Road Trip Fun


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Alexis and I decide to take a road trip to Sedona, Arizona, and make a day trip out of it. So we set out early in the morning and drive through the desert together. We explore the town for a bit, but soon before long our attitudes shift gears and we want to pounce on each other.

“Are you ready to go? I am about ready to get back home…” she says, giving me a deep sensual stare with her bright blue eyes.


When we get back on the road heading home, the car becomes filled with sexual tension. It’s as if we both can’t wait any longer.

I try my hardest not to look at her because it makes me want to pull over and fuck her until she can’t see straight.


And then, as I’m driving on the freeway as fast as I can, Alexis slowly runs her hand up my leg and then up my shorts.


“How about I do some of this?” She asks sternly.


Alexis begins to rub at my dick through my underwear, arousing me immediately. Then she slowly leans over the center console with her hand up my shorts. I stare her in the eye and say, “do what you want to baby. ”

She stares back deeply, and smirking at me, replies “now that’s what I want to hear. ”

Within seconds, Alexis gets my dick hard.


   She pulls aside my boxers and grabs hold of it firmly. I continue driving down the open road, trying hard to keep my cool. Alexis stares at me intensely and pulls on my cock.


“Ok, fuck it… I want you so bad” she says.


She quickly unbuckles her seatbelt and unbuttons my shorts in a flash. She tears down the zipper and I wiggle them off while she yanks down my boxers. My big hard cock plops out in front of her and she gasps for air.

Alexis grabs hold of my cock and begins to stroke it up and down gently. Her upper body is leaning over my crotch as she jerks me off playfully. I begin to moan and groan softly, trying to pay attention to the road too.

She jerks me off for a minute or two, and then Alexis takes a plunge down at my cock with her head, taking most of my dick into her mouth. I clinch my teeth when she does this, so as not to wreck the car I’m driving. She slowly moves her mouth up and off my dick and grunts loudly. I look down at Alexis, hovered over my dick, and watch as the tip of my dick pops out of her mouth. She looks up at me for a second with her big blue eyes, smiles, then swiftly descends back onto my cock.

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She now runs her lips up and down most the length of my shaft rhythmically. After sucking for a few seconds she stops and says, “you like that don’t you?” While her tongue hits my head, and her saliva runs down my dick.


Alexis keeps going and going, getting more and more aggressive as she sucks me off.

After a few minutes of blowing me, she unexpectedly takes more of my dick into the back into her mouth than she ever has. Her lips touch the base of my cock every other time she goes down on it.  

Alexis begins viciously sucking my dick while I drive the car, and as deep as she can take it.


“OH YAAA THAT’S FUCKIN RIGHT! I LOVE YOUR COCK MMMMM!” she murmurs from the side of her mouth as my dick remains in it. I can see that she wants to make me cum now as she speeds up her pace.


She begins to devouring my cock with her mouth, making gurgling noises as she throws her face down at it. She pumps her head up and down just as fast as she can and gets me close to cumming.


 I tell her, “I’m gonna cum! Make me cum come on baby keep going! harder!” and she responds by simply taking all of my hard cock into her mouth ferociously.


Suddenly Alexis lets my dick out of her mouth , and takes deep breathes. Then she wildly starts slapping my dick at her face, so it hits against her cheeks and lips. She keeps slapping my penis harder at her spit drenched mouth, and lets a long strand of spit out onto it. I can barely keep the car moving forward on the freeway at this point.

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Then after she turns her cheeks red from my cock, she starts to mouth fuck me wildly until I can’t hold it anymore. I begin cumming into her mouth, shooting my huge hot load into her mouth. As she feels my spunk fire into her mouth she holds her head down firmly on my dick so that none of it pours out.