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The week was dragging by with me anticipating Debbie’s next visit. My mind was going crazy thinking about how wonderful my cock was going to feel sliding into her sweet 16 year old virgin pussy. On a very rare occurrence, in our relationship now, my wife wanted to have sex. Lately it had just become a duty we performed every month or so to pretend we still had feelings for each other. This time was different and my wife noticed. I was fantasizing about Debbie and I fucked her brains out. She asked me later what was up and I said it had been awhile and I just got carried away. She said,

“Do you think I’m blind? When we were over at Frank and Emma’s this past weekend, for their cookout, I saw you flashing you cock to Debbie and that’s not the first. I saw her looking at you and smiling. Are you fucking her? You know she’s only 16 and thank God Frank and Emma didn’t see what I saw. They aren’t stupid you know. You will be in so much trouble if they find out. Well! Are you fucking Debbie? If you aren’t, you were probably thinking about it while you were fucking me. You haven’t fucked me like that in years. ” I very angrily shot back,

“NO! I’m not fucking her but yes I was thinking about it while I was fucking you. If you would get off your lazy ass and act like you enjoy it a little more maybe I would fuck you like that more often.

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   Also, the age of consent for a woman, in this state, is 16 so I wouldn’t be in any more trouble than with any other woman. ”

I knew I had said the wrong thing as soon as it came out but I just couldn’t stop myself. She went to our bedroom and slammed the door. I guess that was the final door being slammed between us. Then we barely acknowledged each other’s presents in the house and I voluntarily exiled myself to the sofa in the family room.

And that was truly the end of our relationship. My wife left early for work but called mid-day and said she was going out with friends after work and would not be home. I told her to have fun and she told me she hoped I had fun with my hand. Even though I wasn’t, I told her I was already having fun with it as we spoke. All I heard was a click and a dial tone.

I felt much better after that and was really looking forward to Debbie getting home from school. I was naked again and had the curtains open watching for her. Just like the previous week I saw her coming down the sidewalk and Jenny was with her. I guessed maybe her period hadn’t ended yet and they needed to tweak their paper a little more. Oh! Well! I guess I could jackoff and answer more questions for them but I was really hoping to get into Debbie’s pants for real this time.

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   I had already tasted her delicious pussy and really wanted to chow down on her some more. But what I really wanted was to sink my throbbing cock in that sweet 16 year old virgin pussy of hers. They disappeared into Debbie’s house for a few minutes and emerged changed into halter tops and tight short shorts but they did not have any cameras or recorders with them. The doorbell rang and I answered the door but stood slightly behind it to hide my complete nakedness. Debbie gave me a strange look and asked if they could in. When they walked through the door Debbie jumped on my nakedness, threw her arms around my neck and French kissed me big time. With her arms around my neck and my cock between her legs again she whispered in my ear,

“Are you still going to make love to me? I have been so horny all week thinking about it. And when you were flashing me at our cookout I almost came. You know I love you, don’t you?”

She squeezed my hard cock between her bare legs again as she lowered herself back down to the floor. When her feet reached the floor she looked up into my eyes and said,

“Jenny is still a virgin too and she would really love it if she could have a loving and caring man like you take care of her too. After all you did say, since I was going to tell her all about it anyway, I should just bring her along. Did you mean that, or were you just kidding? I know I should have talked to you before hand and asked you in private but I told her you wouldn’t let us down. I’ve told you Jenny and I are best friends and I do mean best friends. In fact we gave each other our first real orgasms. It feels so much better when somebody else is touching you, even if it is another girl.

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   We don’t think of ourselves as lesbians, because we just masturbated each other, just best friends can help each other out, right? So don’t you think it is my responsibility to my best friend to be sure her first time with a man is the wonderful experience that I know you will make it for both of us?”

OK! I may be old and stupid but no man in his right mind is that stupid. What man would say no to two really cute 16 year old virgins? Well! I can tell you not this one, especially given that I really cared for Debbie a lot. I whispered back to Debbie,

“Only if you have Jenny give me a big hug and kisses, just like you just did. ”

She whispered to Jenny and the next thing I knew she was hanging from my neck and planted a big one on me and slipped her tongue into my mouth. She was up and straddling my swollen cock and kind of humping back and forth on it. I flexed my cock several times and it jumped hard up against Jenny’s sweet young pussy and ass and she squealed with pleasure and said,

“Oh Debbie, his monster is trying to get up inside me right now. ” Debbie said, “I know. Doesn’t it feel wonderful when he makes it do that? Can you just imagine how amazing it’s going to feel up inside our pussies? I don’t know about the both of you but I’m so horny right now I vote that we head for the bedroom. Hey! You don’t think your wife will come home early, do you? That wouldn’t be good at all. ”

I told them about my wife and I having a big fight and she would not be home all night. I guided them down the hall to the bedroom and they were fondling my cock and balls the whole way. When we got into the bedroom Debbie and Jenny both reached for the straps to take off their halter tops and I stopped them and told them I wanted to do it. I slowly removed each of their tops kissing all over their gorgeous tits. Jenny’s tits were a little larger than Debbie’s but both had gorgeous cones with very reactive nipples. They moaned as I alternately sucked each one of their young tits into my hungry mouth.

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   Then I was on my knees in front of the girls and removed their shorts. Neither one of them wore panties and I told them they were naughty little girls who wanted to be really nasty. I started licking the insides of Debbie’s thighs and the crease between her legs and pussy and was tracing the same area on Jenny’s soft legs and pussy crease but did not actually touch or lick either one’s pussies. I alternated between the two of them until their moans were over shadowed by their quivering legs. When I noticed both their pussies were all puffy and glistening with their young woman’s juices I eased them down on the bed and crawled between Debbie’s legs and sucked her pussy into my mouth and found Jenny’s pussy with my hand at the same time. Debbie’s pussy tasted like honey and my cock was aching with the desire to be hilt deep in each one of them. Debbie grabbed my hair and forcefully pulled my hungry mouth from her pussy and said,

“OH NO YOU DON’T MISTER! You have been so wonderful to Jenny and I, helping us with our little project, that now we are going to show you just how much pleasure two teen girls can give to an old man like you. Remember, on our first day, when I told you if you were mine I would fuck you to death in the first month? Well! Jenny and I are going to see if we can do it in one afternoon. Now get your ass up here between us and let us at that gorgeous cock and balls of yours. Look Jenny, he shaved himself fresh for us just before we got home. Feel how soft his skin is all around his package and how hard his cock is. Do you think he is dying for some sweet young pussy? Let’s see if we can torture him by sucking him to the edge a few times and not letting him cum. We are going to drive you crazy Mister, until you are begging us to fuck you. ”

The girls were sitting on each side of my midsection so they had full access to my very swollen cock and balls. Then Debbie noticed I wasn’t wearing my cockring and asked me why.

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   I told her I thought my almost 8 inch long cock and 2 ½ inches across cockhead should be more than enough for their sweet little pussies. Debbie leaned over and kissed me deeply and said that was why she loved me so much. I was always thinking about what was best for her. She told Jenny that the last time she sucked my cock she figured out that if she swallowed just as she got my cockhead to the back of her throat she didn’t gag and was able to get it in. She leaned over and started sucking on my cock and it felt wonderful. She only did it for a few minutes then she rose up and told Jenny to give it a try. Jenny’s mouth was every bit as soft and warm as Debbie’s and Debbie started giving her instructions on how to suck a man’s cock. She was doing really good but still had a gagging problem when she tried to get it in too far. After a few minutes Debbie said she wanted to do it some more. She moved around to where she was now squatting over my face with her pussy only inches away from my hungry mouth. She said she thought my cock would go down her throat easier in the 69 position. She leaned over and started sucking my cock and each downward movement of her head pushed my cock deeper down her throat. Then she pushed and my whole cock was in her mouth and down her throat. She held it there for a couple of minutes as she licked the base of my shaft with her upper lip on my balls, then gagged and rose up. By this time I had pulled her hips down and brought her sweet young pussy into my mouth and was sucking and nibbling and trying to give her as much pleasure as she was giving me.

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   She said,

“See Jenny, if you swallow just as his cockhead reaches your gag point it opens your throat and lets it slid in. You don’t want him to cum down your throat though because you won’t taste it and that’s the best part. When he came in my mouth last week it was amazing. I really felt like a grown woman. The best part is how really warm it is and how hard he squirts it in your mouth. Anyway, you’ll find out. Now, he is driving me crazy the way he’s eating my pussy so I’m going to enjoy sitting on his face. Why don’t you suck him a little more and see how much you can swallow. Or if your pussy is as on fire as much as mine is you can just go for it and sit on his big cock. You are my best friend so you can go first. Now let’s fuck this old man to death. ”

Debbie sat up straight and started fucking my face with her pussy and rubbing it back and forth slowly. She made sure she went far enough so I could lick and suck her sweet, tight little rosebud butthole too. I felt Jenny straddle my midsection, facing Debbie, and heard Debbie say,

“That is my cock so let me put it in for you. I bet it is going to feel wonderful.

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   Like he told us, just take as much as you can and only as fast as you can. Just relax and enjoy your last few minutes as a virgin. ”

I felt Debbie’s hand on my cock, that was oozing pre-cum like crazy, and as Jenny lowered herself down Debbie started rubbing it up and down Jenny’s dripping pussy lips. I felt my cockhead being slowly enveloped in Jenny’s tight 16 year old pussy and put all my concentration on eating Debbie’s pussy so I didn’t blow my load before she even got it in. Then I felt the warmth of Jenny’s juices running down my cock and onto my balls. She must have been going crazy with excitement. Jenny said,

“OH! MY! GOD! Debbie, it hurts a little, because he’s so big, but it is the most wonderful thing I have ever felt in my life. His cockhead just hit a spot inside me that is driving me crazy. FUCK DEBBIE, I’M CUMING!”

We had found Jenny’s ‘G’ spot and she pushed herself all the way down onto my cock, impaling her sweet young pussy completely. My entire cock was enveloped it the tightest pussy I had ever felt and the feeling was unbelievable. Then Jenny cried out again, “OH MY GOD” and started pounding her ass up and down like a wild woman. With Debbie’s ass covering my face and her now cuming too and feeling Jenny’s pleasure blending with her she moaned,

“Oh Yes Baby, fuck him good. He is licking me so good and I am cuming with you. ”

Then Jenny let out a scream that I was sure they heard two houses away. I was glad most everyone in the neighborhood was at work.

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   She slammed herself down on my throbbing cock and fell on my chest and her head was almost touching Debbie’s lower tummy. After several minutes of very soft licking and kissing, to bringing Debbie down from her multiple orgasm high, I felt her pull Jenny up and they were facing each other and embracing and Jenny said,

“He’s all yours Debbie, but I think he is going to kill us first. I’m not sure I have enough strength to lift myself off his cock and that was the most amazing thing I have ever felt. I hope he’s not too big a mess down there for you. My juices were flowing like a river and I know the towel he put down is working overtime. ”

Jenny slowly eased herself off my cock as Debbie lifted her dripping pussy off my face in the opposite direction. She leaned down and kissed me and said,

“You fucked Jenny real good, or should I say Jenny fucked you? Are you ready for some more sweet young pussy, you dirty old pervert? Oh! By-the-way, you taste like pussy. ” I replied, “Oh really. I can’t imagine why. ”

We all giggled as Debbie was now straddling my cock and lowering herself down onto it. She was still leaning down within kissing distance and I told her to take her time. As I felt the head of my cock slide into her sweet young juicy pussy I could see a look of pain on her face.

With my cockhead just barely in her I could already tell she was even tighter than Jenny and I kissed her deeply and told her to please not hurt herself. I said we could do this another time if she wanted. She kissed me back and I felt more of my cock disappearing into her sweet virgin pussy as she slowly lowered herself down.

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   I felt the much more pronounced ridges in the upper wall of her vagina, that was her ‘G’ spot, and I felt her whole body jerk as she moaned her hot breath into my mouth and came hard. Then just like Jenny she slammed down hard onto me and dug her fingernails into my shoulders. Again like Jenny had done, she started fucking her tight little pussy up and down my swollen and ready to explode aching cock. Then she sat up straight on me, leaned back and put her hand on my knees and angled her hips so my rock hard cockhead was pressing into her extremely sensitive ‘G’ spot. She was now cuming on almost every up and down stroke my cockhead made across that most private and personal spot in her body that she was now giving to me completely. The ridges of her ‘G’ spot going across my very sensitive cockhead and the extreme tightness of her young pussy was driving me crazy. Then she sat up and fell over on my chest and tears were streaming down her cheeks and she softly said,

“Oh Please, I wanted you to cum inside me but I just can’t take any more. I’ve cum more time than I could ever have imagined and I haven’t made you happy yet. I’m so sorry. ”

At that moment I realized that this 16 year old girl, desperately concerned about pleasing me, was more woman than I had ever been with in my life. Those extreme feelings for her tore through my whole body and my orgasm hit me like an exploding volcano. I moaned loudly, “OH DEBBIE, I’M CUMING FOR YOU BABY!”

Uncontrollably I grabbed her sweet young ass and pushed her hard down onto my cock and reach the deepest recesses of her womanhood and felt my seed explode deep into her body. My whole body was jerking and trying to push my cock all the way through her. I lost track of everything as I fucked up into her sweet virgin pussy and held her ass so there was no escaping my onslaught. As my uncontrolled orgasm slowly subsided I realized she had been whispering over and over, “oh yes, fuck me good daddy.

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   i love you, i love you, i love you. ” Then I realized I had bitted down on her shoulder in my ecstasy. As I held her tight and motionless she said,

“WOW! I mean WOW! If you hadn’t bitten down on my shoulder, I would have sworn I was dreaming. And here I thought Jenny and I could fuck you to death, but it looks like you wore us out instead. Like Jenny said, that towel was a really good idea. As much as I came and as much as I felt you squirt up inside me, we are going to have a flood when I lift up off of you. ”

I told her to just stay where she was because I wanted to hold her for awhile and feel myself inside he. She squeezed me so tight and kissed me so hard I couldn’t breathe. Then I felt her make her young pussy clenching tight around my still throbbing cock. I looked over and saw Jenny lying beside us with tears in her eyes too and she said,

“I never dreamed it could be that beautiful. I thought my first time would be a slam, bam, thank you mama, in the back of some boy’s car but you showed us how wonderful it can really be. I really loved watching the two of you making love. The only problem with this is now I will want every man to be like you and that will be impossible. There aren’t any more like you and I hope you know my best friend, Debbie, is totally in love with you and she already has you. ”

I reached over and pulled her to us and Debbie and I both wrapped our arms around her and we all held each other and fell asleep.


   Lucky for me, my wife was still really pissed and went out for drinks. I woke up about an hour later and my now only semi-hard cock was still in Debbie’s no longer virgin pussy. I slowly and gently woke the two of them and we laid there cuddling for several more minutes talking about out love making. Then we got up and all jumped in the shower together. My cock got all hard again as I washed their sweet young bodies and they washed mine.

Both girls called their parents and said they were sorry for not calling. They got the bus to the public the library to finishing their paper and lost track of time. I gave them each some folders and notebooks to make their story look more believable. Wewent out my back door into the garage and the girls ducked down until we drove out of sight. I dropped Jenny off a few houses from hers and gave her a big kiss. Debbie told her she was always invited over to be with us and wanted us to all make love together again. On the way back to our neighborhood I asked Debbie why she had called me ‘Daddy’ and she said she was just trying to say things that would turn me on more. She said,

“I don’t think of you as my father. I am really in love with you and want you to be my lover. This is not a little girl’s crush and don’t you dare try to push me away with that.

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   I don’t know how this is going to work out, but I really want to be with you as your lover and that’s all I know. ”

I saw tears streaming down her cheeks again and pulled the car over and stopped. I told her I didn’t mean it that way and was just hoping she didn’t see me as a father figure because I wanted her as a woman and not my little girl. We kissed deeply and I drove us home. Debbie got out on my car in my drive and told her parents I saw her walking from the bus stop and gave her a ride.

That was without a doubt the best sexual experience of my life, to that point. Also the girls got an A+ on their Paper and said their teacher kept pressuring them to tell her who I was. They told me she was single, in her mid 30s and way too good looking for them to ever let her around me. They said they were pretty sure she made a copy of the DVD they made, from the video they took, and that she had seem too helpful in picking out the stills for them to use in their report. They added she got really flushed during the part where I was cuming, but of course so did they. They said they had to make another copy of the report because the first was being read over and over by all the girls taking the Sex Ed class and got really messed up.

All in all it had been a very eventful two weeks in my life and hopefully the adventure with Debbie and Jenny was just beginning.


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