ever seen, and I started to seriously wonder if this guy, despite his size was going to be able to survive Jenna's violent attack.

When she was finally finished, and released his imposing penis from her vice like pussy. He hung limply from the ceiling hook, unconscious, while Jenna on the other hand seemed vibrant and invigorated. Ignoring her latest conquest she started to walk toward me, and as she did I tried desperately not to stare at her spectacular breasts as I involuntarily backed out of her way.

"I'm surprised you haven't already run upstairs and started jerking yourself off," she purred, as she stopped in front of me. "That is what you do after watching me fuck, isn't it?"

"Yes," I said softly in reply, totally mesmerized.

"Is that because you don't have the balls to ask me to fuck you daddy. Or is it because you've come to the realization after watching me in action that I am just too much girl for you to handle?"

If it had been anyone other than Jenna saying those things to me I would have slapped the shit out of her.

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   Up until then no woman would have even dared talk to me like that.

"Did that strike a nerve daddy," she asked as if reading my mind. "As you can tell I'm certainly not like any of those bimbos you've been going out with lately. On the contrary I am more woman than you could ever possibly hope to handle, and I think it’s about time you were taught a very valuable lesson in female superiority. I want you in my room in exactly fifteen minutes, completely naked. "

"And if I'm not," I asked.

"Let's just say you don't want me to come looking for you," she whispered. A split second later she turned and went upstairs.

As you might imagine my mind was swirling mass of contradiction and confusion, and up until about two minutes before her deadline I still had no idea what to do. Then suddenly I decided to go, and immediately began to rip off my clothes. I arrived with just seconds to spare. Walking into her bedroom my throbbing thirteen inch cock leading the way I didn't see her at first. Then she stepped out of one of her closets, with a hanger holding an outrageously tiny dress. She was still wearing her thread like thong and heels having added a black lace bustier that was being stretched nearly to the breaking point by her fantastic tits.

"You just barely made it," she whispered, while setting the dress over the back of a chair.

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   "One thing that you'll need to quickly learn is that I won't tolerate any of my men being late!"

"Is that what I am now, one of your men?"

"Not yet!!" She whispered.

"I almost decided not to come," I told her.

"Then why did you?" She asked, while walking toward me and then firmly grabbing my pulsating thirteen inch penis.

"Because I can't resist you. "

"You’re certainly not alone," she smiled. "During these past few weeks you've wanted me more than anything you have ever wanted in your life, haven't you daddy? I can see it in your eyes, as well as between your legs. "

"You have no idea. " I said softly.

"So you would play with yourself," she purred. "While fantasizing about what it would feel like to be inside my tight, white hot cunt. Isn't that right?"

"OOhhhhh god yes," I gasped in response, wildly turned-on.

"Well, you won't have to wonder any more," my ultra sexy young daughter whispered, right before brutally drilling my raging hard-on completely into her dripping gash.

Almost instantly upon penetration a low animal groan escaped my lips in reaction to just how incredibly hot and wet she was, and within seconds, unable to hold myself back I exploded in a violent orgasm emptying a torrent of cum deep inside her quivering vagina. As soon as I was momentarily drained she released me from her sizzling slit, my cock still rock hard and dripping with her juices. My head was actually spinning and it took a few moments before I could actually stand up straight.

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"Are you OK daddy," she asked, while stroking one side of my face.

"I think so," I replied, my heart rate finally slowing down. "I can honestly say that I have never cum so hard in my life. " I told her.

"I'll soon have you cumming even harder," she purred super seductively. Then she asked to see my hands and as I held them out for her she grabbed my wrists and led me toward her bed. I was surprisingly nervous and even though I had been in my daughter's room many times before it suddenly seemed different. Her scent was everywhere.

She stood me at the foot of the bed and even though she let go of my wrists I still kept them locked together in front of me. She then went to her dresser and returned with a slender length of fabric. It looked like terry cloth. Without missing a beat she tied the soft material around one of my wrists

My gasp was reflexive. ” You’ve done this before, haven't you?"

"Many times," she whispered sensuously. "Although before I tie your hands together sweetheart I want you to rip off my bustier. "

I certainly didn't have to verbalize my willingness to follow that order and a split second later I did exactly as she instructed, exposing her huge, perfect tits to my lust crazed eyes.

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   She went on to allow me a few precious moments to stare before asking if I would like to touch them.

"May I," I said softly.

"Of course darling," she purred, smiling wickedly. So immediately I attempted to take as much of her ultra voluptuous breasts in my hands as I could handle, feeling their warmth escape between my fingers. They were so big, so incredibly firm. Her areolas were smooth and her nipples were steel hard and at the very least an inch long.

"Aren't they incredible," she whispered seductively, while lifting my chin so that I could look into her gorgeous green eyes.

"Spectacular," I replied softly.

"Would you like to suck on my nipples?" She asked.

"You must be reading my mind," I moaned.

"Go ahead," she cooed.

I started with her right nipple, taking it between my lips and sucking on it gently, french kissing it.

"I want you to bite it sweetheart," she suddenly ordered. So I did. "Harder," she demanded, and in response I increased the pressure slightly.

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   "I said harder," she said sternly.

"I don't want to hurt you," I said, afraid that I might.

"Daddy you couldn't hurt me even if you wanted to," she purred. "Now I want you to bite it as hard as you possibly can. " Reluctantly, I did exactly as she instructed. Yet believe it or not no matter how hard I bit down, she continued to demand that I bite even harder, until finally she exploded in two sense shattering orgasms.

"I absolutely love pain," she cooed throatily, while firmly grabbing my wildly throbbing erection. "Especially when I'm inflicting it. " And with that she pushed my huge cock between her magnificent breasts. I'm not really sure if I can describe exactly how it felt except to say that her breasts were so incredibly hot and smooth I thought I was going to melt right into her. Slowly I began to move up and down, and as I did she began to squeeze my steel hard manhood with her breasts, demonstrating phenomenal muscle control.

Back and forth my pulsating penis slid between my magnificently sexy young daughter's super tits, and it wasn't long before I exploded in another powerful orgasm. I will never forget just how erotic it looked to see my hot, thick cum as it began pouring out of the gap where her awesome young breasts met, coating them. Of course now when she fucks me with her extraordinary tits I am required to lick up my sperm as soon as I orgasm.

After finally stepping back and allowing my cock to slip from between her huge, perfect breasts Jenna ordered me to again raise my hands in front of me and this time she tied my wrists together with careful, secure knots.

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"If I get a little rough with you daddy," she purred seductively. "Let me know and I might stop. "

"I don't think you'll have to worry about that," I told her, not really sure if that was true.

"We'll see," she smiled wickedly.

Next, she walked me over to the front of the bed, told me to raise my arms over my head and pushed me onto my back on the sheets. Walking around to one side of the bed Jenna then tied the free end of the terry cloth to the headboard. A split second later she moved on top of me and began to run her hands and mouth all over the bulging muscles of my chest, pausing briefly to suck each of my nipples into her mouth flicking them back and forth with her tongue. From there she moved down the taut muscles of my stomach and began to work her oral magic over my balls, taking each one of them as well into her mouth causing me to moan loudly.

The next thing I knew she slid her luscious lips around my huge blood engorged crown and then believe it or not took every throbbing inch of my straining manhood down her throat. With my cock sliding in and out of her mouth this remarkable thirteen year old girl cupped my balls with one hand and began to probe my ass with the other. Leaving no doubt in my mind that despite her incredibly young age Jenna was an expert at sucking cock. And it wasn't long before she had me bucking and writhing on her bed very close to cumming.

"Not yet daddy," she cautioned me, very aware of my impending climax. "I want you inside me this time when you cum. " Then a split second later she positioned her dripping, clean shaven pussy directly over my eager shaft.


   Reaching up I attempted to encircle as much of her huge, ultra firm breasts with my large hands as I could, while Jenna meanwhile began to rub her hot, slick slit up and down the length of my raging hard-on coating it with her juices.

"Does that feel good darling," she cooed super seductively, while looking deeply into my eyes.

"OOhhh god yes," I groaned. "How is it that you know so. . . " I started to say.

"Ssshhhh," she interrupted. "Jenna knows everything," she smiled, and with that she drilled my painfully hard thirteen inch cock completely into her seething young cunt, causing me to cry out with pleasure. With each successive stroke she increased the speed of her thrusts until it wasn't long before she was brutally slamming my pulsating penis into her white hot vagina. I tried to hold back as long as I could in an attempt to heighten her pleasure, not realizing that my breath-taking young daughter was in complete control of my orgasm. When she finally did let me cum I exploded in the most powerful climax of my life emptying a torrent of my thick sperm deep into her clutching pussy.

Remarkably Jenna forced two more senses shattering orgasms from my steel hard cock taking each and every one of them with phenomenal ease totally draining me, leaving me barely conscious. As you might expect I slept very good that night. The next morning my extraordinary young daughter continued right where she left off.

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"Good morning daddy," she cooed, when she walked out onto the pool patio where I was getting ready for a swim.

"Good morning," I replied, unable to take my eyes off of her. Wearing nothing more than a tiny, thread like pink thong and a matching pair of pumps with six inch spiked stiletto heels she looked absolutely magnificent.

"How do you feel?" She asked, while walking toward me

"Fantastic," I said, not the least bit concerned with the fact that my cock was now pressing obscenely against my swim trunks.

As soon as she was close enough the stunning young blonde literally ripped off my trunks and firmly grabbed my straining erection. A split second later she savagely drilled my throbbing manhood into her sizzling pussy, devouring me like a wild animal consuming its prey. "I hope you don't mind," she whispered super seductively, as her blistering, wet cunt clenched my engorged cock and easily molded itself around me despite my size. With her spectacular tits pressing tightly against my bulgingly muscular chest Jenna began to fuck me internally, squeezing and manipulating my steel hard penis with remarkable expertise.

"You’re the first man in my cunt today daddy," she purred. "Although you certainly won't be the last. " And with that she engulfed my mouth in hers, thrusting her tongue hard between my lips and kissed me passionately. I was completely under her control and I was determined that she not forget her first fuck which was an incredible copulation with an intensity that sizzled through my body, scorching me with lust.

Of course it didn't take long for my ultra sexy young daughter to bring me to the point of no return, and when I finally exploded deep inside her. I filled her white hot vagina with a tremendous load of my scalding cum. As she then went on to squeeze out the last of my excitement I could feel my legs start to give way and when she finally released me I dropped to my knees, exhausted.

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"I'm not sure yet if I'm coming home tonight daddy," she purred while looking down at me. "So don't wait up. " And with that she turned and walked into the house. As I watched her leave my eyes transfixed on her tight, ultra sexy ass. It was at that precise moment I came to the realization that I was falling under my luscious young daughter's irresistible spell.

The next few weeks were not only an education for me, but an adventure as well. I discovered that Jenna was as contemptuous and rude as she was cruel and sadistic. I also discovered that I was very much in love with her, although not like a father would normally love his daughter. We continued to have extraordinary sex. We had intercourse in every room of the house at all hours of the day. On the pool and dining room tables, the stairs, in the jacuzzi, just to name a few. She even raped me at the bottom of the pool where she violently fucked me under ten feet of water. She was absolutely insatiable, and took every opportunity to assert herself over me, either by tying me up or handcuffing my hands behind my back. What would turn me on the most however were the times when she would just slam me against the nearest wall without saying a word. Then, while holding my arms above my head with one hand she would violently rip open whatever it was I was wearing and expose my throbbing manhood.

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   Next she would viciously thrust my steel hard cock into her blistering cunt and brutally rape me. She was so incredibly strong.

I was quickly becoming the personal sex toy of my magnificently titted thirteen year old daughter, and to be honest I was loving every second of it.

Then suddenly everything changed. When after promising me an especially passionate evening of raw, wicked sex she stood me up, with no message, no apology, nothing. Leaving me with a raging hard-on that wouldn't go away despite the fact that I jerked myself off at least a half a dozen times. At first I was worried, thinking something might have happened to her. Of course I quickly dismissed that particular thought since it was obvious that despite her extremely young age Jenna was very capable of taking care of herself. That's when I became angry.

I attempted to wait up for her walking through the house completely naked, but when the sun started to rise and she still wasn't home I decided to get some sleep. When I awoke a few hours later I immediately went to one of the bedroom windows to see if her car was there, and a bolt of excitement shot threw me when I saw that it was. It took me almost twenty minutes to find her however and when I finally did she was in the den on her cell phone wearing nothing more than a thread like white thong and a pair of her trademark six inch, silver tipped spiked heels. She was very upset with the man on the other end totally degrading him for his apparent inability to carry out her instructions. I waited patiently for her to finish and as you might imagine my cock quickly became painfully hard. I will admit I was nervous, especially when she turned off the phone and demanded to know what I was doing there.

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For a brief moment or two I seriously considered apologizing for interrupting her and leaving, but then I decided to stand up to her, which turned out to be the biggest mistake I have ever made in my life.

"Are you OK?" I asked hoping to calm her down since it was obvious that she was upset.

"I'm fine daddy," she replied. "Now why don't you be a good boy and run along, I’m busy. " Her words which were dripping with condescension quickly angered me, taking me to the limit of my patience. Then, she had the nerve to turn away from me and toss her long gorgeous blonde hair flippantly as if to imply that I was now dismissed.

I continued to just stand there however, watching her, both stunned by her indifference as well as incredibly aroused by her mere presence. She looked absolutely breath-taking in her defiant state. "Why are you still here?" She suddenly asked without even looking at me.

"Because I'm your father, and I don't appreciate being talked to like a child," I said firmly.

"Then I would suggest that you do something about it," she said boldly, after finally turning to face me.

"I intend to," I told her. "But first I want to know where you were tonight. "

"That's none of your fucking business," she said sharply, while placing her hands on her lushly curved hips. "How dare you question me about my whereabouts?"

"Then I'm going to make it my business," I yelled, trying my best to hide the fact that I was scared to death.

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"Your not man enough to make it your business," she shot back. A split second later the spectacular young blonde stepped toward me and firmly grabbed my straining erection. "Don't you ever, ever talk to me like that again," she told me as I stared into her piercing emerald green eyes. Then in a sudden lightning quick move she stepped back and executed a perfect scissor kick to my head knocking me hard across the room onto my back.

The next thing I knew she had a handful of my hair in her right hand and began to smash my head into the floor. I tried to stop her, but with her knee pressed into the small of my back I couldn't move. Just when I was about to start screaming, unable to withstand the pain any longer Jenna lifted me to my feet and instantly hit me with a devastating right cross. She quickly followed that with a crushing left hook and another vicious right, and again I found myself on the floor bleeding from both my mouth and nose.
"I think you owe me an apology," she cooed while standing over me her hands on her lushly curved hips.

"I'm sorry," I said softly after a brief pause. I will never forget that feeling of absolute terror I had. Although strangely the fact that I was on the floor apologizing to my Ultra Voluptuous teenage daughter for asking her why she was late coming home late was turning me on, evidenced by the fact that my cock was throbbing painfully between my legs. I had never been with a woman before who was so sure of herself, so totally in control of the people and events around her. A woman so ready to impose her will on me, and to be honest it was incredibly exciting. Suddenly I ached with a desire to totally submit to this extraordinary young girl, to surrender completely, because deep down I knew that my reward would be a kind of pleasure that I have never experienced before.

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"Do you promise to behave yourself?" She asked.

"Yes," I said softly, as my gaze shifted and I found myself staring at her gorgeous cunt. Momentarily I drifted off into a semi-hypnotic trance totally mesmerized by her dripping genitals. Then suddenly she snapped my head back forcing me to look up at her. "This will be your only warning daddy," she whispered, and with that she pushed me off balance causing me to fall backwards. With my eyes all over her tight, perfect ass I then watched as she started to leave the room.

"Jenna," I suddenly blurted out nervously.

"What," she growled, after stopping at the door and turning to look at me.

"Never mind," I said, having decided that it would be best if I didn't ask her to fuck me before she left. A split second later she was gone leaving me to wonder when, if ever we were going to have sex again. That all changed about forty five minutes later when she suddenly walked into my bathroom just as I stepped out of the shower.

"Your not used to losing, are you daddy?" She asked as she walked toward me. Snapping me out of my funk.

"No," I said softly, while unable to stop from staring at her magnificent breasts which were completely exposed.

"Then you better get used to it, because I always win," she purred as she took a firm hold of my steel hard erection.

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"Yes Mistress," I gasped in reaction to the fact that she had just placed the huge blood engorged head of my cock against the outer folds of her dripping cunt. A split second later she began to slowly envelope me. The feeling was incredible as inch after inch of my massive erection was consumed by my daughter's white hot vagina. Until finally I was completely inside her with Jenna's spectacular young tits pressing tightly against my chest.

"One of the advantages of getting into a fight with me daddy is making up with me," she cooed, and with that she squeezed my raging hard-on with her seething young cunt. Taking my hands she placed them on her tight, perfect ass as she slowly pulled back before once again pulling me inside her white hot vagina pinning my heavy balls against thighs. My breathing started to quicken and I could feel the beginning of my orgasm. With each of her firm thrusts she brought me closer and closer to cumming. Until finally she triggered my climax and I exploded violently, emptying a torrent of hot, thick sperm deep inside her quivering pussy.

After totally draining me Jenna stepped back to release my exhausted manhood. Reaching back I held onto the sink so that I wouldn't fall.

"Thank-you," I said softly.

She didn't say anything in reply, instead she flashed me a dazzling smile and left.

For the next week my breath-taking young daughter became increasingly dominant as she continued to assert herself over me. Expertly orchestrating the action each and every time we were together, while forcing me to revel in my submissiveness.

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   She ordered and I hastened to obey, offering myself to her in whatever way she so desired. One night, after teasing me to the point where I was ready to sell my very soul for her pussy she made me crawl on all fours to the bed where she was sitting and then beg for the fucking that I not only needed, but desperately wanted. Only to leave me barely conscious after drilling my huge cock, balls deep into her seething young cunt and savagely raping me.

Then two days later she accused me of not being ready for a dinner date with a very close friend of hers. Wearing a skin tight white vinyl bodysuit with a lace-up plunging front that accented her stunning curves with sheer lycra mesh. A pair of fingerless gloves tethered to a choker collar, matching stay up stockings and a pair of six inch silver spiked stiletto heels. Jenna walked into my bedroom and demanded to know why I had ignored her request to be ready at nine o'clock .

"You never told me anything about this," I said, while searching my mind for any clue as to what she was talking about.

"I told you three days ago," she purred seductively.

"Jenna, I'm sure I would have remembered if you did," I replied.

"Daddy that tone in your voice suggests that you think I'm lying. "

"I'm not trying to suggest anything," I said.

No sooner did my words come out the Ultra Sexy young blonde hit me hard across my face with the back of her right hand. I instinctively clenched my fists in response while briefly entertaining the idea of hitting her back, which would have been a very dangerous mistake.

"You’re calling me a fucking liar, and I don't like it," she snapped.

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"Jenna, I'm not, I swear," I told her anxiously my heart beating a mile a minute.

"Then you are purposely disobeying me," she cooed. "And that I will certainly not permit. " Then a split second later she drove her right knee savagely into my stomach doubling me over. Grabbing my left arm she then twisted it behind my back, and dragged me across the room and threw me over the back of a chair. "Don't you fucking move," she ordered. "I'll be right back. " Although she wasn't gone long and even though I was absolutely terrified of what she was going to do to me I still felt as if I had to fight back. So when she returned I was standing, waiting for her.

"I thought I told you not to move," she said.

"You did," I said softly.

"Do you remember what happened to you the last time you pissed me off?" She asked.

"I'm not afraid of you," I told the stunning young blonde.

"Then you're the only man I know who isn't," Jenna cooed so supremely confident in herself. Then suddenly she violently ripped off her bodysuit causing me to gasp in awe at the sight of her spectacular body.

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   "Does that turn you on," she purred, as she reached up with her right hand and started to squeeze her huge left breast. "Knowing that your thirteen year old daughter is so fucking intimidating, men two and three times my age actually beg me to dominate them?"

"Yes," I admitted, my cock throbbing painfully between my legs.

"You’re a very lucky man daddy," she whispered super you don't even have to ask. "

"What if I try to stop you?" I questioned.

"I hope you do," she laughed. "I came four times the last time I beat the shit out of you. "

"Jenna please," I said, trying to sound conciliatory. "How about if I just get dressed, we'll go to dinner, and forget this ever happened. "

"Unfortunately sweetheart," she responded while stepping toward me and wrapping as much of her right hand around my throbbing cock as she could. "That can't happen now. You have given me no choice, but to punish you daddy and I have every intention of doing just that. " Then after a brief pause she demanded that I once again drape myself back over the chair. Although I hesitated for a moment or two, I finally decided to swallow my pride and do what she wanted.

"Good boy," she whispered, right before stepping directly behind me. The next thing I knew she spread her super shapely legs about shoulder width apart, bent over at the waist and started licking the crack of my ass.


   The wetness she left felt immediately cool as air replaced the tender warmth of her mouth. With her left hand she began to massage my balls, stretching them, kneading them, caressing them. Then suddenly she lunged forward and spread my buttocks with her tongue causing my body to rock and quiver. She traced firm circles around my asshole, pausing every so often to plunge her tongue inside. She kept that up for several minutes, and it soon became obvious that she wanted to take me to the very edge of excitement, to see how far I could be pushed.

This was the first time anyone had ever done such a thing to me and the feeling was so intense I knew it wouldn't be long before I came. My orgasm started in my outer extremities, with warm waves of electric energy pulsating through my body. Building in intensity until I felt the first surge building inside my cock, and then my hips bolted and I exploded.

When my spasms finally subsided I suddenly realized that Jenna's very talented tongue had been replaced by something much more dangerous, a huge dildo. She was pressing the hard rounded plastic just above my rim spreading me wide leaving no doubt that my asshole was her target. A dizzying sexual desire rushed through me and I gasped with disbelief.

"You like having your asshole played with, don't you daddy?" She whispered super sensuously.

"Yes," I replied truthfully. Then after a brief pause, unable to resist the question any longer I asked her what she was going to do to me.

"I'm going to give you a haunting reason why you should never, ever forget something I tell you," and with that she forced the head of the dildo into my ass splitting me open.

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   That scared me and I immediately tried to straighten up. Jenna however was anticipating my reaction and as soon as I moved she pushed me back down forcing me to stay in place. "There's no turning back sweetheart," she cautioned me. A moment or two later she started to slide more of the horrifying device inside of me, taking long deep plunges, withdrawing only to then thrust it back inside. With her hands firmly squeezing my hips she would pull me back against her, totally in control.

The pain was soon becoming so unbearable, I started to beg my striking teenage daughter to stop, tears rolling down my face. Jenna responded with one final agonizing thrust, forcing her huge tits and inch long steel hard nipples hard into my back. Grabbing a handful of my hair she violently jerked my head backward. "I'll stop darling," she whispered. "When you can assure me this will never happen again. "

"I promise," I gasped.

"From this moment on daddy you will do what I say when I say, and if you dare to disobey me again I guarantee that the suffering you've experienced these past few minutes will be multiplied ten times over. Am I making myself clear?"

"Yes. . .

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  yes, I'll do anything you want," I cried.

Pushing my head down she let go of me and backed away, leaving the dildo imbedded deep inside my asshole. "You really should get some rest daddy," she cooed softly. "You look exhausted," and with that she was gone.

I hope you enjoyed this story. Please let me know what you think about Jenna and the way she treats her father.

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