sasuke's gift part 3


sasuke's gift part 3the nurse walks over and when shes close sasuke notices that the nurse is ten ten sasuke ,ino and sakura slow start to take ten ten's clothes caressing her breast thourgh the thin fabric of the uniform sasuke takes off her blouse and ten ten doesent have a a bra on so he cups her size 29 c breast in his hand and teasing her and ino have her skirt off and are kissing her upper thigh near her swollen lips of her pussy. sakura looks up as sasuke is sharing a passionate kiss she stands up and breaks the kiss and takes ten ten and throws her on the bed ino cathes the hint and pins her arms sakura spreads her legs and pins them sasuke starts on her and soon she gives in so sakura and ino let her go and they go into the 69 stance while sasuke and ten ten grind against each other going with the movement there bodys tell them ten ten cums about 3 times the sasuke takes out his dick and cums all over her pelvise she had 2 more orgasms and pases out on the bed they all slow finsh up and fall asleep and naruto walks in with hinata and sees the naked genin and says "we are going to have some fun with this" hinata's face turns red and kisses naruto