Sex after track and field practice: our first time


100% True story but going to keep th names a secret.

My name is 'Mark' im an avarege 16 year old teen that weights 150 pounds with an avarege dick as well(6 1/2in). My girlfriend 'Sophia' has a huge butt and small cute boobs. Since our school is next to a park, many couples ditch to go makeout and such.

On monday (washingtons bday) there was no school but there was still track and field practice at 8am. Im in hurdles while my girl is in sprints. Hurdles coms out later so she waited for me and walked to the park. it was around 10:30 or 11 am. We went and sat on a huge rock while she sat on my lap looking at the small lake that was made a few years back. We saw that there was no one there so we startedto makeout like any couple would. Wen we first started dating we would always talk dirty but never did anything. Wen we started making out she moved to face me n her legs around me. I started to fantasise about fuking her so i got a boner while making out. She noticed and laughed n teased me saying 'what do you got there??(;' i got red instantly and just leaned in to continue making out. I felt her hand rubbing my hard dick and felt her unzipping my ziper. I looked down as she smmiled at me and stated touching her cute breast. 

   I pulled her shirt up and moved her bra down and strted to suck her beautiful boobs as she jacked me off. I then moved her to have her back next to my face and movedmy hand down and strted rubbing her soaking wet pussy. Her moans made me get so much turned on as she tried to stay quiete. She felt so tight that i just wanted to fuck her. She stood up and took her running shorts off. I was amazed because i never would he thought i woul be doing this. She got on me with the samepossition like wen were making out and i grabbed her butt and pulled her tome. She wrapped her feet around me as i started going into her soaking wet pussy.
She screamed and we fukked for 10 minutes before we both cummed. I shot my load on her stomach. As it was coming down she got it with her hands and ate every single drop. I bought some trojans and we go every chance we get. We even fukked in the school restrooms but thats a differant storry(;.