Jeremy and Ashli


My alarm clock woke me up at about 7:30, as usual. It was another normal day for me. . atleast that's what I thought. I looked at my phoneto see if I had any overnight text messages, of course, I did. I'm the average 17 year old, I have blue eyes, brown hair that curls overmy eyebrows. My dick is roughly 8 inches when it's hard, and about 6 inches when it's soft. Anyways, I got up and got dressed, when I wentdownstairs, breakfast was already on the table and my parents had left for work already. I ate breakfast, caught the bus, and went to school. When I got there, I was late (Shitty transportation, right?). The teacher said he had an announcement "Class, I'd like you to meet Ashli". She was a new student, and man was she HOT. She had smooth blonde hair, creamy white skin and big brown eyes as if to say "Please fuck me". I got an instant hard on, she had beautiful tits. She sat RIGHT next to me, and she noticed my boner as she sat down, she smiled and said"Wow, that sure didn't take very long". I just nodded, I was so embarrassed.

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   We did some math problems, then the bell rang, I went to my locker and Ashli showed up. "Hey" she said. "Hi" I responded. "Wanna go hang out?" - "You mean, you want to cut class?". "Sure" she said. This was my chance, I thought. There was a bathroom right down the hall that was closed for some repairs, I took her in there. We talkedabout our life and finally, she reached over to me and launched a tongue kiss. The boner returned immediatley. I began groping her boobs as she kissed me, I reached my hand up and she had the perkiest nipples I'd ever felt, I thought I was going to cum just by looking at her!I ripped off her shorts and smacked her ass a few good times, I placed her on the sink and went in her, she was tight, just as I expected. I got her used to it and I began pounding the hell out of her, my balls were slapping her ass and she was screaming like hell. "OHH YEAH" "RIGHT THERE, FUCK ME GOOD JER" "FFFFFUCK HARDER" "YOU PUSSY, FUCK ME HARDER". I got pissed and I fucked the living SHIT out of her. She came and we went a second time, as we were, I heard a cracking noise, the sink fell. Luckily my hands were on her ass, so I held her up, that gave us more encouragement though, we fucked so hard.

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   "Facebook me sometime, lover" and off she went with a wink.
I rushed this, so sorry if there isn't much detail. Part 2 coming soon.

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