Sexual Encounters: My Life Chapter 10


My mother wasn't happy about the situation at all. She knew we weren't telling my dad about all the things we did that caused her and our step father to punish us, like staying out late, not coming home and ignoring their rules. But there was nothing she could do but watch as we loaded up our bedrooms and moved to the furnished apartment. Our father was paying everything: the rent, the electric, the grocery bill, the car insurance, the phone bill, the cable bill. . . and sending down spending money to boot. We were on top of the World!As soon as we moved in, the word on the street was that our new place was the place to go to get your nut off. Danny and his friends were constant visitors, and things went from bad to worse! I was having sex almost daily now, often with more than one guy a day. Guys would show up from morning to night: eating there, sleeping there, fucking there. One day I was sleeping peacefully face down when I felt a pressure on top of me. I opened my eyes groggily and raised my hips to allow whoever was behind me to remove my pants. "Can I fuck you in the ass?" Danny asked me, nudging his cock head against the crack of my ass. "You can try but I don't know if I can take it. " I sleepily replied, never before able to get Danny's large cock into my tight ass. Sighing, Danny slid past my asshole and drove himself fully into my dripping cunt.

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   "Forget it. I'll be pissed if I start and you stop me. " he groaned, starting his slow fucking. I rocked my hips against the bed, trying to increase the friction between us. I was moaning, waking now to the sensations his erect cock was sending into my brain and pussy. "Oh, yeah. Like that. " I whispered, pushing myself back to meet his thrusts. He was well endowed, and everytime he pushed within me, I yelped like a puppy in pain. He started to move faster against me, and soon after, I felt him spray my pussy walls with his sperm. Getting up, I followed him, his pants still around his ankles, glistening cock standing proud, out to the bathroom where he went to wash up. night, Jamarr was over with a friend of his. He was a tall, white boy who at first I didn't like. He wasn't bad looking with sandy blond hair and blue eyes, but he was arrogant, believing he was the gift to all women. He went by the name Doug, and I later learned it was his car that had been broken down in the parking lot all those months ago.

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   We had decided to play 'truth or dare' to get things started, showing that we were, in fact, just kids. Doug dared Sarah and I to kiss. Laughing, we leaned toward one another and our lips met, before I felt Sarah's tongue dart into my mouth. We played tongue tag for a few moments before we broke our forbidden kiss. Doug and Jamarr were looking at us, mouths hanging open. I guess they had never seen two sisters kiss before. Then Jamarr dared me to go into the bedroom with him and 'toss his salad'. Never one to pass down a dare, I followed him into my bedroom. Once there, he removed his jeans and boxers and layed across my bed. I knelt between his thighs and gently pushed them open before lowering my head to capture his cock in my mouth. I sucked on him for a few minutes, loving the way he grabbed my hair and held me on his dick, before allowing him to pop out of my mouth. I admired his saliva coated cock for a moment and then went lower to softly suck and lick his cum filled balls. Lifting them with my right hand, I ran my tongue over the sensitive skin between his anus and his balls. He shuddered and started to jerk slowly up and down his shaft with his free hand. The other still held my hair wrapped tightlly around it, pushing me lower.

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   I let my tongue flick across his puckered asshole, noting that he tasted like soap and sweat. I let my tongue slowly rim his anus, before curling it to form a thin tunnel and slipping the tip into his ass. Becoming extremely turned on by the obsene thing I was doing, I became more agressive. "Turn over. " I demanded. Jamarr rolled to his stomach and I quickly parted his ass cheeks so I could get my tongue back into his ass. I tongue fucked his asshole, reaching around his body to stroke his raging hard on. He was moaning and squirming beneath my probing touch, getting me wetter than I'd ever been. "I need to fuck you!" he gasped, turning to lay on his back. I snuggled next to him, inviting him to turn to his side to spoon me. Never missing an oppurtunity, he removed my pants with some help, and before long I felt his cock against my ass. "Fuck me in my ass, baby. " I begged. Not needing any more encouragement, Jamarr slid into my sopping cunt to lubricate his cock, before placing his thick dick head at my asshole. He rocked forward, slipping 3 inches easily past my relaxed sphinster.

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   With one more thrust forward, my ass was impaled on his cock, muscles contracting wildly to accomodate this intruder. Side by side he slammed into my ass. With every outward pull I felt emptiness, quickly filled again when he brutally rammed back inside. The feel of his cock rubbing against my anal walls was incredible, and as I rubbed furiously at my swollen clit, I knew I was going to cum soon. Before I had a chance to climax, I heard Jamarr grunt and felt his body stiffen. He jerked involuntarily against my back as he came deep inside me. "Please don't stop!" I cried, rubbing my ass against his crotch as I felt his cock losing it's erection within me. Exausted, Jamarr thrust his semi limp dick into my stretched asshole 3 more times, sending me over the edge. I arched my back into his chest and grabbed his thigh as I came against my fucked so many men there at that apartment. I was known to suck a guy off before he fell asleep if he stayed the night there. Danny had brought a female friend of his over one day and soon she too had become a part of our teen whore house. Her name was Jaysa. She was a year older than me, but just as freaky. She stood about 5'5 with short black hair and dark brown eyes. She was thick, with lovely, smooth D tits that I often fantasized about sucking.

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   Watching her fuck on our sofa one night, I played with my cunt, wondering what her reaction would be if I ever sucked one of those large, brown nipples into my hot mouth. I'd one day find out, but that's another story. After a few months, Sarah and I were evicted from our apartment and forced to move bck home with our mother. The police had been there many times to pick up runaway teens, and Danny had been arrested there after they discovered he had an outstanding warrant. The last time the police came, they found a shotgun and a small hand gun under our sofa, and they closed the place down. The apartment had become known throughout the city as the place to go to get your rocks off. To this day people still know it as "The Stees Place". .