Another Teen Shoplifter (or two)


Jack's job as a security guard doesn't pay much, but the fringe benefits are great. Including lots of fresh teen pussy. When he catches a teen shoplifter, that's when the fun begins. . . . . .

Another Teen Shoplifter


Ever since Jack had fucked the hot dirty blonde teen named Cindy, who he had caught stealing panties, he was keeping a lookout for the kind of slutty teen girls that he could take back to his security office, fondle and fuck, and not have to worry about any trouble down the road with his employer.


So it was important that he find girls who would not object to giving him a blowjob and lettign him fuck them, as long as he let them go after catching them shoplifting from the cavernous store weher he was working.


He preferred girls whop were alone, just because it was easier to manage them, but the quiet Wednesday afternoon that week left him no choice but to go after the two young girls who caught his eye as they giggled and bounced around through the cosmetics department.


They were both cute, in their own way. The little blonde was about 5' 4”, with shoulder length blonde hair, that looked like it had bleached out in a swimming pool. She looked like she was only about fifteen or sixteen, with hips that were still thin, and a tight little ass, that filled out the skin tight jeans that she wore. They were low cut, and showed off her flat tummy, and the little jewel that sparkled at the end of the half ring that she wore through her belly button. She wore a loose fitting top, made ofgauzy material, that would look great without a bra, but she was wearing a bra, as he could see the straps under the thin gauze top.

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   Sexy, but somehow not aware of how sexy her ass looked as the cheeks rose and fell as she walked. Her friend, a slightly taller redhead, was dressed more for the pool than shopping, wearing a bikini bathing suit top, over a pair of tight, worn-out cut-off jeans, that barely covered the cheeks of her pale white ass. Her red hair was pulled into a pair of pony tails, that made her look probably a bit younger, and he doubted she was over sixteen, either.

One thing Jack knew, however, was that these teens were sexually active at a young age, and certainly, these two had seen and sucked a cock before, and probably had been fucked, at least once or twice, if only by their inexperienced teenage boyfriends.


Jack watched the two, first from his security office above the store floor, and then, when he was fairly sure that each had put a lipstick, or makeup item, into her pocket or purse, he went downstairs and began tracking them from an aisle or two away, so he could hear them, and see them in the mirrors placed strategically around the store aisles.


As he paced along in the aisle next to where they walked and giggled, he could hear bits of their conversation. . . . “that guy at the pool was so lame. . . . . .

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  . ” “did you see his cock, though” …. . . omg. . . . and hey giggled and danced around. “hey I want one of those”. . the little blonde was saying. And her friend responded by saying “OK, I'll stick one in my back pocket here. ”


So he now had seen, and now heard, evidence of shoplifting, and he was ready to take the girls back to the office.

When he rounded the corner, they began to run, but Jack was still pretty fast, and by the time they had run two aisles, he had caught up, and grabbed the blonde, and then the redhead, by the arm.

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“Girls, girls,” he said, as he began walking them toward the rear of the store. “Where were you'all going in such a fuckin hurry. ” “Who are you, and what the fuck do you want,” the feisty redhead snarled at him. “I'm the security guard here, girls, and you two are in trouble, cuz I caught you stealin,” Jack said with a smile.

“Awwww, cmon, man,” said the redhead, as she turned toward him and seemed to thrust out her firm teen tits toward him.

“We didn't really take shit, man” said the blond, as she looked at him, pleading with her big blue eyes.

“Well,” said Jack, “Let's just go back to my office, and see what you've got, and what we need to do. I am pretty sure I am going to have to call both the police, and your parents. ”


With this, both girls began pleading with him, mostly about their parents. “My dad is a real prick, and he'll beat the fuck out me if you call him,”said the redhead. “My mom is a bitch-- please don't call her,” said the little blonde, soun ding like she might cry.


They rounded the corner, and he opened the door that led to the narrow stairway to his office. He told the little blond to go first, and she began stepping up the stairs, her jean encased cheeks pumping up and down as she climbed the stairs. The redhead followed, and Jack was right behind, with his nose just inches from the the young teen's firm buns, that were not quite covered by her tight cut-offs. He loved the little line that appeared at the place where here legs met her ass cheek, and each cheek was tantalizingly close to his face as he followed close behind up the stairs.

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   It took will power on Jack's part, not to reach up and fondle that beautiful ass, but he knew he would have it soon.


When they reached the little office, he told the girls to stand and face his desk, and lean over. They hesitated, so he pushed each down, first the little blond, and then the slightly taller redhead.


“What are your names, girls. First and last, please. ”

The blond spoke up first, and said “It's Kimmy, Kimmy Wozniak”

“OK, and how about you, red, what's your name”

“It's Monica, Monica Kagan”


“Alright, then girls, here is the deal. First, I am going to have to risk both of you, to see what all you have taken. Then, we can decide who to call, or what to do. So the better you cooperate with me now, the more likely we don't need to call your parents, OK?”


“Yeah, we get it they both said,” as they looked at each other, both with their little teen asses pointed into the air, in his direction. And they both had beautiful, firm and tight, teen asses, that begged for jack to touch them.


He started with Kimmy, and stood behind her, placing one leg between hers, and forcing her to take a wide stance. Then, he bent down and began feeling around her legs, covered as they were by the skin tight jeans, first up one and then the other, as he reached her ass, he spent extra time feeling the firm globes of each ass cheek, and the little dimple that showed above each cheek. He reached around and felt the firm tummy, and then over the front of her jeans, that was stretched tight over her little mound. As he felt the pockets, he could feel some objects inside, and he stopped and let her know he had felt them. “So, since there are some things in your pockets here, Kimmy, you are going to have to take off those jeans.

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  ” She turned and slowly began peeling them off, revealing tan legs, and a tiny little triangle covering her pussy, a tiny pink thong. She kicked them away, and looked at him, with just the slightest smile, and he told her to turn around again, and lean over the desk. When she did so, her firm round little ass, poked out at him, and he fondled it, as she let out a slight moan.

He then reached around, and felt the cups of her bra. “I think you will n eed to remove this bra, too, Kimmy, for me to complete my search. ”

So she reached back, and released the bra, and he reached under and began massaging the firm tit cones that had been held by the bra. They were firm and topped with a nice puffy nipple, the kind he loved.

Jack's cock was by now straining at his pants, begging to be let out. He decided to go for it.

Kimmy, If you'll turn around now, and drop to your knees, I think we can determine what to do.

She did, and he dropped his trousers, letting his cock spring forth, almost hitting her in the face.

Kimmy knew what to do, and immediately put it in her mouth, and began sucking. He began fondling her firm titties, and admired the view as he looked down on her.

Meanwhile, Monica had been watching, and when Kimmy started on his cock, Monica tried to run for the door.

But Jack had locked it, and she immediately turned back, and said, “I'm sorry, I'll do what you want- please don't call my mom!”

So he walked over, leaving Kimmy kneeling in front of his desk.

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   And roughly pulled the bikini top off of Monica. Her teen boobs, white and pink-nippled, sprang free, and bounced a bit, as Jack grabbed her by the arm and roughly pulled her back to his desk.

“Yes you will do what I want, you little slut,” he said to Monica, as she pushed her back up against the desk. “Take off those cutoffs. ”

She did, and he was surprised to see she wore no underwear under the shorts, revealing a very white patch of skin surrounding her pink pussy, that was covered with wispy red hair, that hid nothing.

“Bend over the desk,” he ordered, “ and put that ass in the air. ”

She did as he commanded and the pink globes of her ass begged for a hard slap from Jack. And so he slapped each cheek, hard, making Monica squeak, and leaving a big red mark on each cheek.


Then he reached under her, and drew his finger along the smooth slit of her teenage pussy, working his finder inside as he pulled it back. “Mmmmm. . . . . ” she moaned, as his finger pushed into her hot and extremely tight slit.

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“You like that, don't you, you little slut” he said, as he worked his finger in and out, cupping her mound in his big hand.

“I'm going to put something in there you'll like even more,” said Jack, as he stepped up close behind her, his cock still wet from Kimmy's interrupted blowjob.

He continued fingering Monica, and then placed his cock into the wet slit, and pushed hard, drawing a gasp from the teen, as all eight inches was forced into her tight teen pussy. “Goddamn, you are tight, you little slut. ”

“And you,” he said, looking down at Kimmy, who had remained kneeling on the floor. “Get up on the desk, so I can fondle those titties, while I fuck your friend.

Kimmy complied, her tits jiggling just a bit, as she hopped up and sat on the edge of the desk.

As he pounded up against Monica's firm ass, he reached over and grabbed a nice handful of the other teen's tits.

Nice afternoon at work, he thought, as he continued pounding the redhead's slippery tight cunt, while fondling the young blonde's tits.



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